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The Celestial Bureaucracy: Destiny, Heaven, Seasons, Humanity, Nature

The Bureau of Destiny

Under the supervision of the Maidens, the Most Excellent Designers of Destiny and Sidereal Conjunctions work to ensure the stability of the web of Fate and the maintenance of Destiny. Their responsibility is not to what was or what is, but to what will be. The Sidereal Exalted hold important roles in this bureau, using their unique skills to prevent fate from going awry, or to mend it.\\ Divinity Count: 40\\

The Division of Journeys

  • Ruvia, Captain of the Golden Barque, God of Roads
      • Bashar, God of Scavengers, does equal time in Division of Secrets (HandofOmega)
      • Meldre, God of Communication, (HandofOmega}
        Works extensively with Sarasvathy in the Bureau of Humanity
    • The Captain, Constellation of Strength, Determination and Orderliness
    • The Gull, Constellation of Wanderlust
    • The Mast, Constellation of Endurance
    • The Messenger, Constellation of Skilled and Professional Service
    • The Ship's Wheel, Constellation of Perseverance

The Division of Serenity

  • Yaogin, Bearer of the Lapis Ewer, God of Beautiful Dreams
    • The Ewer, Constellation of Romance and Affection
    • The Lovers, Constellation of Lust and Uneven Relationships
    • The Musician, Constellation of Contentment and Enjoyment
    • The Peacock, Constellation of Considered and Practical Alliances
    • The Pillar, Constellation of Tested and Stable Partnerships

The Division of Battles

  • Hu Dai Liang, Shogun of the Crimson Banner, Lord General of the Division of Battles
    • The Banner, Constellation of Reputation, Story and Awe
      • Chanquaz, A Wood Elemental, Chief of Protocol (Formerly employed by Ahlat)
    • The Gauntlet, Constellation of Ruthless Expediency
    • The Quiver, Constellation of Flexibility and Fleetness of Thought
    • The Shield, Constellation of Courage and Battle-Joy
      • Clan Strife, (Currently working as Major-Domo of Ahlat, HotBG p82)
    • The Spear, Constellation of Skill and Discipline in Combat

The Division of Secrets

  • Nara-O of the Hundred Veils, Keeper of Secrets
    • The Guardians, Constellation of Practical Knowledge
    • The Key, Constellation of Scholarly Study
    • The Mask, Constellation of Secret Wisdom
    • The Sorcerer, Constellation of Magic and Power
    • The Treasure Trove, Constellation of Revealed Wisdom

The Division of Endings

  • Wayang, the Black Puppet Mask, God of Silence, Minister of Endings
    • The Corpse, Constellation of the Ending of Lives and Modes of Existence
    • The Crow, Constellation of Inevitability
    • The Haywain, Constellation of Gradual Decline and Failure
    • The Rising Smoke, Constellation of the End of Journeys
      • The Prince of the Star of the Golden Door (Quendalon)
    • The Sword, Constellation of the End of Hope


  • Luranume, Master of Fivefold Luck, Lord of Auspicious Surprises (Bastions of the North, pg.20)

Fan-Created Gods Not Assigned To A Department

Kirin of the Endless Sky


Slowly adding Gods mentioned in HotBG - Nikink Placing the Gods mentioned in the book under the constellations where I think they fit best in the Division they belong to...

Shouldn't the gods from HotBG be members of the Bureau of heaven, Department for Universal Affairs (Warfare Division or whatever) if they work for Ahlat? - Voidstate
Indeed. But the ones listed here are noted specifically as working for members of this Bureau. So, Chanquaz used to work for Ahlat, now works here, and Clan-Strife, while working for Ahlat, is employed by the Crimson Panoply. "Clan Stife is part of the military bureaucracy of the Crimson Panoply, but Ahlat has appropriated his dubious talents for his household staff to ease tensions." (HotBG p82). That said, if you think he shouldn't be mentioned twice, by all means remove his entry from here. B-) - Nikink
No worries. On another note, what;s up with having a god called Tedd Lazybones? That's gotta be the least Exaltedish name ever. *shrugs* Just saying... - Voidstate
Yeah... I think it's a bit odd, too... oh well... - nikink
That's much of the point though. Tedd Lazybones was at heart not a hugely Exalted character. He was just a normal guy ground up and spit out by the First Age, who ended up getting enough power undeservedly that he became one of the gods. So, he's called Tedd. I think with the pretentious and wild nature of the rest of the universe, one guy should be able to have a bland name. But that's me... - Patkin
Because Michael (Cult of the Illuminated) is such an Exalted-ish name. ~.^ - Seiraryu

Do gods that work in the Bureau of Destiny also do double-time in the other Bureaus? Like, surely Wayang has to read reports and such on silence in Creation, in addition to managing the Division of Endings. Do they do double-time, or do they have to appoint another God to manage their bizniss while they work on Destiny? Or is the Bureau of Destiny like how American congressmen can be appointed to special committees where they focus on certain issues while still doing their job as a legislator? --UncleChu

In the current age, they probably appoint lieutenants to do both jobs, while they use the income from each to build up a harem of gods, ghosts, fair folk, humans, and Exalted to spend all day, all week giving them pleasure. In their spare time, they golf and pursue old feuds about who stole the stapler 2000 years ago. --JohnBiles

Luranume is independant of the Maidens and reports to Luna. StalkerofShadows