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Some fighting styles demand a warrior use both hands. Either holding two weapons or to hold a single very large weapon. Yet no one would ever claim that it wouldn't be nice to have a shield as well. With this in mind, an enterprising terrestial artificier of the Shogunate devised this artifact.

They take the form of two shields made of alloyed magical metals that when attuned hover around the user and help to block blows and arrows like a shield does. Due to their floating and magical nature they do not impeed the exalt who is using them, and can help to protect against attacks from behind as well as they move about.

These artifacts are allmost only found in jade varieties but can be made of any magical metal. Most of the shields used today are from the Shogunate Era and tend towards abstract depitions of the elemental dragons on them. A few Sidereals and Lunars have been inspired by the design and crafted their own versions. Even more terribly so have some of the Abyssals.

Artifact Level 3

These shields increase the DV against all attacks by 3. This bonus does not apply to attacks the character is completely unaware of. They only need a minimal awareness of an incoming attack to move to block it. These artifacts are not armor and completely compatible with martial arts and charms that do not allow the use of armor with them.

Orichalcum shields would be crafted bearing a resplendant symbol of the Unconquered Sun's might and those attacking find it hard to overcome their trepidation at moving against one protected by such. Reduce attackers dice pools by 2.

Jade bank and fan the elemental power of a Terrestial's anima or alternatively contain it. Reduce the damage by one or increase it by one.

Moonsilver maneuvers to aggresively assist a Lunar's attacks by blocking a foes weapons or maneuverability, reducing their DV by one.

Starmetal shields can anticipate any attack. Their bonus to DV will apply even against attacks the Sidereal is not aware of.

Soulsteel provides the same bonus as orichalcum.

It costs 7 motes to attune to this artifact and will not function if only one shield is present. They need not be the same original pair or same metals even. Any pair that does not share the same magical metal does not get a material bonus of anykind but does not cost extra to attune or require special attunement processes as one might get when normally trying to attune an artifact of the wrong metal.

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