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These are only the characters that I put on this wiki, there may be more at UnshapedWiki.

Active characters

  • Izabella De Windia: formerly known as Iselsis, sister to Selina De Windia. Changed through conspiracy to become dependant on those who are now her benefactors, trying to figure out what she is and what her place in the world is. Part of A Dance of Angels.

Retired characters

  • Aeryn Katriona, the Tide Breaker: Dereth secondborn daughter of the Tri-Kahn of Chiaroscuro, sailor, bureaucrat and brawler. Eclipse solar exalted. Now finally in a game! (see also [[[Eniko/PlayerCharacters/Tri]]-KahnFamily|Tri-Kahn's Family]] for her closest relatives)
  • Lilith, the Mantaray of Wyld Tides: An old noble raksha eschu who is seeking the perfect balance of weave and wyld in order to save both the Fair Folk and the denizens of Creation. She's taken up a freehold inside Creation and is seen as the guardian of the surrounding area. Retired due to being too stiff and stuffy.
  • Morrigu (version 4.0): A funeral priestess from Sijan who exalted by finding her FA self's Book of Faith, a powerful artifact that functions as a bible, spellbook, spell enhancer and thrown weapon by reciting the passages and flinging their essence counterparts at the enemy. Killed her FA self's hungry ghost while exalting as a Zenith. She then left to become a traveling funeral priestess. Wields flame enchanted katana, spells, and her book. Uses the book as a focus for her essence, believes she's powerless without it. Retired due to game collapse. *sadface* Character Image