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Lexicon of Elder Days Letter Discussion



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G time? - willows

We still don't have a claimant for Feral Dragon Kings, and Alabrax hasn't filled in his entry. Once those are up, I'll put up the Flawless Mirror entry (making sure that I provide enough 'G' links to fill out the letter), and we can move on. - Quendalon

Finished with my "G" Alabrax

We'll move on to 'H' once Dim finishes writing his entry for the Grand Solar Monarchy, and once someone else (MidKnight, maybe?) takes on the Gathering Storm Assault. - Quendalon

So, can we try to decide on a firm ruling for dibbing? I'm thinking either you can only dib entries which we're about to write (so right now you'd only be able to dib "H"s), or you can dib any entry you want at any time (in which case I call Turginosto: Love Testament and Power under "T"). What does everyone think?\\ ~ Shataina

All the entries for H are filled in. So, Quendalon ... we await your command.\\ <itching to call Incense Descending Crown>\\ <grin>\\ ~ Shataina

Well, they are all filled in NOW. Shall we move on? - Telgar

<fingers poised over keyboard>\\ It shall be mine ...\\ <itch itch>\\ ~ Shataina

As of this moment, Alabrax hasn't quite finished his 'H' entry. I'm leaving the office now; I'll get back to you on this in an hour or so. - Quendalon

I'd like to claim dibs on either the Iatic School or the Isparian Wall phantoms, so I'll let someone grab one and take the other. I should point out that the Will of Hesieh entry should be mocked. The Will was originally ment to be whatever is inside the Effort and connected to the Dragon-Kings. The actual entry on the Will makes it into something related to DB's. I wonder if this was on purpose? - Telgar.

My idea was that the Effort was really part of an earlier curse against her kind, through the DBs, and the Dragon-kings were merely pawns used to hide it away, and the Solars, in their pride, never thought that the Dragon kings would ever release it. The nature of the curse I left vague and I guess I muddied the water a bit too much with all the stuff about what the DBs believe now and portraying Immaculate bias (too much of the "cranky, opinionated, prejudiced and eccentric", perhaps?). I wrote it all in a bit of a rush, and re-reading it, it's not very clear or concise, is it?. Feel free to mock if you want. :¬) - Voidstate

I am all finished. Wel I might have to brush it up some tomorrow... but its written for the most part. So 'I' is free fro bidding! Alabrax

Considering the number of J phantoms we already have, only one person needs to make a J phantom now for all 8 people, plus Paradox who wants to join up. - Telgar

Alabrax - Your entry for Hirruet doesn't have any backlinks to previous entries. - Voidstate

Good catch... I will fix that. Thanks. Alabrax

No signature on the Isparian Wall?\\ Aren't there players who've been shut out of I due to lack of phantoms?\\ And if so, am I allowed to put an I phantom in my I entry so they'll get something?\\ And are we doing the back-phantoms?\\ ~ Shataina

Go ahead and do it; it's a way better way for people to get in or catch up than making orphans is. - willows

Later tonight, Willows or I will add a forum page for people to list the letters they'd like back-phantoms for. - Quendalon

Once Alabrax finishes his entry for Incense Descending Crown, we can move on to 'J'. - Quendalon

Eeep, hold up real quick! I'm not done yet. I will be soon, but I'm not. I'll post when I am :)\\ ~ Shataina

That will be posted tomorrow. Sorry to hold things up, but like Dim said (somewhere else) we have really raced through the last few letters. Alabrax

It's true. The inspiration's running thick ;)\\ I'm basically done with the Iridescent Decade, although I worry that it's a tad incoherent.\\ ~ Shataina

It seems perfectly coherent to me. Very good work; I particularly liked your phantoms, I might have to take one of those when they come up, assuming nobody else grabs one first;P Though that's still a ways off. -CrownedSun

Thanks. <smile> I'll probably edit it some more soon, trying to iron out details (time manipulation leads to fun weirdness!), but then again, it doesn't necessarily need to make complete sense (time manipulation = excuse for bizarre contradictions!).\\ I figure we can use the Iridescent Decade as an excuse sometimes if people make really egregious timing errors in their entries, too.\\ ~ Shataina

Hey AlecAustin, it's awesome that you joined, and your Inauspicious Portal entry is really cool (I approve of anything involving demons :), but please keep in mind for the future that all entries in letters after A are supposed to be filled-in phantom citations, not newly-created citations.\\ ~ Shataina

Just a quick FYI, I am sitting out for *J*... unless it turns out we wont finish the letter, But I want to get some of the new folks a shot as some of these. I think we now have more active players then phantoms. This will give me a chance to work on my backlinks and I wont hold up the rest of the lexicon, since I am only good for about 1 entry every day and a half. (which wouldnt be true if I could keep the size down) Alabrax

People, cast an eye toL andM... they're a little tight on phantoms. - willows

Gotcha, I've been so busy with back-phantoms that I haven't been forward-phantoming properly. :) --Dissolvegirl

Yay! L and M are both letters that'd I'd be Phantoming to anyway. -strut- Oh yeah, oh yeah. -MidKnight

It seems like J is taking a while to fill. Are there too many phantoms? Or is it because people are doing "back-phantoms" before they do the current letter, in an effort to catch up? Not trying to be a Lexicon-Nazi, just wondering... although I am itching to write some more. - Voidstate

As near as I can tell, everyone who's doing backphantoms is making sure to get the letter they're currently on done with first. J does seem to be going slower, but it's probably just because we got used to it going much faster than normal, and the wiki's been down so much.\\ ~ Shataina

I excused myself from J, mostly due to things getting crazy in my personal life (buying a house), and none of the J entries spoke to me or inspired me. I am working, abeit slowly on my backlinks, but since I am not doing a *J* I the back links are not holding me up. I think what happened is folks doing back links added some J links to the mix, now we have too many. Alabrax

As far as I know, I'm the only back-linker who added a J link to an entry, and I did it because willows specifically requested a J-phantom on the backlink forum. You can see as much here: http://www.lensmen.net/wiki/exalted.pl?action=browse&id=Lexicon/BackLinks&revision=77 --Dissolvegirl

What happened is that all the things but one (which, as it turns out, I did not notice) got dibbed before I got to them; as a result I asked for a backlink. Then Quendalon pointed out the preexisting link to me, which I dibbed and Alec wrote, unaware of the dib. Meanwhile, I posted a comment somewhere along the lines of "oops, don't backlink me", but forgot to take myself off the list up top, so you wrote a backlink, and then someone else retracted a J dib! So, now we have your backlink and a second, unclaimed J. My recommendation is that I'll fill out my J backlink, and we'll hold the other J (it's Justicar of Midnight) for anyone who wants it, and meanwhile move on to K. - willows

Thanks for the clear-up. Your plan sounds good to me. --Dissolvegirl

Okay, I think we might have more active players than K phantoms ... just warning you before you write your J entry, willows.\\ Cos I have the impression that the following people are actively playing for K:\\ Alabrax\\ AlecAustin\\ CrownedSun\\ Dim\\ Dissolvegirl\\ MidKnight\\ Telgar\\ Quendalon\\ Shataina\\ Voidstate\\ willows\\ ... which makes 11 players, and we only have 10 K phantoms.\\ Have any of the above officially dropped out? MidKnight sort of gave me that impression, but I can't tell if he dropped out for the rest of the game, or just for J.\\ Or, is there anyone who isn't listed?\\ ~ Shataina

The person who wrote the rogue "J" entry could re-name it to a "K" entry, perhaps? Just a thought. If we end up with one less, I'll sit out the next round. --Dissolvegirl

I very much hope I didn't drive MidKnight away. If you're reading this, MidKnight, I apologize for jumping down your throat over the whole dibbing thing. - Quendalon

On phantom links: apparently, the rules are unclear (at least according to the guy who posted over on the mainDiscussion, and asked for more input). We should evidently not be creating two new phantoms per entry -- we should also be citing other peoples' phantoms occasionally. So, I guess this means we should start taking it easy on making up new phantoms, since we'll have way too many if we keep making up 2 new ones per entry.\\ Sorry if this was self-evident to anyone else. It does seem like it'd be useful to point it out in the rules, maybe?\\ ~ Shataina

I think it's really funny that no less than 4 of the Ks start with the word "keep". - willows

Heh, yeah ... it is a bit much isn't it? I guess the players will have to be super super creative this round.\\

What a weird word to have 4 entries start with, too! I would've expected it to be like, "King" or something.\\ Did you know that there are so far three, count them, three Codices under "W"?\\ ~ Shataina

Shataina, why did you start on K? - Telgar

... I thought we agreed to move on to K once willows finishedJindar Needles. (The conversation is a little ways up the page.)\\

If I was out of turn, and / or everyone didn't know about the plan, I apologize. I figured since no one objected when willows proposed it, it was fine.\\ ~ Shataina

Ahh, missed that. Moving on we shall be. - Telgar

Lots of dragon king related phantoms in K. It'll be intersting how they all tie together. - Voidstate

We have 12 'L' phantoms. We don't have 12 active players, do we? - Quendalon

Ten players have done 'K', plus myself, which I make 11 at first guess -- Senji
It does indeed seem that we have 11 players. Accordingly, why don't we just wait until 11 phantoms are written, and then move on after the normal turnaround period and hope someone takes the extra (as Senji did with the Justicar after J was over and he joined late)?\\

~ Shataina

Could someone please change one of their 'L' phantoms to something else? We have too many. - Quendalon

Dim -- inGrand Solar Monarchy you used the word "fidelitious", which is not in fact a word.  :)\\ Quendalon -- I'll change "Lyrinesse".\\ ~ Shataina

I just noticed that some of the enties that were added in out of turn, like Heliopaths and Weird Sisters are DIRECTLY out of Harry Potter. And while I like Harry and all... its sad that someone had to resort to stealing from those books to put something in to this.

Whoever you are (and please sign your comments), if you think that anything in Harry Potter wasn't taken from elsewhere, you're even sadder than the people who made said phantoms. There isn't a single original word in those books, and I can tell you right now that I could give you three alternate sources for both ideas you've listed with a day of research. Hell, I can give you two for "Weird Sisters" right now -- Terry Pratchett's Discworld books (most of whose material was stolen with ridiculously extreme blatancy by JK Rowling, in fact) and Shakespeare's "Macbeth". Better for fans to be using extremely popular, well-known ideas during a fan-based writing project (and it's not as if general fantasy homage isn't well-precedented and decently-cited within the "Exalted" game line) than for an author to be passing off such ideas as "original". And incidentally, neither of those entries were added in out of turn.
~ Shataina

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