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Alright, alright already...
I'll get a Wiki page.
Sheesh. ;)

This is mostly just a central storage location for my PCs, so no fab new Martial Arts are likely to show up here... Although the occasional Artifact, Hearthstone, or Behemoth isn't out of the question, and clips and quotes from our games are almost inevitable.


Suns of the South: A Cult of the Illuminated Solars game set in the Southern desert.


Seventh Promise of the Wind- Eclipse Magistrate and Captain of the Mantis Maiden
Winsome Sparrow- Eclipse Onnagata Kabuki Actor and Social Butterfly
Winsome Sparrow (Exalted High Version)- A "90210" Remake of the Eclipse Kabuki Actor
Gracious Ivory Crane- Eclipse Ambassador to the Spirit Courts and Subject of a First Age Tragic Opera
Gracious Ivory Crane (Experienced Version) - A +150xp Remake of my Favorite Eclipse.
White-Thorned Iris- Twilight Southern Belle and Demon-Hunter
Rain in Autumn- Eclipse Dancer and Spy (An Alternate Build of Sparrow)
Adamant Whisper- Moon-Born Twilight Wild Child
Sanru Bahlam'Howa- Sijanese Twilight Sorcerer-Necromancer and Speaker-for-the-Dead
Karrusatva Shijin-Po- Cult of the Illuminated Eclipse Calligrapher-Priest

Silent Hunter Eyes of Silver- Changing Moon Serval Cat Collector of Secrets
Sky Beloved of Winter- 2nd Edition Changing Moon Lion and Social Revolutionary

Tepet Kareyeru- Air Aspected Spiritmaster and Heptagram Student with a Strange Destiny
Satri Norami- Fire Aspected Rookie Gunda-... err... Warstrider... Pilot out of Lookshy
Olmahet Lanander- Water Aspected First Age Poet, Judge, and Master Bureaucrat
Shalan Kharrin- Lanander's Apprentice, a Water Aspected First Age Troublemaker
The Alabaster Prince of Ashes- Moonshadow Romantic and Dreamer of Oblivion
The Scribe of the Blood-Misted Inkstone- Moonshadow Poet and Angst-Puppy of Oft-Mistaken Gender (A Shameless Parody of The Prince)
Chanter in the Memory of Mourning- Moonshadow Necromancer With Perpetual "Girl Troubles"

Kitan Hatsuyuki- Courtisan Chosen of Serenity with a Habit of Bringing Home Strays
Tammis al Sarradi- Temperamental, Creation-Centric Chosen of Journeys
Iron Cricket- First Age Chosen of Serenity, Destined to to Cause the Deaths of her Mixed Circle

Teacup- Ornamental Heroic Commoner and Comic Relief

Spirits, God-Blooded, Mortals, and Others:
Kaede the Silk Winged Ghost- Air-Headed Butterfly God and Sidereal Sidekick
Song of Shadows- Moon-born Wolf and Adamant Whisper's Kid Brother

Humor, Assorted Musings, and Random Strangeness

**NEW** Exalted artist Melissa Uran has graciously created a set of blank book covers for use by the Exalted fan community. Kasumi and I mirrored her site to help spread around the bandwidth drain, so you can collect the downloads from here http:/MUran.html or here http:/. They really are gorgeous. Many thanks, Mel! (300dpi images added 4/12)

This picture is what happens when a 4am sketching session runs head-first into a Tangency discussion of "wingfic"... a sub-genre of slash fiction. It just begged for a good caption. Which the members of the Usual Suspects circle were entirely too happy to provide.


Hah! ^_^ One of your characters is going to be an Onnagata?! I love it! I'm looking forward to seeing all these characters. -Suzume

  • Yep! Sparrow is my current PC... I've been playing him for about six months in a game titled 'The Usual Suspects'. (Solars "undercover" for the Gold Faction in the Realm's Imperial City-) He's been GREAT fun. Hopefully I'll get him and Teacup in sometime this weekend. - Brightfires
    • ^_^ He sounds like he'd be a fun character, having just read his write-up. Keep up the work! ^_^ -Suzume

Ah, this is why Exalted is so great. It can tickle my old catgirl fetish without being too sad, and it can put wings on various pretty boys for you and still be cool.
Also, Melissa Uran's creations are as always nice. I wish she had a webpage... Resplendence

  • She does... It's here http:/. It was just taking a bandwidth beating from the number of blank cover downloads. Also... High Rez versions of the Dragon-Blooded and Sidereal covers have just been added. Fair Folk is on its way.
Great, although I miss her naughty drawings. I know from experience such art attracts unwanted attention though. Also, the new covers are much better because they don't have "Solar", "Dragon-Blooded", etc written all over them. Resplendence

Ooo, rock on. I'm new to Wiki markup...a glance at this will help me clean up my own page that I created just earlier today. Also, you gave me the idea of keeping information for the game I'm participating up on here so that other people in it (like the ST!) can call it up really quickly. Stupendous, many thanks. Gyro