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To reformat to increase clarity and present content more effectively. This shouldn't be a way to DisagreeByDeleting. If there is something that is still under discussion, it should be moved to the bottom of the page so further discussion can continue to take place even as the content that is worked out is cleaned up and presented properly.

For example, if a page about LunarMartialArtsPowerLevels decides that yes, Lunars are better MAists and can clearly show why they are, then the discussion on the subject (the parts that are closed) should be deleted and the arguments for Luner MA superiority should be clearly presented at the top of the page. If another subject is still under discussion, it can:

  1. Be moved to aReFactor/Discussion subpage.
  2. Be moved to the bottom of the page under a horisontal rule.

The correct course of action depends on the length of the discussion and its level of activity. R

Remember, ReFactoring is a necessary part of the wiki life cycle, and it's also something that must be done with care. Don't EVER DisagreeByDeleting someone else's content, under the pretense of ReFactoring. Also, make sure to read the page in question carefully before attempting to ReFactor.

ReFactoring a page is not considered to be an insult! Indeed, it means that the people have reached a clear opinion and instead it is a compliment. Your opinions have just been condensed so that future readers can understand them more quickly.

ReFactor if you want to be a true WikiGnome. :)