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Winter and East

The East...

Through the fields of the East, they traveled. A land of so many different scents and colors, so different than the endless winters of the north. So much more... alive! The different types of trees, the little animals about, the fields of Sunflowers... so much, so much. Walking through the forests, at arm's length of the Lunars, Leaf and his entourage...

Today, a day of cloudy skies, shades of gray from undifferentiated white to shadow clouds that worm like storm serpents in the sky, Fangs comes upon a brook ending on a little pond... the cold of the day, like in the north, making the water to transparent, and yet, like a mirror, a blade showing something different than it should on the other side... and completely still, for the casual eye.

Filled with stones, round ones forming a little waterfall, pretty much a shower, water falling on lime-covered rocks and dripping slowly to the pond, seeming to not disturb it at all... and not until its end, when it continues as the brook, does it seem to move.

Fangs-of-Winter leaves her clothes to swim about it, her breath creating little ice floes...

Floating in jagged, strange shapes brought about by her anima, her unconscious...

Floating, utterly alone...

Until she is interrupted by a jarring voice.

"Cozy place you found here." Comes the voice from Seven Leaf Sorrows. Hands on the pockets of his loose eastern clothes, hair tied in that high tail like he always did, face and sun-mark obscured by the raven-black bangs of his hair... "Shouldn't just strip like that, though. You never know who's watching..."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Mm, depends on their intentions by doing so." Her hair floated around her like a white train. She didn't bother to open her eyes, for she knew well who it was. "Besides, its not like anyone in this woods could do me real harm," she said, her voice taking on a teasing tone.

She kicked the water a little, causing her hair to hug her form a little tighter as she floated more away from the edge. She made little circles in the water with her claws, before adding, "Are you sure your babysitter wont be offended by you watching me float here?"

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Gonna show it to people when they can't do anything about it? You are a mean tease, you..." She shakes his head, eyes closed and a smile on his face, as he walks up to her clothes... "You know, it was so normal in that party I never got around to notce... but what's a chick like you doing dressed in this high-class dress? Doesn't seem very much like you."

"My babysitter? Who, the kitsune you're so jealous of?"

Fangs-of-Winter: "Oh, a admirer gave it to me as thanks for not ripping his throat out. In my territory in the North, I have many who give me beautiful things in exchange for that curtisy. You may have it to give to your Fox Whore if you like, however." She swirls a bit in the water.

"I'm not jeolous of her. She amuses me."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Oh, you are jealous my fox-whore fucks better than you do." He grins, looking over the dress... "Can I? Oh, she will like the gift... what about you, will just walk around naked? I didn't see any bags for you to carry clothes around here..." Then he stops, a moment of silence just listening to the brook.. "Not that I particularly mind you walking around naked."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Oh, I have it here, somewhere. I just prefer that gown you have there since it seems to be as tough as steel. Surprising, for a dress made out of mist."

She smirks a little bit at him, "You're not one for her gentle touch, War God. She weakens you with her pampering. When you fuck me, you make yourself endure. You grow stronger for the experiance."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Oh? You have to show me this cache of yours' later..."

He lets the dress go, leaving it on a branch... and then closes his eyes, well-rehearsed movements as he goes through the kata of the stars dancing on the sky... a lotus blossoming with burning stars about him as he begins to tread on diamonds. And then he steps on the water... over it, walking on the ponder towards Fangs. "I guess. You're certainly stronger than her. And so much more violent..." He sighs. His wounds had barely healed, at all. "And you are making me stronger. If just as a challenge. Because, you see... you are not cutting me as good as you have, bitch. I will get myself to heal from this. And make sure you never again do that."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Ah, he finally gets the point of it," she smiled serenely at that, "If you can fuck me without harming yourself, you'll be worthy of me being tender."

She opens one eye so she could look at him, "Besides, that Fox Whore is not worthy of you. What does it sing of your prowess to have a small woman watch over you?" She opens the other one, "What does it sing of your prowess that you tamed the Wolf of the North, and made her yours, mm?" She closed them again, "But perhaps you are too much of a coward for that."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He keeps walking, stopping right in front of her...

The burning on his back continued. Every movement was effort, and he could walk much less than... everyone else.
Each day of march had been torture... all because of her.

"I have perfected it. My body. I did it today, before I come here. I filled it with my power, wolf-bitch. I will not spend so many days hurting from your claws ever again." He grins, lowering himself before her, his hand going into the water and holding her hair. "You have forgotten, I have made you mine, once. And said I will tame you." He says, the usual mirth gone from his face.

"I fear nothing, bitch. Nothing."

Fangs-of-Winter: She purred ever so slightly at that.

Then, she balled up a fist and sent it hurling into his face with all her strength. Motes of water glistened, flying away from her arm as it sped toward him.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: It struck him in the face.

He was sent flying backwards, spinning in the air like a dancer, and falling on the water gracefully, both feet and one hand on the water's surface as if it were the ground. He got up slowly, his neck snapping as he cocked it about, as a warm-up. A warm bruise appeared on his face from her punch, burning red. He begun to take off his iron-gray overcoat. "You wanna fight, huh?"

Fangs-of-Winter: A thoraty laugh rose from her, and she stood in the pond, bare as a babe. "Mm, like you could give me one, Prince of the Earth," she taunted, stating his title mockingly. "Come and show me how dull your sword is."

Oh, but she was arosed at this. She fairly shivered with anticipation.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He threw the coat away at one of the rocks. Below, his chest was... perfected, like he used said before. That was his goal. All the exercises, all the mastery. Self-perfection. Sane mind, sane body. And every day, he went through the rigorous exercises that made even a man who survived mating with Fangs-of-Winter drenched with sweat. The result was obvious - a torso rigid and muscular, almost more statue than man in its perfection.

And then, he ran towards Fangs-of-Winter... sliding over the water and picking her arm, strength almost as great as hers' as he plucked her out of the water, trying to hold her into his grasp... "My sword never dulls. My edge is always sharp. You. Will. See."

Fangs-of-Winter: She pressed herself against him, and gave a soft mmm sound as she slid down his form. Her muscles suddenly became harder than stone, harder than steel. She broke his grip, and taking him by the throat, slammed him down into the pond with great force. The rocks on the bottom shuttered with the impact.

She held him there like that for a moment as she cooed out the next of her taunts, "Mm, but you are beautiful. You are strong. You are quick. But you must learn to be iron. For you will find those that are stronger or quicker than you. Things horrible. All you can do is endure them." She crushes his throat a little, before the water receeds back over him.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: And then, the water crashed around him, over him.

Seven Leaf Sorrows was a master of combat above the water, but under the water... he was not at his best. If he had no foothold, then even Sapphire, his apprentice, could easily defeat him. And perfect as his body is, much as he can remain underwater longer than any mortal, even he has his limits. Thankfully, her surge of strength was past... and without it, he was just as strong.

And, in such a shallow pond, he did have a foothold.

His feet crushed the stone, burying themselves below the waters.

Fang saw nothing, as everything became muddy and earthy...

She could only feel his hands touching her forearms... his fingers digging in... and beaking her hands free of his neck. Lungs burning, his first air nothing more than the water, he came out, pushing her against a nearby rock, holding her wrists tightly on his arms, his own nails digging on her skin. "Then... I ... will... endure." He said, with what air he had left, every word burning its way out of her throat.

But damned if he'll give her the satisfaction!

"And I... will... tame... you..."

Fangs-of-Winter: Another surge of strength forced him back down. To her, this was a needed cruelty. She smiled down at him, but it wasn't a feral one. It was loving. Almost sad.

She held him there with an arm of iron. For she was Luna's chosen, and had learned to compensate for things which she was not used to.

Fighting underwater.
Psychotic plant women.
Parties, she shivered.

Until at last she felt his fingers digging grooves into her flesh, she could feel the burning of his lungs like her own, she dragged him up from the water, and with another surge of great strength, hurled him into a nearby tree.

Her tatoos glowed fiercely against her pale skin.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Consciousness was about to leave him. Air burnt in his lungs. He was just not resilient enough. Not yet... not yet resilient enough. He was as strong as her... but she had more resistance... far, far more. And so, he got up slowly, leaves sticking to his dripping skin, air burning on his lungs... and looked up to her, defiantly, sunlight pouring out of his eyes, dotted with burning stars. "Is... that... all?" He asked. He did not know when to stop, after all. As long as he drew breath, no matter how laborious...

"Come... on... bitch. Show me... what you... got."

Fangs-of-Winter: Dropplets of water like beads on her long, wild white hair, she smiled again at him and began to move out of the pond. She moved over to him slowly. Sensuously. He was tired. She could see it in his eyes.

She struck like silver light, her limb illumnated by her anima as she flowed faster than a thought. She gripped him by his throat and was suddenly against him again, forcing him against the tree. The wood dug into his bared back

"Oh, my poor, pretty boy. So brave. So mighty," she whispered softly into his ear. She moved to look into his eyes for a brief moment, and her forehead smalled into the bridge of his nose, and her fist balled into his solar plexus again.

The steam of her breath grew warm with his nearness.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Now, this was not resilience.

This was battle.

As the first came, he was not on the way. He moved her arm so far to the side he nearly dislocated it, making it hit the tree, twisting her own arm back on her behind and pushing Fangs-of-Winter against the tree. "You never should've... taken me out of the water... you know." He whispered, getting his wind back more at every passing moment...

Fangs-of-Winter: "Have you learnt the lesson?" She purred, the bark leave small cuts on her cheek which healed almost as soon as they were recieved. It was sudden that she did it, but with a clawed hand she reach out and thrust her arm into the tree, her tattoos almost glowing blindly bright as her claws cut through it like a Raksha's axe, felling it with a swoop.

It fell towards them.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He turned her around as it crashed, and down they fell on the ground, him over her... the free falling behind, sending up a cloud of dust, covering his back as he kissed her. And this time, he was the one biting her. "Yes. If I wish to survive you, I cannot be simply as strong as I am, as strong as you. I have to be just as resistant. I have to withstand all you can do. I have to survive what crushes my body, burns my lungs."

He lifted his face, licking his lips from the tint of her blood.

"Is that the lesson?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She smiled as she kissed him, and nodded her head gently, "Yes, that is the lesson," she tasted the blood even as the wound healed, and stroked his face gently.

She pulled him down to the ground with her. "Take your prize, champion." She said, teasingly, "Lest I decide to continue your lesson."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: His pants ripped. His loins alone pushed her up, the wonder he was so proud of grinding down the Wolf-Bitch's body. He did not let go of her arms. "As for my Fox-Whore... she is one of the Nine Companions, daughters of a great god. She is one the Nine-Tail Generation, the grandest of them all. She is trained to service Emperors and Gods. All she does is increase my legend. She does nothing to diminish it. And her pampering..." He says with the hardest thrust, pushing her down, eyes dead on hers'. "Is what you are jealous of. Of her, of her apprentices... but you are not eating any of them."

"I will tame you before that."

Fangs-of-Winter: She dug furrows into the ground with her claws, and she grinned up at him, "It will be a long campaign, Chosen, to convince me to allow another woman the right to touch you," she said, a pant in between each word. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensaion of it all.

Mm... she could grow to like the East, yes.

Sapphire: It's a pleasantly quiet evening as the sun dips below the horizon, the sky clear except for a few wisps of cloud; through the air comes the sound of talk and laughter over dinner, and a delicious smell of cooked meat.

A figure approaches the solitary wolf. "Um, Fangs-of-Winter?" comes a slightly hesitant voice.

Fangs-of-Winter: The wolf that was not a wolf was also not a clothed not a wolf. She looked over her shoulder, her mane of white hair falling all the way to her backside. She watched the Dragon-Blooded for a few moments, before giving the faintest sound of acknowledgement in her throat. She stuffed whatever she was looking at back into its bag, "What do you want?"

  • Sapphire is carrying a plate of food, still steaming hot; wide blue eyes look up at the barbarian warrior, affecting not to notice her unclothed state. "Well, you didn't have lunch, or dinner last night, and we thought you might like a proper cooked meal?" she smiles, offering the plate.

Fangs-of-Winter: The larger woman takes the plate from her, and nods her head a little bit. She begins to unceremoniously eat what was there.

When she was done, rather quickly at that, she gave the plate back over to Sapphire. "Thank you."

Sapphire: "You're welcome!" she takes the plate...

Fangs-of-Winter: She seems to stare at the Dragon-Blood for a long moment, "Perhaps you could help me with something."

  • Sapphire isn't entirely unused to being looked at, and takes that part in her stride. "Certainly, how may I be of service?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She seemed to be sizing the Dragon-Blood up. Her muscles tensed. Her teeth bared. Her fingers flexed into claws.

She forced down her rage. She forced down her might. The question she would ask would shake the foundations of the world. The pillars of Heaven would crack with its weight. The bell of Doom would crack with the force of its ringing!!!

"I need someone to brush my hair!"

  • Sapphire couldn't help being a bit nervous about the way Fangs-of-Winter looked at her, as though contemplating whether an apprentice would make a good after-dinner snack, though she didn't show it.

She smiles, then. "Certainly. Just a moment." Off she scampers with the plate, returning with a hairbrush, sitting down behind Fangs, starting to brush the tangles out of the long white hair.

"Where are you from? I guess someplace up north?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She sits down where indicated, and lets the Dragon-Blooded woman wrestle with the snarls in her hair. "Yes, some place up North." She stated, non-commitally.

  • Sapphire continues working, dextrously keeping the number of painful tugs to a minimum. "I've never been up there myself," she remarks conversationally, not prying into the older woman's background if she doesn't want to go into details.

Fangs-of-Winter: "Its cold there. I doubt you'd like it," she said, as one caught and caused her to grit her teeth a bit.

Sapphire: "Maybe you're right. How are you finding it down here?" She can make some guesses about the answer to that, of course.

Fangs-of-Winter: "Diverting," she said, and frowned a little bit. "Why are you traveling with Leaf?" She said, idly curious now.

Sapphire: "I killed an assassin who was out to murder him," she replies simply. "Only, the assassin was working for my last owner and I was supposed to be helping him not stopping him, so I couldn't very well go home. And I like Leaf and Gin."

Fangs-of-Winter: "So you were a slave, then." She frowns a little more deeply, "Merciful of them to keep you on."

Sapphire: "Mmm-hmm," she agrees with the last statement, but is curious about the apparent disapproval behind it. "What would you have done?"

Fangs-of-Winter: "I would have devoured you," she said, simply. "I think I would look good in your form, after all." The way she said it, so evenly... like one would describe a dress was rather disturbing.

"But, it was not me. It seems Leaf is a fool for a pretty face."

  • Sapphire blinks, her hands pausing for just a moment in her work as she assimilates this. "Looked good in... you can take on people's forms when you devour them?"

Fangs-of-Winter: Even as she said that, Fangs became a woman of Southern decent with long black hair. Then a woman of Northern heritage with curly red locks. She looked over her shoulder at her, and said with a different voice, "Yes."

She returns to her own, "Keep brushing."

Sapphire: "I didn't know that," she continues brushing, realizing with a chill that the two women she was just shown are dead, then, by Fangs-of-Winter's hand, wondering at the reason.

"You don't approve of me then... why?" She's still curious about that.

Fangs-of-Winter: "Because you are," she said rather simply. She looks at her with those cold, silvery eyes. "You are that you are. Your people have corrupted the world."

  • Sapphire blinks. "My people have corrupted the world? What do you mean?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She turns to face her, and with both hands grip the sides of her head forcefully. Her nails dig into Sapphires skin, and she glares at her openly.

"They usurped the kingdom they now hold. They took a once simple, pure world and corrupted it with their civilization. They made things dirty. YOU made things dirty, little Dragon bitch." She begins to growl deep in her throat, and suddenly releases her.

  • Sapphire wants to be in martial arts stance. Holding still, keeping her voice steady with effort, she contents herself with, "I see."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Go," she says, a commanding tone in her voice, "My hair is satisfied."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Insulting my apprentice? Now, that is low." A hand touches Sapphire's shoulder...

  • Sapphire was gliding to her feet to depart as instructed; she jumps a bit at the hand on her shoulder, on edge already, relaxing immediately as she realizes who it is.

Fangs-of-Winter: She looks up at Leaf, "You should not use her so, Leaf." She growls a little in her throat, "A man like you has few purposes with women."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: His touch is warm, firm; pushing her back to him ever so slightly...

"Use her? Oh... do please enlighten me." He smiles. "See, she is the one using me. All the free tuition!"

"Nowdays she even trains more with Gin than serves me, even..."

Fangs-of-Winter: "This explains much."

She turned her back on the Solar and the Dragon-Blood, "If you would, I would like my privacy."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf sighs, shaking his head, and slapping Saphire's behind. "You go. Tell Gin I might be awhile to come." He nods, taking a couple steps back... "I didn't come just to check if my apprentice was alright, after all."

Fangs-of-Winter: She smiles as she does not face them, "Come for another lesson, have you? Have you recovered from the last one as of yet?"

  • Sapphire meeps; she usually sees those little slaps coming in time to dodge, but she was distracted on this occasion. "Yes master," she smiles at Leaf, blushing a little, remembering Leaf's habit of doing... unknown things... with Fangs in the evening; and off she scampers.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "I told you I had changed. Whatever you to do me... I will recover now." He steps closer, hand on her flawlessly combed her, pushing her up and whispering on her ear... "My body is my fortress... now, come, give me another lesson. But if you want the girl to blush... do howl for me while she is still in earshot, my pretty Wolf-Bitch."