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Little Silver Wedding

And then, comes the big day... the day of the wedding!

The night before, the whole day before, the parties raged through the township. And there were only a few hours to make it completely immaculate once again... for the big wedding. On Aquamarine Crossing, in front of the bridge... on the temple of the Bridge-Goddess all of its famous guests convene, and all wait to part on its name...

And on that, knowing they will have this and leave the next day, our Lunars are...

Snowy: Snowy is, irritated by this whole procession, a wedding wasn't her idea of fun and it certainly seemed like far more trouble than it was worth. So she'd watch from one of those statues, perched on it in Owl form. No-one would bother her too much like this and she can keep a good lookout for troublemakers and other such things. A huge collection of people *was* a good place to start trouble, especially when they weren't concentrating on what is doing on around them.

Gin: ... being clothed and painted and pampered from the tips of their dainty toes to the tops of their furry ears. At least, this Lunar was.

In a private room deep within the temple, Gin stood with arms stretched to the sides as her servants fluttered around her, wrapping and draping and tying and tightening. The ceremonial she'd picked out would be more elaborate than the brides own costume. Glistening and silver. Softly revealing of just tantalizing hints of ivory skin swathed in white lace and sheer stockings. Her face was powdered and lightly painted. Everything to give off the impression of an inner glow radiating from within her.

Yes, it was the lovely young couples wedding, but there would be no doubts as to where all eyes would be turned. Their wedding. Her day.

Fangs-of-Winter: Fangs strode about in her Warform, magjestic and terrible. Her eyes like silver lanterns, she paded back and forth, a brooding thunderstorm. She made an unpleasent sound in her throat at the whole affair, knowing the Hated was delighted at this part of their ruse. Her claws flexed eagerly, as she stopped in pace for a moment to look at Gin, who's back was toward her. "You don't have to enjoy yourself quite so much."

Wrynn Diermidis: Much like Snowy, Wrynn watches the procession in the shape of his totem: a tiny white kitten perched up out of the way. Unlike Snowy though, he was rather enjoying himself as he languish in the sun, letting everyone else do all the work. People who knew his background seemed constantly surprised that he wasn't always lifting pockets or silverware, but he was a professional and quite satisfied to keep to stealing naps at the moment.

Gin: A little smile played about the kitsune's lips at Fang's growling, though her gaze remained straight ahead as her servants painted her lashes. "And you, my darling, do not have to try so hard to not enjoy yourself."

  • And then, the wedding begun to get underway.

    Gin was taken to the altar... and the prince, Mirai Cynaran approached, waiting for his bride... which was soon to come. Looking like Aquamarine, black hair strands about her, beautiful in her azure veil and dress, moving towards the altar... and the ceremony, presided by Gin, was to begin!

    And at the same time, Snowy can see something... unusual...

Gin: The goddess came into the room and was greeted by a sudden hush. She was a vision. She was a maker of dreams, of fevered late night fantasies and secret infidelities imagined while in the arms of another lover. The Goddess of Pleasure glowed from within and from without. The sleeves of her robes were long, dangling well beyond her hands. The hem was a train that took all twelve of her servants to carry behind her. The front of the robe fell off her shoulders, leaving their alabaster smoothness enhanced by a line of gemstones that traced the patterns of her silvery tattoos bare to the world. Bellow, clinging as though painted to her skin, a silver bodysuit coated her from dimpled navel to the expanse of her long neck.

Dancing orbs of laughing light swam lazily through the air around her, joyful and mischievous as children. Her footsteps were but tiny patters against the carpeted floor, but rang out as loud as church bells in the silence of the temple. Raised high in the heels by her sandals, she seemed to float upon her toes and tower high above the young couple before the altar as she approached them. Perfect. Poised. Serene. She peered down at them without lowering her head, regarding them for a drawn out moment, granting the room one moment of silence to drink in the image that was... she.

And with a sudden slowness, her joined hands came apart, the long sleeves of her robe sliding across the ground as they moved to hang, one above the head of each of the soon-to-be-wed couple. Behind her, her tails rose slowly. They fanned out behind her. The laughing orbs of light moved outward in unison, one resting upon the tip of each tail. Each one, a burning silver torch. Then, only then, the goddess began to speak and her voice carried across the silent room as though whispered into each and every ear.

She spoke of duties of a husband to a wife.
To protect her in times of danger.
To provide for her in times of want.
To hold her above all others in his heart always.
And highest of all, above all other things, to bring her pleasure.

She spoke of the duties of wife to husband.
To comfort him in times of sorrow.
To bare him a legacy before age could take them both.
To stand beside him in all things that he would never be alone.
And still highest, still the most important of all sacred vows, to do all she could in body and soul to bring him pleasure.

She spoke of their duties to one another. Of the sacredness of the vows they must take, recognized here and now by the people of the earth and the divinity of Heaven. There could be no rescinding for the sake of idle desires. It was a contract, in all ways legal and morally binding. An agreement between husband and wife to be for each other as no other could be mutually owned.

"My dearest ones," she finished at long last, her smile fond and loving to them both. "My children. Will you accept this contract, recognized by all who bare witness? Seal this bond with a kiss first to my robe, then seal again with a kiss to one another. Show to those who bare witness your passion for one another. Show them that this passion is no fleeting thing, but a hunger that no age will sate. No passing fancy will distract from. No regret will come between. Give yourselves to each other and your souls to my keeping. For as long as you live to bring bliss to each other, you will stay in my light and know ecstasy unto your dying days. Know it in every second of every moment you share. Kiss me now. Kiss one another. Let this contract of souls be signed and honored forever."

  • The ceremony was the most beautiful thing anyone there had ever seen.

    And Gin was the most beautiful thing anyone there had ever seen.

    It was flawless. It was perfect. The Demigoddess felt on the top of the world, and so did her prince. Their parents cried, and that included the goddess aquamarine. And it was honest. It was real. There were tears, there was admiration, and Gin could see on the faces of all but the least artistically-inclined one to make great poems, paintings, or whatever else about this wondrous moment.

    It was a perfect moment.

    But Gin was aware. She saw all. She saw every little thing.

    Like the arrow coming foward her, between the two lovers... and those coming for them, one for each.

Gin: And the sleeves that moments before draped harmlessly before the faces of the newlyweds suddenly writhed! The lengths of flawless silk coiled around their arms, one to each, as the perfectly poised 'goddess' suddenly hopped backwards. Her feet touched the raised altar behind her and then pushed away as bounded off the platform, feet rising above her head as she spun neatly through the air, legs never seeming to bend. The orbs of foxfire light resting above her tails scattered around her with a high-pitched giggle of excitement, frolicking as they whipped through the air madly. The arrow aimed for her heart cut through the veil of cloth stretched out behind her, pulling it free from the rest of her gown and carrying it across the temple to be pinned in the distant wall. Gin landed with her back to the onrushing attackers, though her awareness of them every bit as acute. Her arms crossed before her, she gave the prince and his new bride a sharp tug that sent the two of them tumbling into one another's arm, pulling them together before her to keep herself imposed between them and the would-be assailants.

"Really now..." Cloth tore as a pair of milky white claws seemed to burst out from under sleeves of the kitunes gown. Her sai's made short work of the cumbersome sleeves now that her use for them was over with and the pale weapons flashed with an anger that never tempted Gin's voice. She looked back over her shoulder, peering calmly through her long lashes. "I would expect better manners from even wedding crashers. Can we make this short, my dear ones? There are festivities still to attend."

Wrynn Diermidis: -- and Wrynn... well, Wrynn yawned and rolled over in his little sunlit spot, purring contentedly in his sleep.

  • And then, as Gin effortlessly dodges it...

    All around them, atop the houses, atop the temple, from behind barrels... there are the crimson-clad ninja of the Red Dawn. Many of them, surrounding the wedding... and making the guests all wide-eyed and alarmed, broken out of such reverie!

Fangs-of-Winter: She idly glances at the redclad Ninjas, and a soft little smile comes to her lips, mirroring the one Gin made when the festivities started. She tilted her neck to the side as she activated the qualities of her soul. Thus bouied, she bounded toward the first of her targets, a savage gleam in her eye.

The powerful muscles of her legs cord as she kneels down, and she's off in the air, bounding toward the first ninja. The air causes her hair to become a typhoon of while, curling locks; a banner of alabaster. The tiles of the roof crunch and buckle under the force of her landing, but she is already moving to the first of her foes, her eyes balefully wicked.

Sapphire: Sapphire knows Fangs is in no danger from the ninjas. Gin is protecting the bride and groom. Her training is to serve and protect, and that includes being capable of instant threat assessments - and right now her concern is for the wedding guests, most of whom are unarmed and right now in harm's way - and completely surrounded. The main street leading up to the temple is the best escape route. Someone needs to keep the ninjas in the main street safely occupied...

The pretty blue-green figure, who had been simply adding to the festive decor, moves without a wasted motion, flowing zigzag through the crowd to the wide exit from the square back to the main street, hopping onto a barrel. "This way!!" she waves to the assembled guests, then turns to deal with the ninjas, to whom she just presented herself as a nicely tempting target, swirls of darker blue flowing from her wrists...

Red Dawn: And then... the Red Dawn falls over them.

All the five in the same roof fall over Fangs-of-Winter, three of them jump down from the roofs and go for Sapphire, and five arrows fly towards Gin! There are no other targets they can see... yet!

Sapphire: Sapphire hops off the barrel she was standing on as one blade passes through the air where she was a moment ago. A twirl, her aquamarine robe whirling up to draw another ninja's attention, his sword stabbing at cloth; then back she glides as the third comes at her, drawing them off to the side, out of the way to clear the escape route for the bystanders.

Snowy: Snowy does what any self-respecting owl would do, she hoots and jumps up, flying upwards, circling around, looking for that red ninja that took the life of uh.. whats-his-name, or some other sort of commander, something that was a little more than the rabble that the others are fighting

Red Dawn: Snowy looks... and sees two of the Ninja that appear to be leaders. They have golden masks over the red clothes, and they are not armed with blades, but with long chain-sickles. However... she spots something else. A girl... a Wood-Aspected Dragon-Blooded... walking the streets, towards the wedding. She walks strangely, like a puppet on strings. Her lips are curled in a doll's mad smile, and her eyes wide open. And on her body, grow thorny red vines Snowy had seen in Harmonious Ivory's manse...

Gin: The arrows came, falling down upon her like rain. Gin watched them come. Still. Serene. She looked away as the arrows drew closer, her eyes falling closed. Her shoulders began to shake, a delicate shiver that could have put placed guilt into the hardest of hearts. That was, until the smirk slide into place.

"Hmh mheh heh... mheh ha HA HA HA!"

The laugh that suddenly issued from the kitsune was maddeningly mocking. She threw back her head and laughed, boundlessly scathing in her mirth. It was beautiful and feminine and intimately scornful. The laugh of a woman rejecting a suitor far bolder than he had right to be. A laugh that simply said... "Please. "

Her body twisted and spun as they arrows came upon her, a flutter of rising skirts and writhing tails. She never seemed to move enough. Just never not enough. The arrows should have hit. She was there to be struck! Yet, there was no cry of pain. No splash of blood. Not even the satisfying gasp to cut off her laugh and end it's mocking of the assassin's very manhood. The arrows should have struck... but instead they turned around, each one captured as it cut through the layers of illusion Gin had woven around herself and hurled back the way it came with casual indifference towards would-be killers.

  • Snowy does so, prepping to blast someone later, evil little owl

Fangs-of-Winter: She faced dead men. Oh, their hearts still beat of course, which was the tragety of it. She spared no one who had raised a blade to her in ernest, and she rarely left witnesses to attest to this fact. Perhaps word would have spread then, and they would know their heartbeats were an illusion.

A feral grin came to her lips.

One she would dispel for them.

She rushed forward faster than a thought, her glinting silver claws finding her assailents midsection, and piercing it with impossible ease. She lifted him up, in a manuver Leaf knew with intimacy. The great sinues of her body became as hard as steel as she hurled him into another of her attackers, leaving a streamer of crimson to trace his flight through the air.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn rolls over over in his sunny spot with a purr, happily ignorant of the continuing situation.

Gin: To stay or to go? The laughter had stopped and Gin's gaze swept unhurriedly across the fleeing crowd at the red-clad figures all so intent upon seeing them dead. She recognized these men. They were the same ones who had attacked them when this entire journey had first started. It stood to reason that nothing had changed. That they were here for the book once more, not for the wedding.

"Please stay here, my darlings..." Gin said to the royal couple huddling behind her, casting a glance down at them over her shoulder. It went against her ingrained instincts to abandon her charges, yet the truth of it was that the young couple was in more danger with her standing above them. It was an amusingly unique experience, being the actual target of an assassination and not merely the body that imposed itself before the blade. "If they come for you, give yourself to the river. Lady Aquamarine will carry you to safety."

Straightening tall and majestic once more, Gin regarded the distant figures of one of the archers who had fired upon her. A smile crept across her face and she folded her arms bellow her chest... as a warm wind washed over her. The Lunar-turned-goddess flickered away into a swarm of autumn leafs, her bemused eyes the last thing to vanish from sight...

And the first to reappear behind the archer's position. The soft weight of a female body settled over the assassin's back, flooding his senses with perfumed hair and warm, silky skin. A hand tipped with silver laquored finger nails filed to delicate points rested lightly over his own, while another held a bundle of arrows those same that had been fired at her earlier - up against his throat, pressing under his chin.

"I think you misplaced these, precious..." Smiling lips whispered into his ear as the arrow-heads pricked just enough to draw a bead of blood down the shaft. "I thought I should return them."

Red Dawn: Not too far, the one Fangs killed is flung on to another... and both fall out of the roof, falling to the ground with a sickening, wet crack sound. But even looking at that, the ninja realises Gin is close to him... but is too slow to move away, and the arrows pressed against his chin. He looked at them... but was silent. Just silent.

Sapphire: The little knot of fighting off to the side seems more tranquil now, the sound not of shouts and screams but of an ocean wave, a blur of deep blue-green as the water-dragon flows through her motions. Aiming a kick at one would-be assassin's kneecap, she spins to knock another's feet out from under him; when the third comes at her with short sword raised to stab she sidesteps, grabbing his wrist with her left hand, right coming up to break his arm at the elbow.

Snowy: Snowy looks around for a target, preferably one or two of them together, and away from the others, and finding something suitable, she'll fly over and switch herself into Ascension form behind them (which is reflexive, yes?), and proceed to pummel them with the blunt end of her staff, one blow each, hopeing the weight will be enough to crack some skulls and give her a chance to do some *real* damage next time, preferably to that wood-aspect that was coming up that she hadn't warned anyone about.

Maybe this was a good time "They have dragonblood backup, watch for someone in green!"

Gin: "Mmm, now I have to wonder just why you were shooting these dreadful things at me. It is not the most becoming way for a man to gain a ladies attention." Gin mused to herself, idly spinning the arrows around as they dug into the ninja's neck. She leaned heavier onto his back, bending her other arm back to press thoughtful finger-tips to her lips. "I suppose I could think of a few reasons. But I abhor guessing games, so why don't you tell me."

Red Dawn: Snowy instantly knocks her foes off their feet, and sound unconscious... while Sapphire beats all of her foes back, falling on the walls, but still with some life in them, except for one, who is very close to just fall down... and keeping them too busy to do anything against the members of the wedding that move away close by...

And the assassin on Gin's hands simply says, "You have seen book. You must die."

And all around, the assassins move... all those in Sapphire's vicinity were on the defensive, but four manage to point their arrows towards the not-very-subtle-at-all Fangs... and three, to turn around with short swords in hand to try and cut through Snowy!

Gin: "Oooh, the book. Yes, that irritating little thing. And you kill anyone who sees it? It sounds to me a rather dull job, my dear. Why do you do it?"

Red Dawn: "It is my duty." He says simply. "To keep others in ignorance... any way we can."

Saying so, he lowers his neck in a lunge... impaling his neck on the arrow!

Snowy: Snowy turns at the idiots to tried to stab at her and swings her staff around, twirling it like a dancer, the blunt end that worked so well last time, one, two, three heads in a row, seeming rather annoyed at the large number of these idiots and how they seem to be rather relentless about this whole thing, even though they die like stupid little fools. Oh well, maybe they'll learn sometime.

Fangs-of-Winter: Fangs smiles a little wider at the satisfying crunch as the two men hit the hard stone below. She she looked to her last assailent within reach as his blade stung her, and her grin became a smile. A fanged smile.

Which disappeared when she saw blood being drawn from Sapphire. She didn't care for the little Dragon. But she was young, and innocent...

She heard her childs voice on the wind.

Rage overcame her, strong and pure. She began to run toward her. She grabbed at the Red man as she blistered past, seizing him about his neck, and lept over the edge of the roof.

In that eternal moment, the howling stillness in her ears as the wind rushed passed, a tear froze on her cheek.

She fell as if a comet, and her enjoined foe, as well as his fellow below him, bore the brunt of her landing.

The stone buckled audibly.

Red Dawn: All the ones around Snowy are struck... and fall down like Autumn leaves. They moved in five-man teams at most, and one of those was now down for the count. And Fangs, four of hers' now beaten, fell over the three around Sapphire... finally noticing she was not hurt in the least, but it was their blood, at the same time as the man in her hand and the other one got imbedded in the stone bloodily.

Gin: Hot blood spilled over Gin's fingers as the man impaled himself upon the arrows. She did nothing to truly stop it... but she did shift her grip slightly. Rather than a clean, quick spout of blood and then numbing blackness, the arrow heads only clipped his arteries. Blood oozed, rather than exploded, and to this throat came wet gurgling sounds as it oozed inward as well, slowly welling up in his lungs. Gin quickly wrapped her arm around him and leaned him back against her, both of them vanishing behind the cover of the building he'd been trying to use to hide himself. Her hand came up and closed over his throat, thumb seeking out the broken artery and pressing down, slowing the loss of blood and forcing his chin to tilt, making him watch her as she sat above him, cradling him in her arms.

"Hm." Gin mused as she plucked the arrows from his throat and set them aside. Holding up her hand, she considered the smear of crimson across her fingers. She brought them slowly to her lips, the tip of her pink tongue sliding over her bloodied hand, gently lapping it away. She slipped a finger into her mouth slowly, a look of faint savoring on her face as she closed her eyes and sucked it clean.

"Mmm." Her throat purred as she drew her now immaculate finger and examined it a moment. "Not as unpleasant as I was expecting, though I doubt I will make a habit of this."

She looked down at him, into eyes that were slowly loosing focus, into a face growing pale. The kitsune smiled sweetly to him, the look of a satisfied lover across the bed.

"You were rather boring, my darling." She told him, stroking his hair with a loving, soothing caress of her hand. "But perhaps you can still be of some use."

She curled her body around his more, her tails slipping out from behind her, wrapping around him. Caressing him. Holding him tight. There was sounds of screaming near by that made her pause a moment, then chuckle softly.

"Hmh... at least my companions are too busy killing yours to see me do this." Inches away from his throat, her lips quirked into a smile. "I really doubt they'd allow me to live it down..."

Her hand came away. Her mouth clamped over the open wound in it's place. A soft purr rose up in her throat as she suckled hard upon his neck, twin rivulets of blood leaking out of the corners of her mouth as she drank him dry.

Red Dawn: And as Gin kills the assassin, the others react...

The two left around Sapphire turn to Fangs and the blood that splattered on the stone and into their faces... and move with their swords to strike the wolf-woman! The arrows of the two that struck her before came as well, all towards Fangs-of-Winter... and for a moment, Snowy Silver Night had her reprieve...

As the Wood Aspect woman walked into her view. "Hello, Owl-Woman."

"I think you have something of mine."

Sapphire: Sapphire was surprised at the assistance, but by no means ungrateful. "Thanks!" she moves to assist Fangs in turn, striking at the ninjas from behind in a blur of movement.

Wrynn Diermidis: Half asleep, Wrynn rolls over and reaches out for Gin's purr-- whatever it represented in his dream, only he knew.

Red Dawn: ... and in front of Fangs, under Sapphire's deft movements, both men fall, the sound of their crushing bones the only thing heard before their crimson-clad bodies read the ground around the Lunar.

Fangs-of-Winter: She narrowed her eyes a little bit as she sees the men fall before her. She huffed a bit, her anger and fear flown into annoyance. Blasted DragonBlooded, looking so vunerable and proving otherwise... bah! She looks at the Wood Aspect, and says to Sapphire without turning towards her, "Can you handle these two alone?"

Sapphire: "Yes," she turns to look at the two remaining ninjas and starts heading that direction.

Snowy: Snowy looks over the wood aspect, her staff at the ready, smirking a little bit before shaking her head "What I have is not for you, in fact, I don't think its for anyone to have. It was my mistake to try and decypher it instead of simply destroying it, making your job easier. So no, you can't have it, neither can anyone else, for its contents are far too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands, and unfortunately for you, you are the wrong hands. Now, as for you, we can deal with you one of three ways, first, you can leave, go back to your little isle and live a nice long and reasonably happy life, two, you can fight me, which may turn out poorly for you, it certainly did for those following you, or three, you can have it out with Fangs there, which, no doubt, will end in someone being reduced to blood and guts and all manner of vile things. I have little doubt the someone in that case will be you. Take the easy way out and go home, cause keeping Fangs there away from you may be difficult."

Red Dawn: "Fangs..." She says. Obviously impressed by Snowy Silver Night's words, the Dragon-Blooded puppet covered by crimson thorns and vines. Her hair was half-green, half-red... like autumn coming to leaves, with every shade in-between. Her eyes are purest crimson, and she is covered in the tattered remains of a gown and the Green Jade armor about herself. "She hurt me before. But that was before. I am not alone now." The thorns sprout from her hand like horrible exploding boils. "Come, come, silver-chosen. Come, come to the red. All life begins with the red, and ends with the red. Come, come."

Snowy: Snowy steps forward, staff at the ready, looking over her armoured target, trying to figure if she was fire or wood, or even some horrible combination thereof. In the end it didn't matter, since she obviously wasn't about to leave them be with simple words, she had to be conviced of its virtue by other means, which means beating some sense into her. Of course, Snowy wanted more answers, so she couldn't kill her, but she wasn't about to let the target know that.

Snowy began simply, a few spins of her staff, a practice thrust as she moved closer, then a real thrust, right into the chest of the dragon-blood, then a second thrust into her gut, hoping the hardened moonsilver chisel tip of her staff would be enough to cut right through the jade plate.

And to this she'd add a few more of her own words, "Oh! You've met Fangs before, and obviously you came off a little worse for wear. Well, maybe this time she won't be quite so forgiving." Then she'd shout out to Fangs, "Fangs-of-Winter! An old friend of yours has returned! You should reintroduce yourself!"

Red Dawn: As the staff comes, the crimson creature smiles... and then grows more of her thorns, over her arms, all around the staff, inexorably pushing them back!

... but she is struck by the staff anyway, pushed back against a wall, her vines coming out of her and digging on the wall, digging on everything around her as she tastes the blood on her mouth... "Oooh.... little Lunar... now I will make you suffer! " Thorny vines come from everywhere around her, then, all towards the owl-woman!

Snowy: Snowy laughs as her blows get through, not once but twice, then smirks as she activates her charm to parry, shaking her head at the dragonblood "And I am simply the sorcerer of the group. No wonder Fangs chewed you up! I am sure she will have much, much fun finishing you off this time!" And she parrys, the fluid movements of her staff make it particularly easy, as does the charm, batting the vines away with her staff, both ends working to protect their mistress.

Fangs-of-Winter: She narrowed her eyes darkly. How dare the Thorny Bitch ignore her! Such insolence!!

She was already leaping as the vines sought to block her advance. Her breath leaving a streamer of icy crystals in the air as she dove straight at her victim, the last of the lesser wounds on her body sealing shut as she slammed into the vegtiable woman.

"Fight me, you overgrown stalk of broccoli"

Fangs was always on for the direct approach. A thousand minor thorns break and spinter against her flesh as she dove for the Thorn Bitch. Her muscles rippled with silver majesty as she came.

Red Dawn: ... her thorns dug deep into Snowy's skin, crimson staining the ground... and the creature was opening a very broad smile as Fangs fell over her, and all the mirth came off. "You!!!!!!!!!! Wretched wolf, I shall destroy you now! " And as she says thus, her thorns break a tenfold, a living wall between her and Fangs!

  • Sapphire steps forward, blurring and vanishing in the rain, a rather strange trick of the light since it isn't raining - and reappears on the roof behind the two ninjas! Swiftly and silently she launches a roundhouse kick at one ninja's head, flowing through a one-two punch to the second ninja.

Red Dawn: ... however, Fangs breaks through all the thorns, holding the Thorns-lady and breaking her against the street!

At the same time as Sapphire flows out of the world... missing her kick, but punching the other out of the roof, making him fall to the ground, over barrels and boxes with a loud crash!

Gin: Wiping the last trickle of blood away from the corner of her lips with the tip of her finger, Gin stole a glance around the corner at the others. Hm... they seemed to be doing quite alright for the time being. That left her free to deal with other matters. Casting around again to make sure no one paid her any undue attention - or any attention at all - Gin shifted her grip upon the cooling body in her arms and dragged him into alcove carved into the side of the building.

It took but a few seconds. Getting in and out of clothing swiftly was a skill even a simple harlot could master, let alone a Companion. Moments after the two had vanished into the building, one emerged...

The man straightened the cloth of his uniform, shifting a bit uncomfortably a moment at the... unfamiliar fit of pants. He stopped a moment longer to examine himself in the reflection of a window, taking the chance to shift the uniform a bit. All in all, not too bad. At least he wasn't bad looking and the outfit was striking, if a tad garish. Of course, anyone giving him closer inspection would likely notice the soft coalescing of light upon his head and upper back or the way it smeared through the air behind him like paint. But then the whole idea was not to let anyone get that close to get good enough a look, wasn't it?

"Now..." Gin purred softly in the man's voice, her eyes narrowing as she peered past the battle in progress towards the altar where she'd abandoned the married couple. "Where is that sweet little prince...?"

  • The couple remained there, but now surrounded by royal soldiers, as the prince tried to comfort his bride...

    And they all watched the fight.

    Awed by the lights, terrified by the vines, surprised by Sapphire's vanishing...
  • Sapphire turns again to the ninja who ducked her kick, and wades in with a quick kick-punch combination - but pulling her blows just a little, remembering her training: when there's a need for more information about an enemy, take live prisoners where reasonably possible.

Gin: Mmm... now the question was, how do you subtract one prince from several guards and have one kitsune left over? Gin did not particularly want to kill the poor guardsmen. There was always the chance they'd be useful in keeping an eye upon the bride, after all. Still, they were an obstacle...

Well, perhaps for the moment then, this called for a bit more 'subtle' touch than that of a bright red ninja...

The color leached away out of the uniform. One almost expected to see it spilling off his feet and onto the ground around him, but instead it was man himself who spilled away. Body dissolving into a pale mist that deflated onto the ground, leaving behind the tiny form of a black-eyed fox with nine tails stretched out behind it. With a twitch of her black, black nose, Gin slipped away into the spaces between overturned seats and fallen banners, streaking like a bolt of light around the outer edge of the battlefield. She paused just beyond the edge of bridge, where the guards kept watch, the streak of her tails catching up a breath later. She shifted her hind legs and crouched low.

Poor watch dogs. So intent on the fight before them, they would never notice the fox slipping into the hen house...

She ran out suddenly, silent and swift. A leap took her onto the edge of one man's shield. Another to tip of the next's spear. And the last carried her above the head of prince and bride, landing silently upon the altar behind them and slithering away behind it.

Snowy: Snowy looks at the vine-woman in Fang's capable jaws and nods a little, "Fangs, you don't mind a little assistance, hmm? Good!"

And she moves forward, looking for a good opening, spotting one, she brings the blunt end of her staff around, slamming it into the back of the vine-woman, then she spins around and goes for the knees, adding a third blow as she spins back, aiming for the same spot she hit on the the first blow. Hopefully someone will go unconcious and can be interrogated, else they'll have to deal with minions, and thats plain no fun!

Red Dawn: And all happens at once.

Sapphire strikes the ninja's face and with a swift kick... his awareness blown away like a candle in the wind, falling at her feet, unconscious. There were no more threats that she could see, and Snowy's strike at the Vine-Dragoness is strong enough to knock her unconsciouss on Fangs-of-Winter's embrace...

Snowy: Snowy watches her blows have the desired effect, vine-woman seems to slump in Fang's embrace, she seems satisfied with herself, nodding a little before looking slightly concerned. "Fangs! Don't eat her.. yet.. I want to interrogate her, she may have answers."

Fangs-of-Winter: She was already lunging forward to steal her life, but...she stops.

"She is mine after you are done with her," growled the War Goddess, and through the humbled heep of her foe to the ground. Nonchallantly, she wiped away some of the womans vile blood from her mouth, and looked at Snowy for a long moment, "Are you a-right?"

Snowy: "She's all yours when I'm done. Bring me one of those red-clad people, I want one of them. And I'll be fine, in time."

Gin: and then from behind the altar sprang a wave of red. Gin's lashed out with both feet as he thrust over the altar, planting them into the backs of two of the nearest guardsmen, sending the tightly packed lot of them scattering! The beautiful train of cloth he'd abandoned earlier in the ceremony was still laying discarded at the royal couples feet, it's trailing hem still dangling over the back of the altar. Or was, until Gin grabbed it as he passed, pulling it through the air behind him, dragging it over the head of the unsuspecting prince. With one swift, expert motion, twisted it around the prince's neck and wrists. The red ninja ran, dragging the now leashed prince behind him, letting the fluttering cloth disguise the tale-tell streak of white light that followed in his wake as he dashed for the building that Gin-goddess had vanished behind!

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn yawns and stretches, rolling up onto his little kitty legs and padding down from his sunny perch. He blinks a couple times, hops up onto Snowy's shoulder, examines the scene, and turns to Snowy. "Ninjas? Who ordered Ninjas? Isn't that rather poor taste for a wedding?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She saw the ninja steal the prince, and her eyes glowed with wrath. Twin plumes of steam issued from her nostrils. That aura about him...

The Hated was manipulating events again. There was a soft crack of bone as she clenched one of her fists tightly

Snowy: Snowy looks over to Wrynn, then nods to viney down there, "I think she did, but I don't know, I do plan on finding out. There are some unconcious ninjas around, find htem, if you wouldn't mind, please?"

  • Sapphire looks down from her rooftop vantage point for any sign of more enemies, Fangs and Snowy seem to have the vine woman well in hand, or indeed tooth - wait, one of the ninjas got through somehow! No ordinary ninja that...

    Sapphire blinks as she recognizes the figure through the faint blur, and relaxes a little. That explains how - but why is Gin staging a kidnapping of the prince? Well, presumably for reasons best known to Gin. She places a hand on the unconscious ninja, and vanishes in phantom rain again, reappearing beside Fangs and Snowy.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn arches his back with another yawn then scans the battlefield with a sigh. "If I were merely unconscious, where would I have landed?" he asks aloud as he goes from one body to the next checking them for... well... what? Wrynn wasn't fully sure himself. He pokes, prods, and shapens his claws on a few in hopes that one of them makes a noise or something.

Gin: Pulling the prince along behind him, Gin made for the building as quickly as this annoyingly large body would allow. A quick glance to the side revealed his worst suspicions; that plant woman had not lasted anywhere near as long as would have been preferred. But this may work just as well. "Mistress!" He shouted towards the fallen woman. "Do not fear! I have what we came for!"

Skidding to a halt, he stopped trying to keep his tenuous grasp on the boy and whipped the prince around, slamming the poor child bodily into the side of the building. "Lunar fools! We have the prince! And now with him, the Red Dawn will enact it's plan to destroy his kingdom and this puny settlement! You may have my mistress's body, but we will have your souls! ALL OF THEM! And you, Lunars! By protecting our enemies have made a long and lasting foe here! Now that you have chosen to side with them, you will fall with this kingdom! THE RED DAWN SWEARS IT!"

He laughed as he backed away down the alley. Laughed the cackling howl of a fiend! Laughed until he suddenly came to the alcove and then suddenly, violently cut away with a gargled gasp, body jerking into the alcove! The sound of shredding cloth filled the air as bits of red material rained out of the alcove and onto the street. The man's cried out one more time, then gasped violently and went silent. A second later, his nearly naked body slumped lifelessly to the ground... and Gin, the nine-tailed goddess of pleasure, stepped out lightly behind him.

"I think we have heard quite enough of that..."

Sauntering lazily to the prince, she unbound his wrists and helped him pull the cloth from his head. Her smile was the first thing to fill his sight... and what a sight! So soft and sensual. Her robes of ceremony were gone, instead only a light undershirt gripped her form tightly, it's silken length covering only to the tops of her exquisite thighs and unable to fully cover the tops of her full breasts. Her smile turned away as she looked first to the body on the ground beside them, then again to the bodies scattered across the wedding area. She made a thoughtful noise, looking back upon the prince as she placed the tip of her finger against his bottom lip, tapping it softly. "It seems you are a man of many enemies, your highness. Enemies we now share..."

Snowy: Snowy watches Wrynn scamper off and do his little routine, she shakes her head a little, "Wrynn! If they're bleeding from a cut, leave them, if they're just unconcious, bring them here. I knocked out four or five myself, so there should be at least that many!"

  • Sapphire blinks, eyes wide as she realizes just what Gin was doing. Now that is clever! she takes mental notes; not every day you get to learn from a master.

Red Dawn: Seeing their corpses, Wrynn notices that they... don't move. Some squeak.

Narrator: Prince Mirai Cynaran looks up... in admiration at Gin.

"Y... you... you saved my life... you all... saved us..."

"But you..." She was too beautiful, too right, too...

And so, even as royalty, he knelt before her. "Thank you..."

Fangs-of-Winter: Fangs smells their fear. She can see the dull motions of their veins as their hearts pound in her chest. She hears the perfect pitch of the Hated's voice, and crosses her arms under her chest. She narrows her eyes a bit, and sighs.

She was grudgingly impressed.

And she knew she should be ever cautious of the Hated. Trust her, and be consumed by her manipulative wiles.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn's little kitty face beams with delight as he finds one that makes noises, finally! A shock of silver light envelopes the kitty from one end to the other to reaveal a... much larger kitty. Eight hundred pounds of hard muscled male leopard to be exact, with absolutely no change in disposition. Powerful jaws pick up the squeaking man, and he pads over to deliver him to Snowy.

Snowy: Snowy looks somehow unsurprized, looking at the ninja with a few new bite marks in him, hopefully Wrynn has enough control to be able to pick him up like a mother with cubs, she nods to him "Good, There are others. You can do what you wish with them, we only need one. If you find a female, bring her, as I'd prefer to take her form over that of a male."

Gin: "Please, your highness..." Still all smiles, her hand rested gently upon the top of his head, fingers "unconsciously" stroking the lobe of his ear just out of sights. The nest of tails behind her wrapped around and collected his wrists, pulling them upwardly gently, 'accidentally' letting them brush along her thigh as she helped him stand again. "That position is unbecoming of a man of your station."

She took his hand and walked him back out towards the others, waving her hand towards the group, though stopping before they drew too close to the bloodshed. "And it was not I, alone, who did this. If you have thanks to give, they should be given to all present who risked their lives..."

Gin trails away as Wrynn, a rather large Wyrnn, pads past with what appears to be a corpse clenched between his teeth. That was... unexpected. Gin did not miss a beat however, only gave the prince time to take in the sight. "As you can see, we are a formidable lot. Rest assured, we will not abandon your kingdom to these 'Red Dawn' fiends. Indeed, we intend fully to take the fight to them."

She turned, looking fully into his eyes. "Can we count upon your support in this endeavor?"

Snowy: Snowy will get up and finally move over to vine-woman, looking her over, trying to figure out what she is, and how to disarm her. Or was this Wyld taint, something that came on surprizingly quickly if it was. Maybe Fangs could hold a clue to this. But if nothing else, she was going to try and disarm and disarmour the woman so she was less of a threat.

  • Mirai blushes. He blushes so cutely, trembling on the Goddess' grasp, looking up at the great kitsune... trembling.... his lips shaking, before she asks... and he is quick to say "Yes! " He beats his fist to his chest! "I will do anything, anything that might aid in your endeavor, great fox-goddess!"

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn nods, still holdng the ninja in his mouth, and chucks him to the side as he goes off to look for another.

Fangs-of-Winter: She eyes Snowy, and smiles softly, "Just remember I get her." She thumbs toward the Vine-Dragonness. "How is Sapphire?"

Gin: Her hand closed over that fist, pressing it firmly against his chest. "Yes. I believe that you will..." she agreed. Her eyes flickered briefly to the others, fiddling with the bodies. The prince need not be present when they began pressing information out of those captives. It was well past time for him to leave. "My fellow goddesses and my companions will need to discus at length what aid we may need. We will see you upon the morning to discus this matter further. Until then your highness, I believe you have a young bride waiting for you..."

She pulled his hand and stepped closed at once. His hand suddenly found itself buried between her breasts, engulfed in their softness. Her scent washed over him, clean and warm. There was a scent of blood to her, just a mild tang, perhaps from the air of this place, though almost seeming to come from her breath as her lips all but brushed his own in her nearness. There was nothing for him to see beyond her eyes, softly hooded and deeply intense as they overwhelmed him.

"Remember what a husbands duty to his wife is tonight. Remember and serve your office well. Honor me. " The final commandment was whispered into his mouth... and then the presence before him disappeared, vanishing into a swirling cloud of leafs that left only her lingering scent and the memory of her warmth...

Snowy: "She's all yours Fangs, I'd not dream of taking from you. but we do need one thing she has, and that is answers."

  • There are no words for Mirai. There will never be. He just stands there... still, watching the leaves.... and more impressed, and aroused, and embarassed, and awed, than he had ever been. He just stands there, for a long time... before remembering his bride, and walking towards her, regal as usual, taking her with their soldierly escort and retreating the scene...
  • Sapphire is standing there near Fangs and Snowy, entirely unscathed from that little fracas with her unconscious opponent by her feet, staring in admiration at Gin. **

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn pads from one body to the next once more, now searching out the good looking girls-- which would be just an average day for him if they weren't all dead. Instead, this was more in the 'weird' category... which admitedly, being a Lunar, was also pretty much a normal day for him. He does find one particularly stunning girl with no obvious wounds, which he drags over to Snowy, stopping to take the Hearts' blood of a fetching male. It never hurt to be prepared.

Gin: ... and as soon as his back was turned, Gin reappeared behind Fangs, appearing out of the air with her elbow resting upon the other woman's shoulder and her chin balanced delicately in the palm of her hand. She peered down past Fang's at the plant woman, then looked to the other Lunar at the corner of her eye, smiling softly. "Having fun, my darling?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She gave a great sigh, "You enjoy yourself far too much at most times, you know." She said, in her kneeling possition. Elsewise, she would have easily towered over the Kitsune. She motioned with her chin toward the Vine-Dragonness, "Dogged, but I'm rather insulted they sent someone who failed before again." She seems to frown a little bit, as if coming to some realization, but not knowing what yet. She brushes a few bloodied locks of her alabaster hair from infront of her face, "We should count heads. Make sure this wasn't just a distraction."

Gin: "Mmm..." Gin murmered in agreement. "The last time, they sent someone who fired arrows at us from quite some distance away. You recall that, don't you mistress Snowy?"

And speaking of searching the area...

"Saphire, my dear," Gin beckoned softly so as not to preempt any answer from Snowy, gesturing the dragon-girls way with an errant wave of her hand. " I left the rest of my outfit in an alcove around the corner. Go and fetch it before anyone happens to take notice of it, would you?"

Snowy: "Oooh, yes indeed, I am ready for... whoever that was.. this time. This village is a little harder though, especially with buildings and all the people. I do think our friend here will have some interesting information though."

She looks over to the female ninja Wrynn brought, checking to make sure she was still alive, since she wanted to use the ninja as an example to the dragon-blood. "Well, yes, check this place out, Wrynn will no doubt let us know if he sees anythhing. Fangs and I should watch the prisoners. I'd not want Fangs to miss her meal."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn nods happily, then blinks and looks at Snowy, "I will? I mean, I will!"

Sapphire: "Yes ma'am!" Sapphire scoots off around the corner, picking up the garments and tucking them under her robe, before returning and discreetly slipping them to Gin.

Gin: "I suppose then I should go inform master Leaf and mistress Aquamarine of the events that transpired." In a relative sense, of course. Leaning away from Fangs, Gin folded her arms bellow her chest and half-turned away, glancing back at the wolf-woman and smiling. "You enjoy your meal now, my darling Fangs. I'm sure it is well deserved. Do try not to overstuff yourself however. Then you'll be too full to play with master Leaf tonight... and I'll have to instead."

There was a sudden *whap!* as Gin turned away and Fang's felt the sting of nine tails giving her bottom a playful swat. Gin sauntered away slowly, heading back towards the distant shimmer of Leaf's manse, her last words drifting back over her should with faint amusement. "And we wouldn't want that, would we?"

Fangs-of-Winter: Her eyes narrowed and a hard grimace took her features. One of these days she and Gin were going to have a spectacular arguement.

She looks over at Snowy, "Do you ever feel like your not the mistress of your own destiny? Like some puppet master is controlling all your actions?"

Fangs sighed a bit. She was getting too introspective lately. "Anyway, interrigate the bitch, already." She placed her elbow on her knee, and then rested her chin into her palm. Until she realised it was a pose similar to the one Gin struck, and immediately ceased.