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Hm. I like Solars. They rule. Exalted is the best. Currently running Haltan campaign. Plotting bad and painful things for the players. Lots fun! Add whatever you want here. Just to say hi or what not. Maybe some suggestions as to what to put on this page?

I'd advise you to put up whatever you want. :) Lots of people have pages for everything from characters to artifacts to hearthstones to random Exalted-themed games to fanfiction to ... <runs out of breath>.\\ If you're running a game, you could put up a log of the game, a synopsis of its plot, etc.\\ Welcome! Girl gamers unite! (I hope you're a girl, anyway ... apologies if my assumption from your name was erroneous. Of course, you're still welcome if you're male :)\\ ~ Shataina

Well, it was originally an elven name I thought up, so it's kinda like being a girl. :) I admit it, even though I like elves, most are sissy boys. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

Eh, can't be right all the time. :)\\ Gratuitous advice: you should create a username (in the Preferences link at the bottom of every Wiki page) and log in before you edit your stuff. That way, us poor users will be able to tell who it is who's making your edits (see RecentChanges if you don't know what I mean).\\ ~ Shataina