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Poison-Adapting Method

Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Stamina: 3
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Infection-Resisting Method

The Lunar’s body reacts instinctively in contact with poison, subtly changing its metabolism to render the poison inert. When resisting a poison natural to Creation, the Lunar gains a number of automatic successes on her Stamina + Resistance roll equal to her Stamina score. If the poison comes from an animal of which she has consumed the heart’s blood of, this Charm makes the Lunar completely immune to that specific poison. These effects remain for a full day for the specific poison this Charm protected against.

Poisons that do not naturally occur in Creation, such as magical poisons, are not affected by this Charm. It can be activated even if the Lunar is unconscious or unaware of being poisoned.

Subtle Spider Sting Method

Cost: 1 mote per difficulty rating
Duration: One day
Type: Simple
Minimum Stamina: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Poison-Adapting Method, Adder-Fang Method

Not all poisons in nature are deadly toxins. Some induce sleep, hallucinations, madness and other strange effects. The Lunar tunes her body to create and distill such a poison, storing it for later release. It can be diffused inconspiciously through her saliva, her blood or even through skin contact. A kiss from a Lunar can be deceptive indeed.

Learning this Charm gives the ability to create one of the poisons below. To learn another poison requires learning the Charm again. One application of the Charm creates one dose of poison. A number of doses equal to Stamina can be stored at once, but they degrade after a day.

The poison can be delivered via a few seconds of mouth-to-mouth kissing, a minute of skin-to-skin contact, or a serious skin scratch or bite (like those that could arise during lovemaking). It can also be dripped from the Lunar’s skin, but the poison degrades within a minute of leaving her body. It’s impossible to notice the poison with mundane senses. Supernatural senses are at a difficulty of three.

All poison variants can have a maximum difficulty equal to the Lunar’s Stamina rating.

  • Sedating poison causes drowsiness at a successful roll, decreasing dice pools by half the poison‘s difficulty (round down) for a scene. A failed roll puts the target to sleep from which he cannot be wak-ened by mundane means for one scene. After that he sleeps normally. Exalted can rouse themselves by spending a Willpower point.
  • Hallucinogenic poison
  • Will-sapping poison makes the target suggestible at a successful roll, reducing social and Willpower dice pools to resist the Lunar by the poison’s difficulty rating for a scene. A failed roll makes the target unable to resist a suggestion from the Lunar for a scene unless he spends a point of Willpower or if it’s obviously dangerous. Exalted can spend a Will-power point to reduce the effects to those of a successful roll.
  • Memory-blanking poison blurs and fades memories of the last scene and a few turns into the future at a successful roll, making them unreliable, void of details and hard to recall. A failed roll completely vipes the last scene and coming few turns from the target’s memory.

If there is a poison ready in her body, the Lunar may use that instead of the standard poison for Ad-der Fang Method and Soporific Venom Method. One attack consumes one dose of poison, whether it is successfully delivered or not.