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Little Silver Morning

It has been.... quite a night.

Farouk used her, alone and with friends... calling both his bodyguards, each in turn, the vicious hands of the feline lady, the strong, rough hands of the masked man... and his few pleasure slaves, boys and girls with glass-like eyes that helped him use her. And then she wakes up... to the sounds of the Eastern morning. Something she has been hearing much lately, the eastern, temperate birds singing... and now, the everpresent sound of the river. It was a large, large river indeed, and the sound was... soothing, a reminder of the Silver River back home.

Waking up amidst sheets after a night of such debauchery...

The bed was large, colored with wine and gold colors, dull and strong shades of red, covered by veils, and with more pillows, over it, at its feet, on the edges of the room... more pillows than Snowy had ever seen in one place. The windows were typical for the east, four, two for the West, two for the East, letting the sunlight pour in... cutting through the thickness of the incense, the scent of White Roses filling the room, vanishing the scent of sex and bringing something sweet, sublime to its place...

The incense rests on cobalt and gold chandeliers, and the paintings on the walls are... beautiful.

Truly, a merchant prince lives the life.

And a busy life, it seems as he was gone, and everyone else with him, apparently...

Wrynn Diermidis: And Wrynn-- Wrynn had spent the night in his own sort of debauchery, the aftermath of which litters the front of his coat from the nose to his paws: bright crimson glistens in the morning sunlight, though it has long past dried into a single congealed mass of sweet strawberry pie.

Wrynn yawns languidly, adorning the merchant prince with perhaps the most honeyed morning breath ever doled out by an eight hundred pound snow leopard sprawled out on a bed the morning after. He had come in some time during the night while the couple-and-then-some were still going at it: whether he had joined in or not... he wasn't going to tell.

Snowy: Snowy loooks around, groaning a little, remembering her night of pleasure and thankful that she had remembered the maiden tea she had before the party a week ago. She didn't want to be stuck with another child, at least not stuck with one by a mere mortal, though an exceptional mere mortal, and not now when they had much to accomplish. She groans a little as she feels fur against her, lots of fur, and its familiar too, she finally looks over and can't avoid rolling her eyes, then she checks the room for anyone else. She sighs with releif as theres no-one else. And then she'd kiss Wrynn on the nose "Get up sleepyhead, its time to disappear before we're found out."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn yawns again, licking Snowy's cheek. "Found out? He asks, "You mean that wasn't an officially sanctioned orgy?"

Snowy: Snowy licks his nose again "I wasn't aware you needed official sanctioning to have an orgy. Where do I need to go to conduct the appropriate rites? And aside from that, unless you want something to help you wake up, we have an errand to run, and one that I think you'd be well-suited for."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn rolls up, then pounces on Snowy. "Then what's to be found out?" he says with a wry smile, toying with the idea of 'something to help him wake up'. The leopard nuzzles under Snowy's chin, licking her neck, though he's a bit large for the act. "You offering?" he purrs.

Snowy: Snowy laughs a little, reaching up and scratching wrynn behind the ears as he licks her neck "I suppose I am offering, but we should find this supply of rugs I said i'd do away with afterwards."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn snickers, though the sound is a little strange comming from a beast of his stature. "Fine, fine." he smiles. "Raincheck on the sticky pie-beast sex."

Wrynn gets off Snowy, letting her up. Stretching, he lets out another great yawn, simultaneously shrinking to his cuter, more managable size which also seems to be completely clean. Considering his ribbon of Luna's cleansing light, it was a feat on its own that he'd managed to get anything to stick at all. "Tell be about these rugs, sweet."

Snowy: Snowy laughs a little, not knowing anyone to turn down sex, not like this anyway "Definatly rain check. And its something I agreed to to get my anonymity back. We destroy some Guild rugs, maybe recover some Bright Morning, merchant here leaves us in peace. Sounded fair to me."

Wrynn Diermidis: The little kitty gives an emotive sigh, he was a professional, he didn't do extortion. "Well... all right... but I get to make sure he regrets it a few days after we're gone." he says contentedly, hopping onto a nearby end table to check his reflection. "I'm expensive."

Snowy: Snowy smirks, checking out the window, seeing if it opens, and if it didn't, well, it was going to. "You can make him regret it the moment we leave town, i have no problems with that."

Narrator: The window, thankfully, opened well enough, well-oiled enough to not make a single sound, the mists of incense breaking out into the morning light...

Snowy: Snowy seems fairly happy about this "So, you want me to carry you out or are you going to make your own way over. They're supposed to be in a warehouse by the shore."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn hops on the bed, then over to Snowy where she stands by the window and shifts up under her as he had back at Sudoku. Unlike, the massive, almost lionine form he'd slept in, this one was female, low profile, sleek as only a leopard is, but no less powerful for it. "I've always wanted to try this with a passenger" she shimes in before leaping out the window and onto the side of the building. Snowy finds herself seemingly upright-- as if it's the world that has turned on its edge.

Snowy: Snowy eeps as she did last time. This wasn't exactly uhm.. discreet, at all, and that didn't suit her. She leaned down and whispered to Wrynn "Maybe we should be a little more uhm.. discreet.. about this?"

Narrator: Well, it is a little too late for discretion, as the morning peasants and workers on their gardens are looking... staring... and entirely.... surprised.... at the extremely beautiful green-haired woman together with the... lioness... on the side of the... the... the... buiding!

Wrynn Diermidis: "Ahh, you just watch. I'm always discreet." Snowy's ride takes a quick dash to the side, over the edge of what turns out to be the roof of the establishment. One stride is all it takes to take them across the building and off again down the side. They take backroads, alleyways and sometimes rooftops, though those are a bit visible. Traveling at a full deer-chasing romp, not having to worry about obstacles, Snowy is surprised how rarely the odd citizen actually looks up. Overall the trip is not so unplesant as it is confusing for snowy, if she closes her eyes, it's no different than riding a horse.

Narrator: It is... fast. Those that looked blink...

And wonder. Did they really see that? Really?

Pehaps... pehaps it might just be.... something to keep quiet about. Just a mirage, yes. Just a mirage.

Snowy: Snowy just hangs on, theres nothing else to be done, wondering exactly where they were heading, hopefully heading to the right place.

Narrator: And then, Wryn falls on the rooftop close to the warehouse Farouk had appouned to Snowy on the night before. It seems to be from the Guild as well, with a few guards, elite ones, in shining iron and bronze, beautiful crests with gryphons in them, in black and yellow. Six of them that they can see, close to a large, three-store warehouse, and five large wagons... with two Yeddim close by. Two very, very big Yeddim, as those tend to be.

  • Snowy slides off of Wrynn, looking the situation over, then whispers to him "Its a warehouse, I'm sure a crafty animal can seak in under the roof. But there may be more inside. And we need to do this before they transfer cargo out to the wagons."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn lets Snowy off and creeps up to the edge of the rooftop, "Certainly-- though if there's something we need to retrieve, a like path will not do for the egress."

Snowy: "Oh, it might, the emerald monkeys of the north are known for their agility and climbing ability, with an appropriate distraction I could retrieve the drugs while torching the rugs. Hopefully they have some fire inside."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn gives a silent, breathy laugh. Well, if she wanted to do the sneakwork, he wasn't going to say anything-- this wasn't a job after all, just a bit of fun to satisfy and lure out the real treasure. "Distractions... ahh... it's been a while since I've played second fiddle." he laments comically. "A distraction you shall have, my lady."

Snowy: She laughs a little "I suppose I am usurping your territory, but this was my job, was it not? If you want to run inside, find some drugs and burn rugs, I'm more than happy to provide a distraction."

Wrynn Diermidis: "Wouldn't dream of it" Wrynn smiles, hopping down off the edge of the building, shifting back to kittenform as he does so.

Snowy: Snowy watches, and waits, shifting into her emerald monkey form. Prepared to run down the side of the building she was on, dart across the street and back up the target building, then slip in under the rafters or some other easy method of enterance, and of course, hope there was no-one inside the building.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn slips widely arond the building, approaching the Yeddim from the least obvious angle. First things first-- Wrynn slices their bonds with a touch of his paw, then checks their... err... equipment.

The list of things Wrynn has not done in the name of thievery is very short.

Seducing Yeddim was about to get scratched off that list.

Wrynn checks the guards carefully, making sure he hasn't been noticed.


With the innocence of a kitten, he crawls under the Yeddim and... prepares them. Gently, quietly, and with the mastery of someone who'd done it a hundred times before. For the record: that was half true. He hadn't ever truely done it.

Not with yeddim anyway.

His childhood was weird like that.

Done getting both yeddim Ready, he slips in between them and where once there were two massive creatures, there were three, and the one in the middle looked damned fine.

If you were a yeddim anyway. It's amazing what you just know about mating rituals when you take on a form, what's built into the genome, and how universal the 'gangbang' concept can be with a little prodding.

Narrator: Clearly, that was... quite a distractions.

The usual questions... 'where did that Yeddim come from?!?', for example, were simply drowned into the unavoidable fact that the howdahs fell from atop the Yeddims as they got carried away from their resting places, getting rid of the ropes, and jumping over the female... it was... quite a sight. A sight that would haunt the guards to their death beds.

Some stood and gaped.

Some ran around trying to prod the Yeddims to stop, to no avail.

While the earth shook underfoot, they could just... be.. shocked.

Snowy: Snowy shudders, she'd have to find someone who knew mind-alterting magic later, but for now, she had some rugs to destroy, so she scrambles down her building, crosses behind the stunned guards, scrambling up the other side, attempting to slip under the rafters of the building, or some other easily-overlooked place. Hopefully the guards inside would come out when the ground started shaking. Hell, the whole *town* would probably come running. This was good.

Narrator: Inside... she sees.... boxes. Plenty of boxes. Wooden boxes and hay.

Plenty of hay.

And boxes, crude wooden boxes, nailed shut.

It is the same on all floors...

Snowy: Whats the sound of a monkey swearing? Well, if anyone was listening, they just found out. She is not pleased, but she did look around, seeing if they labelled their crates, hopefully they labelled their crates. And fire, torches, lanterns, maybe setting this place alight will uhm, give Wrynn enough distraction to get out of his little orgy.

Narrator: The lanterns are there... two or three per floor, oil lanterns, unlit at this time

The crates are indeed labeled... in Guild Cant.

Snowy: That monkey swearing sound? Yeah, theres more of it. Oh well, if they were crude wooden boxes, the sharp, sharp teeth of her current form may be able to bite through, or she can simply pry one open, but time was of the essence, so she'd take a look at the writing on the crate, then try and pry it open and see if it contained the bright morning, if not, on to find a differently-labelled crate. Hopefully yeddim sex lasted longer than a quickie.

Narrator: The boxes are ripped open... and inside, she can see the rugs! Beautiful, of such craftsmanship, and such colors! Luna knows how they got those dyes.... and it is just unfurling the right ones to find... little pouches of Bright Morning!

Snowy: Snowy-monkey snatches a couple pawfuls of bright morning, she needed a little backpack or something, but some would be better than none for Farouk. So it was off to the lanterns, hopefully they had their own sparkers, or maybe she could just break one and spark it on itself to create some burning rugs. Yes, burning rugs, and burning bright morning. This whole town is going to be high, which reminds her she hasn't had some good pot in a few days. Have to find some, theres a river, maybe thers some wild stuff growing!

Narrator: ... and then, it begins burning. The fire catches fast!

Like a professional did it!

And soon, the fire rushes to every corner of the warehouse...

And the smoke pours out...

The dyes and the bright morning making the colors of the smoke be like a rainbow winding up to the sky...

Outside, it takes a moment for the guards, shocked by the Yeddims, to even notice the fire.

And when they do... it is already too late!

Snowy: Snowy flees, carrying the pouches of bright morning as best she can, but its kind of uncomfortable. She'd be heading back to Farouk's place, planning to simply drop them on the bed they used last night, so that he'd find them in the morning. Hopefully no-one closed the window!

Wrynn Diermidis: The Yeddim are still busy. By and large the larger species tend to take longer about these things than the smaller, though the sow was a remarkable exception. Don't ask how Wrynn knows this. Wrynn, catching sight of the fire, in the corner of his eye, rears up like a properly startled Yeddim and runs...

Straight into the building, folding it like a card table. Everyone is too distracted to notice the lack of Yeddim comming out the other side-- but Yeddim don't just dissapear. It probably got away in all the confusion.

Which it did, looking like a rather dissapointed kitty who hadn't even got a chance to finish.

Guys were like that, sentient or not.

Slnking away unscathed, Wrynn heads back to the rooftop they'd started from, rather pleased with the deception, even if not sufficiently pleased BY the deception.

Narrator: A dragon with a body of a smoke rainbow colors rose to the sky, from the warehouse. All the people from nearby inns, militias, farmers, fishermen... all ran to see it. And heard the tales of... Yeddim. Yeddim that ran after their disappearing mate, and just broke down what was left of the warehouse. The guards tried really hard to convince people there was a third Yeddim. The merchants in charge of the shipment screamed bloody murder.

... and then, the smoke of bright morning really got to them.

And that's when things turned trippy.

Snowy: Snowy would drop off her cargo, then she too would climb back up to the roof they started from, still in monkey form, something Wrynn hadn't seen before.

Wrynn Diermidis: Snowy finds Wrynn on the rooftop, pacing, back and forth... up one adjacent building, down another... no sooner does the little green monkey appear than is she pounced upon and pinned down by a very eager leopard. He nuzzles up against her and licks, "I'm ready for that raincheck."

Snowy: Snowy laughs a little and shifts into her usual human form, then slides herself up and on to Wrynn's back "Then to the forest, lets at least have some privacy for this, hmm?"

Narrator: The Bright Morning is a hallucinnogenous drug that allows one to see and touch the spirit world.

It touches all close to the warehouse, as they inhale its vapors... faint, hazy...

They begin to see the forms of little gods and ghosts....

The little gods assigned to guard the caravan screaming, better than Mortals, and still failed before the Chosen thieves...

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn doesn't move, simply looking up at the burning warehouse, colorful drug-fueled flames reaching high. "No one will see us" he purrs, nuzzling more sensitive places and pinning her down in more way than one now that she was closer to his size.

Snowy: Snowy shimmies her way out of her robes, snuggling up against Wrynn, petting his fur softly "You know, I've been wondering when you'd try this on me, and the waiting was killing me."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn pushes into her with only a throaty purr, there were no words needed for this and there were no words for what he did to her. Later, someone might ask her what it was like to be ploughed by a 900 pound leopard, but that word was at once, too delicate and too impersonal. With the scent of Bright Morning on the wind, they are busy into the afternoon.