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Little Silver Questions

Snowy would have remained in her Beastman form, checking the ropes, making sure viney there wouldn't get away, and of course, would of removed any plate or whatever she could. No need to leave the vine-lady with anything she can use. And all there was to do now was to wait until she woke up.

Gin: Refreshed and properly redressed in something a touch less showy, Gin returned from having delivered news of the attack to Leaf and Aquamarine and awaited the assassins eventual awakening from well in the background. Seated behind Snowy, the kitsune idled the time with a small book of Eastern poetry, her languid tails spilling about her and only showing signs of life with the occasional twitch as she reached a particularly good line.

"You realize, Mistress Snowy," she said without glancing up from her small book, speaking in between turns of the page. "We've little chance of extracting useful information from them. The poor man I spoke with was more inclined to kill himself than offer any interesting bits of gossip."

Snowy: She nods and sighs, "I do realize that, but we have to try, do we not? And even if this one does not want to kill herself, Fangs has claimed her and she's alive on time borrowed. There is nothing to do but try, as we have far more questions than answers. And hopefully this one does not give us more questions.

Gin: "Mmm." The kitsune answered. Or rather, didn't answer, the soft hum sounding both distracted and noncommittal. She touched a polished nail to the page of her book as she scanned along the lines, her tails perking up. But, despite being apparently engrossed in her reading, she added a moment later. "It is too bad there is no way for mistress Fangs to eat the dear woman's memories along with the rest of her. That would certainly save much time and hearbreak."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn pads up behind Snowy and brushes against her like any normal kitten looking for a pat on the head and some idle scratching-- normal except for the fact that he came fully up to her chest; a fact that was not lost on him. "Is there no sorcery you can use to make him talk, miss Snowy?"

Snowy: "Oh, I am sure there is a way, but I am not currently in possession of it, or the knowledge of how to get it. It would, in fact, surprize me greatly should this one decide to give us anything useful."

She reaches forward a little and scratches Wrynn behind the ears, shaking her head "Give me a silent, perfectly dark room for an hour and I can make her tell the truth, or atleast make it harder to lie, but nothing to make her talk."

She gets up and heads off into... somewhere dark, somewhere quiet, for an hour, exactly. She brings Wrynn with her and leaves him outside to guard her and make sure she is not interrupted, for concentration is essential.

An hour later, Snowy emerges, still in Ascension form, but she is different, she is almost floating as she walks with Wrynn back to the interrogation room, or wherever they had vine-lady. This is not the normal Snowy, she is slow to react, her movements sloppy and it seems she brought Wrynn along more to guide her back than to guard her. Fugue of Truth was a powerful spell with powerful side-effects, but it should ensure they get told the truth, what little of it they will be able to extract before Fangs gets tired of this and has herself a meal.

Red Dawn: And then... her eyes open. Her eyes, the color of spilled orange juice... but too orange. Too strong. Like poison. Like some poisonous being announcing its presence. The thorns and vines over her skin shiver and shrill. She drips. "You should have killed me while you had the chance..." is all the Dragon-Blooded says. Her skin has the lightest tinge of Viridian...

Gin: Gin remained where she had been before, book in hand. She stopped reading and looked up as the other two Lunars entered, her brows arching finely as she noted Snowys condition. "I do hope you don't become so overwhelmed with the need to snack that you consume our hostage, mistress Snowy."

Snowy: Snowy gives Gin a sideways look, then sits down infront of vine-lady, looking her over and nodding slowly, "Fangs expressed the same opinion. But I decided that you would be more valuable to us alive, and since you don't seem to be suffering the same.. suicidal.. tendancy as your minions, you will answer our questions."

She gave it a chance to sink in, or maybe she was just thinking slowly, "First, who are you working for?"

Red Dawn: She looks... thinking, smiling almost amused... and then she speaks.

"For myself. For the Lords of the Realm."

Snowy: Snowy just smirks a touch and rocks backwards, "Come now, the Scarlet Empire would never accept a freak like you representing them, even to hunt Anathema, who do you really work for, or maybe we should start with something easier, your name?"

Red Dawn: "The name of the Dragon?" She smiles, apparently unfazed by Snowy piercing her deception.

Snowy: "Simply what I should call you during this little.. interview. Now, tell me again who you work for, since you obviously know who I am and what I am doing, and indeed who these other people are.

Red Dawn: "Call me Sienna. That will be a good name for you to call me, I believe." She tries to chuckle... but coughs her own blood.

Snowy: "Okay Sienna, why are you here?" She smiles a touch, this was further than she expected to get, actually.

Red Dawn: "... you have to ask, little Owl?"

Snowy: She laughs a little "Fine, who sent you here?"

Red Dawn: "The Red Dawn. The last thing you will see before your demise."

Snowy: "And where can I find them?"

Red Dawn: The orange-red of her eyes seem to be more red now. As if blood was dilluting into them...

"They will find you."

Snowy: "That we have proven. Why do they want what I possess?"

Red Dawn: "To take back the prize. The Chained Heart."

Snowy: "The Heart has been Unchained. What will they do with the prize?"

Red Dawn: "If you learned the truth about it, little Owl, you would rend your own heart. And tempting as that is... that is something you will never learn. You will be dead before you do. The chained heart will remain chained."

Snowy: "It is not something I need to know. You did not answer what they would do with it if they possessed it. "

Gin: "And what are you promised, my darling, for such stalwart and dedicated service?" Gin spoke up, folding her book close and laying it on her lap, her hands folded over the top of it. "Surely you stood to gain something for your pitiable sacrifice, now and then."

She leaned back slightly, raising one leg and draping it over the other. Her tails flopped back and forth behind her, tick-tocking back and forth as the seconds passed by. "A secret goal so ghastly, one would rend themselves asunder just to know it. Yet, you remain loyal even in the face of death. It must be some grand prize they offer."

Red Dawn: "The prize is our goal. Gin of the Nine Companions. Something a whore and a jade-digger like you would never understand. Faith. We exist to fight for this greater good." She snarls, looking at the Fox. "You fight for your own desires and pleasures and comfort."

Snowy: "My patience is unending, but Fangs' is not. You speak of good, but we have seen nothing of you but violence. Tell me what is to be done with the book if this Red Dawn possesses it."

Red Dawn: "You will know, when it happens. For your little world will be shattered by it."

Gin: Gin tilted her head to the side. "And you do not?"

"My darling," she went on before an answer could come. "There are few things more comforting than to surrender the need to think or decide for oneself and to allow another to do it for you. Faith, well intentioned that it often is, allows one to do both."

"I suspect you'll get no answer from her, mistress Snowy. Not because she is obstinate in her refusal, but because she does not even know. Those who are the most firm in their beliefs often know the least about them."

Snowy: "Well, I don't think there is much else to be gained her, then. You are obviously a pawn in this bigger fight. But before I let Fangs back in to steal your form, tell me something, who else is after this book, the Scarlet Empire? The Bull? Raksi? Surely you have encountered others in your search for me."

Red Dawn: "The Iron Lotus of the Underworld. The White Veil Society. The Thousand Fangs. "

"Everyone that has heard of it. But we keep our battle away from prying eyes."

She looks at Gin with... murder in her eyes. "The Red Dawn told me all I need to know, whore!"

Snowy: "See, she even admits she is nothing more than a pawn, and a pitiful one at that. I am sure Fangs will want some privacy for her meal, or, indeed, I should think I'd not want to be in the room, it may get quite messy."

Red Dawn: The Dragoness if Thorns snarls

Snowy: Snowy stands and shrugs "I am sure Fangs will find you a most interesting meal."

Red Dawn: "I will kill her yet. I will kill all of you. You will return to the red."

Snowy: Snowy looks down at vine-lady, "I'd kick you back unconcious, but I'm sure Fangs prefers her food to move." And she heads out of the room.

Gin: Gin had risen from her seat and stretched luxuriously, fingers locked together as she pulled her arms high above her head and arched her back forward, her tails shivering behind her. The outburst from Sienna drew her gaze back down at the other woman, regarding her for a measured moment, before she smiled in sweet, sad sympathy. Drawing closer, Gin shifted down neatly onto her knees next to the bound woman and gently rest her hand upon Sienna's collar.

"Of course they did." She agreed with the barest nod of her head. The kitsune slowly began to draw even closer, her words measured and slow, her hand slowly traversing the length of the other woman's neck. "It's simply that they undoubtedly felt you need to know very... very... little."

The last word was punctuated by the touch of their bodies together and the pressing of Gin's finger tip over Sienna's lips. She stared in the vine-womans eyes in sympathy, her voice drawing low. "I'd pity you, my dear, but I suspect you'll die contented with blind faith and ignorance. Enjoy your afterlife in whatever heaven lay promised to you. I am sure it will be everything you could have imagined and more than you ever expected."

Gin brought up her over hand and cupped Siennas cheek tenderly. She kissed the back of her own finger, so that it pressed against Sienna's lips.

Red Dawn: She is just left... speechless.

Too angry to scream, too defeated to say anything else...

And then, she just screams nothing in particular as Snowy and Gin see themselves outside of the room...

Snowy: Once outside, Snowy motions to Fangs that they're finished, then she gives Fangs a little bit of a grin, "I'd start with the throat."

Gin: There was something slightly troubled upon Gin's usually serene face, as she followed Snowy out the door and the scream that rang out behind them made her ears fold themselves flat against her head. She started to drift past the others, thoughtful and lost, when her ears perked up at Snowys comment. Gin stopped with her back to the others, arms folded before her, fingers gripping just a little. "No. Be gentle, if you can. Try not to make the pain last... please. "

Gin said the final word so quietly, it was barely a tickle of the ear, but the quietness gave a desperation to the plea. She sauntered on to be alone with her thoughts.

Snowy: Snowy nods a touch and looks around, specifically for that ninja she was going to have some words with.

Red Dawn: And she is there, bound, well tied up...

And significantly less defiant than the infected Dragon-Blooded!

Snowy: Snowy walks over, slowly, looking over the ninja, smirking a bit, pulling off her mask, getting a good look at her.

Red Dawn: She is... an young lady, a teenager... hair dyed fiery red, eyes of a very natural brown. She looks at Snowy... fearfully, struggling against her ropes, but that does her no good...

Snowy: Snowy smirks a touch and picks up the girl, carrying her off to where she meditated to prepare the spell. She was going to do this in private, without gawkers.

Once there, she'd set the girl down and looking her over again, "Your mistress was most unhelpful, but sometimes one's tongue is looser around those who they do not consider people, so maybe you can be of use. Who are you?"

Snowy would also un-gag her so she could respond!

Red Dawn: "Amara Red River." She says, as the gag finally fell from her lips...

"That is my name."

Snowy: "Good, and you work for Red Dawn, yes? What brings one to join up with such an organization, money, power, promise of rewards?"

Red Dawn: She ponders this question... very carefully... "Faith."

Snowy: "Faith in what? One's eternal reward for a life of service?"

Red Dawn: Amara is just... silent.

Snowy: "Maybe something more to the point will get you to talk: What will you do if I let you leave?"

Red Dawn: Amara closes her eyes... thinking. Not really sure... "Run home."

Snowy: "And where is home? I'm curious, since you don't seem to be very local to this place."

Red Dawn: "Chaya..."

Snowy: Snowy nods a touch, "Interesting. Now, what do you do for the Red Dawn? Simple enforcer? Obviously not hired muscle."

  • Amara bites her lip.... "We kill."

Snowy: "And who tells you who to kill? The hopefully dead dragon-blooded vine woman?"

Red Dawn: She looks away from Snowy's eyes... fearful "I can't tell."

Snowy: Snowy turns the girl's head back and looks into her eyes, then fluffs out her wings, looking as large and intimidating as she can, "Tell me."

Red Dawn: "I said I can't! " She says, adamant!

Snowy: "Magical coersion, I take it? Quite a pity, I have to say. I'm not sure there is any value to having you around. Do you have anything of value I should keep you around for?"

Red Dawn: She looks at Snowy, a little... urgent! "Something of... value...?"

Snowy: "Yes, something you believe I have need of, something that has value to me. Information is particularly valuable, of course."

Red Dawn: "I... I... I... I could... um... I am... I can... I..."

"Are you going to kill me?"

Snowy: "Unfortunately, I can't trust you not to betray my location or indeed what has transpired, since if your masters know how easily you were defeated, they will no doubt send significantly more powerful forces to recover the object."

Red Dawn: She lowers her head, hair getting in the way of her face... "... I don't want to die..."

Snowy: "I don't particularly want to kill you, but can i trust you to simply disappear and forget what happened hear and your association with Red Dawn?"

Red Dawn: "O... of course! Of course you can!" She says eagerly, her nut-brown eyes shining!

Snowy: Snowy pushes her onto the ground, shaking her head a little, standing over her "I don't believe you, at all. And I can't have you compromising what we are trying to do, and if we were closer to home, I would send you into my city guard to put your life to good use, but we are not, and if you don't have any value to me alive, I can assure you that you will serve me nicely beyond your death."

Red Dawn: "I... but I can be useful! I can! Please..." She looks up in Snowy's eyes... "Please..."

"I can... I can do things for you... just say what..."

Snowy: "That may be true, but what happens to me if you run away and tell your Red Dawn friends where I am? You are a liability if you accompany me, and you have lied to me repeatadly through this little discussion. I cannot trust you. I may wake up to find your knife in my back, or maybe surrounded by your friends. If you had been honest with me up to this point, I might of considered it."

Red Dawn: Amara closes her eyes, then, a tear streaking down her eye...

"D... do it, then..."

Snowy: Snowy looks over the girl, very quietly sighing as she took the final moment to contemplate what she was about to do. A few hours ago, this girl was doing her utmost to kill her, as ineffectual as it is, and she had lied to her repeatadly during the interrogation. And what a liability she would be if she was left alive, even though when faced with her immenent death she was willing to change, but that might change when death was no longer staring her in the face. And she was young, too young to be signed up with a squad of ninjas, she should be at school, or doing someting productive, even if it was squeezing out children. And what would happen if she did bring this girl home and she did betray her, she had her own child to think about. Why did she end up like this? What could of driven her to sign up with Red Dawn, what went wrong? There was so much to think about. In the end, there was only one choice...

  • As Sapphire walks in one of the rooms in a basement Aquamarine had supplied them, she sees one of the crimson-clad assassins, a red-haired girl, tied tightly with ropes, lowered to the ground, Snowy looming over her, not looking happy at all, conflicted, and the girl is shedding a single tear...

    Snowy is standing in Ascension form over the red-headed ninja with the nut-brown eyes, Snowy's wings are fully fluffed out, making her look huge, she has her claws out and is about to rip the life out of the girl, who is crying just a little.
  • Sapphire arrives, quiet as usual until she speaks up: "Hi, how goes... um, hey," she adds as she takes in the scene, "uh, we're questioning the prisoner aren't we?" Not dispatching her? she lets the addendum be implied rather than stated.

Snowy: Snowy snaps out of it and looks to Sapphire "I... I have questioned her, she proved to be quite dishonest in her answers and she can't be trusted. I saw no other choice but to kill her. She seems to be rather unwilling to tell me anything useful, and I believe if we let her go she will return to the Red Dawn to tell them what happened, and we can't let her do that."

Red Dawn: "I..." Amara gulps, looking at Sapphire like... well, like another threat, but now a reprieve!

"I... I said I just can't! "

  • Sapphire bites her lip, looking at the girl on the floor. She'd killed without hesitation, in combat when lives were on the line; but right now... That could have been me there, if I'd been born in a different place, she thinks. It hadn't turned out to be her own destiny to die for some cruel and uncaring master; maybe she can pay the debt to fate forward. "Let me try, first?" she asks Snowy.

Snowy: Snowy nods a litttle and moves away from the girl "Try as you wish, but let it be known I have a spell active that greatly enhances my ability to detect deceptions, and this one has proved full of them."

Sapphire: "Thank you." She sits down beside the girl. "Hi," she says gently. "I'm Sapphire; what's your name?"

Red Dawn: "A... Amara. Amra Red River." Amara tries to squirm a bit from her position on the ground, but then just settles to be lying down there, looking up at Safire. "... oh, it was you..."

Sapphire: "Mmm-hmm," she nods. "Sorry I had to kill your friends, but I had people to protect. ... How old are you?"

Red Dawn: Amara is... visibly more shaken now. She has looked certain death in the eye. She knew what Snowy was going to do. And now she knows she only has a reprieve. She tries not to even look at the white-feathered death... "... you should have killed me. Anything is better than... than this..." she says, her face covered in sweat... "... I am seventeen years old."

Snowy: Snowy leans against the wall, then looks over Amara again "I still might, but if you can convince us that you will not be a threat, I may let you live."

Sapphire: "Not much more than me. I used to be like you, working for the people who taught me; they weren't very nice. But by the grace of fortune - and a certain person," she smiles, "I got out of it. I figure, maybe I can pay the debt forward. ... You can't change your mind about working for the Red Dawn? Why not?"

Red Dawn: "I... I told you I would go home..." Her eyes lift to Snowy... and then vanish down to Sapphire.

"Be... because. We made an oath. It is... it is what I believe..."

Sapphire: "Okay," Sapphire replies patiently, "what oath exactly? What is it you believe in?"

Red Dawn: "I... I am not supposed to talk about it. We should die before talking about it."

Sapphire: "Why?"

Snowy: "But that was one of the most obvious lies I had heard, you would not go home."

Red Dawn: Amara bites her lip. Until a trickle of blood comes out. "... you can tell."

Sapphire: "What's the problem with talking about it? We're not bad people, if what you believe in is good maybe we can help with it. And if it's not good then you ought to renounce it."

Red Dawn: "It is... our first oath. We are not supposed to talk about it with the... blind." She looks at them, making clear they ARE the blind.

Snowy: "The blind? You may have valuable information after all. Tell us."

Red Dawn: "I've already said too much!" She says, exasperated... "And I can't even lie..."

  • Sapphire thinks for a long moment as she formulates her reply: "It's been written that virtue and truth go hand in hand, that falsehood in the heart leads to dishonor in deed and vice versa. Right?" she prompts Amara.

Red Dawn: She blinks, not expecting that from Sapphire... "... yes, it has."

"But there is no harm done lying to the Blind. The Blind lie to themselves every moment of every day, after all."

Sapphire: "Well, up to a point. I mean, it's true that sometimes we need to do things which are of themselves bad, to serve the greater good," she's still speaking slowly and carefully as she puts her argument together. "But that only works... for awhile. I mean, if you lie to one of the Blind one day, alright. You can say, you can justify it by saying, you're doing it for your cause. But... if your cause, take your group, all of you, Red Dawn, as a whole. Now say Red Dawn lies one day, alright. But if Red Dawn always lies, then... how does it justify that? There's nothing else. Red Dawn's only doing it for itself and that's not good enough. So if Red Dawn's really good and true then it needs to step forward and tell the truth. And if it's really the only one that can see, then it needs to help the Blind to see, too."

Snowy: Snowy looks sort of stunned at Sapph's argument, nodding a little "I should like to think I'm not blind, but there is much to be found in this line of thought."

Red Dawn: "We will. That is why we are swearing to secrecy. You would try to stop us, if you knew... like you lie for the Realm, anathema. But when we are done... you will know. We will change this world... and then the Blind Will See..." She says, the fear forgotten for a moment as she recites those lines!

Sapphire: "What are you trying to do that's so horrible that we'd try and stop you if we knew? Okay, you don't want to say... but supposing it's really what you've been taught that's wrong and Red Dawn's going to do something terrible and there's really no reason for it at all? Then wouldn't you be making a terrible mistake keeping it a secret?"

Red Dawn: "It is terrible, Sapphire. Terrible in its grandeur..." She says, almost as if in a trance...

Sapphire: "Mmm-hmm?" Sapphire mmm-hmms encouragingly.

Snowy: "Tell us of these oaths, we are quite interested in them. And I do not serve the weak and pathetic Empire of Scarlet, in anything I do."

Red Dawn: "But the first oath is to not talk about it! I can't break m oath!"

Sapphire: "Well, but you said that's the first oath so that means there are a few others too, right? And one of them's something... something along the lines of, to protect and serve the world or the realm or something like that, to do what is right?"

Snowy: "Do you know the nature of why you cannot break the oath?"

Red Dawn: "Nature...?" She blinks at Snowy, oblivious, before turning to Sapphire... "The other oaths are of the nature of understanding. Of killing. Of bringing you back to the red, Sapphire. They are beautiful... but not what you mean. That is why you're blind..."

Sapphire: "Bringing us back to the red?" she blinks, intrigued at this. "What red?"

Snowy: "Death, I would imagine. She sounds almost like she has been working for the Fae."

  • Sapphire suppresses the urge to shiver; that might perhaps account for all this, and it would be a very scary way to account for it.

Red Dawn: She bites her lip again, letting a trickle of blood fall... and licking it, smearing a red dot on her lower lip. "The red. You are born from the red, messy, born from the red-mother which manifests inside all. When you kill, it is prayer, releasing the red, letting it spill, returning you to her Red Womb."

Snowy: Snowy looks to Sapphire, shaking her head, she looks confused now, even more than before..

  • Sapphire nibbles her lip as though in sympathy, though not biting to draw blood. "Amara, is Red Dawn working with the Fae?"

Red Dawn: "No. The Ones Beyond are Unclean. She existed in this world, not any other."

  • Sapphire lets out a quiet breath, that's a relief at least! "She existed in this world... so our blood is a symbol of some particular person who used to exist? whom you serve? Who was she... or what was she?"

Snowy: Snowy gives a blank look, what could this possibly mean.... she is more confused than anything else, and deciding the fate of this girl was still heavy on her mind.

Red Dawn: "... I can't say. I said too much already, Sapphire... would you reveal your master's secrets to me? You know the value of secrecy, right? I... I just can't say it all."

Sapphire: "Well, I think someone needs to check what you're doing. Just to make sure you're not making a mistake; you understand I'm sure?" she smiles at Amara, then looks up at Snowy. "Let me keep her for the moment? Please?"

Snowy: Snowy nods a little "Very well, but she is your responsibility. If she runs off, I expect you to go find her and then she has proven we cannot trust her, and her life is forfiet."

Sapphire: "Agreed, and thank you," she smiles.

Red Dawn: "I... I am not! I am not!" She looks at Snowy again, terrified... and back at Sapphire, more relieved, her only rock in this storm, all she has... "I am not going to run... I just... I just don't want to die!"

Snowy: Snowy heads outside, leaving Amara to Sapph, shaking her head a little, not saying anything.

Sapphire: "Good, I don't want you to die either! Now let's get you sorted out with a place to stay," and she unties Amara - partly, leaving her hands bound. Helping the girl to her feet, she walks along with her, keeping a hand on Amara's arm, a light touch for guidance rather than a hard grip. She'll make sure the girl is kept comfortable but secure...

  • Sapphire remembers Amara's a trained ninja, and doesn't want to test the whole not going to run thing, so she'll use the criterion of making sure she herself wouldn't be able to escape under the circumstances.

Red Dawn: Amara lets Sapphire gets her, whispering "Thank you, thank you, thank you... you are my savior, thank you...." While she blinks out her tears... but as soon as she is up, she tries to wriggle out of Sapphire's grasp, whirlwing around herself to send a kick to the Dragon-Blooded's belly and to get away!

Snowy: Snowy is, of course, just outside of the door, and assuming they hadn't gone too far, can hopefully see this!

Red Dawn: ... however, she misses the kick, and is still firmly in Sapphire's grasp!

And Snowy can, indeed, still see this.

Amara, now face-to-face with Amelia, looks all contrite. "..."

Sapphire: "Now that was silly," Sapphire looks into Amara's eyes, "how far did you think you were going to get even if you wriggled free? You're lucky you didn't, you'd have run into Snowy on your way out and I don't think she'd have been as forgiving as me."

Snowy: Snowy sighs, a heavy, exaggerated sigh, watching Amara struggle and she shakes her head, but doesn't say anything, letting Sapph handle it.

Red Dawn: "I... I..."

"They will kill me, Sapphire... I am signing my death sentence if I stay... death before capture..."

Sapphire: "Amara, I promise I am not going to let them kill you."

Red Dawn: "Bu... but it is the Red Dawn! They can find you anywhere! Anytime! And nobody can sto..."

She blinks, then looks down, a little embarassed. "Nobody can usually stop us."

  • Sapphire giggles. "I was wondering if you'd remember that. Now do you believe me when I say I won't let them kill you?"

Snowy: Snowy shifts down in, back into her human form, watching this, listening, wondering..

Red Dawn: "N... not even... her? " Her eyes trail out of the room, where Snowy went... "Sh... she was going to kill me, Sapphire. I saw it in her eyes... she was going to... I'm sure of it..." She says, shivering...

Sapphire: "Well yes she was. But I don't have to let her either, unless you escape. So for your own good I'm not going to let you escape."

Red Dawn: "I... rea..." She begins to say, all excited... then she stops herself. Was her about to be enthusiastic about... being told she would not escape? Damnit! Damnit! She does an about face, looking away from Sapphire. "Thanks... I guess."

Sapphire: Sapphire smiles. "You're welcome. Like I said, I used to be like you once. C'mon now," she leads Amara out of the room and off to find secure accomodation - keeping in mind now the need for security in both directions, if Red Dawn might target the prisoner. It's true, she does want to save Amara still - but she has a second motive also: the fragments of revelation so far were rather disturbing. Perhaps they're just a cult with delusions of grandeur... but perhaps not; and Sapphire is after all a Dragon-Blood, and if the world is in danger it is her highest duty to protect it.