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AlecAustin's Charms

Although I have not yet run an Exalted game, I have a seemingly endless compulsion to invent charms that my characters will never, ever have enough XP to purchase. In fact, as of now, the only set of my charms that has seen actual use was a martial arts form I invented that hplovescats gave to an NPC, though I do intend for my character in his upcoming Lunars game to either invent the core of Storm Dragon Style or learn it from his mentor.



MartialArts styles

SorceryCharms (aka Spells)

Revisions, Tweaks, and House Rules

Phoenix Style is up. Verdant Breath of Seasons seems to have attracted more comment than I expected, though the 'Creation has five seasons' thing kind of bugs me-- it's something that the core book itself is inconsistent on, associating Solars with the four real seasons while splitting the year into five sets of three month 'seasons'. The style already has a 'fifth season' built into it, anyway-- Calibration.