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Ride the Prey's Shadow</b>

<b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Stealth: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Prereqs: Shadow Cloak Technique, Unseen Whisp Method

The most subtle Abyssal spies and assassins hide in their target’s shadow. They need only to step onto a shadow cast by their target and disappear into it. Then they go wherever the target goes and they see whatever the target sees, without being more conspicuous than a shadow.

Stepping into a target’s shadow is usually trivial. If the target wants to avoid the Abyssal, she can dodge her shadow-stepping (represented by a Dexterity + Athletics roll) normally. Disappearing into the target’s shadow is nearly instantaneous, but still obvious to any witnesses.

When riding a shadow, the Abyssal cannot be noticed by mundane means. Essence-enhanced senses can notice her presence with a Perception + Awareness roll at a difficulty equal to her Essence. However, her identity is masked until she exits the shadow, which counts as a Simple action. She is even protected from scrying and other magic effects targeting her specifically (such as wards), unless they are created by someone of higher Essence or have a direct arcane link to her.

From the shadow, the Abyssal sees everything the target sees, from his perspective but with her own senses. She may speak from the shadow, but can otherwise take no direct physical action unless stepping out. Only those that have perceived her presence might attack her in the shadow, but do so at a difficulty equal to her Essence. She may dodge but cannot defend herself directly otherwise. Any damage or effect that forces her to move ejects her from the shadow. If the target goes to a place where the light is bright and omnidirectional enough to eliminate all cast shadows she is also ejected. An Exalt displaying an anima banner at the 16+ motes level specifically counts as perfectly lit.

If she wishes, the Abyssal can sink further into the shadow, cutting her self off completely from the world. She perceives nothing and can do nothing except reemerge later, but is completely undetectable and untouchable. This is a perfect effect.

The shadow of a being with higher Essence than the Abyssal cannot be ridden. The Charm ends if her anima ignites and makes stealth impossible.


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