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Name: Situro\\ Player: BogMod\\ Rank: Novice\\ Wins: 0\\ Losses: 0

Stats\\ Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Appearance 5, Wits 4, Athletics 3

Save and Block: 8\\ Return: 7\\ Initiative: 9\\ Spike: 6\\ Favourite Suit Shorts and open shirt.

Description\\ Situro is an attractive man. Very attractive. Light grey eyes, a head of brown hair he keeps back with a bandana and the hair at his temples a black colour like the fur of a panther(his tell). His smile comes easy and he moves with an easy, fluid, sensual grace that draws attention to him. His skin is unblemished, not needing the tattoos of his people to have his caste and bearing a moonsilver stone around his neck to protect him should he enter the wyld. Friendly, quick to help out those who might need it and quite interested in enjoying his increased looks and charms with lovely ladies that might catch his eye.

When playing or refereeing a game Situro wears a pair of blue patterned shorts and an nice open white shirt which ripples in the sea breeze air to help show off his toned and sleek form.