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Fish and Pond Theft Technique (Dragon-Blooded; Resplendence)

Aspect: Water
Cost: 2 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Minimum Larceny: 3
Minimum Essence: 2

Steal an object and the owner will miss it. Steal the memories of owning it along with the object and he won’t.
This Charm supplements a Larceny roll to steal an object. It requires a Manipulation + Larceny roll at a difficulty depending on the value of the stolen object. Mundane objects are at a difficulty equal to their Resources value. Artifacts are at a difficulty that is at least their Artifact rating + 3. This Charm has no effect with artifacts that are committed or have been attuned within the last day. The storyteller can add up to five to the difficulty of both artifacts and mundane items for long ownership, objects of great personal value and such. Only objects which can be easily stolen by the Dragon-Blooded herself can be affected by this Charm.
A successful roll seamlessly removes all memory of owning the object, but only from the owner and not people around him. The successes are divided among several owners though, if there are more than one. The Dragon-Blooded doesn’t have to know who the owners are. Every success requires one solid piece of evidence or session of reasoning to convince the owner of his memory lapse, but once convinced the stolen memories will gradually return over the course of a few days. Beings of higher Essence than the Dragon-Blooded are not affected by the Charm.

Stir the Flows of Memories Method

Aspect: Water
Cost: 3 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Minimum Larceny: 4
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Fish and Pond Theft Technique

With a mere moment of eye contact and a subtle flow of Essence, the Dynast befuddles and warps a target’s recent memories of herself. While the target does not forget anything, they shift and fade to hide what the Dynast wants to keep forgotten, like the tides and rivers subtly reshape the lands.
Roll Manipulation + Larceny. Every success above a target’s permanent Essence changes one detail of memories from the last scene. A target’s recollection of a sensitive conversation could be shifted to an innocent subject, a grave insult could be remembered as a compliment, or the Dynast’s identity could be hidden. The changes cannot transform the overall theme of a memory though – a meeting will always be a meeting, but the context and relevance of it can be changed within limits of reason and knowledge. The Dynast has no detailed control of the new memories, but the Charm doesn’t create any suspicious memory loss and the changes seem genuine and consistent to the target.
The Charm has no effect on those of higher Es-sence.

Water-Mirror Thief Method

Aspect: Water
Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Essence hours
Type: Simple
Minimum Larceny: 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Stir the Flow of Memories Method

The Dynast becomes a mirror of watery Essence, reflecting the image of someone she’s looking at. Then, assuming the transforming nature of the Wa-ter element, she assumes the target’s apperance, by casting back his reflection. The effect is just cosmetic, but skilled Dragon-Blooded can make it hold up to even close scrutiny.
Roll Manipulation + Larceny and add the Essence rating as automatic successes. The total successes determine how well the target’s image is stolen, and they set the difficulty for rolls to spot the illusion. One roll can be made for every scene of interaction. Any closer physical contact than a handshake immediately reveals the nature of the illusion, and pierces it momentarily as it ripples like water. The Charm immediately fails if the Dynast’s anima banner manifests.br> The illusion only copies the target’s appearance, not his voice, mannerisms or personality. Those who know the target and interact with the Dynast can usually quickly tell something is wrong. The target must be rougly of the same size and shape as the Dynast for the Charm to work. She must also see the target clearly, so unless she hides or uses Charms or sorcery, the target will likely see the illusion appear. The Charm can steal the image of clothing and small equipment, if the Dynast wishes, but not large weapons, armor and the like.


Fish and Pond Theft Technique rocks! As to the others, they have the feel of Socialize and Stealth Charms, respectively, but I suppose that they're close enough to Larceny to fit. - Quendalon

I'm usually all for breaking the Aspect-Ability monopoly of DBs, but really, it's a matter of finding a good match for the theme of the Charms in the end, as well as making the practial bits work. I don't have any Water-aspected Stealth or Socialize Charms to fit these under. I also don't think it's strictly necessary, because DBs are obviously a lot more flexible in what they Charms cover than most other Exalted. Also, putting new Charms in the default Aspect saves me some work. Resplendence