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Little Silver Water

Seven Leaf Sorrow: The Camp of Sorrowful Leaves...

In the strides of foxes, of horses, of pumas, the Silver-Chosen arrive in the middle of the wilderness... where around a gathering of tents a group of young men and women, mostly men, lounge about, around campfires and the tents, some practicing martial arts katas, others sparring, others simply eating and talking. Leaf looks at them... and at his own disheveled appearance, bapping the horse he rides on.

“First, you make me walk away from a damn fight because I am not in any shape to fight... me of all people... and now they’ll get to see me like this.” He gives her a low growl as he dismounts, talking to his students as they come close, waving and saying its all right. Then he walked to the middle of camp... and everyone ran off, taking anything that could be in the vicinity, leaving only the dying fires... which made him smile, lifting one of his arms.

And then they can see clearly the braces, mostly covered by the sleeves before. They shine with the light of the morning sun – clear golden swirls over a surface of obsidian crystals, shining in fiery colors when touched by light. They extend to hand almost as gloves, but leaving the fingers open – on the back of each hand, there is a star, a perfect crystalline form that glows with life from within. He points his left hand... and the Hearthstone lying on the center of the bracer, an hexagon with something within, begins to pulse... and the ‘something’ begins to flow, essence flowing up Leaf’s arm and out in the air...

A sound like a powerful gong being beaten sounds as the shapeless essence comes to the center of the clearing... unfurling wings that touch the smoke and and the fire... and begins to grow with it. Farther and farther... until a great mansion of essence, seemingly made of fire, smoke and embers appears before them... “Ladies and Kitten... the Sorrowful Leaves School of Martial Arts, the traveling home of the Martial God of the East... yours truly!” He points to his chest, smug, in front of the great construct...

  • Snowy looks over them from the back of her leopard mount that used to be her kitten, nodding a touch, then checking behind them as she jumps off "Well, I guess if they didn't know where we were, they do now. Is there any security in this thing?" *

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Of course. I have Gin!" He points to the Fox. "Lady, we are in the middle of the wilderness. That flash lasted less time than the campfires... anyone looking for us will see the campfires anyway." He shakes his head, "Least like this we have comfort. Not that I expect a barb to know 'bout that."

  • Snowy positivly glares at Leaf for that "I don't know what you expect of a barbarian, but I am Queen of Resplendant Peak and I do know a thing or two about civilization. Now if you insist on keeping up your illusion, I may have to show you how wild I can get.."

Gin: Stepping lightly around the hooves and clawed feet of the others, Gin slips unobtrusively behind Leaf. The little color in her form, the black of her eyes and nose, blurs away as her form begins to stretch upwards. The hollow white outline of female body takes shape in the air behind the Solar, her obvious nakedness in that moment drawing a collective gasp from the male students watching from the shadows... and turning into a chorus disgruntled sighs when clothing blossoms around her form before color reasserts itself upon her.

"Please, peace, both of you," Gin said, one ear flicking in annoyance. Couldn't Leaf go anywhere without picking a fight? And the other Lunar rising to the bait so easily...

She faced Snowy, meeting the other woman's eye pointedly. "I will ensure we are undisturbed as needed. Security is not an issue here."

  • Snowy smirks a little to Gin "I had no intention of engaging the War God of the East in combat."

Gin: "That is good, because it would take some days ride to find him."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn stumbles a bit at the overt show of essence, but rights himself quickly enough his rider doesn't notice. "That is... disturbingly convenient, if entirely unnecessary. We could have just brought some wine from the city if you hadn't made such a scene." the big snow-white leopard gives a sigh, "I suppose your hospitality will have to do, but you'd better have fresh milk."

  • Snowy shakes her head a little "War, Martial, whatever, give me some time before I get all my facts straight."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Gin! " Damnit. And the barbarian was into it too! Is she a blessing or a curse?

... oh, wait, Blessing!

Then, he smiles to Snowy, "Not that I'd mind to see how wild you get..."

Gin: The tip of a very well placed toe jabbed itself into the tender skin above Leaf's foot.

"Perhaps it continuing familiarities are best saved until after we've taken time to discuss the matter of this book which we are being hunted for?" she suggested firmly, adding as almost an after thought. "Master?"

Sapphire: A female figure emerges from a tent, young and slim, clad in a simple blue-green robe, her hair with a similar blue-green tint, looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. "Leaf!" she perks up, scampering over. "Gin! How was your trip?" she sees the others in the little group and waits to be introduced to them.

Gin: Leaf's legs were spared further mistreatment by the sudden inclusion of the young woman in their midst.

"It was... invigorating," Gin smiled, a far more kind and gentle look than the one given to Leaf or the sultry grin that she wore at the party, beckoning the girl forward with a motion of her hand, but awaiting Leaf to make the introductions.

  • Snowy looks over the new one, then looks to Leaf and Gin, straighting out her own robes from the long ride over here. She sighs a touch and wonders exactly when they'll be going inside, double checking that she still had the book

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Was great! Quite a party..." He grins. His kimono slashed, the wounds still there... that was showing enough. Leaf brings his hand to Sapphire's hair and mussles it up a bit, petting the girl. Was fun to get his hands in locks that felt like water. "This is Sapphire of the Still Water, Gin's apprentice and mine. Was mine on the beggining, but she's more Gin's scene, really... and Saphy, those are... Snowy... something... the Kitten... and the Wolf-Bitch." He nods, sagely, even though he had barely got one of their names.

  • Snowy just coughs a touch and introduces herself properly after Leaf only sort of did it "I am Snowy Silver Night, Goddess-Queen of Resplendant Peak. It is a pleasure to meet you Sapphire of the Still Water."
  • Sapphire doesn't seem to mind Leaf petting her. She bows to the newcomers. "A pleasure to meet you," she smiles. "Would you like supper? You must have had a long journey... and Leaf, you're hurt?" she adds with a touch of concern, though she knows the injuries won't last.

Tattered Fawn: Then, another one comes, curious, smiling... a pretty young girl, walking with grace... a remarkable feat, given that her legs become less human past the knee and more animal, bending back and curving up slightly before broadening into hoofed feet. She is shaded in two distinct colors, tan and white, both too solid in shade for typical skin tones. The tan covers most of her body. The white appears in several places: glove-like on her hands to her forearms, an arch-shaped mask of white that comes down from her nose to her jaw and is frames by freckle-like spots of white across her chin, and from collar bone down her belly. While all of this is simply odd pigmentation, a streak of actual fur runs down from the base of her skull to the small of her back. Darker brown than the rest of her, spots of white freckle along it’s length, and there above her bottom sprouts a small nub of a tail. Though her hair is lush and full, a wonderful shade of northern blond, it can do nothing to hide her large, deer-like ears. “Gin! And... Leaf.” She eyes him a little warily, while waiting for her own introductions... “... you are hurt.”

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn's ears turn forward at the momentus arrival of... some girl. He sniffs a few times, then slips out from under Snowy and jumps on Sapphire, only remembering to switch back to kitten form at the last second. He walks across her shoulders, rubbs against her cheeck, then crawls up on her head and jumps over to Gin-- obviously preferring the master to the apprentice. He settles down on Gin's shoulder and starts to lick a paw without a word.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "I am. They were... many, far too many enemies. It was a terrible battle..." He nods, wincing as a gust of wind touches the wounds on his back... "But I've had worse! Oh, Fawn! Come here, come here! People, this is Tattered Fawn! Fawn, that's... Wolf-Bitch, the Kitten, and..." Snowy says her piece... "... yeah, what she said."

  • Sapphire blinks startled at the huge white cat pouncing towards her, managing not to scream, starting to sidestep; blinking again at the shift, holding still as the little white kitten lands on her shoulders; she giggles, then, petting the kitten as he rubs against her cheek before letting him hop back over to Gin, innocently unaware of the more lecherous elements of his preference.
  • Snowy sighs a little and looks around "So.. are we going to use this nice mansion or are we going to stand around outside all night?"

Gin: "The 'God of War' is fine, ladies," Gin assured them both softly, smiling as Wyrnn takes a perch on her shoulder and scratching beneath his chin with the tip of her finger, then turning an eye down to both young women. "We should be attending to our guests however, shouldn't we? Have beds been prepared? Baths drawn? Meals made ready?"

Sapphire: "I'll see to it immediately!" she turns and scampers off to prepare things for our guests.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "You go inside. Gin, girls, make them feel at home, alright? I will talk to the students, give them some exercises and cautions they should take tonight. Get everything inside..." He looks at the cat... "... including milk. See you in a bit!"

Narrator: Leaf leaves, Sapphire and Fawn in the opposite direction...

The path clear to the mansion of essence before them...

Wrynn Diermidis: "Milk and mead" the kitten yells after Leaf. "With one of those cute little stirring sticks they use up north!"

  • Snowy heads inside and.. finds the table! She sits down, legs out to one side, she places the book on the table and her staff infront of her, waiting for the others to take their places, she sighs quite heavily and yawns a little. Its been a long day..

Fangs-of-Winter: The horse-that-was-a-woman padded a little bit, the firelight glinting off its silver squirls. Twin steams of breath issued from her nostrils, and she became a woman again. Her milky eyes beheld the Dragon-Blooded, she withheld a growl. Leaf, obviously, collected women left and right!

The light caused her eyes to gleam blue, and another vent of steamed air issued from her nostrils.

"Thats a very fragile man," she said, matter of factly.

Gin: As Leaf steps away to speak to his students, Gin gave the others a welcoming smile and tipped in a bow that was careful not to dislodge Wyrnn from his perch. "If you will follow me, please."

The hem of her robes swept across the pristine stairs that lead to the open doors of the mansion, tails and hips both swaying behind the veil of cloth, her pace evidently slow enough to allow Snowy to pass her as she stopped at the topmost step to await the others. "Master Leaf does not fetch food and drink, master kitten," she smiled at Wyrnn. "That is the girl's job. To teach them a servant's etiquette."

  • Sapphire reappears and approaches the guests, moving with a silent, unobtrusive grace. "Baths are ready, my ladies, lord," she bows, "would you care to refresh yourselves while food and drink are prepared?"

Fangs-of-Winter: Her sharp features gain a wolfish smile, as she adds at Leaf's retreating back, "Or he just likes the attention, the poor baby." Her eyes narrowed slightly, her thin lips spreading into a more wicked grin.

She paced back and forth a little, weight forward. She was still covered in a great deal of dried blood.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn stretches, then pads up on top of Gin's head and curls up into a ball for the time being. "Quite a predicament we have here, eh?" he yawns.

Gin: "Hmmm?" Gin glanced upwards to where his weight rested on her head, her ears straightening to attention beside him.

Snowy: "Well, I see two options, either we simply run and hide, or we try and figure out *why* they want this book.."

Fangs-of-Winter: "Needless investigation will bring unwanted trouble," she said, her voice have growl. "We should just leave with the thing, and have done."

Wrynn Diermidis: "Of course, anyone who wants to do the former is welcome to. I for one, though, am quite peeved. Professional courtesy, you understand. They killed my boss-- though I hardly knew him-- for this thing. It'd be poor etiquette to just let them have it. Now, as a group, well, we can always do both, really."

Gin: Turning back into the mansion, Gin approached one of the pads upon the floor. Ceremoniously graceful, the fox priestess slid down onto her knees, the front of her robe draping onto the pillow before her and her tails curling around her knees. Seated, she folded her hands onto her lap. "The message said that we had been marked and they have proven their ability to find us once already. Separation may not be in our best interests at this moment."

Snowy: "I agree, one does not exclude the other, but where do we go?"

Gin: "If we are inclined towards a path of investigation, my father may be able to offer us aid. Or sanctuary for a time, should we choose flight instead. I fear either would not come cheaply though."

Fangs-of-Winter: She snarls a little bit, "Though... Ivory deserved better than this. We should carve a path of blood through them, to kill him over a mere book." Her fingers, subconsciously curled into claws, flexed a little bit, "If it is for vengence and eventual peace, I will go."

Snowy: "The big problem with that is we don't even know who 'they' are. We need to figure that out before we can go after them, and we have to do so without unnecessary risk of leaving them the book"

Gin: "We," she said, her open hand gesturing to Snowy and Wyrnn and herself in turn. " Never saw the face of our attacker. I suspect the destruction which was brought upon the household was not entirely from your and master Leaf's recreational activities, mistress Fangs. What can you tell of those you fought?"

Wrynn Diermidis: "Yes, no more suggestions of carrying into combat with them, please." He eyes the Wolf-Bitch, making it clear who he's talking to.

Fangs-of-Winter: "This enemy 'they' will come for us as long as we hold it," she glared down at Wrynn, "Has dwelling beneath a courtisan's skirts cooled your blood?" She snarls a little bit, a rush of icy breath coming with her words.

  • Sapphire reappears and approaches the guests, moving with a silent, unobtrusive grace. "Baths are ready, my ladies, lord," she bows, "would you care to refresh yourselves while food and drink are prepared?"

Wrynn Diermidis: "Oh, my blood is just fine, thank-you-very-much, and I certainly won't begrudge you cutting your, what did you call it? bloody swath? I won't begrudge whatever maiming and bloodletting you wish to do, just kindly do it without endangering the book. Carry it to them, and they'll take it without so much as meeting you in the combat you so clearly crave-- I guarantee it."

Wrynn stands up and stretches, then hops down from Gin's head. "Now, shall we? Kitty could use a good bath."

  • Sapphire is curious of course, very curious indeed as to what trouble is brewing; from the snatch of conversation she overheard, it doesn't sound like just a one-off incident. But she's too well trained to show it; she can wait until later for explanations.
  • Snowy just sort of nods to the bath idea "I think thats a wonderful Idea, and changing out of these robes may also be good. And yes, they will come for us, unless we do something drastic." The unspoken drastic thing was disappearing back into the Wyld, just like their ancestors.

Fangs-of-Winter: "Its a lifeless thing of pressed wood! Some worthless, dead thing someone overvalues enough to kill over!"

With that little rant, moved off into the woods. With a few steps, her form shifted again, becoming a wolf as large as the horse she had just been. She padded off into the darkness.

  • Sapphire leads everyone who wants to follow to the bathroom, where pleasant steaming warm water greets you. "I'll have supper ready for you afterwards; is there anything else you require?"

Gin: "I can tell from this meeting our association will be a remarkably pleasant one," Gin sighed dryly as Fang's trotted off in a huff. The kitsune rose lithely from her seat, allowing herself the luxury of a stretch that traveled from the top of her head to the tips of her toes and sent her tails shivering. "But we will have to make what we can of it. If the baths are ready Sapphire, please fetch master Leaf and we will indulge as well. He is long overdue for one."

  • Sapphire nods, "He looked like it!" she scampers off to look for Leaf.

Tattered Fawn: Fawn walks in, trying hard to keep her class with her hooded feet... and holding a little plate of... milk and mead on her hands. "Is the talking kitten coming to the bath, or not? I got what he was asking for..."

  • Snowy smiles to Sapphire "Well, yes, please to return for the bath" calling after her as she leaves. Snowy herself looks over the baths, nodding a little before she simply removes her clothes and slides herself in slowly, breathing a huge sigh of relief as she disappears under the water for a moment, finding herself a place to sit and relax, just her head showing above the surface.

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn nods to Tattered Fawn. "Please. Bring the milk to the baths with us kind miss."

Tattered Fawn: She looks at the kitten... so cute! The deer-girl almost feels like reaching... and petting... that cute, talking ball of fluff... but does not, simply holding the tray and walking behind them towards the baths, trying to imitate Gin's classy movements... as well as she can.

Fangs-of-Winter: Her furr was matted with dried blood. Her fangs were as long as daggers, and in her totem form, she could bring down any animal that stalked the forest, and many of the gods there of.

She wasn't running from any beast.

She ran because she was haunted by her thoughts. There were horrors in this world that were greater than her, as much as a nightmare as she was. Something that would kill for something bloodless, and she couldn't understand that.

She would kill when angry.
She would kill to survive.
She would kill to be safe.

What bloodless horror was it that they had been burdened with?

And so, the Wolf-Bitch ran the darkness, letting exersion cure her creeping feeling of helplessness.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Sapphire finds the Night Lotus Walker finishing his talk with the students, and as young men and women rushed into the halls of the mansion for the communal dormitories on the first floor, Leaf saw himself almost forgotten in their movement... and allowed himself to wince a bit more at his wounds, finally ditching his tattered blood, dirtied with blood and sweat as it is...

Sapphire: "Master?" the quiet voice comes from behind him, "I've seen the guests to the baths... you should take one too. You need rest, you've been through a lot."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Oh, I did... thanks, Saphy." He turns, walking towards the mansion and hoping she will follow... stretching a bit, the wounds on his back - and only his back, deep claw wounds, bites on his neck, his his lip... and no harm on his chest being proeminent in his handsome, perfectly muscular body... "What do you think of our guests, hmmm?"

  • Sapphire walks alongside Leaf, wondering what was the enemy that jumped him from behind, presumably while he was fighting off some other enemy in front - she knows him that well, though possibly not quite as well as she thinks she does. "Um, they're an interesting group - Lunars, right? I guess the way you met them is connected to the reason the enemy were after you all - are still after us, I suppose?" she adds, remembering the fragment of conversation she overheard.

Wrynn Diermidis: After instructing tattered Fawn on where to leave his milk and mead, the little fluffball jaunts over and *ploinks* into the water next to Snowy much like she herself had. Much unlike snowy however, a handsome young man surfaces, slicking back long red-gold hair, and stretching out to relax without missing a step..

Kittens do not look good when wet.

"Ahh, feels good, doesn't it?"

The effect is rather ruined by the green kimono he still wears from the party. He hasn't noticed yet.

  • Snowy grins just a little and moves over to Wrynn, looking him over and nodding a touch, then helping him out of his kimono "I think it would be feel better if you removed your clothes, of course."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Oh, so they told you that... well, see, there was a guy... Ivory, he seemed like a nice guy. He wanted our help to safeguard some book he found, and said they were after him for it... then they crashed his party, broke his Manse, and tried to get to us. A bunch of assassins in red, a really... monstrous thing of red vines, too. But I kicked their asses." He grins to her, then shrugs "But an assassin killed Ivory, and told us we are marked... so I guess we just... have to stay together. And find out about it."

"Honestly, it's a thrill. Conspiracies, secrets, and fights in our future..."

Tattered Fawn: Fawn watched as Wrynn changes into a boy... a beautiful, beautiful boy, beautiful as Leaf... and yet, different. A man of class, a man of gentleness... well a boy. But much like the ones Gin explained her how to serve... she comes to the edge of the bath, setting the milk... "Hm, will you still want this now, mister...?"

  • Sapphire listens wide-eyed. "Not exactly told, I just overheard a couple of sentences, but mostly I filled in with guesses," she admits. "But - wow! That book must be important for all that - I suppose we'll need to check what's in it before we know what to do about it?"

Tattered Fawn: Fawn watched as Wrynn changes into a man... a beautiful, beautiful man, beautiful as Leaf... and yet, different. A man of class, a man of gentleness... much like the ones Gin explained her how to serve... she comes to the edge of the bath, setting the milk... "Hm, will you still want this now, mister...?"

Wrynn Diermidis: The kimono comes off easily... The matching feminine undergarments... a little more awkwardly. At last however, Wrynn is disrobed and comfortable, though he has to squirm a little to make room for a snow-leopard-spotted tail.

  • Snowy smirks a little but doesn't say anything "So, you do look human, at least sometimes? And as for the book, Sapphire, you're welcome to look at it. It seems to be written in code, and not an easy code in that."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Yep, you got it right. Heck, we can't even read it. Barb-girl there tried, and got nothing. 'Course, she's a barb, so maybe she just doesn't know those things... but whatever it is, it's important. Don't worry, though... whatever comes our way, I can handle it. And after all the training, so can you."

Snowy catches the conversation as they come in, and Leaf just shrugs, leaving her to talk...

Sapphire: "Thank you, master," she smiles, then nods to Snowy, "Code, I see... that makes sense, I probably won't be able to decipher it then."

Wrynn Diermidis: "Yes, I'll take that" Wrynn says to fawn, sipping the strange combination. "Oh, I look human often enough.. Though rarely enough my true forms-- this is one of them, yes-- I went to the party as a local girl from a village oh, a week or so west--" he smirks. "--you can never be too careful."

  • Snowy sits back and sighs again "I really don't know what to do here, I guess keeping moving is the right thing to do. Maybe we should head by Anya's manse, I could do with some time in the library anyway."

Gin: Gin silently stepped into the room behind Leaf, half-regarding the others as she paused near the door, then makes way for Sapphire. She shed off the outer layer of her robe and, piece by piece, stripping away the formal wrappings and undergarments beneath, folding each piece neatly before piling them onto the low ivory bench that stretched the length of the wall.

"Fawn," she called as the girl handed Wrynn his drink. "Please have fresh things set up for our guests and myself to wear."

Gin stepped across the multi-hued tile, it's colors arranged into the image of rainbow hued trout writhing in mid-leap. A beautiful image, though cold beneath her bare feet. She sat down at the edge of the pool steps away from Snowy and Wyrnn, dipping only her toes into the water. The Companion took a wash cloth from a near by whicker basket and soaked it in the pool, drawing it slowly across the long expanse of her legs. "Who is this Anya?"

Snowy: "Anya Silverclaws, my mentor in the arts of Sorcery. She may be able to help us, but we'd have to travel to see her."

Wrynn Diermidis: Wrynn lays back in the bath, almost purring for a moment, then catches himself. "That'd be up north then? Near your city? That is quite the trek, but I'm sure our pursuers will accommodate us and follow. They wouldn't be proper pursuers if they didn't."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Fawn bows and leaves with 'yes, mistress' while Leaf takes off his pants, stepping into the bath, feeling the water touch his wounds... then sitting against the edge, pulling Gin to him. "That far away? Isn't that anywhere closer we can go in the way?"

Snowy: "Actually, its east, deep into the woods, nice and hard to find, of course."

Gin: A tail coils around Leaf's waist as the Companion instinctively shifts her body to rest against his, leaning onto her side in a fashion that promotes the swell of her hip.

"And how long would the journey be?" she asks, dipping the wash cloth into the water again, only this time sliding it over Leaf instead, starting with shoulder and caressing it down his chest.

Seven Leaf Sorrow: Leaf smiles then, undoing his ponytail and letting raven-black hair free and down to the damp floor behind his head... as he kisses Gin's ears and hair. It was fun to see fox-ears fickle at the touch of his lips, always fun. Then he looked up at Sapphire there, still standing and clothed... "Saphy! Strip. Now. You prepared it, only fair you get to enjoy it too!" Likely, Gin'd scold him for getting the girls to be unprofessional, but what the hell!

Wrynn Diermidis: "Here in the east? Wow." Wrynn remarks with a smile. "That must be some friend." It is unclear if he's being sarcastic or not.

  • Snowy shrugs a touch "How long a journey takes depends entirely on how quickly the distance can be travelled in. I'd say it would take at least two months of straight travel, if we could cover a couple dozen miles a day."

Seven Leaf Sorrow: "Oooh, that is close, then. Gin talked of seeing her father, though, didn't she? We can get there with some three week's walk.. better if we go there first. I'll tell you, Rei-Lai has a comfy place." He nods, looking impatiently at Sapphire, then whispering on Gin's ear, more softly than usual... "Unless you changed your mind while I was away...?"

Sapphire: "Thank you, master," she smiles, glad to be allowed feel like one of the group. Doffing slippers, she undoes her robe to slip it off also, slim body a feast for the eyes in her underwear; she stops there, a little more modest than some around here, and slides into the water with a happy sigh, relaxing and soaking, listening to the conversation.

Wrynn Diermidis: "I'm still amazed Gin *has* a father!" Wrynn says, taking another sip of his milk. "It so-- so-- un-exalted."

  • Snowy nods a little, not exactly relishing the idea of going somewhere else first, but, if it was closer, it may offer answers sooner. "Anya's place is North by Northeast, which way is this Rei-Lai's place?"

Gin: Gin shook her head, though with the question heard by her alone, the gesture seemed instead a gentle nuzzle of the Solar's face. Of course she hadn't, all though she had hardly planned on making this visit so soon, despite making the suggestion herself.

"Perhaps you should petition to have me divorced from him then, master kitten," Gin smiled at Wyrnn playfully. "Just to set all things right in the world again."

Wrynn Diermidis: "Oh come now, we're Lunars! Survival! Drama! Sex! You don't get that as a dependent-- waaaair, is he evil? Yes! He must be! That explains it!"

Gin: "My father's home is in Great Forks, mistress Snowy. Northwest of here, from my understanding."

  • Sapphire puts a hand over her mouth at Wrynn's remark in an unstudied, apparently casual gesture, but anyone looking closely at the way her shoulders are quivering could easily tell she's stifling a giggle.

Snowy: "I'm sure we'll have more than enough time for all of that, especially the last item. But yes. If you think it is good to go see your father, then we should head there first, for it will be quicker to travel across plains than in forests."

Gin: "Evil is not the word I would use, master kitten," Gin answered with her smile unbroken, adding only in silence to herself. It is nowhere near strong enough...