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The God-Blooded Page

This page is set aside for additional God-Blooded rules content!

Specific Parentages

New Merits and Flaws

A good place to link to some general God-Blooded specific merits and flaws.

DariusSolluman/MeritsAndFlaws: Ancient of Days and Unaging

New Charms

A good place to link to non-parentage specific charms you might make for God-Blooded!

Specific God-Blooded

  • Alfeta Swau -- Sijanese mendicant ghost-breaker, old and (relatively) powerful. Jeffwik
  • Brand - Born to the forest god, Bazil, and a mortal mother, Brand has found his place in the forests of the world. Racoon
  • Fiery Orchid
  • The Gallows - The god-blooded horse ally of a gun-toting solar; both out on the road for justice and vengeance. - Miedvied
  • HaKu - God blooded child of the Northern Aurora, and adopted son of the City Father SapphireHeart
  • Kaede the Silk Winged Ghost - Air-Headed Butterfly God and Sidereal Sidekick - Brightfires
  • Caelene/KianoJaneth - Child of the Mountain Folk, a mortal craftswoman
  • Mayhiros Wotis - The son of a mortal woman and Hiparkes, and ally to one of my PCs. Wotis is "inspired" by Homeric sources (that's a much better term than "ripped off from"), as anyone reading his history will likely determine right away. -- Hapushet
  • Miyuki - A godblooded retainer of my solar character Misa. Miyuki is a godblooded born from a fertility goddess of crops whose fallen on very hard times. Built with "Player's Guide", and is rather weak compared to the various exalted and what not about. ~ Haku
  • Outbound Soul -- Servant of a celestial bureaucrat. Desperate for divinity. Stanoje
  • Rik Sanjuro - Once famed swordsman, now long retired and managing an inn. Minor character in the game A Dance of Angels - Greymane
  • Riana - Child of Inari, Prince of Foxes, a servant with a grudge.
  • Rishi - Another child of Inari (not related to the Rishi below).
  • Rishi ~ Adorable catgirl thief born of the God of Cats. She's gorgeous, mischievous, and has cat ears! Yay! (Clich�s used: catgirls, "rogue"-type characters.) ~ Shataina Note: this character was made previous to the publication of the "Player's Guide".
  • Ryoh-ohki - A natural companion and cunning trickster.

God-Blooded by Contributor


Question for you. I've got the a brief description of a God blooded PC in one of my games at SapphireCrown. Now I haven't bothered writing up stats on the Wiki or the like, but my question is, is it worth putting the stuff I do have on it's own WikiPage and listing it here? At the moment I personally think he needs more fleshing out before he warrants a page of his own, but I'll put him up here if people think it's worth it - NightRain

I think the specific parentages bit would go better on the specific godblooded characters page. And that the specific characters should be a link to the godblooded characters page ...\\ ~ Shataina

I agree with Shataina -- any new parentages (and I welcome anyone interested to do some) should be new subpages with content and discussion there. Just god-blooded, however, have their own little link at the bottom of this page exactly where you put Haku. Thanks for contributing!!! -- CrownedSun

<shrug> I guess we could also just have them on both pages. It's not a big deal, although it may confuse people, so I've taken the liberty of putting links to each other on both pages.\\ ~ Shataina