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I'm pretty sure many of the user pages linked here are updated just as frequently (which is to say not frequently at all) as my own. You have been warned. This also needs updating pretty badly, but I'm notoriously lazy.

People in no particular order

  • DarkheartOne: Raksha boy. Very good with the fairer folk, go see his fair folk goodness, specifically Raksha Combat. Very nice and calm and patient person too.
  • DarkSirenSally: Aka Mieu, through whom I managed to find #tower. I am very grateful for that indeed. ^_^ A very nice lady who puts up with occasional random angst from my end and is a great wordsmith with tons of great ideas.
  • FiatVictrix: Can be a bit annoying sometimes, but we seem to have come to an understanding somehow. Tends to make me laugh even though his character is always picking on mine, and adds sometimes much need levity to certain scenes. Seems very cruel as an ST (good) and is very intelligent, usually picks up on way more layers and connection than I ever do.
  • GoldenCat: aka Colapso, whom I don't always see eye-to-eye with, but is the best ST I've had the pleasure of knowing and playing with.
  • Greymane: The much esteemed ST of Of Fire and Iron, commonly referred to as Boil Game. More descriptive than I'll ever be. His characters also so far seem to mesh pretty well with mine, which I always find awesome when that happens.
  • Jade: One of my oldest and best friends, and a very cruel ST / GMEniko/DM / etc, which is good.
  • Kazuki: He likes playing sidereals. o_o Very friendly though kinda quiet, but definitely has a good heart. Always picture him as an older bishy with glasses. Mieu's fault.
  • Kraken: A very friendly, helpful and nice person. Walking Exalted repository. Might even be better with Exalted numbers than I am. Le gasp.
  • Raccoon: lives in a trashcan. Makes too many characters and yet plays too few of them.
  • Seiraryu: Is hugely creative and keeps coming up with ideas and unlike me actually manages to usually follow through somehow. Puts up with my tantrums more than he probably should when he tries to help me.
  • Selina: Selina's type of characters seem to mesh pretty well with mine judging by the two games we've played in together, which as said before is awesome. I see eye-to-eye with her on a lot of other things as well.
  • SlipNine: Aka Rin, who is a real comedian. Characters tend to be odd but seem amusing, let's hope I ever get to play with one. Is also a wizard with 3D stuff even if he doesn't believe that himself and only really needs to sit down and learn to texture.