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The Demon-Blooded Page

This page is set aside for additional Demon-Blooded rules content!

Specific Parentages

New Merits and Flaws

A good place to link to some general Demon-Blooded specific merits and flaws.

New Charms

A good place to link to non-parentage specific charms you might make for Demon-Blooded!

Hi there! I just wanted to share an idea that I had of a new line of charms, success shuffler. Perhaps, this could be the infernal version of the dice adder. A success shuffler is a charm that either lets the successes move from one action to another, or at higher levels "store" extra successes to add in critical moments. -Clebo.

Specific Demon-Blooded

  • Basalt
  • Hell's Blinded Bastard -- Demon-Blooded master swordsman and ronin demon hunter, Hell's most driven foe. - Patkin
  • Ishira (Amakari) -- Demon's daughter, jeweller, crafter of artifacts, adventurer ... someday I shall come up with a decent encapsulated description of this character, but today is not that day. ~ Shataina Note: this character was made previous to the publication of the "Player's Guide".
  • Onyx Blossom -- I guess the "ronin demon-blooded demon hunter" meme is too strong for me to resist. - Davidl
  • The Most Beloved Daughter -- Daughter of Zsofika, The Kite Flute. Also known as Franciska, a huntress schooled by Zsofika herself with the aim of freeing her from Malfeas and Adjordan's sway. - Morrigu (messy and not likely to get much better, but at least it's another entry)