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  • Cultgame: A new COI Solars game which changes Storyteller every few months by design.



Morrigu - I've known her for years.

Kraken - A great guy who massochistically plays a DB in Cultgame.

Greymane- Another great guy. He doesn't play in Cultgame, which is jsut as well, sicne I ocasionally bounce ideas for my ST rotation off of him. I also stoel this page format from him. ;>

FiatVictrix - When I was brand new, Fiat was the first person to offer to help me with the mechanics of character building.


Changed your wiki links to subpages, and prettified them.
You want to basically usually make anything a subpage of your user page. So you can put[[Jade/SomethingWithMultipleCaps]] and it becomes Jade/SomethingWithMultipleCaps.
You can also use [&#91[[Jade/Somepage]]]], which comes out as Jade/Somepage, and looks like [[Jade/Somepage]]".
You can also do [&#91[[Jade/Somepage]]|This is some page]] which will link to Jade/Somepage and come out looking like "This is some page".
Also, remember using only a / makes it a subpage of the current main page, but you can't make a subpage for a subpage. So you can have "Jade" and "Jade/SomePage" but you can't have "Jade/SomePage/SomeSubPage". -- Morrigu