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This page is intended to suggest possible ranges of effects for Charms, split according to type of Exalt and Essence.

Without further ado ...

To see the way to use these, see SolarEssenceOneCharms







See, no subpages. ^_^ -- BrokenShade

Note that, according to the PG, it is normally impossible for DB's to get higher than Essence 7, making Charms at levels higher than this incredibly unlikely. The only possible ways in canon for a DB to get higher are through the use of extremely difficult and stressful anti-agathics and sorcery or sorcery-related effects (i.e. the Mantle of Birgid). In any future discussions of those effects, then, it should be borne in mind that those Charms will be unique effects, known to one or two Terrestrials at most, and thus somewhat less likely to be a)stable, and b)efficient. -Suzume

That would be true of most non-SMA Essence 6+ Charms. Unique to only a few Exalted. Because at that level, they're all custom-Charms. :D - Telgar

A structural suggestion: Why don't we have EssenceOneCharms with subpages for DB, Lunar, Solar, Abyssal, Alchemical and Sidereal? That makes much more sense then 10 pages per splat. - Telgar

I like your idea, actually. Lets get it implemented! - Paincake