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Exalted Beach Volleyball -- Live!

Log of the game played on 05/14/04. The first tournament game!

Session Start (linuxguy.magicstar.net:#exaltedbeachvolleyball): Thu May 13 20:38:46 2004

  • Shego wanders around the volleyball net, finding herself a seat next to the sleeping body of her boyfriend, Nikola. Covering the Northerner with a few towels, Shego proceeds to place her cooler on his chest and use him as a table. She waves cheerily the people that aren't Yieng and Yieng's friend.
  • Agaba crests the dunes, coming from the south. With a single move, he unslings his towel, flares it to the ground, and sinks his red jade daiklaive into the sand beside it
  • Syana walks proudly onto the field of battle, her brother Kuwen holding a paper umbrella over her head. She smiles and waves in Shego's direction, before looking for her teammate.
  • Dream stretches luxuriously, close enough to the beach that the tide laps at her toes. She takes care not to look at Shego.
  • Shego makes an obscene guesture at Dream, who doesnt notice because she is ignoring Shego.
  • Yieng flushes at Shego's rudeness, but bites back an angry retort. The game is more important than clashing with the Lunar tart.

<Kasumi> Dice Script Deactivated

<Mitsuya> Here we go.

  • Yieng finishes her stretches, and looks around for the referee. Where is Situro?
  • Agaba stretches, giving a quick three hops on the balls of his feet

<Agaba> Let's do this, Syana!

  • Mitsuya looks around the beach as the game begins to start quietly. She waves a bit to Agaba as she finds a spot on the sand, laying a towel down and flumping down.
  • Syana stretches, hands above her head and cracks her knuckles. Damn legion habits.
  • Agaba waves back to Mitsuya, smiling at the legionairre's presence
  • Shego checks the note in her purse. "Oh right!"

<Shego> "Situro can't be here today. He say's sorry and that Mitsuya should be the referee."

  • Dream blinks at the news.

<Syana> Mitsuya? But...but...

<Agaba> Err...

<Shego> "Well. I'm happy to referee if you don't want to, Mitsuya."

  • Yieng 's eyebrow twitches.

<Yieng> "I'm sure that Mitsuya can do a perfectly good job."

<Agaba> Yeah! You sayin' she's not capable?!

  • Mitsuya blinks curiously and looks around nervoulsy for a moment, "Ummm....that would be appreciated. " She giggles a bit shyly, and smiles nervously as she looks about.
  • Dream bites her lip, hoping Mitsuya agrees to referee. A game with her and Yieng, refereed by Shego, would not be a fun one.
  • Syana crosses her arms, and does not look like a happy Dynast at the other option....
  • Shego throws a volleyball at Mitsuya. "Well, get in the chair and start the game already!"

<Agaba> C'mon, Mitsuya, you'll be fine!

  • Mitsuya nods and scuffles over to the referee's seat as quickly as she can. She looks around and calls out ot the participants, "Everyone ready!?"

<Yieng> "Ready!"

  • Shego returns to her seat and promptly settles herself against Nikola's inert form, using the big man as a pillow and a table. After prying his hand off his daiklave, it makes a decent cupholder.
  • Agaba strikes an overly dramatic pose. "Ready!"
  • Dream smiles and nods. "Ready."
  • Syana looks a bit taken aback at Agaba's...passion, shrugs her shoulders. "If that's the way it's gonna be..."
  • Yieng glances over and gives her teammate a smile. "Let's do our best!"
  • Shego cups her hands around her mouth. "WOOO! GO TERRESTRIALS!!"
  • Dream smiles brightly at her friend. "Definitely."
  • Mitsuya throws the ball over to Agaba, leaning back in teh chair and crossing her legs some as she starts the show, "Let's do it folks!"
  • Agaba ducks beneath the ball, striking it from beneath with a wicked uppercut, sending it sailing over the net

<Syana> Alright, that's it!

<Shego> (Patkin, pay attention to Dice)

<Dream> The changeling smiles at her partner briefly, glad to be on the same team once more. The ball soars down towards her gently, and with a small pivot that sends the sand crunching, she turns and floats the ball to Yieng.

<Shego> "Look out, Yieng! Someone's having fun! Better stop em!"

  • Yieng clenches her teeth. "I'll show you fun," she mutters, leaping high into the air and sending the ball flying back across the net with a vicious spike.

<Shego> "Booooo"

<Yieng> The ball streaks straight toward the sand at Agaba's feet!

  • Agaba grins lopsidedely as he tucks his hands into his pockets and casually sticks his foot beneath the volleyball's imminant landing spot, intending to gently lob it across the net with a foot.
  • Dream smiles contentedly as the ball hits the sand with a plop. "Nicely done, Yieng."

<Shego> "That was *it*?!...well, you sure deserve to loose."

<Agaba> Hey! I was just gettin' warmed up!

<Syana> Agaba! You damn show-off....

  • Mitsuya blinks and calls out, "Point! Virtue Victorious!"

<Shego> "Warm up before the game! How am I supposed to cheer Yieng's defeat if you are so terrible?

  • Yieng picks up the ball and walks to the back corner of the court.

<Agaba> I'm not terrible! I just....let them have that one. You just gotta have faith, sister!

<Mitsuya> Well, start when you're ready.

<Shego> "It's people like you that give people like me a bad name, you know!"

  • Dream grins and whispers to her friend. "Remember, the better we do, the more ridiculous that Lunar will act."
  • Syana sniffs, a small streak of steam blowing out.

<Agaba> People like me? What's that supposed to mean?

<Shego> "People who show off *badly*"

  • Agaba clenches fists and audibly grits his teeth, faint fire flickering about his body for a second
  • Yieng lets out a slow breath and closes her eyes, removing all traces of Shego's existence from her mind. She skips lightly forward, tosses the ball up, and smacks it smartly across the net.

<Shego> "Ha! Block it this time, fire-head!"

  • Mitsuya flops down in the seat and stretches out as she watches the game from her spot. Its nice up here.

<Syana> "I'll show you how to do it!"

<Shego> "Wooooo! Go Dragon-Blood with a spine!"

  • Syana jogs under the lopping ball, grits her teeth and with a mighty PONK! bounces it towards Agaba.

<Shego> "C'mon! Score a point, smoke-for-brains!"

<Agaba> Time to show you what I can do! Immaculate Commet Strike!

  • Agaba leaps up with a tripple-axel backflip, spiking the ball, now wreathed in Terrestrial fire, back towards the sand at Dream's Feet
  • Mitsuya blinks as she watches the ball burst into flames. She calls out a questiont o Shego, "That legal?"

<Shego> "Yes!"

<Mitsuya> "Oh."

<Syana> Big whammy! Biiiig whammy! MISS!

<Dream> The speed of the ball put out its flame, which was fine with Dream; she smiles to herself, knowing the sill would give the ball more traction. She crouches, one knee brushing the white sand, and then leaps, her blue hair spinning as she guides the ball to her teammate's hands.

<Dream> (sill=soot)

  • Syana tsks as Miss Fragile gets under the ball. No big whammy this time...

<Agaba> You gotta be kiddin' me! That was perfect!

<Yieng> As the ball sails up into the air, trailing smoke behind it, Yieng dashes forward and leaps, rearing back to put all her strength behind the return. Her open palm connects with loud smack; the force of the blow causes the soot to explode off the volleyball in a black cloud. The ball, now white once more, whistles back over the net!

<Syana> then maybe you should practice your perfection more often..Incoming!

  • Syana smirks again, as she thinks "always the set, not the kill", before rushing under the ball, batting it up to the net for Agaba.
  • Syana screams in a language prolly only heard by people like Mitsuya or Shego as she trips in the sand, causing the ball to slip past her fingers and bounce onto the scalding sand below.

<Yieng> The ball rolls right up to Dream's feet.

  • Agaba gapes. "Wha.....What was that!?"
  • Mitsuya stands and calls out again, "Point, Virtueous Dream!"
  • Mitsuya ponders making a Dynast comment, but decides to sit contently on her cmfy seat for a bit instead.
  • Dream picks it up, smiling. "I guess it's my serve."
  • Agaba takes a deep breath
  • Yieng brushes soot off her shoulders as smoke drifts around her.

<Yieng> "Ahhh..."
<Yieng> "Ahh..."
<Yieng> "CHOO!"

<Dream> "Bless you!"

<Agaba> Don't worry, Syana. This will only make our victory all the sweeter.
<Agaba> Bring it!

  • Yieng wipes her nose, unaware that it leaves a cute little soot smudge, and nods gratefully to Dream.
  • Syana rubs her eyes as she gets up.

<Syana> soot bothering a Chosen of Hesiesh...irony...

  • Dream rolls her shoulders slowly, relishing in the quiet pop as relaxation floods her muscles. She giggles quietly at Yieng, closes her eyes for a moment, and sends the ball flying towards the other team, thinking it looks happy soaring through the sky.

<Syana> C'mon, don't miss, don't miss...I'll kick your ass if you miss!

  • Agaba dashes toward the arcing ball, face set in determination. "For the glory of the Realm and Her Majesty!" He smacks the ball with the flat of his palm, lofting it over his head toward Syana.
  • Yieng shakes her head. Obviously the Dragon-Blooded are losing because they don't know the value of teamwork.
  • Mitsuya shrugs, and pssts, "You're majesty ain't here! Work harder!" She then blinks as she realized she said that and goes back to crosing her legs and sitting nice and proper.

<Agaba> She'll be back! You'll see!

<Syana> Kuwen! Bravo Enlightenment Nine Dynast Formation!

<Shego> "Ya'll SUCK!"

  • Syana 's relay, Kuwen, drops his umbrella, falls onto the sand, just in time for Syana to use his back as a springboard, and punching that damn ball with all her fury.

<Dream> A single sky-blue brow raises in interest as the rest of Dream's face freezes in concentration. The ball is veering to the left, and going fast. Dream's body bends fluidly, dropping down so that only one arm holds her lithe form off of the ground. With an exhale of determination, she cups the ball in her palm and sends it gracefully to Yieng.

<Dream> Her arm gives way and she finds herself in the sand, but the ball still makes it to her teammate.

<Agaba> So close! I can't believe this!

  • Syana snaps her fingers and sighs.

<Syana> keep focused!

<Agaba> Right!

  • Mitsuya oooos and leans foward, entertained by the closeness things have going for 'em. And secretly rooting for the bloody Dynasts.
  • Yieng fades back, following the ball's curving trajectory as it rebounds from Dream's fingers. Sand scuffs under her feet as she backpedals, all the way to the edge of the court. Holding her breath, the young Solar goes up on tiptoe, bopping the ball back over the net in a low arc. She wobbles briefly, then regains her balance.
  • Agaba crouches within an anima of fire, wind and dragons, melting the sand beneath him into a perfect circle of black glass. Up he leaps, sand and beads of glass trailing in his wake. With a the interminable, unstoppable roar of a forest fire, he slams the ball down in a viscious strike with both hands clasped into a single knot of flesh and bone and fire. Down the ball streaks, leaving purple and yellow smears across the vision of all who behold it.

<Syana> Haha! That's the way, Agaba!

<Agaba> BOOYA!

  • Mitsuya whistles in chearing at the sight of Agaba's rather briliant display of anima lights.
  • Agaba lands, anima dying rapidly. He smiles at Mitsuya, panting slightly.
  • Yieng has barely regained her balance when Agaba deflects the ball! Knowing that Dream will not have time to respond to the block, she desperately leaps forward. Her shadow stretches out behind her long and black in the harsh flare of the Dynast's anima; sand fountains up to either side of her as she dives, skidding forward with hands extended in a desperate attempt to stop the ball!

<Yieng> But it is not quite enough.
<Yieng> The ball tips off Yieng's fingers and flies to Syana... UNDER the net.

<Agaba> Did ya see that? Did you see that!? I...Am...Awesome!

  • Syana catches the ball with one hand, as Syana smiles. "Oh, good....my turn."
  • Mitsuya stands up again and calls out the status, "Point, Realm Honor Defense Force."
  • Yieng rolls over onto her back and sighs, puffing sand off her upper lip.

<Yieng> "Are you all right, Dream?"

<Mitsuya> "You Dynasts need shorter names for your organizations."

  • Yieng stands up and offers a hand to the fey-blood.

<Agaba> It's full of honor and tradition, Ms. Legionnaire

  • Dream stands, brushing the sand off of her. "Good try, Yieng." She gives her friend a sympathetic smile. "Need a hand up?"

<Syana> says the girl from the Seventh Legion of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate, parenthesis, Reinforced...

  • Mitsuya glares a bit at Syana, "Hey! It is everything needed for the title!"

<Syana> And ours s everything needed for ours...in any case...NEXT!

<Agaba> Enough chit-chat, let's win this already!

  • Yieng quickly takes her position.

<Yieng> "Let's keep it up, Dream! All we need is one more point!"

<Agaba> Keep dreamin', Sunlover!

  • Syana tosses the ball high into the air, and with a power usually reserved to cleave an ox in twain, bat the ball into a low arc above the net, with the faintest smudge of soot singed on the top section.

<Dream> "Indeed!" Dream readies herself, her small frame poised.

  • Signoff: Shego (Connection reset by peer)
  • Syana knocks herself on the head as she sees how poor the shot was, then focuses again.
  • Yieng squints into the sun, watching the ball sail toward her. She raises her hands, thumbas and forefingers framing the solar orb, as the much cooler and darker rubber orb of the volleyball begins its descent. A golden sunburst flashes briefly on her forehead, her Caste Mark resonating with the Unconquered Sun's rays, as the ball meets her hands and is bounced smoothly upward for Dream.

<Yieng> Yieng's reverie unfortunately causes her to forget about minor things like gravity. She leans back, back... too far.

<Yieng> She falls head over heels, her shoulders hitting the ground just as the ball impacts solidly on her bottom, pushing her completely over.

<Agaba> Allright! Tie, baby!

  • Syana thanks Mela for that little lucky strike...
  • Yieng lies stunned for a moment, then staggers back to her feet. Her bad luck is not over yet, though... one of her suit's straps has given way!
  • Mitsuya stands up calling out, "Point! Pretentiously-Named Realm Honor Defense Force!"

<Yieng> "Aaah!"

<Agaba> There's nothing pretentious......about.......

  • Dream blushes in empathy for her friend.
  • Agaba can't help but stare at Yieng's....embarrasment
  • Yieng quickly covers her not-very-exposed torso. Her beet-red blush extends all the way down to... well, below where her suit starts.
  • Syana blushes as well, but in for a much more decadent reason.
  • Agaba turns to keep his....mind....from wandering. He sees Syana's blush.

<Agaba> ....

  • Yieng quickly turns her back to the other players and tries to repair her suit, whispering a silent prayer of thanks to the Unconquered Sun that Shego was not awake to witness her mortification.

<Syana> ...well, that's...interesting...

  • Yieng manages to tie the broken strap off. She returns to her position.

<Syana> oh what, a girl can't have fun too?

<Yieng> "I'll be okay!" She's obviously trying to convince herself more than anyone else. "Let's keep going!"

  • Mitsuya looks over to the Dynasts, "Gawk later and serve."

<Agaba> Oh, nothing wrong with that in the slightest......I mean...well....Dynast and everying.....still.....

  • Agaba grins, turning back to the game
  • Syana tosses the ball into the air again, and thwacks it into the air hard enough to leave a slim trailer of smoke spiraling behind the ball's arc across the net.
  • Situro shows up late, but shows up at least to watch the end of the game.

<Yieng> Trying -- without much success -- to shake off her embarassment, Yieng moves to intercept the ball. Her poorly-timed setup sends the ball wobbling through the air, but at least its in the air and heading in Dream's general direction.

<Dream> The sun shifts overhead, and for a moment Dream's surreal beauty seems more savage than perfect. Though Dream often denied her heritage, there were times of total concentration, of a bleak unity of purpose, when the Fair Folk blood asserted itself in her veins-- and this was such a time. The changeling's pupils dilate for a moment, and as she leaps from the sand in frightening perfection, it is obvious she is completely prepared to ravage a victory from this ball.

<Syana> Agaba! Get ready!

  • Agaba flares his anima, putting the last of his power into a final bid for victory. He dashes along his side of the net, footprints of obsidian marking his passage. He leaps, anima searing the net as dragons of flame coil about his arms, increasing the surface area of his one-palmed block.

<Syana> please let this work....

  • Agaba collapses, spent, his anima guttering out like a candleflame.

<Dream> The fire was getting old; the dynasts were obviously tiring. And when fires die, only the embers of greatness remain-- and embers are easily quashed. Dream smoothly steps to one side, the hiss of sand dancing beneath her bare feet as a pearlescent arm reaches for the sky to send the ball to Yieng, the wind of the pass blowing out the embers of hope for their opponents.

  • Agaba staggers to his feet, gawking at the miraculous save
  • Mitsuya is now rather engrossed in all this, leaning foward, and staring fixaded on the rather impressive athletic show.
  • Syana claps her hands to make sure Agaba can get it in gear and waits for the next tide in this battle to turn...

<Agaba> I hear ya, sister. Time to get serious.

  • Situro sort of leans against the side of Mitsuya's chair, smiling and watching this supreme display of athletic prowess.

<Yieng> The ball sails through the air, tracing out an path heartbreaking in its perfection. The sight of the pure, geometric beauty of its arc washes away Yieng's doubt and embarrassment, leaving only pellucid clarity. Like a cloud shedding rain, she discards all thought, and simply acts... her feet leaving the ground, her hand meeting the ball, in flawless, dreamlike precision.

<Agaba> You can do it, Syana! Burn away any weakness!

<Syana> With a roar of a forest fire, the young Legionarre soldier flies into the air, as if a firebird took wing, the sand scorching, smoking beneath her flight as she lands, slamming into the dirt, rising up glass sculptures with obsidian tips, bouncing the ball high into the air and into Agaba's power.

  • Agaba leaps into the air, no anima about him, no dragons to praise him, just raw, unadulterated determination. "Sesus Secession Technique! Conviction of the Stalwart Guardian!" With a gutteral cry, the Dynast slams the ball with his fist, twisting his body halfway around, striking the cord ball hard enough to deform it in flight. Down it spins, down to the sands below.
  • Signoff: Situro (Connection reset by peer)
  • Agaba slams into the sand, knees strainning against the weight of his blow.

<Agaba> I gotta lay off the jumping....this is killin' me.

  • Mitsuya looks back and forth over the court, noticing half of the Terrestrial side is now obsidian.
  • Syana pushes herself up from the heated glass below her, and can't help but laugh.

<Dream> The sun seems almost to bless Dream's pale blue tresses as it shines down upon them, a prismatic halo of beauty dancing from their soft waves. She did not possess the destructive power of her opponents, but raw humanity, the passion and the strength to build and not destroy. And today, she and Yieng would build something great. Dream soared into the air, scooping the ball towards her friend.

<Agaba> What's so funny?

<Syana> private joke...

<Agaba> If we win....do you promise to tell me what it is?

<Syana> Might.

<Agaba> Guess that's the best I can hope for. Get ready!

  • Yieng takes a step back, gathers herself for an instant, then dashes forward in a blur of motion, too fast to see. A trail of dust races across the court, ending just behind Dream; with a hollow thump, a shockwave rips through the air. A fan of sand explodes up from the ground, obscuring the young changeling. The ball vanishes into the cloud... which is suddenly lit from within by a golden light!

<Yieng> The shape of great dragon of sunlight spirals up from the cloud, roaring at the sun above. With a clap of thunder, a second shockwave blasts the remaining sand out of the air, stinging the eyes of the Dynasts as Yieng falls lightly back to the ground. The ball is just behind it.

<Agaba> Do it, Syana. Show them what a soldier of the Realm can do!

  • Mitsuya catches herself before commenting ont hat.
  • Syana has the internal monlogue of "gonnadiegonnadiegonnadie" as she once again must fight back the force of the demons afflicting her Realm. Her anima still raw and furious from her last dive rises once more to the fore, scouring the rememnants of actual sand, boiling away the seawater lapping to the shore.

<Syana> And with a great a glorious heave, the firebird that is her anger, her rage, her pain-in-the-ass conviction cracks the ball into the sky with its beak, sending it straight to Agaba to kill these Anathema and their allies.

  • Agaba pulls from the bottom of his Essence, ripping the absolute last reserves he has from his being. A dragon of white flame coils about him, vaporizing the obsidian into a fine black mist that can do nothing but follow the path. White fire, black glass, and within the center, the Dynast Sesus Agaba eyes the ball. His target. His prey.
  • Syana spits perhaps the last bit of sand left on the RHDF's side of the court out her mouth as she watches her ally NOT SCREW UP.
  • Agaba closes his eyes, the dragon now under his complete control. With slowness, the soldier rises on a cushion of superhot air, the ball coiling about within the dragon's flaming belly. It comes to rest level with Agaba's head. "Hesiesh, my soul be thine!" With a cry so loud as to be silent, Agaba strikes with one fist, the dragon's entire length absorbed into the ball, streaking downward in a rush of raw power.
  • Yieng stands firm in the face of Agaba's display, by now more than used to the Terrestrial's gaudy pyrotechnics. She does not flinch as the ball screams toward her. A single drop of sweat trickles down her forehead and off her soot-smudged nose.

<Yieng> Closer... closer... until the ball is only inches away. Finally, Yieng acts, her hands flashing out to intercept it, dust kicking up around her as the impact pushes her back.

<Dream> Imagine what it's like when you dream of flying-- the peace, the euphoria. So now, imagine what it must be like when a dream itself flies-- when a small girl part flesh, part reverie crouches and leaps into the air, spiraling towards the sun as her hair whirls in a hurricane of fervor. <Dream> She hits the ball with a loud THACK! and sends it smoothly across the net, before landing gracefully in the deep divot she created when taking off.

<Yieng> Dream slams the ball over the net, straight to Syana.

  • Syana , by now exhausted, almost considers letting the ball drop. But the sheer bull-headness instilled in her by the House of Bells forces her spine to once again lock into place, as she settles herself under the ball, and loudly smacks it to Agaba with one fist.

<Yieng> At least that's the plan.
<Yieng> The loud smack is actually the sound of the poor, abused ball rupturing.

<Syana> But, alas, instead, the ball finds not her fist but her nose, knocking her back to the hard glass/obsidian packed side of her court, with the ball bouncing merrily to score one final point.

  • Dream rushes over to scoop her friend up in a hug, squealing with joy.
  • Yieng drops to her knees, letting out a sigh of relief.
  • Mitsuya stands up and calls out, "Game! Virtue Victorious! Final score

<Dream> "We won!"

  • Agaba lands in time to see the abused ball squeak out it's final breath.

<Mitsuya> "Final score VIrtue Victorious 3, Pretentiously-Named Realm Honor Defense Force 2"

<Syana> "...ow."
<Syana> my pride.

  • Agaba walks up to his teammate
  • Mitsuya hmmms, "How much are the locals going to be payed to clean all that glass?"

<Agaba> You okay?

<Yieng> "...I'm so glad..." murmurs Yieng. "That my accident didn't cost us the game" remains unsaid.

  • Syana shakes her head to get out the cobwebs. "I've felt better."

<Syana> still, fun game.

<Dream> "You played wonderfully, Yieng. That's nothing to be ashamed of." Dream winks.

<Agaba> Quite....

  • Agaba staggers over to the other, sandier side of the net.
  • Mitsuya sighs and relaxes int eh referee seat a bit more, "I like this spot."

<Syana> in answer to your question, the joke was the last time my talon was in the South, the glass-makers in Chiaroscuro made a fortune off the glasswork I did on shore leave...

  • Syana staggers up from her spot, and rolls her neck as she walks under the net to the side not blasted to look like Malfeas.

<Agaba> Ah...I see.......heh....

  • Agaba extends his hands to both the Solar and the Changeling
  • Yieng gets up to her feet and graciously accepts the Dynast's hand, bowing to him.

<Agaba> A most excellent game! I came looking for a match, and I think I met him! Err....her.....ahh....them.....

<Yieng> "It was an honor to play against someone of your skill, Master Sesus."

  • Syana rises an eyebrow, smiles gently.
  • Mitsuya climbs down the referee chair to go over and congratulate the winners.

<Syana> "I have to say, you two do have a must...distinct technique.

<Yieng> "You also played well, Mistress V'neef," the shrine maiden adds hastily.

  • Mitsuya walks over to the group of players, bowing her head politely, "Thank you for letting me referree. Nice view of the fun game."
  • Dream smiles cheerfully at Syana. "We just work well together, I suppose. Good game."

<Dream> With a wave to all, Dream heads off into the setting sun. Metaphorically; literally would give her a sunburn.

  • Yieng waves to her teammate. "Good night, Dream! I'll see you tomorrow!"

<Syana> "Not well enough, though...at least today. You wouldn't be interested in...a cup of coffee, would you, Madam Yieng?"

  • Agaba heads for his towel and daiklaive, retrieving them more subdued than he would enjoy
  • Syana tries so desperately to look coy, but well, not flying as well as she did on those dives.
  • Mitsuya hmmms, looking at the other side of the court, "Who is going to report that?"
  • Yieng looks askance at the V'neef woman.

<Syana> Well, suppose it was a fool's dream...<sighs> well, I am honored to have competed against you, at any rate....

  • Agaba slings the makeshift towel-sheathe across his back, looking back to admire the sun, low on the horizion and beginning to glitter across the black glass
  • Yieng thinks 'She's probably embarrassed that she lost. I should be a good sport and accomodate her.'

<Yieng> "All right, I suppose I have some time before I need to practice and go to bed."

  • Mitsuya hmmms as she looks at Syana, "One flash and you Dynasts go to 'em like dogs don't you?"

<Yieng> "Wha...?"

<Agaba> My dear referee, I'll have you know we Dynasts operate on a strict three flash policy.

<Syana> I notice *you* haven't left, Madam Karal...

  • Yieng 's eyes widen, and she backs away from Syana, waving both hands in front of her.
  • Mitsuya meeps and shuts up, whistling idly to hersel.f

<Mitsuya> "Three flashes?"

<Agaba> Three flashes.

<Mitsuya> "And that's Captain Karal, thank you madam. Or Karal-gunchei if you would please."

<Yieng> "Ah, I forgot! I need to practice my sword forms more! I can't let myself get rusty just because I'm on a tropical beach surrounded by luxury!"

<Agaba> First is for fun, Second seduction, Third for Thoroughness

<Syana> Mm, well, that's too bad, Madam Yieng.

  • Yieng snatches up her sword from where it rests against a palm tree, clutching it to bosom like a shield.

<Yieng> "Maybe... some other time!" Yieng quickly dashes off, flushed almost as deeply as when she suffered her "incident" earlier in the day.

<Syana> Lookshyites...always so damn formal...I could have you calling me Talonlord V'neef, but that'd be petty.

<Syana> And you scared the fish away too.

<Syana> Well, I'll see you later, Agaba...Kuwen! Umbrella!

<Agaba> Take care, Syana. Sorry that didn't go so well

  • Mitsuya tilts her head coyly to the other Terrestrial, "Just noting. We aren't petty nobles and all that. So such formalties really aren't needed." She folds her hands behind her and smiles cutely.

<Agaba> Wait..you're leaving?

  • Syana looks over her shoulder.

<Agaba> Err....right....you're leaving.....

<Syana> the nightlife waits for no woman, Sesus Agaba...

<Agaba> Have fun, then. Just....be safe, eh?

  • Mitsuya hmmms and decides that she should head off as well, grabbing her towel and bag, "I think I shoudl go on the town as well."

<Mitsuya> "Nice dinner at a restraunt or something."

<Syana> Of course I will...we're still competeing, after all...and I'd like to see "Captain" Mitsuya in action...

<Agaba> Do you mind if I join you? I mean...if you'd rather not be seen with a loser, that's understandable

  • Syana smirks that happy little smirk of "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!" before leaving off into the An-Teng nightlife, her brother in tow.

<Agaba> Wow, that sounded bad...

  • Mitsuya hmmms, "Sure, come on along. I just need to go to the Inn and change."

<Agaba> Right.

<Mitsuya> "No, you can't watch."

<Agaba> Perish the thought, m'lady

  • Mitsuya nods, and whistles some military march tone as she walks off, a rather energetic step to her stride.
  • Agaba falls into step along side her, subtly extending the crook of his arm.
  • Mitsuya hmmms, and shrugs, taking the Dynast's arm casually, and continuing to whistle merily.