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Stealth Charms

First, some explaination - Easily Overlooked Presence (the first charm in the stealth tree) makes sense where it is, but to be honest, it just doesn't fit with my character. It gives both branches of the Charm tree the basis of being innocuous, not necissarily sneaky. Granted, the branch of the tree that culminates in Sound and Scent Banishing Attitude gets into being literally invisible, but it's not the same as being able to act preternaturally stealthy (something one would expect from Solars). Due to the inadequacy of these Charms to fit my character thematically I have scripted my own seperate branch for the stealth tree. Also, I felt that there are certain holes in the Stealth Charms mechanically, and hope that these will patch that up.

Shadow Walking Method 1m per 2d; reflexive; instant; stealth 2 essence 2; prereq: none By use of this Charm the Exalt gains a transcendent understanding of shadowed obscurity and the grace to flawlessly perform silent motion. The Exalt may add up to his Dex+Stealth pool in dice to any single stealth attempt.

Flawless Motion of Darkness 3m; simple; one scene; stealth 4 essence 2; prereq: Shadow Walking Method Through this Charm the Exalt calls darkness to his aid, and casts it upon himself like a cloak. Shadows shift to protect him as he moves from place to place. The sound of his footfalls are muted and barely noticeable in even silent rooms. Add [essence] automatic successes to any stealth roll.

Flickering Shadow Ambush Technique 4m; simple; instant; stealth 5 essence 2; prereq: Flawless Motion of Darkness Like the shadows that flicker on the wall, the Exalt becomes ill-defined, shifty and elusive. In an instant the Exalt disappears from sight entirely, remaining completely hidden from his foe and gaining the advantages of attacking from ambush during his next attack. Roll the Exalt's Dex+Stealth versus the Wits+Awareness of their opponent. If the Exalt scores more successes on their roll, the Exalt manages to escape their opponent's sight long enough to hide effectively.

Invocation of the Shadowed Winds 3m; simple; one scene; stealth 4 essence 2; prereq: Shadow Walking Method As the Exalt gains greater control over essence flows and greater familiarity with the shadows he also gains control over his immedeate environment. Using this charm, the rays of the sun dim around the Exalt as he draws shadows and winds around him, imposing a +[essence] difficulty environmnetal penalty against all opponents attacking or defending against the exalt and his allies.

Assumption of the Shadowed Form 5m; simple; varies; stealth 5 essence 3; prereq: Invocation of the Shadowed Winds, Flawless Motion of Darkness The Exalt's essence seeps and flows into shadow, and the Exalt's body is engulfed by shadow as well. The Exalt can transform into a shadow for up to one scene. In this form he can slip through the thinnest crack or fractre. While in shadow form the Exalt can only be attacked by sorcery, Charms or weapons made from the five magical materials. Opponents may attempt a difficulty 3 perception+awareness check in bright, well-lit areas to see the shadow.


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