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Exalted League Volleyball

If you're interested in playing ExaltedBeachVolleyball online (via IRC), add your name and character to the respective rosters! This is totally nonbinding.

For discussion, see Discussions/ExaltedBeachVolleyballLeague.

= Characters in the League

ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Aisekikawa (N) This late-20s Abyssal is covered in tattoos of tigers and dragons battling, a vicious attitude, and mystery. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/AnjaSilvus (N) A shy young Dawn Caste who needs to learn to relax and open up. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/BlackSongOfDespair (N) A young Abyssal with an easy smile and her own percussion section. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/DaliDoni (M) A Squirrel Totem Lunar girl called "DD".... it fits ExaltedBeachVolleyball/IoliteStorm (M) A Zenith called by the UCS to conquer Beach Volleyball in his name. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/KaralMitsuya (N) A Lookshy haichei taking a well-deserved vacation. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/KonohaIskandros (N) A Wood-aspect ninja-in-training on break from the House of Bells. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Kyumi (N) A lovely young Twilight, more suited to the library than to the volleyball court, she entered the league for something different to do. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Matsumo (N) Northern Barbarian, currently taking a vacation from the city of Sperimin and his delightful wife ExaltedBeachVolleyball/MinShanYieng (N) An idealistic Dawn Caste shrine maiden with a pure heart and a ready smile. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Nikola (N) Shego's somewhat more subdued Solar boyfriend, just in from the North. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/SesusAgaba (N) A young Fire Aspect in search of more challenges than the Imperial Beaches can provide. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/ShadesOfTheRoseSanguine (N) An Abyssal from Gem, her skin pale in death, an elaborate rose tattoo on her back ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Shego (N) Loud mouthed and prone to show off, Shego is running on luck. :) ExaltedBeachVolleyball/Situro (N) A dashing sexy young lunar, he often finds himself refereeing for the ladies. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/SnowFeatheredTigress (N) A tattooed lunar from the south, this one is close to going professional. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/SteepedInMoonlight (B) This lunar is just a beginning player in the league. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/ToniBlueEveningSky (N) An adventurous Twilight occultist-for-hire. Here for a bit of a vacation. And a way to give her God-Blood diciple something constructive to do out of her way. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/VneefSyana (N) A youthful Imperial soldier, looking for a little excitement. ExaltedBeachVolleyball/WistfulDream (N) A quiet, lovely changeling from the west.


  • Transcendent (T) - Appearance, strength, dexterity, wits and athletics average 6 and up. Highest rank.
  • Master (M) - Appearance, dexterity, wits, strength, and athletics average 5 and up.
  • Professional (P) - Appearance, dexterity, wits, strength, and athletics average 4 and up.
  • Novice (N) - Appearance, dexterity, wits, strength, and athletics average 3 and up.
  • Beginner (B) - Anyone whose skills don't average into any other category.