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Some charm ideas I have


Conceal the Pilfered Item
Cost: 2 montes
Duration: indefinate
Type: simple
Min Larceny: 5
Min Essence: 3
Prereqs: Magpie's Invisible Talon (E:200)

With this charm a Solar can send an item he is attuned to Elsewhere. To do so the item must be held or otherwise in body contact. The item remains Elsewhere until the motes used with the charm are uncommitted. Items Elsewhere are considered on the Solar's person and as such do not lose attunement.

The Solar may not de-attune an item which is under the effects of this charm.

This charm may be purchased a number of times equal to half the Solar's Essence, rounded down. Each purchase lets her have one item Elsewhere simultaneously.


Tool-Bonding Prana
Cost: 3 motes
Duration: indefinate
Type: simple
Min Craft: 3
Min Essence: 2
Prereqs: Flawless Handiwork Method (E:182)

The Solar creates a sympathetic bond between her essence and the tools in her workshop. To do so she spends an hour examining each tool in the workshop, noting their purpose and placement. Larger workshops might take longer to attune.

Once attuned the Solar gains a bonus to speed and competance using her tools when crafting. This grants the effect of a -1 difficulty bonus to all craft rolls when using the tools. If the difficulty bonus would reduce the difficulty below 1 the crafter instead gain an automatic success on her roll. She also completes crafting projects 25% faster. So a project that would normally take 8 hours to complete only takes 6 hours when using tools attuned with this charm.

Just like an attunement to an artifact, if the Solar leaves the area of the workroom for more than 24 before returning the attunement will fade.

Material Attunement Technique
Cost: 5+ motes
Duration: indefinate
Type: simple
Min Craft: 4
Min Essence: 2
Prereqs: Tool-Bonding Prana

With this charm a Solar can create a sympathetic bond between her essence and an item; much like Exalts do instinctively with items of the 5 magical materials.

To do so, the Solar picks up and examines the item learning every detail. Then she starts to slowly feed essence into the item. An item takes 5 motes (which is not committed) plus 1 mote (which is committed) per 10 pounds the item weighs to attune. This proccess takes 1 hour and the Solar may only use this charm on items she can carry and possess for this duration.

After the attunement the Solar reduces the target number for craft rolls involving the item by 1. For example, a Solar can attune a broken breastplate before repairing it or a silver ingot before shapping a bracelet. Also the item weighs half as much for the Solar and may be affected by effects that require an attuned item.

This charm may not be used on items of the 5 Magical Materials.


How about Tool-Bonding Prana for Attune Item? - szilard

As the name for the charm? Pretty good. However, I intended the charm to be used for attuning the raw materials, not the tools used for crafting. Perhaps the charm needs rewording? - Lalkin
errr... okay. How about Material Attunement Technique, then? Though, I'd suggest adding a Charm (perhaps as a prereq?) that attunes tools to greater benefit, as well. - szilard
Nice. Sounds good. In fact as soon as I read your first comment I thought that writing up a Tool-Bonding Prana charm as a prereq to Material Attunement Technique. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. - Lalkin