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Looking for older discussions? They may be on the Lexicon Discussion Archive Page - Voidstate

6.24.04: Okay, so this thing looks about as dead as, well, a dead thing. However, I hate leaving projects unfinished. Thus, unless there are storms of protest, I'm just going to blatantly go through the Lexicon and write an entry for each remaining letter, not making up new phantoms but instead referring to three entries that have already been written. If anyone cares, please, speak up! I don't want to upset or offend anyone who wants to actually keep playing the game as written. However, if nobody cares, I think this is probably the best way for me, at least, to (eventually -- it's not like I'm gonna do all this right away, not that I have time these days anyway :P) feel like I've finished my end of the project.
I think I'll give it three days. Speak within that period or forever hold your peace.
Oh, and does anyone know anything about the phantom thing?
~ Shataina

I think we've hit the point at which no new phantoms should be created, anyway. - Quendalon
I agree, and a no-phantoms cleanup round would be a good way to close out the game. Let's go ahead with it. -willows
I'm sad to see it die like this but I also agree. i reckon I'll go through and fill an entry for each letter, too, when I get a moment. - Voidstate
I am inclined, at some point, to start this over with a much smaller, closed player pool and far fewer than 26 rounds, to allow for the game to wrap up before it hits the "player fatigue" stage. As for this one, though... I agree that the momentum is gone, and once it's gone it's really hard to get back. (I am reminded of Zelazny's Amber series, but then, I am a geek.) - Quendalon
I don't see this as a death but as an excellent rebirth. There are great things way at the end of the alphabet that I'd like to start picking over, while some of the stuff around M just bores me. I think that creating some forced interlinkage with the last few entries might provide a valuable surge of tension and energy by contributing interesting facts to phantoms that have either lackluster titles or uninspiring references in their birth-citations.
But I do agree that this shouldn't be the way that this is done the next time around. Quendalon's suggestions sound excellent to me - the second Nobilis Lexicon apparently did telephone keypad turns (three letters,you may write only one) or something like that, and benefited greatly for it, because the game was shorter and a little more flexible. - willows
Okay, good. If no one still cares by tomorrow I'll start dibbing.
Does anyone care if I dib letters ahead of the line as long as I actually have an idea for it? This was what I was figuring on doing -- when I come up with an idea, dib the relevant entry. And I would encourage others to do the same -- don't just pick an entry you don't actually know what you're going to write for; it's annoying and it blocks people who might write something sooner. I figure if anyone obsessive (like me) ends up wanting to write an entry for a letter that all of the entries have been written for because they insist on having an entry for every letter, they can just request that someone rename another phantom.
~ Shataina
PS: The Amber series kicks ass, Quendalon. Good taste.  :)
PPS: Were you going to try and start over on the same topic (Elder Days) or a different one?
I'll join in this clean-up round as well. Just grab one entry per letter and go with it. - Telgar

Three days. I'm starting.
~ Shataina
PS: I removedQuendalon from the Q list because it isn't really anything. Anyone have any ideas on what to do aboutTerashem?

Remove it. - Telgar
It's a decent entry though. It just has no linkbacks. Removing it seems kind of harsh.
~ Shataina
Okay, I just added some links to the entry. This is kind of interfering with Arbane's work, but I took care to be gentle, he hasn't been spotted round here for a while, and it's the only way for the entry to stay in the game that I can see.
~ Shataina

Just a general note, in case anyone else writes any entries connected to any of mine ever -- I've been editing them even after they're done, especially recently. I always make sure my edits never conflict with other peoples' statements, but I just figured I better give a heads-up so people refer to my entries before citing them, just in case they've changed.
~ Shataina

Is the game over, or can new people jump in? -Okensha, sneaking online from work

It's only over -unless- new people jump in! Go ahead... but... I suggest only filling in entries, as new ones are very unlikely to be filled in, since many people have stopped. People come back and do one occasionally, mind you, and I know Shataina would really like just about anyone to participate!
-- Darloth
There's a note explaining the current status of the game at the top of the main Lexicon page, and I'd be happy to answer any and all of your questions. I think I will also add a brief newbie-advice thing on the main page.
~ Shataina

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