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Wave-Surge Evasion Method

Aspect: Water
Cost: 5+ motes
Duration: One turn
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Sail: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Storm-Outrunning Technique, Fine Passage Negotiation Style

The Dynast forces Essence into the water surrounding her ship, causing it to explode in furious waves that carries it very quickly over short distances, away from immediate danger.
During the turn the Charm is active, the ship can be moved up to Sail + Essence x 10 yards. Its hull must be in contact with a body of water big enough to hold it at all times, but it is enough if only the keel dips into the water. The ship can thus move over otherwise impassible stretches of water during the Charm – it can be lifted off a reef, but not out of a dry dock. A successful Wits + Sail roll is required for fine control of the movement. Lifting the ship off a reef is normal difficulty, but rushing an imperial dreadnought through a channel for small rowing boats would require a considerable amount of successes, at the Storyteller’s discretion. It would also also leave the survivors of the crushed rowing boats quite angered and wet.
Alternatively, this Charm can be used to perform a dodge action against attacks directed at the ship. The Dynast uses her Wits + Sail as the dodge pool, modified by the ship’s handling rating.
While this Charm protects the ship from ripping itself apart during the violent motion, secondary effects can cause considerable mayhem. Unprepared crew must make appropriate rolls to stay on the deck and avoid being crushed by loose cargo.
The ship can be 25 feet long for every point of the Dynast’s permanent Essence. Every 25 feet of length above this requires one extra mote. The Charm can only be used once per turn.

Perfect Ocean and Ship Harmony

Aspect: Water
Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One day
Type: Simple
Minimum Sail: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Storm-Outrunning Technique, Sturdy Bulkhead Concentration

Ships sail the seas in defiance of the elements, holding the nature of water at bay through their construction and the skill of the crew. This Charm spreads Essence throughout the vessel and surrounding sea, harmonizing the two so that the ship becomes a natural part of the elements. It is miracously protected from all damage from natural phenonema.
The Charm eliminates a difficulty equal to the Dynast’s Essence rating imposed by natural weather and sailing conditions. No natural phenomena on the seas can cause permanent damage or detriment to the ship during the Charm, not even if a Sail roll fails or botches. A severe storm might blow it off course and burden it with water filling the holds, but it can never sink the ship or damage it beyond sailable. Also, temporary detrimental effects seek to correct themselves naturally if possible, so a water-filled hull would empty itself as quickly as it was filled when the storm is over. Note that while the sea protects the ship from being crushed on a reef, the captain can still cause it to get stuck so badly (although without damage) that the Charm is unable to correct the situation through natural means, like causing the next tide to lift it off the reef.
Magical phenomena can still affect the ship negatively, but the Dynast can add dice equal to her permanent Essence rating to all rolls to resist and evade such effects, as well as the ship’s soak and health levels.