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Little Silver Howl

Sudoku village...

A village nervous.

Snowy could see carriages all around her, those that were at the party....

Nobles that were at the party galloping with their horses on the streets.

A militia assembling to protect the village.

They were nervous, word of the party being broken by monsters spreading, word of Fair Folk and Demons and Evil Gods on town... anything and everything, the story becoming stranger and stranger every time it is told. Swords and torches were out in the village, and everyone's nerves were on edge... but some of the children's, who found this so exciting! All around, all around...

Sudoku village was a strange village, and it was like... its first age part was made with some methodology... having a number of towers, each house, with some count in every collumn of houses... it was very strange. And made for a unique visual, in those old spires, even though some were crumbling. Standard and at the same time not...

  • Snowy would of insisted that they wait, or go slowly, so she could heal up in ascension form, before heading back into town, or, at least, as much healing as she could get in. She'd walk into the village in her usual human form, looking around, she'd not bothered to stop by here on her way in, villages that weren't hers really didn't interest her.

Wrynn Diermidis: "So..." Wrynn says from his perch curled up atop Snowy's head like one of those funny hats people up north wear. "So... do you imagine they might've noticed something is amiss at the manse?" he asks in hushed, overly secretive tones."

  • Snowy shakes her head a little, with the kitten on top of it, sort of disappointed she no longer has a cleavage kitten, but i guess that might be a little odd. She looks around for something that might offer a little more oh.. anonymity, an inn, a tavern, something that isn't swarming with guards and the like..

Snowy: "I don't know, they look pretty spooked, lets uhm.. try and stay out of the big picture?"

Narrator: There are places... she goes through the Laughing Yellow Fox inn, that seemed quite silent, not in the very least mirthful, not even a little yellow, and very much anonymous. The Red Tree, on the other hand, was actually red, and was filled with guests, and singing, trying to relax its occupants, security dressed in red at the door wielding great swords and shields. The Sparrow's Nest was full of dance and singing, but its security was very much poor, great but scruffy men with great wood batons, and the place seemed to be frequented by the likes of people to molest the poor barmaids...

  • Snowy looks between her three choices, then starts to head to the Laughing Yellow Fox Inn, it may not be busy, it may not even be good, but its quiet, and that satisfies her requirements. She was sure she'd get clawed in the head if her headkitten didn't agree.

Wrynn Diermidis: "A wise choice." the kitten gestures, not really paying attention to his disguise as a hat. "It's not that big of a village... Though not a small one either. Depending on our foes, we may yet be better off forgoing human amenities. On the other hand--" A little kitty head peeks down to look Snowy in the eyes. "--I shall be rather cross if I don't get get a bowl of mead and milk post hate, so barring carefree trips into the Wyld, this limits us to human establishments least likely to get my tail trod upon." He nods.

  • Snowy nods to her hat, then heads off to the inn, hoping its what they were looking for!

Narrator: The Laughing Yellow Fox is silent, and as she opens, there is a man in a counter, waiting, reading some book. The man's strong, skin of ebony and tatoos of snakes all over him. As she comes in, he closes the book, setting it down and smiling with teeth far too white. "Welcome, welcome, to the Laughing Yellow Fox inn! Our rooms are some of the cheapest in town, and we do not have any noise to trouble our customers! Total privacy!" He says, "But the pet costs an extra, and more if it shits on the rooms."

  • Snowy looks at the man, then around the inn, something didn't add up here, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "The uh.. pet.. is quite well behaved, and I assure you he'll not shit on anything. But for the cheapest inn in town, this place is quite.. empty."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn opens his mouth to say something, but stops, not willing to dignify it with a remark

Narrator: "It is not empty. We only have two free rooms, actually." The man nods, "But our customers are not the type to be walking about. You come here if you want privacy and... discretion. You see..." He smiles, sitting down again and saying their price. Really, quite cheap. "Of course, as you see, we have no common room here. No breakfast or food or anything, you just get a place to crash."

  • Snowy shrugs and nods "I think we'll be needing both rooms actually, we have some friends coming soon enough. And yes, privacy is indeed a good thing to have, as is a place to crash."

Narrator: "Well, that will be in advance, miss. Privacy comes with the fact you need to make yourself trustworthy to us" The man says with a great, veeerrryyy disturbingly white smile.

Wrynn Diermidis: As they talk, Wrynn takes hold of two locks of Snowy's hair and makes as if he's guiding a horse and carriage, complete with tiny little crashing noises.

Narrator: The man looks up, and goes wide-eyed at the... noises... of the kitten...

  • Snowy scrounged in her robes for a couple coins to pay him with, she no doubt had a few sitting around for just this occassion, but she'd want everyone else to chip in to pay her back! Those were hard to come across for her! She tosses enough to pay the man onto the counter, shaking her head just a little to stop Wrynn. "I take it this is enough?"

Narrator: "Quite enough. Enjoy the rooms." He does not ask for her name or anything else, just falls back on his chair, picking the book from over a blade and some knives that seem to be just laying over the table... "Enjoy your stay, and all that stuff."

  • Snowy just shrugs and heads to find the rooms, they may not even be staying the night, so who knows. She calls back to the keeper "Oh, I'm sure we will.."

Narrator: The rooms themselves seem to be quite... empty. There are two beds on each room, a table, and a little side-room to use as a bathroom. It has some scrolls on the walls with typical easten prayers to tree, fields and river gods...

  • Snowy just shrugs, looking around the room before flopping down on to one of the beds, assuming the kitten would realize and jump off before it got squished. "Well, now, i guess we just wait, unless you have something you want to be going or doing?"

Wrynn Diermidis: Amazingly, Wyrnn does not notice. Nonetheless he remains quite perfectly seated, as she flops, almost as if his mount had stayed upright. Lazily, Wynn gets up, yawns and stretches, padding over to Snoy's lap to be petted. "Going? Hardly. My schedule is clear as day, 'cept for the big block that says 'don't die' I figure I can multi-task that. As for doing--" Wrynn nuzzles up against Snowy with a light purr. "--why don't you make use of those hands and we'll go from there?"

  • Snowy just laughs a little, petting Wrynn for a moment, then picking him up gently from her lap and setting him down back where she first found him, in her cleavage. She works his back, his head and especially behind his ears, nodding a touch "Ooh, I can just about use these hands on you, now, mm.. was there anywhere specific you wanted me to make use of my hands?"

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn settles in his new seat with a purr and kitty-licks Snowy's neck, nuzzling under her chin. "Surprise me."

  • Snowy licks the kitty, slowly working her fingers aaaaalll over him, grinning a little "Oh, well, i'm not one for surprizes, maybe i'll just work you over a little, maybe in exchange for telling me about yourself, since we're apparently going to be working together for a good while?"

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn cuddles Snowy, purrs and talks all at once-- a complex maneuver indeed that took some time to master. "Oh you know the story-- at least you should, I'm pretty well known, you know? I-- ooh, yeah, right there-- acquire things for people. Usually that means outright theft, but not always. Mmmm.... wha-- oh, yes, well--" he streches up to make full use of Snowy's petting. "--I'll do anyone and be anything-- I-I mean do anything and be anyone-- anyone you want to finish... a job."

  • Snowy just smirks a little, licking the kitten again, then gets a wicked look on her face, if anyoen happened to be watching, and she slowly concentrates her petting, moving her fingers to see if she couldn't make the kitten feel *very* good. "Do anyone, be anything, and go any where? Have you been to my city? Resplendant Peak, all the way up towards the pole of Air, nice place, if you don't mind staying off the ground, of course. And its best virtue is its so nice and far from everything that goes on."

Wrynn Diermidis: And very good the kitten does feel, "Your city mmm? I don't think I've ever stolen a city-- h-h-how did you manage that?"

"It doesn't sound f-familar, nooo...." I think I'd remember being that far north."

  • Snowy just laughs, continueing to make the kitten feel good! "I didn't steal it, really. I just, sort of.. well, moved back in at the top as one of Luna's Beloved. It helps when others have been beneficial to the city in the past."

Wrynn Diermidis: And then, with little reason or explanation in mid-purr, the little kitten tenses up and gives out a big sigh, melting into Snowy's continued ministrations. "Y-y-you really know how to pet a kitten." he says with a guilty smile.

  • Snowy just laughs again, working the whole kitten once more "I do try you know, and you weren't my first kitten.. "

Wrynn Diermidis: "--of course, so do I" finishes the little ball of fluff with a wry smile shortly before dissapearing playfully down her shirt to pet her kitten, and lets simply say, a kitten that can talk can be assumed exceptionally skilling with it's tongue in other recreations.

Fangs-of-Winter: Her toss up clouds of dirt behind her, the flanks of her muscles tensing with each long gait. A huge horse, she bore others on her back, and with long strides brought them swiftly to where they needed to be.

Gin: Sitting side-saddle on Fang's back, Gin all but drapes against Leaf's back, head against his shoulder. She looked a bit ragged, dirt staining her pristine fur and discolored rustet splotches on the sleeves of her robes. There was the tiniest of smiles on the kitsune's face as they road into town, like the happiest of secrets, cherished behind their veil. Perhaps it had been from giving Ivory's body it's proper burial, deep in the soft soil of his own garden, his cool flesh cleaned with water from his fountains, a statue from his own pulled into place as a headstone.

Or perhaps she was taking no small delight in agitating the 'love wounds' Fang's had only just given her Solar contract-holder.

"So, was she better than me?" she asked softly into Leafs ear as another bump in the road made her body rub against him in another situation perhaps an unspeakably pleasant experience, but far less so for a man who'd just experienced the passion of a Wild God.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: And the 'God of War' couldn't help but wince, a low 'ow' and yet... he just couldn't brush Gin off him! It was the prettiest priestess he'd ever seen rubbing against his back! It hurt, but sun be damned, it was worth it! ... or should be, anyways. "Nah." He whispers back, turning his head to try and kiss her hair and failing. "You're all technique... all pleasure. She was much stronger, though. Tell the truth... it was less pleasure and more... more... you know?"

Gin: "If you say duty, I am pushing you off the horse."

Fangs-of-Winter: She suddenly kicked up her back legs. Obviously, her ears were burning at the talk of her prowess.

Her muscled flexed and pumped still, full gallop toward where she was directed.

Oh, but those two were getting clawed when they stopped.

Gin: And sweetly, serenely, Gin continues to smile.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Damnit, can't I get a good submissive girl around here?!?" He asks, shrugging... and then, realising just what it means to shrug with her at his back. Who could know breasts could hurt so much? "Owwwww... easy, there... owwww. And no... I mean with her. It was like we were fighting for domination. Like a contest, like a conquest." He looks smug. "Of course, I won."

Gin: "I believe that master," she said sincerely, her hands slipping off his hips just enough to dig her thumbs into his back. "Truly I do."

"If I may venture to suggest," she said, once her point was made and her hands back in place around Leaf's waist. "We should not go into town like this. Your blood will make you suspect and we can hardly have the lady change from horse to woman before a crowd."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Owww... now you're just being a bitch." He pouts as they come to a mount and can see the village beyond it... "Well... we stop now, then?" He pats their horse. "There, Wolf-Bitch, you can stop now. I must say, I rather preferred riding you the other way."

Gin: "As often I can get away with it," she agrees with a soft peck against the back of Leaf's neck. She does put a little bit of space between them however, giving his back a rest. At least no real damage could come of it.

Fangs-of-Winter: She comes to a stop, and shakes her head with a whiney.

As leaf dismounts, she places a hoof on his foot and puts a little bit of her weight there.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: He lets out a yow, clutching his feet and staggering backwards...

"Bitches. I'm spanking you both." He says sourly.

Gin: "Hmm, at once?" she asked, slipping off of Fang's back and brushing down her robes. "Really now, you could not even hold her down alone. Don't over exert yourself, master Leaf."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "You have no idea what I am capable of!" Well, so she actually does.

But damn, it's good to say that!

"But I'll take a good bath, some herbs and a massage from you, yeah. I hope they picked a nice, pretty inn for us." He nods to Gin, watching her tails and streching a bit... wincing from the pain in his back once again!

Fangs-of-Winter: She shifts back into a more humanly form. A different form than that she assumed at the party, her white hair was loose about her head, and her skin was pale, almost the cover of it. Her breath still steamed, though. "At least I have the manners not totalk about others as if they were not present. Hrmph!"

Gin: And those tails sway, looping one around the other until they blend almost seamlessly together. Gin tipped her head to peer back at Leaf. "We are trusting the tastes of a barbarian and a cat. With no disrespect in regards to either of them, I think perhaps I'd prefer we fetch them back to our camp."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "... true, that." He watches the tails say, then passes by Fangs, slapping her behind.

"Was jus' telling the truth. Don't feel bad, Gin's top of the top."

And then, he walks towards the city... hoping Gin would manage not to attract much attention. But it would be hard, being... well, Gin. At least, none of them were shining anymore...

Fangs-of-Winter: She growled a little bit at this, "Maybe I should eat her then, if you like the multi-tailed bitch so much."

She stalked after them, ignoring the rump swat.

Gin: "I merely assumed the God of War would perform a righteous high kick so powerful, it jammed his foot into his own mouth." Gin smiled at Fangs, looping her arm around the other Lunars and following after Leaf. "This talk of 'eating' should wait until we are better acquainted, mistress. Besides, you may be surprised to find there are some foxes who can consume wolves."

Her tails gave Fang a playful slap across the rear.

There was really no point in trying to avoid attention, so the best one could do was seem as though you wanted it too much. Side by side with Fangs, they made a stark contrast in the comparison of beauty not that either were anything but, yet there were tones and flavors to it and each fell far apart. Except the color of their hair.

"Curious, isn't it?" she asked peering up at the white locks on Fang's head, a shade her own hair matched perfectly. "Perhaps they will think we are sisters."

Fangs-of-Winter: "And perhaps they'll think Leaf an intellectual," she sarcastically replied. The soft haze of her arment floated after her as she walked, like an icy mist trailing her steps.

Gin: "Stranger things have happened."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Like mighty Rei-Lai hiring his daughter for an uncouth Solar out of gratitude, right?" He grins back at them, "She thought she'd be blowing some noble covered in honey in a court and delicate bussiness transactions, I think. Quite not what she expected out of life, so don't blame her for being bitchy."

They see the same few first Inns in the town, then...

"Soo, what do we do? Ask on each one if they've seen a barbarian with a kitten?"

Gin: With a slight frown, Gin scooped a pebble off the ground with one tail and flicked it through the air at the back of Leaf's head, though she said nothing to actually deny his claim.

"Are any of the inns in town fallen over or on fire? I have heard that is a simple way to tell where our kind have bedded for a night."

Fangs-of-Winter: "I could howl. Everyone would run outside, or fearfully remain indoors and the other two would rush out the meet us." She said, arching an eyebrow, "Or are we meant to be subtle hear." She eyed her clothing and Gin's tails speculatively.

Gin: "Subtlety is beyond us, my darling," she smiled, following Fang's glance back to her own tails, then patting the other Lunar arm with a gentle palm. "There are more civil ways to gain information than simply terrifying the populace however..."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "... aws, I wanted to see the howl!" He pouts.

And no Inns seem to be on fire... the Laughing Yellow Fox inn is just as silent as it was before. The Red Tree just as crowded... and the Sparrow's Nest, filled with its giggling and the merry music and sound of drunkards fighting.

Fangs-of-Winter: "Yes, but those ways are hardly more enjoyable or efficient." She sighed a bit, and went back to watching Leaf's butt as he walked... she blinked as she realised she was doing this, and looked elsewhere.

Think of something else, yes, thats the key.

Gin: "As you wish," she sighed, disengaging her arm from Fang's and stepped a discreet distance away. A Companion was never forceful with her desires. They should always come second to those of her contract holder. But she was also cautious when needed. In this instance, that simply meant closing off her ears with her fingers. "Please howl when you are prepared, mistress."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf did the same, close to Gin. He had that giant grin on his face.

Like a kid before exploding firecrackers on a birthday cake.

Fangs-of-Winter: She took a deep breath. It was like the sudden quiet before the storm.

She let it forth, and it was like something... broke in the world. The howl was louder than any thing of nature, and no throat could utter something so viserally terrible.

It was the deathcry of one's beloved. The weeping of your lost grandmother. The sevenfold terror of something that was not known.

The sound moved throughout the village like an angel of fear, and all that heard it trembled. There was no escape. There was no absolution.

Only hope that whatever uttered it... would not choose them.

Something horrible had just brushed against the lands of shape. And in its shadow, left terror.

  • Snowy was *extremely* lucky the kitten was so skilled, because moments later, the howl came too. She sighs heavily "Brilliant kitten, but I think we were just summoned... "

Wrynn Diermidis: Snowy was also lucky that Wrynn was more composed than the average kitten when it comes to hearing wolves the size of draft horses howl and therefore did not have to deal with sixteen little telltale wounds in awfully suspucious places. Job done, the little fluffy head pokes back up to his cleavage-perch and snuggles. "I would have to agree." he purrs.

Narrator: Doors locked all around them. Everyone hid in fear.

Fear that cut the night like a knife.

None seemed able to resist... apparently, for now. But the village stirred even more...

For they heard the same in the party. The monsters from the party had come to the village...

And all begun to become chaotic....

  • Snowy licks the kitten again and gets up slowly, finding her staff and the book, and heading back to the door with the kitten back in its place, poking her head out and looking around just as everything descended into chaos..

Narrator: They promptly find Fangs, Gin and Leaf, waiting for them in the proverbial Eye of the Storm...

Gin: "Hello, master kitten, mistress Snowy!" Gin greeted as the other Lunar's approached, raising her voice to speak above the din.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf picks the Wolf-Bitch by her waist, pushing her to him with the greatest of grins at her whole handywork, enjoying the mess all around them... "Hmmm, now, this is fun... you sure know how to break out the mayhem, Wolf-Bitch. I have to keep that in mind..." Then he sees their friends, waving. "Hey! Over here!" He waves, letting go of Fangs.

  • Snowy wanders out to greet the others, looking them over "Uhm.. you caused a little bit of a stir, it seems."

Wrynn Diermidis: Having regained his composyre on the trip down, Wrynn just hangs limply out of his perch. "Yes. We see you." he says dryly.

Gin: "Master Leaf and mistress Fang thought it the best way to gain your attention," was all she said, stepping back behind Leaf's elbow, hands clasped before her.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "What? You said it was a good idea!" He looks over his shoulder, so betrayed...

Fangs-of-Winter: She is brought close and discarded almost in the same breath. It seemed the War God was quite fickle. She glanced over her shoulder at Gin, and rolled her shoulders a bit. She nodded politely to Snowy, "Well, its best that we leave immediately."

Snowy: "I suppose it is, but next time, do try and get our attention without attracting the ire of the rest of the town? We had aquired inn rooms and were having a *very* nice time."

Wrynn Diermidis: "But-- I haven't had my sugar and milk!" Wrynn cried, then gives a little lip-licking-lap "Just the sugar."

Narrator: "There they are! " Comes the cry... from the end of the street. The strongest warriors of the village, led by a Dragon-Blooded, a little god and... something tall and covered in grass and vines look straight at them, weapons in their hands, all ready for a fight... "Monsters!! Wyld Gods!! You have terrorized your last villlage!!!"

  • Snowy looks at the others, and Fangs specifically "Well, did your plan include this?"

Wrynn Diermidis: "Don't look at me!" the kitten yells, though his tiny voice is lost in the general murmer of activity. "I haven't even terrorized my first village! Well sorta... unless you count..." he continues on at length about several villages he hadn't actually intended to terrorize, and some where there was a definite intent-to-terrorize but certainly not the whole village, "--I just don't have the lungs for it, like this lass." he finishes.

Fangs-of-Winter: She sighed a little bit, "I remember the day when mortals were intelligent enough to stay in their homes." She idly glances over at Snowy, "And this is hardly the time for that. Shall we go?"

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf looked at them... on one hand, it was a fight!

... on the other, god forbid, he was tired, and hurt, and needed a bath, not a fight.

So, wonder of wonders... Leaf was not up to bash skulls. "I said this was a terrible idea..." He says with a shrug, patting the Wolf-Bitch "Time to ride you again, then! Make it fast! We need to get to the next village soon, damnit!"

  • Snowy plucks Wrynn from her cleavage and sets him down in the hood of her robes, then.. turns into a deer!, with a kitten on her back. If Wrynn wanted to make his own way, she wasn't going to stop him at this point, she just stares at the rest of them and waits for them to show her the way to the next village

Fangs-of-Winter: A silvery sheen envelopes her, and in a few moments she is once again the white charger. She stamps of foot, whineying again.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf jumps on the back of Fangs, pushing Gin up as he does and holding to Fangs' hair!

Gin: "We need to return to camp," Gin corrected Leaf with a soft sight. "If the rest of you would please follow me."

And suddenly, there were empty robes hanging in the air. The spilled downwards, splashing like paint across the dirt road, all the colors swirling together until they evaporated into the air in bubbling goblets. Leaving behind a slender white fox. Or something that resembled a fox. She stared up at them with round black eyes, the black tip of her too-slender snout twitching a moment, before she bounded off down the road, all nine tails leaving damp-looking streaks of white dripping in the air behind her.

  • Snowy just shrugs and bounds off after the fox, looking almost annoyed at its relatively slow progress, compared how fast she could run like this!

Fangs-of-Winter: She reared once, and galloped off after Gin, beating the ground with her hooves. As quickly as one would expect, she flies out of the village. If they gave chase, she could always activate her anima, after all.

Wrynn Diermidis: Though no doubt enjoying the jiggling of his perch, Wrynn decides perhaps being caught and having to kill a flock of mortals was not the best way to end the evening.

Unless you were Fangs of Winter anyway.

With a tiny "hup!" Wrynn squirms from his place and lands in front of Snowy. Half a second later, several hundred pounds of snow-white leopard comes up between her legs-- more chastely than he had wanted to moments before, but immensely more useful-- for the moment anyway.

  • Snowy yeeps, even as a deer, then realized the absolute rediculousness of her situation, so she shifts back into human form and rides the leopard!