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Little Silver Thorns

In the basement of a warehouse, tied up to a wall, Sienna, the Lady of Vines and Wicked Smiles in the body of a Wood-Aspected Dragon-Blooded has just been interrogated by Gin and Snowy Silver Night. And after their interrogation, she was left just... speechless, by Gin. Too angry to shout, too defeated to say anything else...

And then, she just screams nothing in particular as Snowy and Gin see themselves outside of the room...

Snowy: Once outside, Snowy motions to Fangs that they're finished, then she gives Fangs a little bit of a grin, "I'd start with the throat."

Gin: There was something slightly troubled upon Gin's usually serene face, as she followed Snowy out the door and the scream that rang out behind them made her ears fold themselves flat against her head. She started to drift past the others, thoughtful and lost, when her ears perked up at Snowys comment. Gin stopped with her back to the others, arms folded before her, fingers gripping just a little. "No. Be gentle, if you can. Try not to make the pain last... please."

Gin said the final word so quietly, it was barely a tickle of the ear, but the quietness gave a desperation to the plea. She sauntered on to be alone with her thoughts.

Fangs-of-Winter: Fangs had very excellent hearing in her Ascention. Her hands were crossed under her ample bossom, and she leaned against the wall as she waited for Snowy to finish. The structure had warped and cracked a bit, as if exposed to the coldest Northern nights for a tenday. A twin stream of mist left her nostrils every now in then, her patience long.

She did not look up from her contemplation of the conversation as they leave, the scream burning in her ears dully.

She closes her eyes at Gin's words.

Though she hated the Kitsune at times, she had difficulty at this moment.

She said nothing to either, but merely walked into the room, and closed the door behind her.

The sound of the door closing is as soft as it was thunderous.

Sienna: Sienna lifted her gaze, which was... every bit murderous. "So, we meet again, Fangs-of-Winter."

Fangs-of-Winter: She squatted down a little, "Mercy is not something I am well schooled in giving. Little is shown me, so little do I show."

The light caught her eyes the right way, reflecting the light back at Sienna. They burned silver. "I really don't get along with the two that just interrogated you, but I have been alone for a very long time."

"You tried to take that from me," she rose again. "My impulse is to skin you. Leave you bleeding hide out staked on poles of wood as a warning."

Sienna: "So much of a Full Moon. Do you think I will mind returning to the Red, Silver Blade?"

"Are you offering me mercy? So did the others. I said nothing." Orange eyes look at her, shimmering. The thorns wobble under her skin.

Fangs-of-Winter: She gave her a soft smile, but there was no warmth in it.

She was on her before on the next heartbeat, her hand closed firmly around her neck. The swirling patterns of ink along her arm shined faintly silver, and made a slight twist of her wrist, causing a snap to emit from Sienna's neck.

"No, I am not."

Sienna: Her neck broke... and the Wood-Aspected Dragon-Blooded died on Fangs' hands... and all the thorns came out, an insane outgrowth all over the room, to rip into Fangs, and make her host to more of the thorns, more of the vines! They fill into the walls, breaking it like roots break stones...!

And Fangs remains untouched in the heart of the forest. It breaks walls... it breaks the body... but it cannot break her skin, it cannot pierce her skin. There is just a shimmer in the air.... a red shimmer, as Fangs fill the vines breaking in her, filtering into her body... "You broke my host, Silver Blade. Now you have to give me another in return... a beautiful, powerful Moon-Blessed one... open up... be my fertile ground..."

Fangs-of-Winter: She pursed her lips ever so slightly, "I would... but something tells me you would desire to command, not to serve."

Sienna: "Of course I do." The spirit shimmers... it is a mass of vines, with two eyes like two burning suns.... orange. So deeply orange. Like gems... like amber, almost, a red-cast amber. Their light basks the world on what seems like poison, as her vines, the ephemeral ones, try to find other entrance in Fangs' soul, through blocked paths, much as roots try to find their way to sunlight... "Not simply command. Hollow. Your soul will cease to exist... but your beautiful, beautiful body... will be all mine. Like this Wood Aspect here. Her soul was delicious, her body powerful."

Fangs-of-Winter: She felt the vines in her mind, attempting to cease control even as she quipped. This... was not good.

She focused Essence through her Anima, and her slender musculature flexed as she whirled, ripping the vines that sprouted from her as she lept away. Her tattoos began to glow constantly silvery as she hurled herself directly into a support beam for the structure, causing to crack and give way.

Sienna: Fangs strike it... and it all falls. All of it.

Crushing the vines below her... crushing the body she could never drink... bringing down it all.

And then, she hears the words... And feels the soul-vines.

"Silly shell. How can walls crush what is not real?"

Fangs, down there in the dark, sees her appear... and on the mass of soul-vines, appears the smiling face.

"Be my fertile ground. Be my mother. Be the womb of my thorns."

Fangs-of-Winter: Fangs did not fear, for she smiled. She had brought her close. She felt the change come over her vocal chords, even as the muscles of her lungs swelled with Essence.

Fangs let forth her Howl. The world shattered.

Stone gave way under the force of it, and the wood around her splintered and broke. Muted as it was by the rubble, Fang's battle howl could still be heard.

  • Snowy falls backwards a bit before catching herself as the building she's leaning against implodes. She turns around and looks at.. oh.. oh my.. thats not good at all. She stares at Fangs, "What in malfeas is going on in there?!?!?!!!!!"

Sienna: Her image amidst the rubble ripples... but she still stands.

"Why be so violent, mother? Just open up. Just accept it. Your howl hurts... but it cannot touch me..."

"Just give in."

Fangs-of-Winter: Her muscles flexed, and like a volcano erupting, her flew from the wreckage of the building, into the air, her eyes blazing. When this was over, she was definately devoting some time to learning how to kill spirits.

  • Sapphire steps around the corner... and gawks. What the...?

Sienna: Physically, vines begun to grow out of the wreck of the building, but slow... for a supernatural growth, that is. They just begun to appear, thorny vines over the collumns and the pieces of rocks and wood... and the shimmering mass of vines, unreal, ephemeral, like smoke, rises... watching them all with the smiling doll-face of orange amber eyes. "Running away, Silver Blade?" She giggles, and then laughs, looking at Snowy in front of her... "Hello, Snowy. Would you prefer to be hollowed out instead?"

  • Snowy looks at the vines and steps back a little, shaking her head "You know, you're not the first vine or tentacle beast to ask me that recently, and my answer is still no. Maybe you should have a word with Aschrael, since you both seem to want the same body!"

Sienna: She tilts her head to the side, amused at Snowy.

"You met Aischral? Um." She looks around... "Maybe I will keep to Fangs, then."

And then the shimmering soul-vines went toward the place Fangs had just landed in...

Snowy: " 'Met' is putting it mildly," she comments to the vines.

"Fangs! Run! Or.. something... but I suggest running!"

Fangs-of-Winter: Her lungs forceful, her vocal cords taught, her shout could clearly be heard by Snowy, "Fire! Try fire!" She hit the ground, ending her leap, and was already making another as the soul-vines came at her. She closed her eyes and nodded to herself, coming to a conviction. If she was possessed... before she lost control, she would become a rat, and aim for Aquamarine's river, and drown herself.

  • Sapphire meeps, if this is out of the genestealer werewolf's league it's definitely out of hers! She turns to run, hears the shout, and sprints for wherever she can get fire - an oil lamp, there've got to be plenty around here, and some spare oil for good measure!

Sienna: The shimmering manifested spirit watches Fangs leave... "Oh. Well, that is... too bad." The vines try to stretch, she tries to move... but Fangs move too, too far. She spends all her movement... for nothing. Only to watch Fangs land close to the river. The shimmering spirit stands atop a barn, watching Fangs from afar... and then she turned.... to the girl breaking the oil lamp on the street. "Well... from Wood to Water, then..."

  • Sapphire spins, oil lamp raised, taking a moment to see the shimmering. "Okay, have some of this!" she flings the lamp, smash-splash! fire igniting on the barn, and raises the spare flask of oil preparing for her next throw.
  • Snowy looks around and shakes her head "Sapph, run! Everyone split up! Make sure someone tells Leaf."

Sienna: The fire begins to catch on the bar... but the spirit leaps down from it, landing in front of Sapphire... "So young. Just so young. But so resplendent in your markings... child of Water, wielding fire... will this make a home of smoke for me?" She asks, smiling at Sapphire as the barn burns behind her...

  • Sapphire squeaks in fright, dropping the other flask of oil and turning, spinning with a twirl of her robe - vanishing! She reappears on a rooftop some hundreds of yards away, leaps to the ground and dashes across the road to where she thinks Leaf is, opening the door and running in without even knocking!

Fangs-of-Winter: There was a wisdom spoken of in the North.

Don't turn your back on pissed off Wolf Bitches.

And upon seeing gentle Sapphire running from the thing, she snarlled in rage, and lept toward the barn, crashing through it, and emerging almost in one breath; a huge, flaming beam in her hand. This, she threw at the spirit.

Truely, Northerners were quite wise.

Sienna: "... she vanished. She vanished."

"The hell is up with prey around here? STAY STILL, DAMN YOU!"

Leaf: As Sapphire bursts into the door... she sees Leaf. Not too clothed, together with a woman... an aspect of Wood, clad in a black kimono, which is mostly pushed out of her, arms tied behind her back, long black hair filled with rose petals on her face, rose eyes that are full of ecstasy... and then turn to Sapphire, startled.

"Didn't I / he teach you to knock?!? " They asked, in unison!

Sapphire: "G-G-Ghost thingy!" she's blushing but for a few seconds her fear of the spirit monster outweighs her fear of a pissed-off Leaf. "it it Fangs she it chased her away and she was like running and scared and she said use fire and I'm sorry and I tried fire and it didn't work and it was glomping on me oh sorry! and Snowy said no good everyone run and make sure and get you and uh uh I'm here and I'm really sorry for bothering you! much humiliation!" she bows then, forehead to floor.

Sienna: "Come back here, you little..." The doll in vines said, her smile breaking into a mask of fury... and then the fire goes through her. Burning... burning deep. Even before turning, she can feel the moonlight, see her shadow cast in it. And turning... the great dire wolf that is Fangs. "... that hurt, Wolf-Bitch!"

I am not supposed to be hurt by substantial things!

She seems quite... surprised.
And furious.
And just a little... afraid, at the unfurling anima....

Fangs-of-Winter: A great spectral wolves' head of shadow hovers above days, the world turning to ice about her, giving a howl that shook the planks near her. Fangs broke a pot of oil over her hands, and once done, she held them in the fire. Fangs smiled fiercely, her hands immoliated. Her flesh crackled and blackened, only to be continually healed by her battlemagics. Though her ability to regenerate would be comprimised by this tactic... she was in a mood to teach a lesson.

With that, the Wolf Bitch came again at the horror...


Leaf: Rose looks at the girl... "Ghost? You are anathema. Strike it down."

Leaf, one the other hand, trying to find out what to think at all this... and trying to pacify his dragon, pushing away from Rose... "Well. We are not... well, I was getting there, you see. I just never, um..."

"... you cannot?" Rose lips curled in a smile. "The great 'god of war' and you cannot touch a spirit?"

"*I* can! I just never taught... "

Her answer was just the very, very loud gritting of his teeth.

"Well, then. Untie me, then, Master Leaf!"

And so he did, ripping out the chains that bound her, and dressing properly as she did so herself, he walked to Sapphire, speaking a very annoyed "Get up." Damnit, first he gets frustrated on his play and now he gets to be schooled by her? Damnit damnit.

Black Rose: And Rose herself, now more composed, hair still messy and sweat still on her face, but mostly like a good sifu that she was, walked up to Sapphire, smiling at the girl. A fellow terrestrial like herself. It felt much better than the anathema, just standing next to her... and it felt doubly more shameful that it was her that had seen Rose so... humilliated... "Where is it?"

Sapphire: "Um, I don't know how, I tried fire like Fangs said but it didn't work." She hops to her feet at the command: "Yes master," she keeps her eyes cast down to the floor to not see compromising things until everyone's ready. "This way!" she has a good reply to the last question at least, and sprints out the door, leading the way to the enemy.

Snowy: Snowy is sort of standing there, watching this. Aischral has finally proven himself useful, at least by association, by keeping her protected from this thing. So she watches, and waits, wondering exactly what is going to happen, because this could be.. interesting!

Sienna: "Fire did hurt... but I guess I can put it off... when I hollow you out." The mirage said, now like a full doll, once again with the maniac smile, vines coming out of her dress in all parts...

"come, Fangs-of-Winter! Come! "

And as Fangs come for her, she disappears as mist around Fangs' strikes, trying to evade each... Fangs goes through her, however... again and again, the burning intent of Fangs-of-Winter touches the unreal, and burns the spirit... just a little, on each blow. Just too little. But enough to burn, every time... and before Sienna can realise, she is screaming in pain! Searing, burning pain from all the fire!

"D... damn... damn you... I will hollow you out, Lunar! I will have you! "

Black Rose: "You are not having anything, demon."

Black Rose steps foward, and irises begin to bloom at her feet, breaking away...
The Iris Bloom.
One with Heaven and Earth.

"You are only going to die."

Sienna: Sienna felt the burning... Fangs could kill her. Even now, Fangs could kill her...

And when the Dragoness showed up... one that knows the Bloom... that can touch her... She was dead.

And so, with a last snarl... Sienna was gone.

  • Sapphire lets out a long shaky breath.

Fangs-of-Winter: The spectral wolf's head of her Anima rears back and gives a victorious howl as the thing disappears, and she narrows her eyes a little bit.

Come again, and I shall be prepared for you.

The pain of her burning hands was distant as she glanced over at Leaf, and then the Rose woman.

She then looked to Sapphire, and her face lost the hard look, the edge. "Sapphire, I do not mean to trouble you, but would you get me some water?"

Sapphire: "Oh, yep!" she twirls, vanishing - she could have run but this cuts the time, and Fangs is in pain. Reappearing ten heartbeats later with a bowl of water, having cut politeness to its previous owner to the knife edge before rudeness. "Here you are."

Gin: Clap. Clap. Clap.

The sound of one lone pair of hands striking together rang down from high above, slow and solitary. Gin stood poised at the lip of the rooftop just beyond Fangs, the fox-woman seeming to grow indistinct in the sunlight. Had she just arrived? Or had she been standing there the whole time...

"Most beautifully done, mistress Fangs." Her soft voice complimented.

Sapphire: "Definitely!" she agrees with Gin. "Um... how did you do it?"

Snowy: "Indeed.. so.. are we moving on now? To Great Forks?"

Leaf: "You immolated yourself to win..."

Leaf coughs. He does not want to say it. He certainly does not. But oh... he is impressed. Very impressed.

Sapphire: "...Oh," she gets it, eyes very wide.

  • Sapphire knows also that that is one thing she cannot do.

Sapphire: One trick that cannot be copied by the person she is.

Fangs-of-Winter: The bowl was just full enough. With one hand, she held the bowl and doused the fire on arm. That done, she did the same to the other. The blackened and dark skin returned to its normal pale tone. She looked to Leaf, and shrugged a bit, "No one ever said adapting to an opponent was easy." She returned the bowl back to Sapphire with a greatful smile.

"Great Forks. I have the sudden impulse to study Godslaying charms, oddly."

Sapphire: "I must return this to its owner," she vanishes, reappearing again fifteen heartbeats later.

Black Rose: And then, a skilled hand was between Sapphire's hair, caressing her ear...

"Why did you go fetch water, Ebon Dragoness?"

"When you could have simply made the water yourself, soaked her in the embrace of your anima?"

Rose very much liked being the Sifu.

  • Sapphire blushes. "Honestly? I wasn't thinking straight. I was too shook up by all that."

Gin: "Perhaps we could study together, mistress Fangs..." Came Gin's voice, far closer now. The familiar swirl of autumn leafs were just beginning to settle around her feet as she drew closer to the others.

  • Sapphire thinks a little more. "I guess... the last thing I did was use my vanishing robe. So I... just remembered that, and..." she nods, getting herself composed. "Under stress, you fixate on one thing. Make sure that is the right thing. Or at least not the wildly wrong thing," she quotes her teaching.

Sapphire: "...I hope I didn't do wildly wrong there at least?"

Black Rose: "Remember your gifts." She says, and her own anima makes flower petals whirl about them, caressing Sapphire... "They are part of who we are. Part we must understand." She nods. "No, you did right. But part of the training is to learn to think under stress. Even one such as that. And you did. You came to us."

Sapphire: "But I can do better," she nods, accepting the gentle rebuke. "I will next time."

Leaf: Leaf, trying to, you know, remind people he is Sapphire's actual master, damnit! Steps foward, smiling. "No wrongs at all, Saphy! You came to us, you got help, and I happenned to have a nice piece of tail here that could beat gods 'till they cry! ... not that she was that needed, anyway. Remind me to never underestimate Fangs."

  • Sapphire smiles, "Thank you, master! Yep, Fangs was seriously great there!"

Snowy: Snowy yawns a little, looking around "Well, we certainly caused a bit of a mess today.. "

Sapphire: "I burned down someone's barn," she blushes.

Snowy: "It.. is a necessary evil. At least to get rid of such a creature."

Fangs-of-Winter: With Leaf's comment, she narrowed her eyes a little bit and looked toward the Solar. Her nostrils flared twice as she scented the air, and her eyes flew wide.

"You...MAN WHORE!!"

She stood there for a long moment, glaring at him. She clenches her teeth and gives him a wild, angry stare.

Gin: "Please, mistress Fangs," Gin soothed lightly, standing beside the other Lunar and placing a hand upon Fang's arm. "... master Leaf is good, but not good enough to be worth paying for. 'He-slut,' is a better term."

She smiled, showing none of the anger the wolf Lunar did, her eyes sparkling in amusement. "Wouldn't you agree, master Leaf?"

Snowy: Snowy rolls her eyes, just slightly, but enough to be noticeable. "This is not a productive avenue of conversation. Who Leaf decides to take to his bed is between Leaf and.. those he takes to his bed. We need to decide when we are leaving for Great Forks. I suggest immediatly."

Leaf: One could imagine the sweat in his forehead. In fact, one could imagine it coalescing in one giant droplet as he stepped away from Fangs just a tiny bit... "Hey, now... you know... it is not..." and then he was cut off by Gin. "... no, I would not agree, and you know it very well. If I would try at that, I am sure I would be bedding Luna and the Maidens in no time. Together, damnit!"

Black Rose: "You burnt down some mortal's barn, Sapphire. Who cares? You are an elemental demigoddess. A child of the dragons, with impeccable breeding. You can do anything about it." Rose says... and then leans down to whisper, "What, Leaf has a thing with the firey psycho too?"

Gin: "Of course you would, master Leaf..." Gin agreed in the tone a mother might take to agree with a child that they could, indeed, jump to the moon.

"But mistress Snowy is correct. We waste time. There will be plenty of opportunities to continue this discussion on the road." Taking her hand from Fang's arm, she looked around pointedly at each of them. "Have any of you a request to make of our new friend the prince? If so, say it now, I go to meet with him before we leave."

Fangs-of-Winter: She crossed her arms under her chest, and huffs softly. She finally turned her glare away from Leaf, and she looked to the smaller Lunar next to her, "Have him recompense the owners of what properties were destroyed in our visit here. And have him start hiring magicians to ward the place from hostile spirits."

Sapphire: "...My duty is to protect and serve... I know I had to do it, but I still don't like doing it."

She blushes at the whisper. "Um, uh, you'd have to ask him about that."

Snowy: "Oh, there is one other thing. With all this excitement, I have been neglecting my people, indeed I should make sure things are running smoothly and I should set up a proper heir should something happen. So, if you would excuse me, I will have to leave you all to your walk to Great Forks."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Its not a good idea to split up, Snowy. You should take someone with you."

Snowy: "I know, so, is Wrynn going to volunteer again, or maybe I should bring you with me, Fangs. Show you how a true leader should act."

Fangs-of-Winter: "I do not lead, Snowy. I kill. If anyone leads, its her," she thumbed toward Gin. She huffs softly, "Once our adventures are over, I'll return to being alone. So the lesson is without point." She did something she rarely did. She left ascention. Her normal, less savage face dipped slightly into a nod to them all, and she walked back into the village.

Snowy: "Well.. Gin, maybe you deserve a little vacation.. "

Gin: "Mmm, poor thing," Gin sighed after her, turning to watch the wolf Lunar trod away. The Companion shook her head, both as a sorrowful gesture and to shake her bangs away from her face. "I wonder if she even knows how thin that armor of hers is..."

Her comments more to herself than anyone else, she turned and smiled at the other Lunar, when she finally addressed Snowy's words.

"You are kind to offer, but my place is with Leaf so long as he holds my contract. He will need coaching in how to address my father, before we reach Great Forks." Her smile turned a bit more amused, her gaze drawing past Snowy to the Solar beyond. "I am quite certain that if I allowed master Leaf and mistress Fangs to travel without chaperon, they would never arrive at the appointed destination on time as well."

Snowy: She shrugs and looks to Wrynn, "Well Kitten, looks like we're a pair again.. "

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn grins from his vantage point. "I'll try not to steal anything. I'm sure I can find other things to keep busy with"

Snowy: "Ahh.. I would appreciate that.. yes!"

Wrynn Diermidis: "It is nice to be appreciated" Wrynn nods, though no one can think of what use he has been for quite a while...