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Incense Descending Crown

During much of the First Age, there was a Kingdom known as Tizinhezpia, far to the north. Many have searched for this hidden kingdom, but it is believed that it existed in a part of creation that has been reclaimed by the wyld. The land was controlled by a powerful god-king known to man and heaven only as Incense Descending Crown, though there is much conjecture among savants that he held a different name at the time of his creation.

Though I lack direct evidence, I do believe Incense Descending Crown to be unlike any other creature in Creation -- possibly a behemoth of sorts, not completely unlike ”Hiefozil” or “Xe the Raptor from Below”. He did not seem to be able to slip in to the immaterial world of spirits, though he was just as ageless as the gods themselves. The distinction is important, however, as while he did not seem to be a god, he held a role much like a City-Father would. I believe he was the “City-Father” of the kingdom, land and people of Tizinhezpia. How he achieved this is unknown, although I suspect he was created for that role. In the tome “Ukan’Yuen’Qze” (I translated this as “Counting Expressions of Havoc”) it tells of Incense Descending Crown’s support of the gods and his small role in the great war. This might explain why he was allowed to continue on in his rule.

Another conviction of note that Incense Descending Crown held was his strong stance against the use of sorcery in general. He fervently claimed that such power was granted from the Yozis for dubious proposes. This notion was strongly rejected by the both the Eight Immortalities Fellowship and the Deliberative as a whole.

During his reign over Tizinhezpia, Incense Descending Crown was adamant in his condemnation of the activities of the Eight Immortalities Fellowship. Many savants of the time also condemned the Fellowship, for they did not want the Fellowship looking over the shoulders of occultists, sorcerers or exalted beings in their dealings with the spawn of Malfeas. Many felt that the Eight Immortalities Fellowship was too restrictive in the summoning of demons, but Incense Descending Crown felt that it in fact supported the practice and even encouraged men to call on the implings of Malfeas rather then discouraged. Incense Descending Crown instead supported a complete ban on the practice and would harshly punish anyone for bringing demons in to his realm.

As to Incense Descending Crown’s current location, situation and fate, that is unknown. After releasing Crystal Raven from his prison, it is said that Viperous Orchid descended upon Tizinhezpia, breaking the land and its people. It is unknown if Incense Descending Crown could have survived the destruction of his kingdom, but if he did, he has remained in hiding ever since.