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I think the aspect books are in general very well-done, including the Charm sections. Gave me some neat ideas, they did.

Awareness Charms

  • Essence 4 Charm granting Essence sight (kind of like that one Mountain Folk Charm whose name I forget)
  • Essence 4 (probably) version of Sense-Riding Technique which works in reverse, to send your perceptions to someone else - perhaps a higher-level refinement could let you send memories

Lore Charms

  • Further refinements of Elemental Bolt Attack, including an extra actions version ("Elemental Flurry Method"?)

Medicine Charms

  • An offensive tree, building off of Dread Infection Strike, inflicting nastier ailments and/or using pressure points to cause wound penalties (kind of like Breath-Seizing Technique except not as powerful, or requiring like Essence 4)
  • Similar to the above - reverse versions of the healing Charms, to turn bashing damage into lethal
  • An Essence 6 Charm following Most Beneficent Seed of the Five Dragons, allowing an Eclipse to harmonize his anima to the elements, gaining the appropriate aspect's anima power and not paying the surcharge (not exactly useful as it's very very high in the tree and thus requires like 140xp to access, but the potential exists...)
  • As implied in Aspect Book: Wood, a tree based on recovery (Essence, Willpower, health levels, whatever) through tantric sex - could also be Occult, but I think it fits better under Medicine for DBs

Melee Charms

  • Further enhancements and refinements of Dragon-Graced Weapon
  • Reflexive Charm to instantly draw your weapon, gaining a small bonus to damage on your first attack that turn (classic iaijutsu maneuver, and fits very well with the Heshiesh philosophy)

Ride Charms

  • Scene-long Charm to enhance your mount's Attributes

Sail Charms

  • Some kind of long-distance navigation enhancer
  • Essence 4 or 5 Sail version of Charge of One Hundred Generals, for squadron ram attacks

Survival Charms

  • An herbalism tree, building off of Nature's Healing Bounty, including at least one poison-making Charm

Thrown Charms

  • Essence 4 or 5 progression of the Crosswind techniques which apply environmental penalties at will over a large area
  • Charm based on Crosswind Feint to aid attack from ambush (like Observer-Deceiving Attack, but either less powerful or more expensive)