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Specialties pages:

CrownedSun/Specialities (typo, by the way)
Discussions/PurchasingSpecialities ('nother typo)

See also Specialities for a list of potential specialties for each Ability.

No typo there ... both "specialty" and "speciality" are acceptable spellings. ~ Shataina

DigitalSentience's Take on Specialties

Any character can have as many specialties as he wants, basically. But the most bonus he'll ever get from them is +3. So 'Rapiers +3', 'Extreme Heat +2', 'Uneven Footing +2', and 'vs. Dread Pirates +1' could all belong to the same guy, but if he's fighting the Dread Pirate Roberts on a cliffside in 110-degree weather with the masterwork rapier of his dead father, he's still only gonna get, at most, +3 to his (no-doubt already considerable) melee pool.

1. It keeps master swordsmen from getting screwed over when they Exalt and get a Daiklave, but find their previous specialties really aren't applicable to a 6-foot-long sword that nonetheless weighs very little.

2. It gives people willing to buy extra specialties more flexibility, without letting them have ridiculous twinkery. Our Spaniard friend up there, after all, will still be in pretty good shape even if he has to fight that fight with just a sharpened stick, because all his other specialties will still apply.

3. It lets people use as many cool ideas for specialties as they can think of. If someone wants to spend that kind of XP, heck, I'd let them, just because it makes the character more distinctive.


I realize there are several other pages about specialties floating around, so I feel presumptuous about putting just my own stuff on Specialties. I'll link to other pages on the topic, if someone else can be troubled to bring relevant stuff over. - DigitalSentience

I see nothing wrong with it it's the system i use. - Issaru