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Welcome one and all to my demense! Sadly, only one dot, but we'll see if I can't do better later... ^_^


My first, and thus far only, character was an Earth Exalt named Shadran. She lived in the lovely little part of Creation defined by Mortos, so most of the standard Creation rules about Dynasts and outcaste don't seem to apply well to her, but she's technically an outcaste. Like most Earth Exalts, stubborn, but extraordinarily steady and very honorable. Her motivation is to protect those who can't protect themselves. And yep, you guessed it - prime virtue is compassion. She was part of a cicrle which consisted of herself, a (slowly going) insane and very rich Air Exalt named Larian, Larian's overprotective hereditary Fire Exalt bodyguard Tairen, a highly amusing yet not-too-bright pirate Water Exalt named Arthic, and a kindly Wood Exalt named Aryma. I kinda tried to model Shadran after what I see myself to be, so that it wouldn't be hard to stay in character while learning the ropes. Oh yes, and did I mention that she's a decent martial artist, following five-dragon style?


Well, for the sake of getting some contact with Exalted this summer, and introducing my friend to the game, I'm running a campaign. It's getting more and more ambitious as I go on... I have a vague idea planned for the ultimate goal, and plenty for the short-term, but I hope I can make it interesting, fair, and fun. I'll be posting sessions after they happen, so my friend can't read what's in store for her! (Larana, if you're here - expect giant boulders. At an extremely inopportune moment.)

Interesting Events

When you play Exalted, impressive, funny, or just plain awesome things happen. A summary of some of the best of the ones I've had the good fortune to witness:

  • Tairen succesfully(!) impersonating Ligier.
  • Finding a helcopter (during a scene that was essentially us in a zombie movie) and dodging plasma cannons and massive ... well, they were sort of like giant wolves with wheels. Ask Mortos.
  • Knocking a Malfean of a dais into Gods-know-where; the initial hit was with Polly.
  • Finding Polly (a plasma cannon cut out of a tank that almost killed us. It fired at anything moving in 50 ft. That was a fun day...)
  • Continually thinking people were demons due to several impressively botched Perception+Awareness rolls.
  • A totemic Larian being hurled at an evil pirate-boss and completely disrupting a massively impressive villian monologue.
  • Shouting, "YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!!!" at a thousand-year-old Siderial that wanted to cross the bridge I was guarding. And the GM being kind enough to NOT kill my character for it.
  • Killing a passion moray, and subsequently being taken over by... *ahem* passion for a minute. And badly hitting on every female party member during that time.
  • Larian nearly casting a spell that would unleash the Great Contagion.
  • best quote, on killing dragons: "Alright, so we start by jumping its bones.... wait a minute..."(No, I didn't say it, but I'm not saying who did. I enjoy living too much.)

And in my own campaign:

  • Jay botching a temperence roll and glomping the cute, shy, bishi. Who is actually a first-age deer-totem lunar.
  • Jay, trying to track some bandits, tripping over a root, seeing a bit of movement, drawing her sword and exclaiming, "Ha! I have you!".... to the empty cave which she just ran into.

Comments, questions, or just popping by to say hi