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Here We Are

I'm a college student who's relatively new to Exalted, having gotten hooked on the setting by some friends at an online RPG and having found a few 1e books for dirt cheap. I'm really looking forward to the 2e Lunars book, I might even get around to starting a campaign IRL when it comes out. :)


Azza's Artifacts - Currently just one item, more to come later perhaps. :)


Just wanted to say welcome to the wiki. Your knowledge of wiki-text and formatting is impressive (have you used a similar wiki in the past, or are you just a quick study?), and I look forward to many good things. -- GreenLantern

I've never used a wiki like this before, actually. I just spent some time looking at the code of other folks' pages and figuring out the syntax. Aren't vacations nice, to have a day or so to blow on Exalted? ;) -- Azza