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Solar Rebirth Technique

 Cost: 20m, 1w
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Reflexive
 Minimum Ability: 6
 Minimum Essence: 6
 Prerequisite Charms: Whole Medicine Tree

By channeling a vast flood of essence through his body a Solar who has mastered the healing arts may instantly recover from even the edge of death. By use of this charm a Solar may instantly heal his Essence in Aggravated damage, and twice his Essence in Lethal, and all of his Bashing. In some cases this may restore a Solar to full health and vigor. Any activation of this charm is highly noticeable, the characters anima flares to full totemiisplay and golden light flares from the wounds before they seal closed. No ninja death faking prana for you.

Ninja Death Faking Prana

I'm just playing... It'd be stealth anyways


I have a few ideas kicking around for a Medicine Charm that allows healing speed to be bought as per ox body. Say a multiplier of your base rates. Not sure if I like it or not as it begins to hedge on the Lunar regen bit at higher levels. ~ SolVachel