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How this works...

I need some specific NPC roles filled, and would like some input, if people would be so kind, as to what to stick into those roles. Also, any random concepts for interesting NPC's that could be expanded out, and stuck into a role when it comes up would be nice. All material here is open source, so jump in, but leave my list of needed roles in the "My Needed Themes" section for me to edit, please. My group is composed mainly of solars, with one lunar (full moon).

My Needed Themes

  • Elder Lunars (three of 'em, to run an NPC and the circle of solars escorting her through some rites of passage)
  • Interfering Solar in Warstrider
  • Bandit Raiding Party (Mail and Steel - esque)
  • Bandit Leader (of same party, and for interaction with)
  • Fair Folk Noble and Party (same, maybe, or as overwhelming force that needs to be negotiated with)

Out of the mouths of the mad...

Link the characters from the Names discussion here, if you would be so kind. ^_^

Random Goodness

Cranky Barkeeps

Scholarly Types


Barbarians (not just warriors)


Other Commentary, should the Essence move you...

How much detail do you wish for your NPCs? Stats? Descriptions? Attitudes? Likes/dislikes? - BasilTM

Even an idea seed would be good ^^; , but if someone feels like doing more, the more power to them! ^_^ Also, if someone feels the need to add an additional category here (except in the "My Needed Themes" section), go right ahead. - Suzume