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Frostmourne, Cursed Blade of the North

In the ancient depths of the First Age, many heroes were made. Many songs are sung of these individuals, but for many, such songs as these became funeral dirges. As the Usurpation marched toward its inexorable end, dozens of the Sun's Chosen railed against their fate and sought to stop it. Ultimately, of course, none proved successful, though some proved able to find... alternatives.

One such among the latter group was to become one of the fearsome Deathlords, known in these times of tumult as the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. Many have made guesses as to her identity and past... thusfar, none have been correct.

There is perhaps one individual, though, who may make some very educated guesses. Among the Solars destroyed by the Dragon-Blooded shogunate was a mighty Forsaken known as Icy Dawn, though other labels have been applied to this warrior in the intervening years. Ancient stories claim that Icy Dawn was one of the Lover's many dalliances in the days when she still was clothed in flesh, and that his death - and subsequent refusal of the Malfean's bargain - drove the Lover even further into madness and promiscuity.

But though Icy Dawn's body had been destroyed, some pieces of him yet remained. Swirling in the netherrealms, Icy Dawn's broken soul screamed for his lost love and for revenge. And captured by the Sidereal instigators of the Usurpation his Exaltation was left to rot.

The Lover, however, having the will to accept such a terrible bargain and continue existence regardless of all else, was not to be daunted by such things. She would have her lover, alive or no, in one fashion or another. It took decades - perhaps centuries - but at last she managed to entrap his spirit, and reclaim his Exaltation. When her advances were rebuffed - for Icy Dawn could not bear the sight of what his one-time lover had become - she threw him, in a fit of pique, to the forges.

Such was not the end of this, however. For new plans began to bloom in the Lover's mind then, and she had made of her once-lover a blade of fearsome power. With magic unknown and unknowable to the petty Terrestrial Exalted, she made of it both weapon and prison, boon and bane, dreaming of the day that the proper person might bear it, and complete her desire. Freeing Icy Dawn's Exaltation from the cage she had kept it in since reclaiming it, she used her fell magic to lock it within the sword. Satisfied, she laid back to wait.

It was many long years before she could put her treasure to use, but at last one came to her attention, and her mind burned with the possibility. Driven to accept a bargain none should ever contemplate, this man - who's name has been lost to the Void - accepted the burden of the sword, that he might set right his earlier failing. Never did he expect what occured.

Those who accept the burden of the blade are damned to be tied to it forever. The mad, corrupt Essence of Icy Dawn flows into the bearer, flooding him with unholy power and knowledge and Exalting him into the Dusk Caste.

Precisely what has occured to this individual remains unknown, though disturbing rumors coming from the vicinity of the Lover's Shadowland claim that a fearsome warrior-scribe has been seen, wearing the Castemark of the Abyssal Dusk Caste, and bearing an awesome daiklave made of Soulsteel with inlaid runners of Orichalcum, Blue Jade, and some unknown material that appears to be a form of ice, ornately styled. This individual is often described as appearing reluctant to perform the monstrosities the Abyssals are known for, but it does not seem to stop him from doing them regardless. The truth of the matter, however, remains unknown...

Frostmourne's Stats

Frostmourne is considered to be an Artifact 5 if used by an Abyssal who was Exalted by the sword. If the sword is currently "inert," it is considered Artifact 3, and the only powers which function are Icy Chill and Whispers of the Faded Dawn.

+5L Damage, +3 Accuracy, +2 Defense, +3 Speed. Frostmourne does an additional +3L of ice damage, soaked seperately.

If used by the Bearer, Frostmourne drains 4 motes + the Bearer's Essence of Essence in combat. If used by another, when the blade is inert, it drains the standard wielder's Essence.

Frostmourne requires a Stamina of 4 and a Strength + Melee pool of 7 or greater to wield.

Characters lacking the prerequesite Stamina may attempt to use Frostmourne, but must soak 3L of freezing damage each turn.

Frostmourne requires the commitment of 8 motes to attune.

Frostmourne's Powers

To date, the following abilities have been shown by the Bearer, which are attributed to Frostmourne.

  • Essence-Caging Void (Cost: None, Duration: Special)

Frostmourne, when wielded by the Bearer, is empty. The hungry void within that was designed to cage Icy Dawn's Essence seeks something to replace it. Thus, on successful attacks, Frostmourne drains 4 motes of essence above and beyond those normally stolen by Soulsteel weapons. If the weapon is inert, this power is inactive.

  • Icy Chill (Cost: None, Duration: Always On)

Frostmourne constantly emits the cold of the climes it is used to, and wounds inflicted with the blade immediately are covered with a dusting of frost and ice, possibly causing frostbite. This causes an additional +3L damage against a target, soaked seperately from base weapon damage.

  • Exclusive Usage (Cost: None, Duration: Special)

Frostmourne was crafted to be the prison and corruption of a specific Essence. If Icy Dawn has been awakened and his Exaltation put to use in creating a Dusk Abyssal, no individual other than that Dusk may attempt to attune to Frostmourne. Anyone attempting such a thing immediately suffers 6 HLs of aggravated damage. Roll the victim's Essence; successes reduce this damage by 1HL each. Frostmourne can also not be forcibly deattuned, though the attempt can certainly be made; should such occur, the Bearer /must/ immediately spend 8 motes of personal Essence. If he is unable to, then he must make up the difference with his own Health Levels, on a 1 for 1 basis. This power remains in effect only as long as the sword is active. If it is currently serving as Monstrance (see below), then anyone may attempt to attune the blade as normal.

  • Aura of Frost (Cost: 3 Motes, Duration: One Scene)

An extension of the chill that constantly emits from the blade, the Bearer may conjure this effect by channeling his Essence through the ice-material contained in the sword. This causes an unholy cold to bleed into the air to a radius in yards equal to Essence around the Exalt. Living creatures caught in this aura suffer -1 to all die pools, and those who actually touch the bearer or the blade suffer 1L damage. At the storyteller's discretion, cold-blooded creatures may die, and liquid-based spirits or individuals may freeze. While this power is active, the additional ice damage added to attacks due to Icy Chill increases to +5L. This power does not affect the bearer of the blade, regardless of his status, living or no.

  • Prison of the Winds (Cost: None, Duration: Always Active)

Frostmourne was created primarily for use as something other than a weapon. It's true purpose serves as that of prison for the tainted Solar spark of Icy Dawn. Those who are sufficient stature to become proper heroes can accept the devil's bargain of power, taking the Exaltation into themselves and becoming an Abyssal of the Dusk Caste. However, unlike other Abyssals, those who inherit Icy Dawn's power do not become bound to a Monstrance. Rather, the blade itself serves as that prison. Should the Bearer die, his Exaltation will flee back to the blade as if it was a Monstrance. The next individual of sufficient stature to bear the blade may well become it's next prisoner.

Because of this bonding, if the Bearer is seperated from his blade, he suffers 1 unsoakable HL of damage each day he is prevented from carrying his prison, and is unable to regenerate Essence through any means until it is recovered. Also due to this bonding, if the sword is somehow destroyed, it likewise destroys the Abyssal bound to it.

  • Whispers of the Faded Dawn (Cost: 2 motes, 1 Willpower, Duration: Instant)

Frostmourne holds the memories and knowledge carried forth from Icy Dawn, its legacy from holding his Exaltation for so long. This in turn provides a tenuous connection to those who forged the device. Regardless if Icy Dawn or his inheritors are currently "in attendance" or if the blade is currently held by the recipient of that tainted Essence, any essence channeler may attempt to utilize this power. When this power is activated, the character temporarily gains the effects of Whispers 2, for a single roll or action. If the character already possesses Whispers, increase the rating by 2 for the purpose of this single action. This may raise the character's Whispers rating above *****, but doing so is almost a surefire ticket to insanity, at the ST's discretion.

Many histories and tales relate that other powers may be attributed to the cursed blade, but thusfar they have not been shown by the Bearer of Hatred Clothed In Ice, and accounts of Icy Dawn himself or any who may have used the blade since are hazy and not necessarily accurate.


The latest incarnation of Stormbringer in Exalted, and one of the best, remaining true to the original blade's nature. Very nice. - Quendalon

I see someone hasn't played much Warcraft III, hmmmm?:P Still, very good job Kaine:) I'm pleased with what you did with the concept, and it's an awesome story for it. Better than anything I would have done. - CrownedSun