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This is an archive of ideas that I'm rather displeased with, having largely been made when I was still relatively inexperienced in Exalted, just never finished, or simply lame. Their links have been moved here in case anyone still has use for them, I just didn't want them defacing my user page.

Stuff I am ashamed of

  • God-Blooded Merits & Flaws: New merits and flaws for God-Blooded and Half-Caste characters, never really finished, and it kinda sucked. This may later be replaced by something better, based on my house rules for Panoply of Faith
  • Exalted Art: Art I've made involving Exalted in some way or another. No longer updated because keeping art on the wiki is a giant hassle. Anyone who wants to view my art is advised they're better off going to DeviantArt.
  • Teldrassil: Night elves in the northeastern corner of Halta. I hate World of Warcraft now, so I'd rather pretend this never existed in the first place.
  • Infernal Exalted: My take on the Infernal Exalted. Completely uncompleted, mostly because I figured out I suck at most forms of crunch. Plus I fell out of love with all things Malfean, for the most part. Fair Folk are so much cooler.
  • Mourngram: A piece of setting that I never developed for a game I never wound up running. How typical of me. For a more interesting chunk of setting that I did wind up developing and using, see Aegea or maybe Eastfall.