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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Days of arduous training.

Nights of bliss.

Her mind and soul expanded to infinite possibilities.

Learning to master the trance, the pulse of the invisible as essence invades her senses.

And one night, it seems all too warm, and Snowy wakes up on bed... Wrynn is nowhere to be seen. Neither is Anja. All is so silent... despite the forest outside. So silent, but for the noise of the waterfalls... running water, so peaceful... so ominous.

Snowy: Snowy sits up and looks around a little more, shifting in her night eyes, then taking a real look around. This was odd, very odd, but, odd things happened and it could be a test, after all. She'd stand up and yawn slightly, it was clearly far too early for any normal person to be awake. She'd take a walk over to the window and look outside too, see if anything was going on.

  • Everything was perfectly normal. The skies were dark, all the constellations smiling down upon Snowy but for the crying moon. It was all too silent, but there was still wind... moving the shapes of trees like monsters under the moonlight. But even the wind made no noise. And as she turned around, she saw the shining eyes of a kitten on the shadows behind her... but far too high. The voice was Alyna's. "Mistress Snowy?"

Snowy: Snowy smiles to Alyna "Good.. morning, i guess? Alyna. It is Snowy, yes. Where is everyone? Wrynn and Anja go off without me?"

  • "Thought we had missed you!" Is all she says, her voice all cheerful within the shadows.

    "Come on, come on!" Is all she says, and Snowy can see the outline of her form running away...

    "We're waiting!"

Snowy: Snowy shrugs a little, must be something new, so she takes off after Alyna. Its not too odd that no-ones told her anything, of course.

  • As she gets out of her room, she sees herself in a living room...

    Anja and Alyna are there.

    Floating, their feet not touching the ground.
    Their arms limp at their sides.
    Heads hung low.
    But their eyes were wide open... tears of blood streaming from them.
    And tinging their long, crescent moon smiles red.

    "Snowwy... finally..."

Snowy: Snowy looks at this, then decides theres something really, really wrong, so its time to try out the new charms! Maybe seeing raw essence flows will help her, or at least it will give some different colours. She doesn't approached, not yet, if this was really Anja, there wouldn't be much she could do anyway. She seems quite skeptical when she speaks "Finally? You could of come to wake me, yoiu know."

  • She sees... beyond them. She sees mere shadows with eyes and smiles where the kittens float... not real at all... and behind them, something greater. It is a shadow as well, but one so greater, of which they are mere parts. Feathers of a swan that is all of the room, and whose crimson eyes are dead set on the Lunar...

Snowy: Snowy sighs, this wouldn't do at all, she was nude and staff-less, so if it came down to a fight, it might be a little difficult, but hopefully it wouldn't. She looks to the crimson eyes, staring right into them, saying nothing, but taking up a slightly defensive stance.

????: "You will forgive the ruse." It says with a delicate, musical voice...

"I wanted you to be comfortable, She Who Called To Me With Her Wisdom."

She can feel the wings closing behind her.

Snowy: "You probably wouldn't be surprized that I hear that fairly often. but what is comfortable is dealing with true true forms of those I meet, not illusions and deceptions." She shivers a little as the wings close around her, trying to literally shrug them off of herself.

????: He looks upon her and she feels her eyes water. It burnt.

"You would not be comfortable seeing what you wish, She Who Called To Me. Trust me on that." The shadows become stickier about her. She feels it as liquid touching her skin... no tar, little tongues of tar... it is like the dirtiest possible thing, making her feel dirty, defiled, by its very touch "What is your wish, She Who Called To Me? What do you wish in this life?"

Snowy: Lucky for her the one thing she didn't take off last night was her cleansing collar, so she may feel dirty right now but she'll feel clean later. She shrugs a touch "What I want, what I wish, is for me to know. What do you want? Since this is obviously your doing, the pleasure of your company wears thin easily."

????: A feather touches her chin, lifting it up. The tip of a wing, even though two were at her back. "I want to understand you. This pretty little owl that has walked into the field of madness. You were delicious, before. A priestess of black wings. Singing of the glory of being ours'. But now... you are so different. That intrigues me."

Snowy: "It would take a while to understand me, and I don't think you really want to spend the time."

????: "That is what I do, pretty little owl. You have read it. You have heard my whispers. I have all the time in all worlds now. To grant you my boon..." Something begins to appear in the shadows in front of her. It is not in Anja's Manse anymore... she just sees Resplendent Peak. Covered in shadow. She hears screams, but no one can be seen... and her essence sight sees that as real... "Would I bring my blessings to what you love? Or for those you love?"

Snowy: "Why would you do such a thing when I havn't asked you to? Indeed, I believe you have been decieving me for a great while. I do so find that irritating."

????: "Have I? Pehaps. But it is deception that takes one to me. Lies take one to me."

"You can hardly fault one for being true to his nature."

Snowy: "Ahh, perhaps not, but what lie has taken me to you, or are you even privy to that information?"

????: "You read. You have sought wisdom. You have sought understanding. But the Chained Heart shall not be unchained... and the dirty wisdom within will tarnish your soul." The wings touch her behind, the feeling of dirtyness growing greater as she is pushed towards the darkness... "Tut tut tut, little Owl. You have read the Chained Heart, and thus you called to me. And thus... I believe you are mine, now."

Snowy: Snowy laughs a little and pulls away, just grinning to him "That is where you are mistaken. While i did try and read it, its exact contents are not something I could even see until recently. And now I have been training, without time to read the book. So maybe you should try again later, hmm?"

????: "You did not read the book, my dear, because it was hidden."

"By me."

"You have read me. And called to me by doing so."

Snowy: "Ahh, then maybe I should be the one asking the questions, hmm? Who are you? And why did you seal the book with sorcery?"

????: "Who am I indeed? I am a lie, I am wisdom, I am the Shadow Of Unholy Wisdom. I am Aischrael, that is who I am. I did so because it is my wont and my prerrogative, little silver owl. It is what I do. And some wisdom should be chained forever in darkness. To read... is to become dirty. As you are. You have broken my veil, and for that I commend you... but you spent too long looking at it." And thus Snowy feels something in her feet... and sees them clad on strangely ornate high-heeled shoes of black diamond... and some sort of anklets...

Snowy: Snowy shivers a little, looking down at herself for a moment, then looking back at the eyes "Well, Aischrael, what do you plan to do with me now then? She who read your book. Of course, I'm not the only one to read it, merely the most recent, so what was their fate?"

Aischrael: "Now, now." The wings seem to open. And men and women appear before her... wearing dresses of black diamond so fine. Their faces looking at her, wicked, with tears of blood. And then, the same wear they have over their knees... appears on Snowy's. It's crawling up... slowly crawling up, and giving her those clothes... and more... "Would I make you one of my acolytes? Take your soul as mine? Or something else? I could give my blessing to the village, as I have shown... or pehaps to him?'

Two of them appear to be holding Little Bear. He is bleeding, black roses blooming on his body. His eyes are dead to her. Her essence sight does not show it as a lie, but it has to be... right? "Or maybe he is simply a show of how good a breeder you are...?" He looks at her. She feels her womb burn.

Snowy: Snowy shudders, not what she wanted to see, of course, there wasn't much to be done, she barely touches her belly over the burning. "Ahh, as kind as the offer is, I do think I'll have to refuse, for someone else has already chosen me. My future is not yours to decide, nor is the future of my city."

Aischrael: The swan narrows her eyes. His voice comes almost annoyed, now.

"You dare defy me?"

Snowy: Snowy nods and grins to him, predatory grin, something that doesn't come out of her too often "I do indeed dare defy you. You seem fairly surprized by this."

Aischrael: "Indeed I am."

The wings close about snowy. The tar clings to her. She feels the skirt and underwear appear on her in a wave of ecstasy... the sort that would give her lust-filled nightmares, the sort that seems to crawl on your skin. Dirty. Chains appear everywhere around her... "You. Are. Mine! "

Snowy: Snowy laughs a little, shaking her head a touch, her eyes closed as the clothes appear on her and the chains apear everywhere. She savours the ecstasy and channels its power into her Ascension form, the change not too significant, but her body would grow enough to reduce the clothes back to shreds if they were normal.

She then begins her little speech, arrogant and superior in tone, "You cannot have what is not yours. I was claimed by Luna seven years ago now, and hers I will remain! Are you willing to destroy what you cannot possess? That is what you will have to attempt, for you will never possess me Aischrael!"

Aischrael: Her transformation is sublime. Her clothes do not change... but her defiance pushes him back. She sees all the shadows becoming lesser and lesser under her words... filled with her moonlight. No... it is not him that is receeding, it is her, moving out of the shadows! More and more she feels like herself... though the shadow ecstasy, the dirtyness of the clothes remain...

They pull back more and more...

And Aischrael screams.

"You are mine! come back here! Coommee back here, now!!! " He seems to be in pain. Pained by her determination, by her light.

'Anja Silverclaws: ... and then, something holds her neck. A choker. But it feels so... right. Pulsing with Moonlight, she feels it tugging her back, pushing her to whatever lies in her back... the light, as opposed to those darkness... and then she feels a body against her back, one she felt before. Her teacher. "She is not yours', scumbag. She is ours."

She sees the face of the demon, his anger...
And then she opens her eyes, for the real world, and Anja at her side... "... are you alright? I couldn't get into your dreams, I tried... but he kept me out... I couldn't do it until you managed to break free of his shadows... what was that?"

Snowy: Snowy shudders and curls up against Anja and whispers to her "That.. was Aischrat, he claimed to be the one to lock the book. And he seemed to want to have me be one of his acolytes."

Anja Silverclaws: The collar was real, and Anja held it, holding Snowy close... "Aischrat. I heard this name before. Somewhere... so he is the lock. I thought it was weird... the lock was a demon, Snowy. You had been looking at a demon this whole time, to lead you there... dear... my dear... sorry I didn't puzzle it on time..."

Snowy: "Wait.. so.. you didn't break a spell, you banished a demon back to where it came from? Ahh.. oh my.. well, he said that what was inside the book was not to be known by anyone. "

Anja Silverclaws: Anja pushes the covers to Snowy's bed... and the skirt and high-heeled shoes are there... but as soon as they are seen, they disappear in dark diamond dust. But Snowy still feels the dirtyness. Not as strongly, but it is like she feels that... whatever foothold he gained on her today is still there. And i he tries another time, he will already have this much... "He is a safeguard... I... wonder if it is safe to read it anymore until we know if there are others..."

Snowy: "Ahh, it may not be, and we were tasked with protecting the book and finding out who wanted it, not what its contents were, so it may be better to find out why people want it, which may answer questions about its contents without having to look at its contents. And I need a bath."

Anja Silverclaws: "I will take you there." She says, and effortlessly picks Snowy off her feet, walking with her... "You said you were going away in two days, right? Do look into the people... I will try to look into something to help us decode the book. When I have something that will allow us to know if there are not any hidden surprises... and the Trance is limited by our own perception... then I will find out."

"Also, he can try to attack you on your dreams again. I will create a ward for them."

She plants a kiss on her forehead. "My dear deserves better dreams than that."