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The Celestial Bureaucracy: Destiny, Heaven, Seasons, Humanity, Nature

The Bureau of Seasons

The Celestial Monitors of the Seasons and Weather oversee the weather and ensure the proper turnings of the seasons. Most of the bureau's gods and elementals are stodgy and conservative in temperament. The bureau's workings are haphazard and byzantine; all of the major gods hold at least two roles, one dealing with a particular day, week or month, the other dealing with a particular form of weather.
Divinity Count: 11(12)

  • Ghataru, the Shogun-Regent of the Seasons and Weather
    • Ilma-Juma, God of the Silence Before the Thunder, Regent of Calibration (Quendalon)
      While no god actually rules the time of Calibration, someone has to be responsible for overseeing matters for those five days. This thankless task falls to Ilma-Juma. For most of the year, he sits alone in an enormous, empty office, wearing his guise of a fire-winged snake, handling the small matters of his regular position. But from the end of Descending Fire to the start of Ascending Air, he manages tens of thousands of subordinates in a frantic bureaucratic ballet. Naturally, things fall apart every year, and Ilma-Juma gets the blame; but he always retains his post, as no one else is willing to take it.
    • Mahesh, Daimyo of Droughts and Daimyo of the Season of Fire (Quendalon)
      • Fading Fire, Prince of Falling Leaves, God of the Autumn Breeze and Taisho of the Season of Descending Fire (Quendalon)
    • Longinus, Goddess of Destructive Storms, Grand Arbiter of the Season of Air. (deceased) (ArabianNinja)
      Also serving under the department of abstract matters as an embodiment of change, a powerful diety who took her own life rather than let her power fall to the wayside with the death of the Primodial. Her Essence lives on in a Weapon, whos power can still affect the domain she once held in more ways than one.
    • Nasri, Daimyo of Rainstorms and Daimyo of the Season of Air, General of the Aerial Legion
      • Orora-Hido Goddess of Clouds and Taisho of the Season of Ascending Air (Patkin)
        • Silver-Blossom Breeze, Princess of Calms Before the Storm, Kazei of the Third Week of Ascending Air (Thnktfthbx)
      • Curi-Vaperi, Goddess of Cold Rains and Taisho of the Season of Descending Air (Quendalon)
      • Mahiya-Varsha, the Cyclone Puppeteer, Goddess of Tropical Storms and Taisho of Resplendent Water (OrigamiFox)
      • Naresh, Arbiter of Northern Storms, Lesser Elemental Dragon of Water
    • Ocean Crimson Lotus, Monarch of the Second Age, Daimyo of the Division of History (Quendalon)
      Where the seasons repeat themselves endlessly, the years spin themselves out of existence and into the dust of history. It is the role of the Division of History to oversee these endlessly dying intervals. These gods collaborate with the Bureau of Destiny to ensure that the events of the hours, days, years and centuries cohere in books and memories as they wind away into history. As Daimyo of the Division of History, Ocean Crimson Lotus has a great deal of pull with the Bureau of Destiny and the Sidereal Exalted. She also micromanages the current Century, Year and Day gods fiercely. She supplanted the God of the First Age long ago, and has no intention of being herself supplanted.


Hmm... hey Patkin, is Orora-Hido a little tribute to Ororo (Storm) of the X-Men?  :) - Quendalon

As clever as that would've been, no. I just used Alabrax's Dynast name generator until I got to a name I thought sounded good (Orora). Another acceptable suspicion would've been a little tribute to Aurora from Alpha Flight. - Patkin

Hey Quendalon, I really like Ilma-Juma. What a brilliant idea! - Voidstate

Glad you like him! I hope he sees use someday in someone's Sidereals game. - Quendalon
I think I would be willing to accomodate you there ;) - doubtofbuddha

I'm not exactly sure what the Division of History does, but I expect it's actually pretty important. The gods of the current day, hour, minute and second might actually have a great deal of influence over current events; perhaps they sit at the Loom with the pattern spiders, ensuring that their temporal interval takes the proper shape? - Quendalon

I added Longinus, for the sake of referencing, and shameless advertising :) - ArabianNinja