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Experience Tally


Little Silver Gathering- A Circle of Lunars gather on a party in glass... and learn of the Chained Heart.
10 Experience for all.
Little Silver Glass- A Manse of Glass. Arrows of Glass. Heart of Glass. Carmine stalks silver, and one falls...
30 Experience for Gin, Snowy and Wrynn.
Little Silver Fangs - Fangs-of-Winter and Seven Leaf Sorrow face the Red Dawn!
30 Experience for Fangs and Leaf
Little Silver Howl - Within Sudoku village owls love kittens, and a howl stirs them all!
15 Experience for All.
Little Silver Water - Surrounded by water, a Circle is formed... and an objective is set!
10 Experience for All.
A Game of Foxes and Fools- Leaf and Gin... quite a mismatched duo. Who are they? What do they want? What do they think?
10 Experience for Leaf and Gin.
Winter and East - Fangs is winter come to the East... and her trip is anything but uneventful.
10 Experience for Fangs, Leaf and Sapphire.
Little Silver Bridges - The Lunars come upon the Aquamarine Crossing... an example of enterprising spirit and of celestial corruption.
10 Experience for All.
Little Silver Pies - Wrynn Diermidis and Snowy Silver Night see the other side of the Aquamarine Crossing...
10 Experience for Wrynn and Snowy.
Little Silver Whispers - Gin shows just how devious and alluring one of the Nine Companions can be...
30 Experience for Gin, Sapphire and Fangs.
Little Silver Morning - A robbery like only two Lunars could ever do!
15 Experience for Wrynn and Snowy
Little Silver Waves - They gather... and the ripples of their movements in the pond are felt. They made the waves... and now control them.
10 Experience for All.
Little Silver Claws - Snowy meets her teacher, Anja Silverclaws... and learns very, very much.
10 Experience for Snowy and Wrynn.
Wolf-Devours-The-Stars - Fangs-of-Winter fights a Burning Star of Demise!
10 Experience for Fangs.
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - Snowy meets Aischrael, the corruptor!
10 Experience for Snowy.
Little Silver Play - Wei-Lai terrorizes the Aquamarine Crossing and faces off Fangs-of-Winter as Gin's plans finally come to fruition...
20 Experience for Leaf, Gin and Fangs.
Sapphires and Suitors - Sapphire meets her suitor, Aquamarine's son...
15 Experience for Sapphire.
Little Silver Return - The makeshift Circle reunites, and plans are made...
15 Experience for all.
Little Silver Wedding - Gin celebrates a Royal Wedding... and the Red Dawn crashes the party!
20 Experience for All.
Little Silver Questions - The surprising interrogation of Sienna and Amara!
20 Experience for Gin, Snowy and Sapphire.
Little Silver Thorns - Sienna wants a new body... and nothing will stop her!
30 Experience for Fangs and Sapphire, 10 for All.


+5 Experience for Wikified Sheets.
+5 silly exp for Tia!
+10 for Snowy's prologue.
+20 for Sapphire's prologue.


Fangs 210
Gin 210
Sapphire 190
Leaf 170
Snowy 215
Wrynn 170