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Feral Dragon Kings

Related by One and Many Varied Faces, once God of the Library of Hollow

"The Kings, hrm? Yes, I remember ... remember them. Children of the Sun, not? A sad end for a proud race. You do not know? They were once as you or I, clear and thoughtful, clearly well-learned, if learned in a method unusual to normal man. Same thing that was their downfall, or man's shortcoming, the schism between their knowledge and man's ... when they needed help there were too few able to help.

"Their spiral down can be traced to a few varied points; it began just before the Contagion, as their number was finally recovering from the Kingswar. One among them, a priest named Ivarian, claimed to have recieved a vision from the Sun, telling of a dark shadow approaching their people that would swallow them all. Believing this to portend another war for their kind, Ivarian called forth for the Effort to be released, in hopes to inspire the Dragon Kings. The fact that it was locked away as it was, though, proved to be a boon and a bane, as none remaining had the proper knowledge to release it from its safe.

"Marshalling what forces they could, the Dragon Kings eventually gathered enough force, both physical and mental, to release the Effort in what would come to be known as 'Ivarian's Gambit' to the survivors. None could deny that it was successful, but what Ivarian did not know -- that the Priests before him had -- was that the Effort was locked away both for safekeeping from others and for the Kings' own protection. The safe itself was actually several seals crafted to rein in the power of the Effort so it could never overwhelm the Dragon Kings.

"This would never have posed a problem had the Effort not contained a fragment of the Will of Hesiesh, filtered through the seals and spread out among all the Dragon Kings. When Ivarian freed the Effort without going through the proper steps, it allowed Hesiesh's Will to overtake and subsume most every Dragon King mind it tried to enter.

"These actions are quietly hailed as the reasons for the downfall of the Dragon Kings, sad as that may be."

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