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A Game of Foxes and Fools

Seven Leaf Sorrow: The Martial Artist chuckles as he opens the door to the baths... and sighs, seeing none of their guests are there. He loved showing himself off when he took his clothes... although, unlike Sapphire and Fawn, none of them blushed. Damn barbarians being all used to that! When someone has a body as well-built as Leaf's, and such a tool, one wants to show off and provoke blushes, damnit! "Aws... nobody here. But, well, you don't seem to just stomach it either." He says with a smug smile, while he takes off his shirt, making a show of it like a model in a catwalk. And no matter how much she'd snub him, he was entirely convinced she'd ogle, she was just trying not to! Bitches are always like that!

Gin: Ogle, was hardly the word Gin would use. Admire was far more apt.

Leaf was a crude man. An ill manner braggart with an ego that could never live up to his accomplishments (though those were, admittedly, not lacking). He thought with his dick, when he thought at all, and seemed to think that most of the world existed merely so that something could be there to praise and sleep with him.

But he was exquisitely formed. Pausing in the door, she gave the egocentric twit his due, her eyes traversing his naked back at a slow crawl. So... tasty. She had told Sapphire and Fawn once that there were seven great wonders in the world. Rei-Lai was one of them. And now the second stood stripped before her, glistening with perspiration and flushed with exertion.

She came lightly up behind him, the soft pat of her foot steps punctuated suddenly by the swift slap of her palm against his naked ass.

"Get in the water, master," she said, the added word doing little to disguise the order. "I will help you bath."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Oh, he enjoyed it. Looking into her face... she did ogle! Yesss! And from such a Kitsune... see, noble or not, they should all recognize his greatness! And then, show over, he did as she bid - without for once wondering who was the master there - and stepped into the bath, latting his long, now loose hair touch the water, letting his closed wounds soak on it... they would vanish soon, Gin said, Fangs' marks... they would not scar on his Exalted body. Good enough. "Hmmm.... please do. This is what nobles have every single day, hmmm?"

Gin: "Hardly. "

Unbelting her robe, Gin slid it off her shoulders, the blue cloth pulling off of her tail and piling into a ripple of silken against the floor around her. She still wore a shorter robe beneath, though it gave no true modesty. Thin and white, it's hem stopped well above her knees and it's sleeves barely past her elbows. Her sais were both still strapped to her forearms, bound in place by lengths of white cloth that could be easily torn away. But for the moment she took care in unbinding them, the cloth slowly piling atop her outer robe.

"Your aim is far too low," she told him, the first sai coming free into her hands, Gin bending down to set it carefully on the floor. "Companions are contracted to gods and emperors. Petty nobles must suffice with lesser servants."

The second sai came free, placed opposite of the first. Both still well within arms reach if need be. Gin slid down onto her knees, close enough behind Leaf that when her hands closed against the sides of his face and coaxed it back, his head rested neatly on her lap. She tapped a finger against his nose. "You are spoiled more than any man should ever be."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Damnit, girl!" He tried to leer. He tried! But damnit... that was Gin for you. That wasn't just a strip tease. She was... art. Getting out of her robes, setting her sais down... it was like a perfect, beautiful kata. She was art in movement. Every... single... one... and then he turned around, to smile smugly. Oh yes, he is.

"I am a god, you know. Of Martial Prowess and Manliness." He nods, as she picks his face... and he just lets her, setting his head on her lap. And inhaling. Her scent... that unique scent, of something so pure... even her pussy, so close by, always felt so pure. "You smell too good."

"Better than the other...the One-Tail I saved. Even prettier, too..."

Gin: "Of course I am," she answered with chiding click of her nails as they flicked the tip of his nose. "I am of the Nine-Tail generation..."

And they came, swarming around her like serpents of white. Soft as mothers milk. Warm as spring. Gin gliding her tails across Leaf's body, caressing his chest with an unexpressed relished as she gently stroked back the hair from his face. Her lips parted ever so slightly, that sly, almost smug smile that few beyond Leaf and her students ever saw spread across her face and she curled down over him, the soft weight of her breasts settling against his head.

"And by whose reckoning are you a god again?" she asked, her tails dipping into the water now, letting the warm dampness soak into their fur, then stroking it across his flesh like a painter to a canvas. "I have searched every inch of you, you know. I've seen perfection, but no signs of godhood."

"And no," she added, one tail slipping bellow the water and giving his beloved manhood a teasing tug. "That does not qualify."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Hmmm..." Oh, that was a good feeling. It was all at once. She was bathing him, her ever-pure tails touching him like soap, and it was like... a massage. His whole body shivered at her touch. He did nothing but weather even Fangs-of-Winter's claws... for them, he was all defiance. But against Gin's touches...

... he was helpless.

Like a lion turned into a kitten.

And then she touched him, already hard by her ministrations, and almost made him jump, smiling up at her. "Hmmm... alright, alright, I'll admit I'm not there yet. Still gotta master more Arts... more power. More perfection. Tried to start a cult once, but the husbands didn't like my prima noctem idea. Couldn't resist it, though... brides are so... sexy."

"I will be someday, Nine-Tail Companion. And then, you'll be my highest priestess..."

He caresses her tails then, those not used, his eyes looking up to her...

Gin: "Mmm, yes they are. I should make Sapphire or Fawn dress as one when we reach that point in their training. One to play the bride, the other the groom," Gin said, though the consideration was a serious one more than an idle fantasy to tease Leaf's mind with. Not that it couldn't be that too. She continued her ministrations as she went on, sliding a damp tail tip up around his neck, tracing the edge of his ear with the other like a warm tongue. "Poor Fawn would never be able to wear silk stockings though. Those feet of hers. Still, a garter would be easy to slip up her thigh to make Sapphire take off later. Those are excellent practice for the mouth."

Looking back down into his eyes, Gin's gaze was hooded. "Foolish man," she chided him once more, moving her hands down his neck with a touch just as soft as her tails but for the gentle scrap of her nails across his skin. She gripped his shoulders, squeezing and kneading the muscle deeply. "I am already a priestess of Rei-Lai. You will have to do some work to convert me. What does your worship offer for incentives?"

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Hmmm... will you offer one of them to me, then, in that night? Not that I would mind to watch a little bit of their... training..." He goes even more limp in her grip, enjoying the massage, and closing his eyes... "Hmmm, now, that is a good question. But I can sure think of something... no idea what, though. I still have to see just exactly what godhood entails. But when I am... I guess being the priestess to the greatest god on the east will not be enough? I will beat all others, after all."

"... and it is not like you love Rei-Lai much. For one that should worship him so..."

Gin: "Mm, let us make a bargain then, shall we?" she said with that sly smile on her lips, working her fingers deeper into his muscles, targeting those places where chambers of essence lurked bellow the skin and coaxing them open to send heady pleasure and relaxation into Leaf's brain. "When you have defeated all the others, you and I will have a sparring match. The looser will be the one who kneels before the winner from then on."

Gin shrugged her shoulders at his last comment, taking a hand from his neck to reach for the soap waiting in a near by dish. She dipped it into the water, using both hands to work up a thick lather. "The reality. It is not so simple to just abandon a life-time of teaching and faith just because of one inconvenient truth. I still pray to him and preside over ceremony in his name. This will not stop me from doing what must be done when the time comes, however."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Alright. We’ll do. But I gotta warn you that I never lose. Ever. Ya know that, right?"

A smug grin, and he stepped further into the water, knowing she will follow, wanting her closer. He wanted to look closer to her eyes while they talked... and seeing that beautiful body getting wet was never a poor proposition. "And he listens... and he helps... I need to learn that. You are right, I'm no god... I don't know how yet. How to just... be there for people. That thing Gods do. Or least, what gods should do."

He turns then, his voice colder... expecting her to be closer, but there is something stern in his face. A hint of... disapproval. "I can't fucking believe it. You know what he has done. All the grooming you... and for what? He grew you up to be a whore to him. You thought you girls should honor him with marriage... but you know you'll still pay to him then, with your husband's money, with his power. He wants your fucking child and you still pray for him." He pulls her tails closer, looking at her face... "... you know, come to think of it, fucking the bride on her wedding night is much tamer than that. Think I'll get people to worship me if I put a fox-costume on?"

Gin: "Then I suspect you are well over-due to enjoy the experience," she answered, nonplused by his claims of victory. She did answer his silent summons however. Rising from her knees, she undid the belt of her robe, but did not take it off. The thin cloth fell open, only slightly, revealing a sliver of pale skin painted with silver tattoos, the perfect oval of her navel, and the silk expanse of the pale blue bra and panties that were her only vestige of clothing bellow that.

"It is his way," she went on as she stepped into the water, a tingle running through her skin as the warmth engulfed her. The thin cloth of her robe clung tightly to her skin as the water touched it, transforming into a translucent film that coated her body. "It has been his way since long before you or I walked this world. That does not make it right or fair. It does not mean it should not be changed. But it is an unfavorable aspect of who he is, but not what he represents..."

She was to him now, only an inch of distance separating them. Her tails floated on the water behind her, spread out behind her like a veil that extended outward from her robe. Gin stared up into his eyes a moment, before her gaze turned downwards. She put a hand upon his chest, her other hand tracing between the beautifully refined muscles of that chest and into the lower plain of his stomach.

"If you wore a fox-suit," she told him in a voice bereft of humor, her hand stopping just above his pelvis and reversing to make a slow trawl upwards. "I would pull your tail. I would pull it every chance I received. And I would hide things in your ears as well. Coins. Insects. Those ridiculous cards with images of naked goddesses on them. Then, I could pluck them from your ears at parties to impress those who watched."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He admired it. Her exposed flesh... she rarely uncovered it all; Far as he understood, it was something of her practive... maybe it took away the magic. It probably did... it was always best when she was in costume. It was certainly sexier to see a sacred priestess blushing and urging you on than simply a naked fox... it had been this way even at their first time... and few things had ever been more awkward than that for Seven Leaf Sorrows... his first time with Gin, a woman whose beauty dwarfed all others, and whose manners differed just as much.

And her touch... oh, it made him shiver so. She was too good. Far too good... and he had to give it back to her. A kiss on her forehead and a smile... "You are not discouraging me, you know. That would be cute. And it wouldn't mine my presence any less than you already do."

A hand came to a tail, then, pulling it lightly. He knew where it touched her, and knew pulling it pulled nearly all of her back with it. It was felt from there to her face and down... so sensitive. Another hand touched around her panties, teasing to come in or not... but despite the caresses, the smile was mostly gone. And it had been from sympathy. "You ever think of that? His decree to you? To have a child, and hand it to him?"

Gin: She arched as his hand gripped her tail, before he had even pulled at it. Expecting the pleasure before it came. And it did come. Gin's breasts pressed into Leaf's chest, swelling upwards in the encasement of her bra. Two perfect orbs of glistening white and dusty rose. A sigh of pleasure escaped her, soft and fair, something just enough to tantalize the ear that it breathed into. Beneath the water, she moved her legs, repositioning herself closer to allow his touch to run the full length of her tail. She lifted one leg, sliding it against his, letting him feel it run upwards from foot to thigh, then hooked it around. The bottom of her bare foot rested on his calf, toes curled just slightly, sliding up and down in minute caresses.

"Every day, since the offer came," she answered confessionaly.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Hmmm, see? If you pulled my tail... I would probably not mind it. At all..." She was close to him now, and he loved this. One hand touched her tails, pulling them slowly, softly, and stroking them down to their base... the hand in front of her pants was behind now, questing over her bottom, and then between her legs... as he kissed her forehead again. This was heaven. "I... would be a horrible parent, I think... but... she would be raised with him, anyway. And anything that can produce someone like you... ah, you know." He shrugs, continuing with his touches, trying to make her blush while he put on a mask, a grin appearing on his face again... "What? Weird that I'm asking you to open something other than your legs?" of course, his hand was asking her to do exactly that. But with the leg around him, she had done as much...

All that while the other tails still bathed him.

She was right, he was spoiled more than any man has any right to be.

Gin: Firm, toned flesh tightened at the caress of his hand, Gin's tones curling a little tighter in response to the touch. A dastardly man, though he was singularly skilled in two things. So many men boasted of their prowess. Few lived up to their claims. Pleasantly, she had learned in their time together, Leaf was one of them.

Water splashed behind them as her other tailed flicked from the surface of the pool and looped loosely around both his wrists. Her smile was not turned up towards him, but he could no doubt see it's devious mirth as their grip tightened slightly in claim.

"... a horrible parent?" She echoed and then laughed, just a soft and breathy giggle that bubbled up pleasantly. Shaking her head, Gin tickled bellow his ribs with a touch of her finger. "Do not be so naive, master Leaf. If I had a daughter, I would never ever allow her to know you were her father. Any more than I would allow him to take her."

The foot slid of his calf and she looped her leg around his completely, pulling herself closer. She pressed herself into his thigh in time to the stroke of his hand across her tail.

"No," she sighed with still some bemusement, kissing the base of his neck as if to say there were no hard feelings about it. "I fear both the men in my life are much too far gone in their respective roles as sinner-saint and saint-sinner to be an influence I would allow into the life of any daughter of mine."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: It was interesting to touch her like that, within the water. Both her thighs and her tails felt like the water - so soaked it was like he was simply touching water... just not the same. It was interesting. It was like fighting a spirit, getting ahold of something ephemeral... and making her feel it. Odd. Gin was so... godly, in those respects. Her words... made him smile, however. He understood. "I'd be proud if you chose me, though. If only because there's something kinky in seeing a pregnant priestess. You do know most of those robe-clad ones on the east are supposed to be maidens, right?"

He grins. No hard feelings at all. It was wise. And would allow her child to only see Gin, the wonder she was, and not know... him, or Rei-Lai. Rei-Lai would be worst. At least Leaf was honest. Harder touches, pushing against her.... and with that smile, he remembered something. But he wanted to at least try to make her helpless before she hears it. "You know, there is something else I learned when I got the contract. You mightk now already, but I never told you."

Gin: Another kiss against his neck, though lower this time. Gin leaned into Leaf more, her ears folding back against her head. He was good for that. Solidity. Presence. Gin had grown up with spirits as teachers and lovers and playmates. Only the other fox-children were real to the touch and only Midori not a rival. She would never confess it to him, Fox-Lord forgive that his ego ever become more over inflated, but some small part of her thrilled in that with Leaf. He was flesh and blood, beautiful and perfect flesh and blood.

Gin's arms circled around Leaf's waist, both hands closing over one cheek of his rear and giving it a hard squeeze. Flesh and blood indeed. You could crack walnuts between those. She knew; she'd tried.

"Poor fools," she sighed in mocking pity at the mention of 'other priestesses.' "Love of ones god at the expense of world pleasure? I wonder what miserable little spirit came up with that notion. The God of Impotence, I suspect."

Her own moment of selfish pleasure over with, though certainly a Companion did nothing that their partner could not find some enjoyment in as well, Gin released her grip on Leaf's behind, keeping one arm wrapped around his waste while the other bent back. She closed her hand over his, squeezing his fingers down in a calculated show of encouragement.

"And what might that be?"

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Also... glad to know I am a saint." He did try, truth be told. It was hard work! Very hard work to be such an epitome of... well, everything he could think of. Of course, most of what he thought of were the wrong things. Not even he knew if he knew anymore. And the Ivory and Ebon Dragons on his shoulders were never very helpful. "You see... you know why Rei-Lai put me with you? Why he did not sell you, just... gave you to me?"

And while he waited her reply, it was too much. Her thighs against him, through her underwear massaging his member with the gates of the temple so wanted to defile. It was too much. A single movement from him and it was torn out of her body. Hand holding her behind now, possessively, as if that allowed him to hold all of her, he pushed her to him. There was no hesitation. He moved purposefully... handling the female body like such a masterful instrument. He learned it well, mostly with her. He learned it, for her and others, making those that did not wish him, his defeated female foes, all the more ashamed at how good he made them feel. For a moment, he thought of their first time again. How akward it had been...

He had only been with two willing high-class women before her. One Chosen he met could be... but not only. He had molested, but willing... trying to talk, to deal with her... it was hard. Every comment, even his own compliments to himself, felt foolish. Before her, it was the two nobles, trying to slum with him. Wanting it, crass and lusty. One kept insulting herself. It was hot. The other kept flattering herself to remind him he was ‘raising above his station’. He shone his caste mark with the self-depreciative one, and it only made her feel like she was fucking a demon. Even more thrill. But Gin... well, she wasn’t eager to jump on bed and slum.

’So, um... are we having sex now?’ He had asked.
Someday, he was sure... she was going to tell that to the whole world. Likely to get some hopped-up Dreamstone to show it on a square how embarassed and utterly clueless the Night Lotus Walker had been with the lady knelt close to him, tea in her hands. Of course, then he’d likely to do her in front of everyone else. Just to show how he is now!

He pushed her to him with his usual harshness, closing her lips with a lustful kiss... and as he broke, he whispered. He whispered in the voice of guilty, delicious secrets. "Because he is afraid of you. Because he wanted to get rid of you. Great Rei-Lai, Fox-God, Trickster-Lord, Lord of Thousand Shadowed Smiles and Secrets Hidden in Laughter was quaking with fear." He sneers, a thrust deep within making his point. And pehaps comparing them. "Maybe so I would kill you. Lead you to your death. Last eternity. Seduce you, like Solars do, break you, pehaps. Whatever. The point is... he wanted to get rid of you."

He knew that must hurt. Hurt and empower. There was little gentleness to Leaf’s argument, less than to his lovemaking... and yet a feeling of power and ecstasy was supposed to surge in both. "He is a bastard, Gin. We need him now. We might need him later. But we got friends... we got... power. And someday, enough power."

There was only a single side of the bathing pool that led straight to a wall. He lifted the fox-priestess and slammed her against it, constricting her, keeping her so close to him, as if that should be said in a little box of a sanctum that only existed for the two of them. He was all in her, over her. "If you ever need to kill the bastard. If you ever need to bring that down. You can. And he knows that."

"And count me in."

Gin: So rough. So proud. He was always both. Perhaps it helped reaffirm his manliness to him. She knew him. How much he wanted to feel wanted. How he got off on knowing he was desired, particularly when the woman should feel anything but. Oh yes, she knew he loved the shame.

She let him have that fantasy for a moment as well. Gasped as he manhandled her and gasped again, with a bit more honesty, as he pushed inside of her. Her body offered only a token protest as he hurled them both into the wall, color rising in her face. A face that turned away, as if unable to look upon him, biting down on a wrist flung over her mouth. Tears helped the lie along, though they came from the pain of impact against the wall, not humiliation. The bucking of her hips back against him was no act at least.

Finally, making certain to make it look forcibly, she turned her eyes back to him as he made his promise. The hand came from her mouth and from behind it arose... no cries of pleasure. None of the shame-fueled bliss he undoubtly expected. Instead, there was only a question

"And you truly think I didn't know?" she asked in scathing disbelief.

He would be in for a ruder shock a moment later when the warmth of her body pressed against him, squeezing around him, vanished. Crimson and amber leafs spilled around him as her body dissolved in his arms. Just as quickly, a hand closed around that long hair he was ever so proud of, reining him in by it. Her giggle in his ear was mocking as her body pressed against his from behind.

The burning coal of her sex rubbed into that magnificent end of his, as her soft warm hand reached around and closed around the still throbbing member jutting between his legs. Oh how tempting it had been to stay just where he had put her, to buck and rut like a wild animal with him. But that could always come later. Her hand squeezed, just a little, then stroked with a tortuous slowness. "What great revelation did you believe you were making, master? What hope did your little secret hold, hmm?"

Winding his long, beautiful hair around her hand, Gin twisted the Solar around. Not harshly, like him. It was no more force than she needed, more of a coaxing than. They both had their ways.

Staring into his face with a still-blushed complexion and a gentle smile. Gin shook her head, sweeping his brow clear of errant hairs with. "You are a cad and fool, Leaf," she told him fondly, poking the tip of his nose with her finger tip. "But you are sweet, in a backwards fashion. That deserves something... special..."

Her finger came off his nose, caressing against his bottom lip for a moment as she let the word hang in the air a moment. Then her face began to drop, the hair sliding free from her grasp as her body sunk downwards, face still turned upwards to meet his eyes. Her palms rested on his chest, but slid downwards with the rest of her until they rested on his hips, the temptation to grope his ass again just enough to make her dig her fingers in a little. As she bent her knees, Gin spread them apart, using them to nudge Leaf to do the same. Then her hands moved, sliding from his body to her breasts as they rested above the water, seeming to float. The catch on her bra came undone and she cupped them both.

"You know, I think we should have that sparring match now, master Leaf." Gin was still looking up at him as she leaned forward, pressing her chest around him. Her breasts shared much the same texture as her tails, that heavenly, impossible mixture of softness and firmness. Like being wrapped in warm cloud "The first to make the other reach bliss will be the victor. Ready? Go."

Her lips were still pouted to form the word as she brought them down around him. It did not take her long to win.