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Fusillade Armor
Artifact Level ~ 3
Commitment ~ 5m or 1wp
Repair ~ 3

Fusillade class power armor was designed by renowned artillerist and ordinance specialist Reynard Greytalon. It was built using the popular Gunzosha model as a template and then modified with systems based on those in his own personal suit of armor Sureshot's Providence.

The armor is designed for use by either exalts or mortals, although in the latter case Aegis Inset Amulets (see WotLA) are needed to interface with the armor’s systems. Although comprised mostly of synthesized or essence enhanced components, Fusillade Armor does contain some small amounts of Jade, primarily blue and green, although not enough to provide any magical material harmonization. Fusillade Armor’s systems are moderately complex and require maintenance after each full week of use.

Like most powered armors, Fusillade Armor provides a number of features besides simple protection:
Filtration Baffles provide a +2 bonus to resistance rolls against disease and poison and provide an hour of clean air.
Movement Enhancing Systems double the wearer’s moving and dashing speeds.
Essence Enhanced Lenses Provide a +2 bonus to awareness rolls.
Targeting Matrices increase the accuracy of ranged attacks by 1 and reduce external penalties by 2 and internal penalties by 1.
Skill Assistance Systems provide a single artificial specialty for essence weapons and artillery. These specialties may be applied to Archery, Lore, Craft, and War rolls. No combination of specialties can provide more than three dice of benefit.
Blur Shields may be activated reflexively to break up the wearers outline providing a bonus of 1 die, 2 if stationary, to stealth rolls and applying a 1 point external penalty to ranged attacks against the wearer. This is a cover bonus.

These statistics represent the more common Shogunate era model. Although much rarer, some First Age suits still exist. Such models are Artifact 4 and possess the following improvements: Reduced mobility and fatigue values (-0/1) and an Essence Capacitance Array. The ECA can respire enough essence on its own to maintain the suits enchantments thus eliminating the need for maintenance. In addition the ECA has a storage capacity of 10 motes that can be used to fuel, but not attune, essence powered devices. Alternatively, this energy can be used to provide up to a level three hearthstone’s power for a single scene or roughly one hour. This drains the suit’s reserves entirely and immediately. The ECA must be recharged by a being with an awakened essence. They must spend 2 motes for every 1 recharged and the process takes an hour for every five motes restored.

Fusillade Armor
||Soak B/L||Hardness||Mobility||Fatigue|| ||9/9||5||-1||2||