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Little Silver Waves

The day after....

While Snowy and Wrynn went into Grand Theft Pie-and-Rugs and general debauchery with members of the Guild, Fangs and Gin manipulated the Goddess Aquamarine into acquiescing their... demands. Their delight went high into the night, but they returned in the morning, finding Leaf's mansion erected into the river, formed with water and light... mostly to annoy the fishermen and the river and bridge goddess. They found him there, sleepily drunk after quite a nigh.

He had been awakened, and the day had gone by, classes had gone by...

... and seen the bright morning burning accross the river, the commotion as the other half goes crazy and stoned with the burning drugs, the tail of colored smoke high in the sky... but Wrynn and Snowy were nowhere to be found. Now, twilight of the next day... they return to find...!

Snowy: Snowy perks up a little, looking back at Wrynn, whatever form he was in. "I think I heard familiar voices!" Then she'd squirm over to the edge of the roof they had used and looks over, spotting various familiar faces looking like they're, well, looking for someone. She calls down to Leaf, Gin and Fangs "Hey! We're up here.. uhm.. we'll be down in a minute, we need to uh.. clean up."

Gin: Tipping her head back, the kitsune peered upwards at the shout, and lifted her fingers in a delicate wave to returning pair. She did not look to them for too long however, as most of her attention was taken by the head in her lap. She'd worn a shorter robe than usual and spread the cloth away from her legs, giving Leaf's head an unobstructed resting place on her thighs. Working tenderly, the Companion washed his face with a cloth and a bowl of iced rose water, dabbing the Solar's still drunken cheeks and caressing the dark circles below his eyes, squeezing a few droplets out onto his throat.

"Foolish man," she sighed tenderly as she fanned a few strands of hair from his face. "What if we'd needed you for something? Mistress Snowy and master Kitten have returned from their own outing. You should greet them."

Fangs-of-Winter: She was done with Adara for now. Banished back to her palace in the Blood, she stalked again in her Ascension form, glaring with icy eyes toward the intoxicated Leaf. For some reason his debauche angered her in a viseral manner, as did the fact Gin had unobstructed access to him in such an intimate possiton.

Oh, but he was going to get a beating when he came to. She resolved herself on that point, and it the powerful muscles of her form rippling, like boulders under her pale skin.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Hmmmm. And get up? She said she will get down soon...." He smiles up at the Kisune. The mark of Dawn on his forehead glinting under the droplets of water, like sunlight... "It's too soft here. If they got back on their own, they can come here on their own." He closed his eyes a bit, laying down the paper on and brush on his lap. He had tried to write a poem, but the headache was against inspiration...

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn hops up from behind Snowy, perching atop her head. This time at least-- he had remembered to switch back to kitten form before doing so. "Need him? Are you truely a Lunar, miss Gin? He is a dependent. A dependent with dependents no less. It seems far more likely for him to need us" the kitty states simply, licking one paw.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Gin looks at the kitten - only one, but at the first blink, there were two - and looks very much Not Happy. "... did you actually give me lip, kitty? Gin, I think I'll have to crush the kitten." He looks up at her, annoyed, but only half-hearted in his suggestion "That's ok with you?"

Snowy: Snowy sighs a little "The kitten is right though. We could move much quicker without all these.. tag-alongs. And they'd be safer without the target of the book near them." She nods a little at her own statement, shaking the kitten.

Fangs-of-Winter: "You touch him and I rip your throat out," she said with an obscure need to defend Wyrnn... and any change to yell at Leaf at the moment was one well seized.

She rolled her shoulder a little bit, "What do you suppose we do with them?"

Gin: The towel falls on Leaf's face with a wet splat, the thin cloth plastering over his features like some perverse mask. Smiling, Gin strokes her fingers through his hair soothingly. "No, I fear you'll have to do so under protest, master Leaf. And he has his uses, master Wyrnn, though they are not as varied as he'd like us to think."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn shrugs insilent cat-like authority, "Do you not pay great sums of money for miss Gin's protection and company? It is natural for the customer to rely on that which he has bought."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "You are welcome to try, Fangs..." That was a sad sigh after he had said that. Fangs was different. He knew she was tough. Tougher and stronger than he is himself, even if lacking the technique. He would do it, of course. But it'd suck in this hangover. "Protection against knives pushed on my back, protection against poison on my food, protection against many things, kitten. But not from a fair fight. You're the one to say anything, what did you do so far? Hide in the woman's clothes?"

Snowy: "Wrynn has helped us in many ways. Wrynn helped protect my identity when someone managed to figure me out. And Wrynn is the best one to keep the book safe, since its very safe if they can't ever find it!"

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn steps down from atop Snowy's head, to her shoulder, nuzzling up against her cheek. "we spent our day stealing from the guild and getting away with it. How about you, sir?"

Gin: "Enough please," Gin interrupted, raising a delicate hand into the middle of the argument... and quietly clasping another over Leaf's mouth, to be safe. When silence was finally held, she lowered her hand, placing it atop the other to cement her hold on the Solar's words. "Though there is no greater joy to the Chosen than self-promotion and glory, we do still have this issue of being the targets of assassination and mistress Snowy has brought up an excellent point. Those we bring with us are placed in danger by such close association. Some, I do not worry for the welfare of..."

A smile to Sapphire near by, a pat on Leaf's cheek, a distant stare to where she had ordered Fawn to stand on a river rock with books on her head to practice balance.

"But others may not be so equipped to endure what is to come."

Wrynn Diermidis: "I do apologize, miss Gin."the kitty bows his fluffy white head, "--it is not often one is so insistent on being found guilty of neglect. I let myself get carried away."

  • Sapphire is pleased she's not in the category of people who need to be worried about, but thinks she gets the point: "You mean maybe we shouldn't bring all the students with us, for as long as we might be attacked by the enemy who are after the book?"

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "I spent my day relaxing. After facing every last one of the do --" Of course, Gin held his lips then, before he could say -- zen red-clad assassins, and Dragon-Blooded besides, I have a right to relax. He just shrugs, then. Might be a good idea if they split, them, if it's gonna be like that.

Fangs-of-Winter: She begins to pace back and forth again, like a caged wolf. "We can only carry so much weight. They will use your disciples to strike at us eventually."

She narrowed her eyes a little as she watched the DragonBlooded. Unless they were sold out, of course. It had happened once before, after all.

Snowy: "They may use my city to strike at me, but thats not the issue. So long as they're here, they're at risk. We can't very well bring all your students to my city and simply defend it for all time. It just won't work."

Gin: "That is right, my darling," Gin said, looking up and giving Sapphire an approving smile, freeing one hand from Leaf's mouth to gently touch the girls shoulder. "As well as I understand master Leaf's livelihood depends upon them, their lives depend upon the choices he makes in regards to them. As mistress Fangs said, they will eventually turn their gaze to the weakest of us."

Looking up at the other Lunar, Gin shrugged and gestured to the town beyond. "Then we will leave them here, mistress Snowy. In the goddess Aquamarine's care. They can pose easily as acolytes in her service or find work aiding in the towns growth. I do not doubt she would suffer for the further attention of so many new worshipers."

Snowy: Snowy nods "That seems like the best plan, i'd say. We will move faster, and move with less notice if there are only... five of us, six with the dragon. Now we shouldn't waste any more time here, answers may await us in Great Forks and we're limited to terrestrial means of travel."

Gin: "There is an unfortunate determent to this plan that I fear I must bring up," Gin said with a sigh, her ear's drooping as her face fell somewhat. "As part of my negotiations with the goddess, I agreed to preside over a wedding ceremony that is to take place at her temple a week from now. It is a matter of no small importance. Great as our need for answers are, my own and my father's name will be tarnished if we do not return in time to attend."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn yawns silently stretching, "Speaking of time here, how did your discussion with the goddess go? Snowy and I have left a great scorched mark on the city that shall take a moon or so to rebuild, shall we assume you have been equally productive?"

Snowy: "Well, I would think making preparations to leave the students here would take a while. I may make a side-trip if I am not needed here."

Gin: "Equally, yes. Though I would venture to say more productive than destructive, master kitten. Should I dare ask how you left a scorch mark on an entire city?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She looked over toward Gin, and her features gained a wolfish smile, "We built bridges." A double plume of steam issues from her nostrils, and she finally settled to lean back against a nearby tree.

Gin: The kitsune tipped her head in Fang's direction, a secret, side-long glance passing to the wolf Lunar. Built, tore down, and built again. Her cheeks bent in a smile, a touch of color rising in them, before she looked away. They certainly had lived up to their side of the bargin. The goddess would not be forgetting that night.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn closes his eyes, thinking, then nods. "Amahl Farouk is a lucky man then, his treasures are safe for a week... And if he leaves before than..." he sighs. "Frustrating."

The kitten's mouth twists into a small smile at Gin's question. "Well..." he looks around for dramatic effect, as if there were guild spies listening at Leaf's door. "It turns out that guild goods are rather flammable, though it was more Snowy than I. My part was... less glorious, though the end result was most enjoyable." The kitten give Snowy's cheek a lick.

Snowy: "Oh, yes, you'll hear stories about a burning building that was crashed into by a disappearing yeddim, said building jsut happened to contain a large shipment of hallucinogenic drugs that are best used when smoked. It was a, most curious story."

Gin: So, she and Fangs had been building bridges while Snowy and Wyrnn, almost literally, burnt others down. Mmm... The kitsune's eye brow arched upwards veeeeeery slowly at the two, but all she offered was. "Please do try to avoid starting any more fires while you tend to your errands, mistress Snowy. We do need to leave a good impression upon the people here if we are to ask favors of them."

Finally seeming to remember her hand over Leaf's face, Gin took her palm away from his mouth and peeled the towel off, dipping it into the water and softly scrubbing again. "Sapphire, dear, could you go fetch a brush for master Leaf's hair? It's become a dreadful mess..."

Sapphire: "Certainly, mistress," she scampers off, returning a short time later with a brush and handing it to Gin.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn hrmphs. "I shall have you know we were doing favors for the good people of the city... Well, perhaps not-so-good. I never actually met the man."

Fangs-of-Winter: She growled a little in her throat, "Was their bloodletting?" She seemed almost disappointed by that. Though... it was an enjoyable night.

"So we are to Great Forks, then. What route should we take?"

Gin: Lifting up the Solar's head, Gin held it in place as she scooted out of the way and nodded for Sapphire to take her place. Brushing hair was an oft ignored but important part of being a courtesan. It was a relaxing, gentle exercise that, properly handled, could put your charge into a deep slumber or slowly set to flame their hungers. Gin had quietly been instructing the girl in the proper motions and now was as good a time as any to test what she had learned. How much Leaf complained later would be a good test of progress. "I've business to attend to with the goddess. On your permission of course, master Leaf."

Snowy: "Oh, the fire was unavoidable, and with what the Guild was shipping through here, I think we made some friends. And the fastest route is right out, since you're all too heavy to take a cloud, at least at this point. But i suggest whatever counts as the second-fastest method."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn considers, looking over at Snowy briefly, and thinking back to the Yeddim... "Bloodletting... no. Though some of us may be sore for days."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf grins. "I get paid to give the children classes, tho'. I'm not just leaving them here. I know of a Martial Arts dojo not too far from here, kind of a famous one, really... Four Falling Roses. We can stop by there when we leave here, and see about enrolling the kids. Shouldn't be too hard... not after I get acquainted with the teacher." That meant beating the teacher up and proving his superiority, of course. And maybe molesting if it was a she. Or a particularly eager-to-fight him she-apprentice.

"Hmmm... I don't think so. Well, if you wished to talk to her, fine... but I wanna go see what is that."

Snowy: "At least you were the right species." She sticks her tongue out at Wrynn

Fangs-of-Winter: She looked to Gin, "I suppose I shall have to attend to my part as well." She seems to consider this, and stood up to her full height. Her ligaments popped ominously as she stretches her muscles out. "Its been far too dull around here anyway."

Gin: "You'll go nowhere in my company looking like that, master," Gin admonished the Solar, tapping his nose with a scolding finger. "You'd soon be asleep anyway. This will be merely a bureaucratic discussion, nothing so entertaining as our previous talk with the goddess. Now let Sapphire tend to your grooming."

And with that, she let his head fall, Sapphire in place to catch him or no. Rising gracefully from her knees, pulling her robe closed as she did, Gin inclined her head to Fangs. "If you'll give me a moment to change into something more appropriate, we can depart."

  • Sapphire supports Leaf's head in her lap and brushes while she listens to the conversation, dextrous hands working the kinks out of Leaf's hair; it's shorter than Fangs-of-Winter's was, and less tangled, and she manages to do it without any painful tugs, in a slow relaxing sort of way.

Fangs-of-Winter: She growls a little to herself, "No wonder that one has no iron in him, pampered as he is."

Snowy: "Should we accompany you this time, or is this simply something that needs to be done by the original negotiators?"

Gin: "You had tasks of your own to attend to, did you not?"

Snowy: "I do, but it may be better if we all go, since I'd not want to leave and then have the book stolen from us while I was gone."

Gin: The kitsune stroked her chain thoughtfully a moment, then resolved with a shrug. "If you wish."

Fangs-of-Winter: She seems to think ill of the idea, but the lines had been drawn in certain matters. After all, she had given Gin her word to allow her to handle matters with the Goddess in her own way.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Wait, everyone gets to go but me? No, no, I am going together with you!" He crosses his arms around his chest, saying a little 'ow' at the combing.. his hair was too tangled, and she was still not good enough... but those were few 'ows' "I promise not to molest the goddess, servant. Really." He says with a big smile.

Gin: Gin cast the most doubtful look Creation had ever known down at the Solar, mirroring his gesture by folding her arms bellow her chest. "I do not believe you... but I suppose if we left you here by yourself, you would only get drunk and break into the meeting anyway."

Another shrug and she had turned away, tails sweeping the ground behind her as she mounted the steps back into the manse at a leisurely sway. "My freedom from the contract only extended until the end of last night anyway. We are bound as one again. You had best come along so I may keep an eye on you."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn hops down off Snowy's shoulder, looking to the manse. "Shall we all go, then? I shall change, then, just in case. Though the state of my current dress was most popular yesterday, I must say."

Fangs-of-Winter: She digs around in the large pouch on the side of her belt and produce the red gown from the other night. "I'll be right back." She said, considering it. It was a good thing it had come off so fast, considering how messy things became later that night. She shrugged, and walked behind a tree and some shrubbery.

Narrator: And then, they go...

And before long, are before Lady Aquamarine.

The priests were... quite a bit more impressed, this time.

With all of those people walking in, to the bridge and into Aquqmarine's sanctum...

Wrynn recognizes their greeter, one of the Jade-eyed aquamarine statues from before. She presents herself as 'a Berine' and tells them her goddess is waiting... but just for few. Not for that many. However, there is little argument to be broken with them, and soon they come to a room inside her Sanctum-Palace, one that seems to be... under the river, if you look at the windows, seeing fish go by. However, there is no glass keeping the water in, it simply... does not pour in. There are a few cushioned seats... well, more like minitature beds with many pillows everywhere, over them and on the ground, and she lays on one of the small, round beds, eating fruits of the season... handled to her lips by a servant girl, and held by another.

Gin, and even Saphire, can see they lack much in servant's grace.

Her cheeks redden as they come in, and memories flood her mind, touching places on her body that still ached, and did it further, with the memory alone. There was a slight hint of... being cross about something. As if she did not mean to say all she did last night... and now, could not go back. But she still adored them so much, desired them so much... "Hmmm, you brought friends? I thought we just had to talk about... bussiness."

Fangs-of-Winter: Once, there was the Gem of the South. A woman of such utter perfection that the sands of her home would become diamonds to win her merest glance. Who's beauty had been honed by the finest of Southern gempolishers, ensuring her mote was more dazzling than the stars themselves.

Which, of course, was the very reason Fangs had to eat her. Mortals so lovely caused problems. Wars started. Incarnia made Exalted of them. And with such a soft touch, could nations break.

She stood before the goddess as such, clad in the scarlet finery Gin had given her before, and moved more easily in the skin of the Wicked.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf tugged on Gin's sleeve, lowering his lips close to her ear, whispering...

"Right, she is hot. I will get details later. Juicy details."

Snowy: Snowy stays at the back. While she could negotiate, it wasn't her idea of a good time, so she had people to do it for her. Good thing Gin was here! Of course, she had made sure her robe was clean, and she's doing her best to look all dignified and someone you want to do business with.

Gin: While Fang's look may have inspired memory and desire, Gin had chosen far more formal attire for herself. She looked divine, though in a fashion that was quite literal. The kitsune glowed, her body draped in a lustrous pearl robe that kept every curve and inch of skin bellow her neck just out of sight. Her tails rode high and proud, her ears stood straight. She was beautiful and untouchable. Every inch the goddess she had become with their negotiations the night before.

"My contract holder, Seven Leaf Sorrows," she introduced, answering neither goddess nor Solar, but stepping gracefully to the side and leaving Leaf standing with arm outstretched. With an tip of her head to each in turn, she introduced the others. "And my other compatriots, master Wyrnn and mistress Snowy Silver Night. Sapphire, you have meet before, though no introduction was made. To the rest of you, I give you the lady Aquamarine, goddess of bridge and river."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn nods ever so slightly to the goddess, white tail swishing back and forth from under the hem of a dress more adventurous than the local ensembles she'd been using here in the east. Ammusingly, Wrynn had chosen her female true form for this gathering to match the other children of Luna, so she did her best to ignore the statue she'd met earlier in this very form.

Aquamarine: The goddess looks at them all... but especially at Leaf. There, her gaze is a contradiction. On one hand, he is handsome... so handsome. On another hand... even with proper attire and his hair combed, there was such a regality and divinity lacking on him. There was nothing on him that even in the slightest hinted that he could possess a companion. It was... as much a letdown as it was a puzzle. And envy.

Oh, so much envy.

Especially due to him being... that. An emperor, a noble, a high god, she could tolerate more...

But if he could, she certainly should as well!

But she reigned it down, and simply looked at them all, trying her best to feign being mightier and bored, and not to show how nervous she was for being in a room full of... Lunars. "It is a pleasure to meet you all. Please, sit, be at ease."

"Shall we proceed to bussiness, Companion?"

Fangs-of-Winter: Fangs insinuated herself onto a mount of pillows, giving the goddess an oddly affectionate smile. Unusual, from the Full Moon. She lays out, and cants her head to witness the conversation fully.

Aquamarine: And her eyes follow...and follow...

And she has to force herself not to stare, to push her eyes away.

Damnit... do not think of her dark skin... of her finger... of her... lips...

Gin: "At your will, mistresss," Gin agreed, offering the goddess a formal curtsey. She took a step back and her arm melted into place around Leaf's, giving the impression that it had been he who took possession of her. She guided him forward and to his knees on a pillow beside her, placing them both before the goddess before finally disengaging her arm. A place of honor in the negotiation, one that should have really belonged to Fangs, her fellow 'goddess.' But the wolf woman seemed content enough where she was.

Snowy: Snowy moves up, she'd like to see how this is done, still staying behind Gin and Leaf, since she wasn't going to participate, but yes, she wanted to learn, and apparently learn from a professional, and with a spirit, something she'd really not learned how to do, but no doubt will come up in the future!

  • Sapphire sits quietly on a pillow, watching and listening, taking in the nuances of expressions, trying not to blush as she sees the goddess's gaze and remembers the reason she might want to stare at Gin.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf moved out of his knees as soon as she lowered him into the ground, sitting down on the ground lazily, his hands on the ground to support him. He yawned a bit, watching the goddess... and thinking of the 'negotiations'. Oh, they were probably very good that night, if the Goddess was looking at Fangs like that. Not that she shouldn't. In fact, he begun to do the same right after the Goddess did.

Fangs-of-Winter: She did her best to look desirable. Which was rather easy when she was wearing Adara's skin. Her toned muscles ever so supply tensed with each motion, her every gesture one of grace and sinuous senuality. Yes, Adara had been a terror best removed from the world.

Aquamarine: The man irritated her. Oh, he did. Flaunting the companion, mocking her etiquette... she grit her teeth, and looked at Adara again.... and once again, found it hard to pull away. This was. Not.Fair. "So, Companion... you asked me for... deification, yes? A goddess of pleasure, and a goddess of... battle, is it, lovely Fangs?"

Fangs-of-Winter: She smiled softly, and decoriously nodded her head.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "... wait, what the fuck? " He lets out, looking strangely at Gin.

... you traitor!

Gin: Gin let the others trade their looks, taking note of where each glance was placed, but keeping her own eyes leveled firmly on the goddess. The kitsune wore a polite smile, but one purely formal and without any of the weight of memory from the night before. Not that she had forgotten it, but there was no value in employing those memories just yet...

"In name, yes. In nature, we are already as close to such as one could be. We lack for an organized worship of followers however, while you lack for companions in a court. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement."

... and then Leaf made his outburst. Eyes blinking rapidly, she turned towards him in feigned surprise, gaze wide and innocent. "Is there a problem, master Leaf? Are you not well?"

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn's dress ebbs around her form like a tide as she walks slowly about the room, each step pronouced with that same toe-set feline gait she'd displayed in the pie kitchen. Here, it was more obvious that this was not an attempt to seduce, not a well calculated enticement, but simply the relaxed walk of one more feline than otherwise. Picking each step through the pillows with ease, she searches, and decides on one particularly fluffy specimen, seating herself long after the rest.

Her leopard-spotted white tail gives a flick as she seats herself, preventing the forrest green dress from being sat upon. The dress is formal, not entirely revealing but simple and subtle with a tall cut down one thigh allowing her a deal of flexibility-- which she makes ample example of as she stretches into a relaxed posture. One golden-red eyebrow raises in question at Leaf's exclamation, full-length hair done up in black ribbon sweeping gently as she turns to see what the commotion is about

Seven Leaf Sorrow: So, she had won. She was getting the worship first. It made him want to.... kill her! Spank her! To... to.... damnit. "... nothing. I just, um." He looks at her with narrow, narrow eyes under his black bangs, which seem to say we are having a long talk when we get home. And a spanking. "... nothing at all."

Snowy: Snowy seems.. remarkably unperturbed by this whole thing. It never really did in negotiations, yelling and screaming and accusations. She simply watched and learned.

Gin: For him alone, her brows shifted, her lips quirked, and Gin's measuredly polite expression somehow became the very face of fox-ish mischief. But as she bowed her head to him in acquiescence of his reassurances, the look was gone, though her tails coiled their way around his waist with a protective possessiveness.

Aquamarine: "... control yourself, Leaf." The goddess says scornfully as he lets that out, her eye narrowed and superior, as if to show every bit of power and nobility she had and he did not. She seemed a single word away from starting a spiel about how the uncouth, unmannered man was unfit for a companion, or to put his feet in her sanctum to begin with. And yet, she just looked back at Gin. "Yes. It would benefit us both, I would think... but to become worshipped, you need more than my help. It will only grow with my influence, which is growing faster every time, but not half as fast as I hoped... took me five years to create just this little township."

"We need some... public display, as well. Yours' can easily be the Wedding of my daughter to the prince of Cynara. The wedding will be in a week. It will be here, and that will give anything in official bussiness in Cynara a seal to pass without paying the tithe. Which will take a great expense from their trade... and present a great profit for them, in selling the seal to private citzens. Cynara is a day's ride away. There will be a feast here, and a palace built for the Prince and my daughter... but the true party will be when they get there, two days hence."

"I welcome further ideas for you... and any for our lovely Fangs..." Her eyes and expression begun to get carried away again...

Fangs-of-Winter: She smiles softly to herself, "I shall think of a few displays, I think. Though perhaps a culling would be more appropriate to my sphere. Tell me, do any Raksha dwell hereabouts?"

Gin: "Raksha? My darling, no! " Gin cried in horror at the thought, turning in her seat to look back at Fangs. Her expression openly did not match her tone however, instead something so much more calculating and sly. "Why settle for a mere Raksha when you could be seen besting in epic struggle one of the most terrifying creatures in the world?"

Fangs-of-Winter: "I've battled one of the most terrifying creatures in the world. It had a lovely singing voice." She said, with a wolfish grin. She lay back against the pillow, and mused a bit. Gin had stroked her ego, "Though, who is this creature of whom you speak?"

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf shrugged then, showing a dangerous grin to the goddess... and pulling Gin to him, arms around her, kissing her hair and nuzzling it a bit. Taking a bit out of her composure and annoying the goddess, he realised, to boot. The icing on the cake was, of course, a golden light appearing over the bandanna on his forehead. Who am I, is that what you want to ask, bitch? That's who I am!

Aquamarine: "We are out in the middle of nowhere, and there was nothing here before... what do you think? They have a pact to stay out of the road... usually... but not too many abide to it. The farmers used their wards, but nobody around here is good enough to truly keep them away. They always take some people out, pray on us, play with us. Only the Guild does real deals with them... Farouk and his soul-eaten lust-pets." She begins to dismiss the man when Leaf... shines with Dawn. She edges away from them. Just a little. Envy, Jealously, Anger, Fear, all of it rolls on her face while she waits for Gin's own answer on their predicament...

Snowy: Snowy perks up a touch at the mention of Farouk and what seemed to be him being *with* the Guild, not against it, though she doesn't say anything. This was bad, this was very bad, and she'd have to do something about it.

Gin: "Why, an Anathema, of course..."

Leaf could not have possibly played into it any better if he had been trying. Gin settled back against him in languid sensuality, her body all but melting against him, the hem of her robe pushing open against the strain of her chest. Her hand came to his face, cupping his cheek and stroking it delicately. That golden halo glowing around him, the greedy way he grabbed for her, and how easily he subverted her calm demeanor for one of submissive lust; could there be anything more wicked in the world?

"That is why master Leaf came along, is it not?" she asked, tipping her head back to peer up at the Solar. "To offer his services in staging such a conflict?"

"It truly will be quite simple," she said, taking her hand from Leaf's face and gesturing through the air as though painting the picture she described. "After the people of this town bare witness to the vile Anathema Seven Leaf Sorrows dominating and defeating the master of the Four Falling Roses dojo, who shall of course be in attendance here on your invitation, my dear goddess, they will quake as he marches towards the town with an ever swelling army of followers... whose ranks will be provided by his own students, of course. Then, from the wild, comes a woman of untamed beauty and majesty, who stands almost alone to face this menses. You and I will both be at her side, of course, less our own worship be all but subverted with thoughts we do not care to protect this place. But our part will merely be to hold the golden demons followers at bay, while Fang-of-Winter herself confronts him."

Clap! Her small fist struck her palm with a resounding blow. "And defeats him."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn sets herself languidly back, clueless about what had passed between Leaf and Gin and equally neutral about talk of worship. Wrynn's reputation was great as many gods', he was easily more widely known than this particular specimen, he worked hard for that reputation, but that was just it-- these things took work. Just look at what Fangs and Gin were going through! Weddings? Staged hunting? It would just muddy his contracts if people thought he owed them something. Wrynn would not be dictated to by anyone, most certainly not so-called 'worshippers'

He totally misses the reference to Farouk

Snowy: Snowy finally pipes up after hearing Gin's plan "Ambitious, and completely unworkable. I should know. If Gin and Fangs truely wish to be worshipped, they will have to stay and work at it. My people were accepting and welcoming and I still felt the need to secure my position, truely help the people who were helping me. One act does not make a Goddess, one act makes a hero. And hero worship is short-lived, it only lasts as long as the hero is performing known deeds. So I suggest you reconsider your plan, since I believe it will fail, and it will fail greatly."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Oh. Him. " She waves her hand dismissively. "He's really rather frail for the terror he is. My love bites alone have left him bed riden, after all." She smiles over toward the Goddess, "Mm, some small trouble then. I shall bring you some of their heads, I think."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He followed the picture, enjoying how she melted against him, rubbed him... and was, for the most part, following it. But for the part of being beaten... but even then, if he got to look good... "Hmmm. Make it when the people of this wedding will be around. I get to break some things on the streets and punch some decent army people, then. Will make it more... epic." He grins at Fangs. "You forget. That I am not so frail anymore, Fangs. As you will see.... but I am not going to fight you seriously."

"I will leave that for the night after."

Oh, stew on that, Goddess-girl.

Fangs-of-Winter: The looked into the goddesses eyes, and Adara's crystal blue ones reflected her like twin pools. She leaned a little closer, and whispered delicutely as a dew drop, "We can't have you worrying about your flock, for it distresses me so. Your mind should always be on... pleasent matters, my Aquamarine." She gives the goddess a slow smile, her words coming as puffs of steamed air from her lips. She places a single finger on her abdomine as she says it, stiring a little circle of the fine silk of her gown.

Gin: "Only so long as the hero is performing known deeds. " Gin echoed back to Snowy, casting the other Lunar a glance from the corner of her eye. Unoffended, even welcoming of the remark. "You underestimate mistress Fangs if you truly believe she will fade into obscurity so swiftly. As well, we will hardly abandon this town so entirely soon after. Our path is one too dangerous for mortals to walk, but only at this moment. Once the matter with this book is settled, it will be little difficult to return or even send for those to train to spread our names."

"I would say you took a far more difficult path, mistress, in achieving your worship. My father is a god and I've yet seen him perform a single miracle in public. One needs not impress the masses more than once and then after, you simply must keep your publicity up. Keep your name fresh in their ears. You legend circulating. They will come and they will pray."

A dismissive shrug. "It is their nature."

'Aquamarine: "That... is a plan. That is an interesting plan, Companion..." How could she not be entirely sure? The Goddesses... the moments... "Hmmm, Fangs has to come to my side when it is over, then. To show she is part of my pantheon, my companion.... so my reputation is not tarnished for letting the soldiers be hurt." Oh, she stewed on that. The implied suggestion that he... and Fangs... Fangs, who was so desirable. So beautiful. So lovely. So... so.... they should be hers! They should be all hers', not of this... uncouth... creature. Solar or not! Fangs should come to her, and stay with her!

Snowy: "Their nature is not to be exploited! They may be uneducated, they may do what they're told, but they do know when they're being used. If you use them too much, they won't respond to you. But please, go ahead and stage a fight, for while Leaf may be a Solar Anathema, we too are Anathema in the eyes of the Realm of Dragonbloods. Albeit ones they have less expierence dealing with, a great show of force may bring the Wyld Hunt here, and that is the last thing we need, *more* people hunting us."

Wrynn Diermidis: "Though." Wrynn finally speaks up. "Nothing reinforces a belief so much as being told it is wrong by one you despise."

Gin: "It is far too late to worry of the Realm," Gin answered breezily and looking away from Snowy, disinterested at the moment in being drawn into an argument over the morality of manipulating mortals. "They already hunt master Leaf."

Facing the goddess now, the kitsune gave her a soft chuckle. "That she should, my dear goddess. I should I. It is a triumvirate of divinity we are creating, not merely a trio of unrelated images. Let them see their deities stand united. In this way, we can work to raise up one another."

Snowy: "They know of me too, the Wyld Anathema Goddess-Queen of Resplendat Peak. Do not tell me that they do not hunt us. A show will bring them here *faster* and we. do. not. need. that! If this happens, I will leave and meet you at a predesignated location later, I will take the book with me to keep it safe, since this little charade will be a great happening and not very safe at all."

Aquamarine: He is? Yes! The Wyld Hunt has to catch up with him, and kill him. Slowly. SO SLOWLY! Mwahahahaha.... oh, wait. Book? What...? She tilts her head towards Snowy, suddenly so curious... "Book? Which book is that you are talking about?"

Snowy: "A tome we have been charged with the defense of. I will say no more, for it may bring you trouble. More trouble."

Fangs-of-Winter: She touches a nail to the top of the goddesses hand, and turned her wolfish expression toward Gin, "Specticles are all well and good, until they are topped by something greated. A constant, lasting change I could impliment more subtly would perhaps garner the same gain."

Wrynn Diermidis: Silence. Then, suddenly, there is no secuctively feline woman in the room, there is only soft fluffiness and big, round eyes, and the stare straight into the goddess's soul. "Myao?"

Aquamarine: Aquamarine looks at the kitten... so cute... so cute... so... extremely...

... where was she, again?

She hears Fangs' words, and touches the Lunar's chocolate palm, gently beckoning her closer, beckoning to lay together with her... not thinking of anything else. She lost her train of thought, let the others speak about... whatever it is they were speaking.

But my, what a cute little kitten.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn pads over to Snowy and hops onto her shoulder, nuzzling her ear with cold, cute nose, whispering. "You need to be more careful... Godesses can be such gossips."

Gin: "Mistress Snowy," Gin sighed resignedly. "I have readily expected the Wyld Hunt to set upon us every day from the moment master Leaf told me he was hunted. Beyond the fact there is some actual benefit in it for us, this display will in no way hasten their arrival than any other display he has made thus far. Nor than the one we made upon our arrival to this town. Nor in the one we made upon gaining possession of that book. If they would come after us, I would dare say they are already making their way towards our position as we speak."

"My paranoia exceeds yours by a thousand fold, my dear woman. You need not warn me of the dangers so insistently."

So said, she returned Fang's look and gave her an understanding nod. "As could I. The problem facing us, my dear, is that we do not have time for lasting changes. Our stay here is but temporary at the moment. If anything is to be accomplished before we move on, it must be decisive."

Snowy: Snowy looks frustrated, very frustrated. She simply sits back down, sighing heavily "Then you already know your own foolishness and I'll not speak of it again."

Aquamarine: Hmmm, they were arguing. But she would not speak of it again.... hrrrrm. She turned her gaze to the Water Aspect then. To the exceedingly... well-bred Water Aspect. So shockingly so, as she had never seen before. And so she called for Gin's attention, when she Snowy finished her words... wondering why she had been so distracted. Was it the kitten? Was it Fangs? Must be Fangs, so... ravishingly close to her... "Please tell me, Gin. How did you acquire such a Dragoness in your service?"

Fangs-of-Winter: "I would only need a night or two. I'm sure the Lady Aquamarine would be kind enough to house me. Besides, I am faster than most of you. I can merely catch up."

Aquamarine: The goddess looks up at Fangs... "A night or two?"

Gin: "Mmm, it is a curious story..." Gin said with a smile, looking on towards Sapphire herself. She held up a hand to the girl, patting one of the pillows closer to her. "Though perhaps master Leaf is better suited to telling you of it. It was through he that she came into my company, after all..."

  • Sapphire scoots over to sit on the indicated pillow next to Gin.

Fangs-of-Winter: The smile she gives the Goddess is full of promises, "Oh, yes. A night or two." Her eyes sparkle, and she allows the goddess to move closer. She gently slides her finger over the deities forearm, and lays it to rest over her hand. She looks over to Leaf and cants an eyebrow upward.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Oh, that is... a story." Leaf nods, his fingers idly playing over Gin, seeing how insistently the Goddess pushed Fangs to her... and oddly. He felt almost possessive now. And he didn't get Fangs in a pretty dress and looking so beautiful, damnit! "She was with the House of the Silken Gold. Trained as a Servant by them. You know, bussinessmen, slave traders, criminals, protection rackets, all that? I had objected to one of their... things." He nods, "Which is to say I beat the crap of them all and broke their sweet deal. So they decided to plead for peace and gave me Saphy here."

"Only, they were lying, she was just there to drug me, and open the door for an assassin. They tried to train her with rose-tinted glasses, since she didn't knew it was an assassin, tried to stop him, and... Exalted. I decided to keep her. She certainly learns much faster than the Mortals. I gave her to Gin, tho'. I could only teach her the Arts, not all the things she grew up in. That's Gin's scene." He reaches a hand to the girl's hair and mussles it a bit. "And that's not too far from me anyway."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He finished, and looked to Fangs, a little angry. Damnit.

That bitch had hurt him so badly...

He shouldn't be feeling possessive!

  • Sapphire smiles in a sort of bashful, sort of proud and happy way as Leaf tells the story. He's the one person in the world by whom she likes having her hair mussed.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine gently pushed Fangs to her, her face to her bosom... wishing to have Fangs on her arms. Such a desirable, dangerous woman... "I... see." She says, and Gin can see how she is relieved that Sapphire belongs to Gin now, apparently, not to Leaf... "She seems to be of... good breeding." Gin had seen enough Dragons in the Great Forks, learned enough from them, to know how much Aquamarine was understating it. "Since we were talking about sanctifying marriages... I have a son that would be a good couple to her. And maybe unite us more, Companion? What do you say?"

  • Sapphire blinks, eyes wide. That's something she wasn't expecting!

Fangs-of-Winter: As if she didn't have enough pillows to contend with. But, these were warm, and Aquamarine wasn't an unpleasent woman. So, she allowed her head to be pressed to the goddess' breast, and layed in her arms. She gently began to stroke the River's thigh with the back of two of her fingers, slowly.

Gin: "A tempting offer," Gin smiled easily at the proposal, turning towards Sapphire to see the Dragonesses reaction to it. Would the girl desire that? Her eyes asked it plainly. A life as the wedded daughter of a goddess would be a far easier one than that on the road with a pair of anathema. And while Aquamarine could not offer her the sort of wealth and comfort that a prelate of the Realm or an Eastern emperor could, it would none the less be a good, comfortable life to live.

But, Gin would not make that choice for her. Not openly. The Companion touched Sapphire's hand, asking without words what the dragoness desired.

Sapphire: "I, um, uh... I don't know, I mean I haven't even met him yet?" She hasn't had time to really think about the question and doesn't want to give offense, but if she were going to contemplate saying yes, she'd definitely want to meet the prospective husband first at least!

Aquamarine: Aquamarine notices the look... and curls her up sweetly, holding Fangs possessively now, her hands exploring down her crimson dress, so subtly now, to the frenzy of the night before... "She would be a princess here, with my sweet prince. We will grow... soon, there will be the mansion of the prince of Cynara and my daughter, and others... we will build walls, and soon... a great temple. And you will live there, mature as a high prietess, a protector, your offspring, certain to be Chosen, will bless the lands..." She trails out, and then smiles to Leaf as her hands touch Fangs' thighs in turn... "Would you like to meet him? That can be arranged, in this week..." She smiled, beckoning, inviting. She had thought of this from the second she had seen that impressive, unearthly pedigree the night before... but now, it was sweeter. A link to Gin. The feeling of 'stealing' something out of Leaf. The latter, the most...

Sapphire: "Um, yes, I would be honored to meet him," she smiles, regaining some of her composure. Meeting the goddess's son doesn't commit her to anything and it might be an interesting and pleasant experience in its own right.

Gin: She patted Sapphire's hand in approval. A wise choice to make. Arranged bindings such as those could be unfortunate, when you knew nothing of what you got into. Though, sometimes...

Gin stole a glance at Leaf from the corner of her eye. Her tails suddenly unwound and caressed the Solar's flanks. Her ears drawing down against her head, she nuzzled up against his chin and shifted her shoulders to settle deeper against his chest, thrusting herself slightly into his toying touch...

Sometimes, you could luck out, one way or another.

"It is settled, then. My dear little dragoness will meet with your child. I will insist upon a chaperone for the occasion..." Gin searched the room a moment, before her gaze stopped upon Snowy... and then traveled upwards to the white ball of fur atop the other Lunar's head. "Master kitten, would you be willing to play this part? It is a position of honor."

Fangs-of-Winter: She strokes up a little higher, the finger moving until it is a full hand, gently sliding her fingers back and forth over Aquamarine's abdomine. She smiled a little to herself, and enjoyed Leaf's discomfort privately.

It would be an enjoyable two days.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn licks the back of one paw in thought. "If you wish, miss Gin. Though.. mm.. something may come up during the week with a certain merchant... I will make myself available whenever is best."