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Shadowlands Circle Necromancy

Steal the Flesh Shroud

Cost: 10 motes
Target: One dead body

When this spell is cast on a recently dead body, it undergoes a grisly transformation during which the skin and flesh separate from the bones. Within seconds the skin has come loose as a macabre suit of animated flesh, leaving only the skeleton. When worn, this flesh shroud transforms the wearer to an almost perfect physical replica of the victim, except for a slight pallor.

The body must be from a human and somewhat close to the wearer’s physical form. The magic of the flesh shroud adapts both the shroud and the wearer to the right shape, but while a grown man could disguise himself as a young woman, he couldn’t fit himself into a the shroud from a child. Light clothes can be worn under the shroud, but no armor or bulky equipment. The storyteller is the final arbiter of whether a shroud fits or not. The body cannot be more than a few hours old and must be mostly whole. Injuries are mended by the spell, but missing limbs, burns, massive wounds and such are beyond its power.

The wearer, not necessarily the necromancer, must commit three motes to the flesh shroud for as long as she wears it. It counts as having as many health levels as its original owner. Each lethal health level inflicted on the wearer is also inflicted on the flesh shroud, which cannot be healed and falls to pieces when going below incapacitated. It is immune to bashing damage. The “wound penalties” of the shroud apply to all disguise rolls. After a full day, the shroud begins to rot and automatically takes one level of damage every two hours. Taking the shroud off before this destroys it.