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Little Silver Whispers

The Lunars came upon the Aquamarine Crossing, a luxurious First Age Bridge whose goddess seems intent on extracting a heavy tithe from its travellers. What is quite a problem for them, having more than two dozen students under Seven Leaf Sorrows. They split up, with others loitering around the budding hamlet around the bridge as Gin takes Fangs-of-Winter and her apprentices to the Goddess' presence... with a definetly mischievous plan in mind...

The Temple of Aquamarine.

The sound of bells can be heard as they approach... a temple of water. A little pond is beneath their feet, walking over a bridge, koi moving about to their sides. Branches open up to the side of the little bridge, forming little seats for the faithful to kneel, above the water. The water that runs, through the ground beneath them, and even far up... little channels of water suspended on the air, canalizing it through slides, down... and somehow, up, in some.

The temple, much greater than a River Goddess has any right to have, has many people praying... though it might be wrong to call them faithful, after what they learned. There are three priests, a woman and two men, talking with a couple merchants, coins falling on a plate in front of the altar. One full of silver and even a couple roughly-cut jade coins.

And they notice the wonders as soon as they walk in...

Gin: Gin came first. She was the forefront. The center piece. Hands joined together, covered by the draping sleeves of a robe that nearly reached the floor. Her head was held high, tipped to an angle that exuded confidence and not more than a little arrogance, as well. Two jeweled teardrops dripped from her pointed ears and a small row of glistening red gemstones trailed from the corners of her eyes. She had painted her lips silver and they sparkled, moist and soft. The color matched that of her inner-robe, a silk garment whose paint-like clinging to her flesh was only hinted at on the barest edges where her outer robe failed to extend. She'd chosen her outer robe to provide the color, a pale and frosty blue. That of priestess in cut only, light flashed across the robe with every step, revealing the outline of foxes at play sewn in silver thread across the garment and drawing it just ever so tighter across her body. Little of that could be seen, she had made certain. Only tastes her and there. The hint of her full breasts where the robe only just failed to reach her throat. The glimpse of an ankle and calf as the garment slipped away at each step. She left it instead to body language to draw eyes to her, each slow, subtle rock of her hips accentuate by the high-raised flick of her tails behind her.

Fang's followed close behind her, unlikely at any great discomfort in the outfit chosen for her. Not pink (alas), but red. Not frilly either, but sleek. A courtesan's dress, by all accounts. One that daring left her shoulders and upper chest bare to the world, her breasts brought together by the binding cloth into two perfect orbs. A single gemmed button strained bellow to hold the immodest garment over her chest and a sliver of toned stomach peeked through further down. It was not a gown intended for comfort or even movement, Fang's legs restricted by the tube-like skirt that flared only slightly around her ankles and ended just enough to display the tall. It's only concession to the needs of her legs to be anything beyond show pieces was the loosely laced string that rode down the left side from hip to ankle, allowing the skirt to stretch just enough for her legs to move at a careful walk while yet still revealing a tantalizing look at the body below.

Behind them both walked Sapphire and Tattered Fawn, both girls clad similarly to their mistress, though their colors red and tan in contrast and their modesty a bit better accounted for. They were there to learn, not to be leered at, and to increase the implications of prestige Gin was counting on conveying. For that same purpose, the rest of her servants formed a silent train behind them, the gaggle of young women having been hastily cleaned and redressed in uniform robes of silver-white, formed a train that followed, heads bowed in respect.

They were all together a striking image. A pageant of beauty that spanned age and world alike, each step taken in near unison... until Gin stopped. She peered down her nose at the trio of priests, then her soft face broke into a warm smile.

"We are here to speak to the lady of the house on matters of business. Please call to her inform her that Gin, daughter of Rei-Lai and a Companion of Great Forks wishes to speak with her."

  • Sapphire privately thinks blue and green are more her colors than red and tan, and she doesn't mind being leered at just a little, but she's good-natured about it; this is her mistress's show not hers, so she remembers her training and follows quietly, her body language that of the perfect servant, composed and elegant, taking in everything that's happening, excited behind her poise because this is new to her.

Fangs-of-Winter: Adara had once been called the Gem of the South.

It was said that Venus herself had writ a destiny of unparrelled beauty upon the seed of a man who she once took to her bed, so that all her decendants would be marked with stunning beauty. It was to this parentage that she was born.

Cultivated, she was a rose undere glass. A perfect and splended beauty even the jaded ached for. Hair white, contrasting with her darkly hued skin, she was the peek of her bloom. Her petals spread and glorious.

That was until, of course, she met a great wolf in the far North.

Fangs honored the womans beauty, and so had chosen her when Gin desiged to use her like a dress up toy.

Only a Lunar would change her form to best compliment a dress, rather than the other way around.

She was comfortable enough. Adara had spent her entire life in such garb, to the point where the tight places felt looser, and the constricting garb was less so.

Should she need to, of course, she would shed it.

An advantage was, of course, that it kept her from her typical stalking, forcing her into a more sultry type of walking.

Dispite her adaption to the situation, she felt ever so slightly ill at ease.

  • Sapphire feels a little ill at ease too, when she glances at Fangs, remembering how the Lunar came by the guise. She's too well trained to let it show.

Narrator: The priests see them approaching.... and they are, clearly, taken aback. Those are... beautiful. On Gin and Sapphire, otherworldly, with the features of foxes and water. It was quite a sight, altogether, and the men had to restrain from staring. It was hard, even for priests.

And of course, there was the request...

"You wish to speak... with the Goddess?"

Gin: "The Lady Aquamarine, yes," Gin answered with a look of faint displeasure at having to repeat herself, though she softened it into a look of sympathy. "If you require assistance in the prayers to gain her attention, we will, of course, provide it. We do realize that gods can be fickle in answer to mortal calls."

Fangs-of-Winter: Her hair pooled like woven snow as it pooled about her shoulders, and she gave the slightest glance to Gin, and arched Adara's eyebrow. She looked back to the three, having a rather pleasent fantisy involving a river, a forest, and some lovely bloodletting. Ah well.

She could just kill them after they concluded their business.

  • Sapphire notices the men having difficulty refraining from staring at her, and feels by no means displeased about this. Perhaps fortunately for her peace of mind, she's quite oblivious to the Lunar's thoughts.

Narrator: They exchange looks... on one hand, they were clearly wondrous... with what was clearly a well-bred Dragoness with them, small as she may be. And one... servile to the fox. Was the fox herself a goddess? She sure carried herslef such... they knew of Rei-Lai, but they had no knowledge of the Companions... but if it was Rei-Lai... that meant she was likely a goddess, like her illustrious father, illustrious enough for lowly priests out in the other side of the East to know. And thus, they bowed. "Of course, lady of divinity, trickster of resplendent tails. We will call her on your behalf. We are to be intermediaries with the goddess, after all..."

"And whatever you have to speak, must be important... I pray she will wish to see you in return."

"She would probably be more disposed with a little donation..." The woman points to the plate, a ltitle less fazed than the others... but still quite respectful, with a bow.

Fangs-of-Winter: She frowns a little bit at this, and moved over to the plate. It would be unseemly for Gin to make such a move toward it, since she was the alpha of their little excursion.

From a small purse she wore at her waist, she brought forth a pair of sapphires as big as Sapphire's thumbnail. These, she placed into the plate.

Narrator: ... and their eyes went to the size of saucers, almost. Wide-eyed...

A little donation...

This was... what they made in a full month....

"That... is..."

  • Sapphire catches a glimpse of the gemstones and blinks. If we were going to give them that much - I don't know what they normally get for bridge passage but it's a lot less than that - why all the beating about the bush? I thought we were trying to avoid paying them?

Fangs-of-Winter: She looked back to them, and gestured with due eloquence to Gin, and after folding her hands before her abdomine, returned to her place in Gin's wake. She idly glanced to Sapphire and gave her a wolfish smile, showing her cainines. Somehow, even looking like this, she was able to pull it off.

Gin: Gin's hand reached out and clasped Fang's arm before the other woman could reassume her place, though her eyes remained momentarily on the trio of priests, a particularly calculating gaze held in reserve for the woman who made the suggestion. When she finally looked down the length of her arm to the woman at the end of it, Gin smiled once again.

"My dear," she said, stepped closer to Fangs. The air filled with the scent of warm female flesh and light chrysanthemum perfume as Gin leaned into Fang's arm, closing her other hand around the wolf-woman's arm. "I could think of a far more fitting tribute to the Lady than mere wealth."

Her chest pressed against Fang's arm, warm and soft in contrast to the cool touch of her hands as they slid down and grasped Fang's wrist. Turning her hand upwards, Gin plucked the gems from the plate and deposited them back into Fang's hand. She stroked the other woman's wrist, tracing the vein's pulsing bellow the swarthy skin with a delicate touch... until she found the largest. The edge of her nail suddenly bit into Fang's skin, drawing across the length of her wrist, and withdrawing as blood well forth.

"Mortal wealth is fleeting, my darling," Gin said softly, still smiling as she held Fang's wrist in place above the plate, crimson droplets splattering into the pan. Three bright drops later and Gin raised the other woman's wrist to her lips, the tip of her pink tongue touching to the already healing scratch and softly licking away the last droplet. "Blood is eternal."

  • Sapphire blinks twice at that, becoming less surprised about the first thing even as she becomes more surprised about the second.

Fangs-of-Winter: Her breath came out a little more clearly this time with her words, as she whispered back into the Kitsune's ear. "Perhaps I was trying to make a bargain," she countered.

The raw sensuality of her words, how she had so seemlessly insinuated herself into her guard and drawn blood from her.

From her.

Perhpas there was something to what the beautiful bastard had said. The thought disturbed her, even as she did not immediately pull away.

Gin: "The bargaining will come later," Gin said as she patted the top of Fang's hand, before letting go and stepping back. "This is an offering. A tribute to the Lady Aquamarine. We wish it to be fitting of her glory."

Narrator: The priests were taken aback by... that, even more.

And begun to call for their goddess, as they would...

And then, there was a voice only they heard.

And the lady stepped back, and begun to walk behind the altar, to somewhere behind the temple... "Come with me, please." She says, waving for them, taking them behind the temple... where, on a square in its middle, there is a pond... with a bridge going to half of it, and stopping in mid-air. An intricately carved white marble bridge... "The goddess... lady Aquamarine awaits. Just... go through the bridge... and you will see yourselves in her slice of heaven. I... will have to leave you here, I am not worthy to see it... or even to see you going through."

Gin: "Of course," was Gin's dismissing reply. Now that the priest woman had served her purpose, the kitsune did not even so much as glance at her again. Turning back to her own white-clad servants, she dismissed them to wait with a wave of her hand and beckoned Sapphire and Fawn closer with crook of her finger. "Now my dear ones. What did you learn from what happened a moment ago, hm?"

  • Sapphire steps forward, looking a bit confused as she tries to figure out what she's learned... and what she ought to say she's learned. Lunars don't know about money? no, they don't care - why should they, they get it off people they kill - no, I'd better not say that. There are some big things master and mistress don't know about Fangs-of-Winter? No, I'd better not say that either. But... "Do something unexpected enough, that throws people off balance enough, and you get the advantage of them. In this sort of situation just like in combat."

Tattered Fawn: Fawn watches the lady go with a little bit of a smile, a sort of 'I am going to see a god! Damn right I'm worthy!' mien on her face, and she comes closer to Gin, wondering what would be a good thing to say.... "... that if you can look pretty and influent you don't need to pay for stuff? That although it is not anatomically correct, you do have some giant ballls to do what you just did to Fangs? That I need to learn how to do that?" He ponders, repeating that to herself mentally. For some reason, none of those things seemed like what she should say. But what she should say? Ah, what the hell... what was the worst Gin could do, spank her?

... no, she knew the worst, but she wouldn't do that again...

Fangs-of-Winter: She hated the fact she was craning her neck to listen in to what Gin was teaching her students. She arches an eyebrow at Fawn, disliking the balls comment. So much for sanctity.

Gin: "Mmm, astute my little dragon, and clever as always," she said, giving Sapphire a smile and gentle pat on her head. Her lips quirked into a more amused tone as she turned to the fae-girl, giving the smallest shake of her head. It was a bit hard to hold the giggle from her voice as she spoke. "Fawn, as usual those were... interesting answers, but incorrect."

"There is, of course another, more direct lesson in this," she went on, the humor vanishing from her face into a more scholarly mien. Arms folded below her chest, she stood like a proper instructor before a classroom, just as she remembered her own matronly teacher doing. "You are here to learn the diplomacy of spirits. Knowing what those who worship them claim they desire and what they truly desire is deeply important when dealing with them. Material wealth, however much so many of them seem intent on hording it, is but a passing fancy to the immortal gods. Blood is eternal. It is a virtually endless commodity that most any god will accept as tribute. Never cast your own wealth at them when a simple prick of a needle will suffice."

"And," she added, casting Fang's a glance tickled with mischief. "Never let it be your own blood when anothers will suffice."

Fangs-of-Winter: Her eyes narrowed to slits, and she glared at Gin openly. Perhaps there should be a lesson taught about not treating allies frivolously. As velvet as her tongue was, it still drew blood from the oversensitive Full Moon.

"The Lady Aquamarine is waiting, Companion." She said the name with a slight, growling flutter in her voice. Sadly, she could never pull that off as well in Adara's form.

  • Sapphire stifles a giggle at the last, nods solemnly at the second part of the lesson; and she is ready for the meeting.

Gin: "I am aware she is, but we do have one last matter to cover before we attend to her..."

Gin looked up at the other Lunar, her expression unphased by that daunting glare. She had seen the bruises and scars the wolf woman had left on Leaf, knew well that she could little likely weather Fang's passion or rage as gracefully. But then, she also knew what Fang's would likely not understand: she was a Companion and more than equal to any anger Fangs-of-Winter could unleash.

But that in no way meant she would invite it. Gin stepped closer, brushing between her two students to stand before the other woman. She met Fang's eyes for a fleeting moment, then both her gaze and head dropped, the high proud ears on her head folding down and her tails curling around her that she could clutch them in her hands. "I ask, most humbly mistress Fangs, that you allow me to deal with this goddess in my own fashion. I realize that... action is your nature and that these things may seem stifling to you. But I assure you that patience in this instance will be rewarded. May I pled from you an oath not to interfere with our negotiations, save only if the goddess takes hostile action against us?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She crossed her arms under her chest, and seemed to consider Gin. Though she no longer towared over her, she closed her eyes and considered. Her word was not to be given lightly.

"I give you my oath that in this matter, I am but a passive observer and your servent. And do so resolve that I shall take no violent action unless directed or the health of my charges," she sweeps her eyes over Gin, Sapphire, and the students, "is threatened."

She inhaled, and breathed out a long plume of steamed air.

Gin: And, unseen to wolf nor dragon nor deer, the tiniest of smiles slid onto Gin's down turned face. "I thank you most profusely."

It was gone when she finally raised her head, the kitsune once again serene in her visage and confident in her stride. "I believe then that we are ready."

Narrator: They walk to the bridge... and through the air, through a portal of light that appears only when their hands or feet go through. Gin knew the customs, how to lit the incense at the bridge before stepping through... and then they are in a great hall of many sky-bridges, up and down... and rapids exploding far below, waterfalls falling from rivers on bridges and bridges over rivers... quite a scenario. Quite a display, which Gin knew was easy for a divinity.

And she was there, attended by few water sprites... a lady of stern eastern face, raven-black... no, dark, the darkest blue of waters at night in her hair... eyeshade of deep azure, same color as her lips... and her aquamarine eyes. Her skin was pale, but still retaining a relatively healthy complexion to it... and her dress was definetly eastern, wave patterns of darker blue on azure, and a corset of steel-gray like a bridge around her, tied up with thing string and clasp of green jade. She looked upon them... taking each of them in turn.

"Welcome... Companion." She said to Gin, almost with deference. "It is an honor to see you here. I have for long tried to attain enough power and resources for the honor of one such as you to be on my side... and I hope this day will come soon. What brings a illustrious nine-tailed child of the great Rei-Lai to my humble bridge?" Something in the way she pronounces his name. Desire. Jealously. Deference.

Her eyes danced over her companions in... curiosity.

Desire, for the southern woman, such desire...

And... something else for Sapphire. Something hard to discern...

As she beckons the girl closer.
"You have... an interesting servant there, child of Rei-Lai. If that is a servant..."

"Well... what are your name, hmmm?" She asks, to Sapphire, whom she seems to be... around her, like the bridge is over a river... and at the same time, to all. Most interesting... more beauty than she saw in months, or even between calibrations... and more... illustrious, and powerful, than even longer...

  • Sapphire steps forward in response to the beckon. "I am Sapphire of the Still Waters, lady... thank you for the compliment," she adds with a shy smile. "If I may say so, you are interesting too; I have never met a river goddess before."

Gin: The kitsune gives nothing in the room beyond the goddess herself more than a corsetry, pointedly unimpressed glance. She did appreciate the beauty of this place, but it would weaken her position to gap or even admire their surroundings. The goddess herself, however, Gin was free to admire. Her eyes moved in a slow trawl up the goddesses form, inspecting every inch, drinking her in (if the pun could be forgiven), before allowing the slight flush of approval to color her cheeks.

"I am honored to have you receive us, mistress Aquamarine," she answered only after Sapphire had responded to the goddess. Hands once against invisible between her sleeves, she bowed at the waist fractionally, and let her robe pull open just a sigh more before she rose. "I come to discus matters of business. To bring mutual fortune to both of us and, perhaps, hasten the day that myself or one of my sisters could be so blessed as to take a place in your shadow."

Fangs-of-Winter: She examined the woman openly, considering the curves of her body.

I would look good wearing her, she thought to herself. And made a mental note to learn how to eat river gods.

She remained silent, and layed her folded hands over her abdomine again. She allowed Gin to do all the speaking.

Aquamarine: "Sapphire of the Still Water..." The goddess say, touching her hair as she steps foward, feeling how it... slides on her fingers, like it was water. Water posing for hair. Seeing those eyes, of such a water-like reflection that no human could have.. and touching her cheek, so moist... "... such a well-bred child of water..." Her eyes seemed to ask Gin how one could be there... but she took her mind out of that... almost letting her mind fall into admiring Adara... and responding to Gin. "Please, state your bussiness, fox-child. I am honored to deal with such illustrious guests."

Gin: "We have come to you with a proposition. A trade, if you would," Gin answered, watching the goddess, taking note of where her attentions lay. Sapphire had not yet objected to the attention, so there was no need for intervention. But the girl was her student, not merely some plaything for a lesser spirit to fondle. She would put a stop to it, should the river goddess go too far.

For now however, Sapphire was serving as a suitable distraction. "You have the makings of a most impressive community flourishing about your bridge. Most impressive. The beauty of it reflects the nature of it's patron spirit. We cannot help but notice it's youth, however. It's... loneliness."

Her eyes turned away for a moment, glancing around the goddesses home, passing over the water sprites as though they were not even there. A touch of sorrow clouded her hooded gaze, a sigh escaping her. "It pains us to think of you for want of a company of peers. To be surrounded all days with but mortal worshipers and lesser servants. Surely, so enterprising a spirit as yourself deserves better company than fawning worshipers."

Aquamarine: She continus to caress Sapphire's cheek, feeling the... Water. The elemental resonance. So... unique. Powerful. Gin would tell her to let go, if she was truly her servant. She would learn this, as well... as she run her eyes, however, to the two women not the girl... and saw it. With her own eyes... the breath of frost. The afterimages on Gin's movements... "... and you are more than simple worshippers. More than mere mortals. Yes... it is lonely. It is quite lonely..." She is touched by the words, Gin can see, but not convinced, yet... "No peers, just playthings. Villager boys... girls... so... common. Playthings that fade so fast, that become dull as the winter waters. It is not the best of locations, my bridge, my self."

  • Sapphire isn't entirely sure how to react, it's a little disconcerting, on the other hand part of her likes being the center of attention, it makes her tingle all the way down to her toes; she feels... treading on thin ice, but enjoying it so far.

Fangs-of-Winter: A double plume of steam exits past her nostrils, her thumb gently sliding down the line of Adara's jaw. She continued to consider the goddess, and her obsession with Sapphire. For some reason, the attention began to raise her hackles. But, she was a woman of great conviction, and knew when to be quiet.

Gin: "It is a fine location. A fine self, as well," Gin added with a hint of a smile about her face. Never too much however. Her gaze turned to the base of Aquamarine's neck, as if catching sight of something out place with the arrangement of the goddesses hair, and she raised a hand leisurely. Her finger tip flicked away the imaginary hair from the goddesses shoulder, touched the cool skin beneath and traced across her throat, a glance so fleeting as to seem almost accidental. "It is simply that both need... encouragement. Time. Experience."

Her smile was soft and her eyes understanding. The finger that had brushed her neck now touched Aquamarine's hand as it moved through Sapphire's hair, hooking her pinky and guiding it away. Gin lead the goddesses hand downward between them, holding it lightly between her own, her thumbs softly stroking the back of Aquamarine's hand. "You go unappreciated in such climates, despite the worship of those around you. What do mortals know of a life such as yours? You need more than a passing touch, mistress. You need a memory that will sustain you in times of want," her fingers stretched outward, stroking the underside of the goddesses wrist, much the same as she had done to Fangs before. "You need a... companion, who will fade from neither the world nor grow dull to your tastes. Forever is a long time to live without such company."

Aquamarine: Her touch touches Aquamarine's... tatoos. Her own dress faded into azure tatoos as it touched her skin, becoming one with it, swirling wave shapes over her shoulders, almost to her bosom, and up her neck... feeling like water, salt water, to Gin's touch. And it was... so... serene. She looked at Gin... "Yes. Do you wish to become my companion, then, Nine-Tailed Child? I have dreamed of one such as you... for so long. For a companion. For a Exalted... for a Chosen of Luna like you all are."

"Have you come to pledge your allegiance...?"

Her eyes are lost on them, now. Sapphire, despite their rapport, was almost forgotten. Both the Lunar women, in power and glory, in greatness and in bodies made for lust, caught aquamarine's eyes... so guided by Gin's words.

Fangs-of-Winter: Her nostrils flare as she watche this exchange, and she shifts her body a little... placing a hand on a hip, wondering what the fox woman was up to. If there was one thing she was never able to cope with, it was social subtly.

Gin: "Myself?" Gin asked, her eyes widening somewhat, leaning away in a motion of surprise at the suggestion. Then seeming to catch herself, her eyes hooded again and she gave the goddess a sweet, apologetic smile. With a shake of her head, she cupped a palm to Aquamarine's face almost lovely. "Why by Heaven's no, mistress. Your town is but burgeoning and I fear the price for the love of a Companion would cripple you. No, my dear lonely heart, I come not to offer myself to you, but to offer her..."

Gin's hand raised, a pointed finger out stretched as she turned slowly towards Sapphire, slowing as she came to the girl... but not stopping until she had turned completely towards Fang's behind her. A diamond twinkled in the corner of Gin's eye. A slim smile spread long across her face. "The lady Fangs-of-Winter. A Chosen of Luna whose passion will leave memories upon you in both body and soul."

Tattered Fawn: ... she almost said it.

You are pimping the crazy killer lady.

That's either gigantic balls... wait, guts, guts sounds better! ... or suicide, mistress...

She tried not to giggle and looked at Fangs... wondering. They couldn't have planned that all along, could they?

Which is it, mistress...?

Fangs-of-Winter: She surpresses the growl. This is what she gets for thinking another Moonchild would deal with her honorably. She knew, then, that Gin was duplicitous as any Fair Folk.

Oh, she would keep her word, of course. But she would have one with Gin after they were done.

  • Sapphire 's heart skipped a beat as Gin's finger tracked across her; she blinks, then, as the finger finds its resting place. She's doing what???

Gin: "Of course," Gin went on, the fox-like look on her face evaporating into speculation and soft desire as she turned back to the goddess. "Perhaps there could be a way to arrange relations between the two of us, instead. I come to you on my own, a free agent for the evening, unbound by my contract for this night alone. My standards must remain high, you understand. But I do not have to obey the usual laws of contract. Your story touches me and your beauty, I confess, tempts me greatly. Alternate payment could be arranged..."

Tilting her head to the side, Gin smiled ever-so warmly, ever-so suggestively. She touched the tips of her fingers to Aquamarine's own, her softly padded finger tips caressing minute circles. "A night with a Companion of Great Forks is no small thing, you know. It is an ecstasy enjoyed by only the most powerful spirits in the East. Perhaps only for a night, but I could be yours, complete and absolute..."

"Or, perhaps," she added and shifted closer to the goddess. Their breasts touched in the air between them, a soft kiss of flesh and cloth. Thin cloth, as Gin made use of her other hand to wriggle her outer robe open just a little more. Her knee brushed against Aquamarine's own, lifted slightly to her thigh, as she leaned in to bring her painted lips close to the goddesses ear. She made certain that Fang's, in all her swarthy and silk-clad glory, would be the sight that greeted Aquamarine as the goddess peered over her shoulder. A hot, moist whisper slipped into the spirits head. "A night with us both."

Aquamarine: The soft skin against her own.
So different than anything. So soft. How could a companion be so soft?
Her voice, such delicious whispers. Overwhelming. Playing her...
She did not hold Aquamarine's face, and yet, she could not look anywhere but to Adara.

Her flush was felt as the tatoos that clung to her skin, what her dressing became, shone with their own light... an almost rose light like the river under the sunset. She watched the southerner entranced, held by the softest hands of the Companion... "You... both. Yes..." Her voice was coarse, breathy, as she tried to hold to something... "Complete, absolute... Lunars... Divine... Celestial..."

Part of her wished to slap the Companion.
How could she forget how coveted was a night with one of them? How could she?
When that object of desire pressed her bosom to hers own?

And yet, Aquamarine closed her eyes, and tried to focus... to think....

"And... what would that cost me, honored companion...?"

Gin: "Nothing so great, my dear one..." Gin whispered into her ear, her soft silver lips drawing back into a smile. She blinked slowly, her eyes seeming to refocus past the goddess herself, intent upon some distant unknown. It made it seem as though she was not even aware of the palm of her hand pressing to the goddesses abdomen. Not a fleeting touch, but firm and conscious. Gin rubbed Aquamarine's belly in slow downward waves, her palm spreading warmth through the divine flesh as it shimmed so slowly downwards. "A minor boon. A payment not even you yourself need make, only those beneath you..."

"Worship," the word came like a hot summer wind. Like something dark and smooth and irresistibly sweet, the Companion's lips softly nipping Aquamarine's ear as they pouted to speak it and her finger tips just barely brushing the goddesses waist. "And deitification. For the both of us, of course. A share in the love and adoration of your township, as we share our love with you. Perhaps a small share in it's fortunes as well, should your reach extend so far..."

Further, so daringly further. The blink of an eye. The beating of a humming birds wings. Almost more a flutter of wind than a touch, but it happens. Gin's hand darts downward, finger tip stroking between the goddesses parted thighs, then returning to her belly before the impression of her and had even begun to cool. "And I do suspect it does."

Aquamarine: The goddess gasps. Like waves. Her touch were like waves. Lapping against her, the warmth.... and as she is touched, she gasps. Gin, pressed against her, her own hands taking action... touching the priestess' form over her robes, down from her legs and up.... feeling almost with reverence, one of the Nine Companions, of the Nine-Tail Generation.... usually, she might have fought against it. Usually, she might have denied. To share her worship, which she fought so hard for? Which she set the whole tithe for? Share the little she got?

And yet...

It seemed all worth it.

On that moment, it was all worth it.

Her hands ventured up, touching Gin's behind, feeling her tails, softly, as if she was afraid Gin would break free, run away like a fox, as if she was afraid of breaking some protocol of the higher courts she was not aware of... she kissed Gin's cheek, light kisses, her lips mostly just... trailing around it. Her eyes on Adara were filled with desire. "Yes... it... it would be worth it. It would. I would need your help... gestures... schemes... a contract... we would... we would need... but yes. Yes."

She almost says 'please'.

Fangs-of-Winter: There was a hint of memory in Adara's muscles. It was a form bilt for sin. Of secret, naughty little scantles that one hid by smiled at in memory of. She trusted in the forms well honed muscles, and placed a long nailed digit into her mouth, and gently drew it out, running the finger over her supple neck, over the delicute cut of her collar bones. Lips like crimson petals spread upward in a small, teasing grin as her finger dipped into the cleft of her clevage.

Her eyes, oval and slanted, half closed as she did this.

Gin: "Of course, my dear. There are so many particulars we've yet to work out. So much involved. It is the way of things. Business does come before pleasure, alas..."

Those tail's seem to twitch in answer to Aquamarine's touch, arching with a delicate pleasure as Gin's bottom tightens under the goddesses hand, their impossibly silk fury consuming her fingers. The cheek under the goddesses lips was cool and pale, warming in texture and shade is it pinked in answer to her kiss.

And then, the tails where gone. The cheek, gone. The entire body that so coyly touched to Aquamarine's own vanished. In it's place came a wind. An autumn wind, so warm and dry. A world of red and gold leafs swirled about her, the spiral of their play giving timid, tantalizing looks at the dark skinned seductress beyond. Carried past her on the wind, they danced across the goddesses skin, touching here and there with soft, warm pecks until it would have seemed that she floated in an ocean of kisses.

Then they were gone and a solid reality imposed itself behind the river goddess. Gin stood back to back with Aquamarine, shoulder to shoulder, her delicate bottom rubbing to the goddesses own as she nestled in against her. Unfolding like a flower, Gin's tails unwound and spread open wide, then closed around the goddess.

A trio slid between her legs, two spiraling around her thighs while the third cupped upwards almost chastely between her legs; the pretense of modest lost as it stroked up and down in slow, barely perceivable motions and tickled her belly button with it's tip. Two more took her wrists, pulling her arms back that Gin would hook her elbows around them so that they stood like an inverted embrace. Three more for her chest, gently cupping her breasts and slithering up between them. And the last for her throat, a loving caress before it bound around her long neck and eased her head back against Gin.

Trapped. Bound to one object of her desire, as the other made a play of herself before her. Both just beyond reach.

The kitsune smiled to herself, her head rocking back and forth against the goddess, slipping a foot from one sandal and rubbing the soft, bare sole to goddesses bare calf. "And in that spirit, let us discus them now, hmm?"

  • Sapphire watches. Just watches, eyes wide and silent as ponds on a calm evening. What is she learning from all of this? What does the pond learn from the activity around it? Who can answer either question?

Fangs-of-Winter: The moist finger moved ever lower, passing the cleft of her chest and sliding ever so slowly down. A long fingernail gently scraps against patterend silk. She leans back against a nearby pillar, and as her finger ever so gently runs its course over the dulcett valleys and hills of her form, she sways back and forth against the wall, closing her eyes. Her head cants up, her finger finally reaching the hidden mystery under her dress.

The back of her fingernail traces the path her finger just walked, moist with the dew taken from her hidden cave, and half-caste with her eyes opened again, she looked at the river goddess. She put the dew to her lips, and kissed it ever so softly.

Aquamarine: "Very well..." She begun to get a grip. She begun to hold herself, her hands almost possessively... and at least with more decisiveness behind them. But then, the kitsune was gone. Gone in autumn leaves, holding her with those tails, soft as a love's hand upon yours' on a dance. And yet... strong. Cupping her breasts. Such a light touch to her sex, and Aquamarine could not move... only... watch.

And she watched.

"You... my daughter, she will... she will marry... you could... she will marry to a prince. For... for..." There was only Adara. Fangs. The southern woman. She had no name anymore. She was lust. Aquamarine forgot what she spoke, and only... looked. Many moments later, she remembered, something... "Marriage... and maybe more... you... and her... her..."


"...I need her..."

"I... I want her..."

She strained against Gin's grip... and the softest touch of her tails against her sex made her own juices flow, dripping down, with a yelp, a strained scream on the goddesses' lips... her face fully flushed now, such a beautiful shade of twilight on the river. A river that was flowing... as she strained against the fox... "Please... please..." She forgot everything. She needed to have Fangs. She had to. She arched foward, a trickle of saliva down her lips, wishing for release, and for something more, for touch, for them, something even a release could not stop... "... please! "

Gin: Heaven knows what Fang's had done to inspire such ardor. Gin tilted her head to the side, peering back over Aquamarine's shoulder at the other Lunar, far too curious not to look. Yet all she caught of the display was Fang's finger in her mouth. How sad, to have missed the show. Still, even what little she did see sent a small, warm thrill through the kitsune. Lust? Maybe a little, maybe more than just a little, but far more appreciation. The barbarian wasn't as clueless about the game as she seemed.

Gin's eyes sparkled with a warm light as she regarded the wolf woman. This revelation bore interesting possibilities. But there were other places and people to explore at the moment.

"Business first," Gin reminded the incensed goddess, treacherously letting the tail between Aquamarine's legs droop down a moment, the goddesses flowing wetness trickling down to drip from the tip. Then she arched it upwards, pressing so firm and intently between the goddesses leg. With a steady, pulsing rhythm, her tail rocked upwards. All her tails. Slithering across Aquamarine's thighs. Writhing between her breasts as they were squeezed softly, two white tips seeking the harden nubs of flesh that crowned each and tracing around them through the cloth of the goddesses gown. Unwinding from her throat and stroking at her lips like a painters brush.

"Now, what were you saying about a daughter, dear one? And a marriage to a... prince, was it?"

Tattered Fawn: Thre, she was all but forgotten. Just watching her mistress, her teacher... and her friend. Well, if you could call that a friend. Put 'master' on stitches and walking around poorly for a week... of course, it had been fun, he had deserved it... but still. She was all but forgotten, angling away from them, trying to stay on her corner and... watch. Fawn had come from the streets, she had come from a brothel... she had seen many kinks and heard about them all, or so she thought...

But she was never one for the... girl-thing. She had done it a few times, when paid to, but it always left her feeling weird, always made her feeling shy... and... and... she knew she did not do that, but...

Looking at all that, her breathing came almost as shallow as Aquamarine's. Her face just as flushed...

And her preferences, never as confused...

Aquamarine: "Please! "

Pleas fell on deaf ears. She struggled, to no avail. None.

Her head rocked back whenever she ceased her push onward.

Her hair mingling with gins, and panting... panting... her body squirming with each touch of the tails.

She gulped. She tried to focus. She tried. She was a goddess. Mischievous. Powerful. She had created so much, with a clear mind, with.. with.. with what again?"A prince of... Cynara... a kingdom nearby... in a week, he will be wed... we could place it here... you could... hrmmm ...preside over the ceremony... woo them all... hmmmm..... known to all neighborhood kingdoms... their official... ahn... wagons... people... Cynara's... will not have to pay... they willl know you, praise you.... ooohh... " She bit her lip. She tried to focus. "And... and... what else... her... her... what... I don't... remembe... ahn... please..."

Please, let me touch her. Please, let me have release. Please, I cannot think. So much on the Goddesses' mind... "Goddess... love, marriage, pleasure, foxes... you... and her... what...?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She continued her sensuous movements, her sinuous touches, her sexual glances. Her smile was temptation. Her lips the petals of lust. Her tongue... the horizon of ecstacy.

She turned her back to them both, and bared one shoulder of her gown to the goddess, slowly letting it slide down over her arm. Yet, as it was almost off, she slid it back on, teasingly.

Gin: "That would be my place in the pantheon, hmm?" Gin asked. She let out a long, thoughtful sigh, her body writhing softly against Aquamarine as she pretended to mull the concept over. The tips of her tails pushed under the goddess's gown and whipped around nipples, tugging them up and down in sharp little motions. "I suppose this would suffice, yes."

Her finger tips drummed thoughtfully against Aquamarine's palms and her tail tapped softly to the goddesses lips. "Mmm, you know," she began, the motion of her fingers gradually turning into a soft stroke, scratching the skin, tracing the lines of her hand with a delicate tickle. A delicate, secret touch that so contrasted the raunchy grind of her tail between Aquamarine's legs. "A share in the profits from the town's pleasure houses would certainly sweeten the evening however. If you make the arrangements, it would be my honor to train the young men and women who work in them..."

"And what would we find for her?" Gin's head lulled back almost sleepily, and though her eyes were half closed, her gaze was still sharp as the finger nails that scratched softly over Aquamarine's palms. "Fangs, darling, what would you stand in this triumvirate of goddesses?"

Tattered Fawn: Fawn slid away, watching... wide-eyed. A goddess...

They were becoming goddesses? They would? Is that it?

Royal marriages...

And... and the... touches...

Fawn's hand seeks Sapphire's instintively, the only other observer there... holding her hand as she would when scared... and then, finding her fingers curling up around her fellow apprentice's. rubbing... finding herself so attracted to the fact she was a warm body, even one which felt so moist at the touch...wondering if that is how the goddess felt... and then, she let go of Sapphire's hand, abrurptly, clutching her hands over her chest... moist. That is how she felt, as well. She... she should not like it, but it was so... alluring... and so... devious?

Fangs-of-Winter: "I am a thing that can do harm," she said, her voice the softest of purrs. Her eyes held the River's, and she smiled wolfishly at her. "Protection. Succor I shall grant them." She runs the tip of her tongue over her nails, curled as they were like fangs.

"As long as I am appeased, of course."

Aquamarine: Gin's sigh, so thoughtful, created a shiver that ran through Aquamarine's body with eletricity. She heard 'no', she heard the 'no' coming, she heard it, and froze in fear. But no, she... she was alright with it. 'thank you' the goddess whispered, her shred of pride stopping her from saying it loud... before Gin says her other exigences. She ground against the tail between her legs, humping it, closing her eyes... hearing Gin's words, and not-hearing. "Yes. Yes. A share of the profits. A good share of the profits. There is only one, only one, but I can make more... we can... I swear.... now please..."

"Protection..." She spoke, again and again, squirming... "I... I don't... I don't know..."

"Harm... fight... we can find something... bait someone to attack... we can, we can..."

"Companion, we can.... we can. Goddess of battle, of protection. There, you have it... but please..."

  • Sapphire 's hand clutches Fawn's too, blinking at the next part, not quite understanding... but just settling for putting her arm around her friend's shoulders. Nothing sexual about it, just mutual comfort in the face of strangeness.

Tattered Fawn: Fawn is shaking. The desire, the strangeness... she just closes her eyes, then, looking away.... she does not dare to touch Sapphire in any way, her back, her torso, rubbing against Sapphire's side more than she should... trying not to think of the images that kept coming to her mind. She had always laughed at the way Mistress had led the Solar around by his nose, manipulated him... she thought it was easy. Seeing what she was doing with the goddess... and how... it was so skilled, naughty, davious... and she couldn't stop thinking, even as she kept her eyes closed shut, looking away, trying to resist the temptation...

Gin: "Please?" Gin echoed innocently, tipping her head at the word, her ears laying back thoughtfully. She unbound her tails from the goddesses thighs, only to shimmy them beneath her soaking undergarments instead. The thin cloth, plastered and nearly transparent in it's dampness, writhed as though a nest of serpents lurked bellow it. But Gin kept her tone so distant from it all, calm and thoughtful. "Please. Mmm, there are still details to go over. Still so many finer points to work out..."

The looked back at Fang's once more, leveling a look and a smile to the other Lunar that Aquamarine could not see. One that beckoned. That called for an end to the game, for now. The poor darling was in such a state, she'd be little use to them if it continued. And they did have their side of the barging to uphold.

"So many," Gin continued casually, but suddenly unhooking her arms from Aquamarines. "But those, I suppose, can stand till tomorrow. Yes, my dear one, we will certainly please..."

The tail's slithered away, leaving wet streak across pale skin. Before she could make any desperate lunges for Fang's however, the goddess was brought up short by Gin's arms wrapping around her once again. The kitsune drew up tightly to Aquarmarine's back, her teeth clamping down sharply into the goddesses ear, her hands crossing and closing over her breasts. Grinding her hips forward in a want that needed only somewhat to be feigned, Gin filled Aquamarine's ear with a sighing moan before letting it go. With unhesitating certainty, Gin brought a hand down and slipped it deftly into the goddesses undergarments. Into her. And oh, where they touched in there. There was still need of finesse, to draw the addled spirit out, to leave her so dazed that her knees would turn to jelly and her mind a fog of pink. But so high had they taken her already, there was no harm in making this first fall come quickly.

And now, there was only thing left. Gin looked over Aquamarine's shoulder and past Fang's as the other Lunar approached, to the two silent young women watching near by. Or rather, irritatingly, one young woman. Her eyes, suddenly hard as diamonds and brooking neither argument or protest, bore into the dragon-girls heart. She saw everything. The uncertainty. The confusion. The shock. "Sapphire, my lovely, you must come to understand that this is all part of diplomacy. Gods and mortals alike both crave such sensations. Sex," the word spoken with a hard, sultry edge into the ear of the goddess before her, though her eyes still held on Sapphire. "Is not merely a thing of pleasure for a courtesan. It is a tool. A thing to sell and to trade. A commodity, as you can see, oft times more craved than any wealth... than even blood..."

"Please be certain that you watch what happens here and remember it well. Be certain that Fawn witnesses it as well or if you cannot make her do that, then whisper to her everything you see..." Gin's eyes turned away without further regard for the young women, dropping to the length of divine neck before her, her lips following her gaze. "You will be tested later."