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Session 15

<Silent_Sunset> "So, to recap ..."
<Silent_Sunset> "In about four hours Undulating Triumph will arrive at the Scaeda islands. This will be the best opportunity we have to approach him."
<ADamiani> (Not Scaeg?)
<Silent_Sunset> Silent is tired :p
<Silent_Sunset> "I'd suggest an open and covert approach at the same time."
<ADamiani> The party hangs on every silent word
<Silent_Sunset> "Some of us would try to infiltrate his men and look for physical intelligence."
<Silent_Sunset> "Papers, maps, sorcerous tools, dematerialiuzed demons ..." He trails off.
<Silent_Sunset> "Uhh, right. Whatever gives us insight into his motivation, plans and connection to the SP."
<Silent_Sunset> "Simultaneously we would approach him openly, ask about his situation ... and if he requires help."
<Silent_Sunset> "He is not a willing servant of the Silver One - he will want to escape that service."
Platinum_Sky_Lover is wearing a simple farmwive's dress, most of her covered, with a kerchief on her head. Why? Who the hell knows? She comes in carrying fresh baked buns for everyone!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, I suppose that means I'll approach him, since I am the most social of this bunch, the best fighter, and have a 1 for one streak for bring Solars into the fold."
Silent_Sunset coughs, nearly asphyxiates on his bun
<ADamiani> It's a tasty bun, though.
Hidden_Crystal pokes at the bun, and frowns.
<Silent_Sunset> Tastes not quite as good coming out through his nose.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Cinnamon roll, made by my household cooking goddess. Hope you like it!"
<Silent_Sunset> "Tasty. Yeah, *cough*, very good indeed :)."
<Silent_Sunset> *cough* "Excuse me." *cough*
Silent_Sunset drinks some tea, cleans himself up with a napkin
Platinum_Sky_Lover did bring tea and coffee.
<Silent_Sunset> "So, right. Sister Sky, good of you to volunteer."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Being that I utterly lack spy and stealth skills, I should be good for something.
<Silent_Sunset> "It is sad, that brother Jiang is still late, but apparently there is a whole mountain of paper, someone dropped on him."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "He'll be here in his time. I'm certain that whatever he's doing is important."
Silent_Sunset nods. "Without him we'd surely be drowning already."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "But, there is also another issue.
<Silent_Sunset> "Anyway, as stated before the main objective is to find out, how to free the unfortunate Triumph from his shackles. We should keep in mind, however, that the very nature of those shackles may force him to act against us in this."
Platinum_Sky_Lover raises her finger. "I'm on the verge of attaining a breakthrough in the understanding of my own nature. However, I need time off to complete the next phase of my training."
Silent_Sunset looks at his teacup for a minute or so, wondering what it's doing in his hand
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "This will take about 4 months time, however. I'm getting pissed that there have been so many damned small crisises that I haven't had the time to tend to my own affairs!"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Unless there is some pending crisis that demands my attention, I'm going to be taking some time off. *Unless* some other means for me getting my training time in makes itself apparent. I'm thinking of approaching one of the gods of time and making a gift."
Silent_Sunset startles "What? Uhh, right. Oh yes, a most vexing circle. We do some work, and it begets more work for us."
<Hidden_Crystal> "And the ending for such a cycle is decidedly not in sight." Crystal says dryly.
<Silent_Sunset> "I'm not sure, whether it's wise to do this at this very moment."
Platinum_Sky_Lover crosses her arms. "I don't suppose anyone else here knows how to make 4 months pass in one day? I do know this - if you want my combat power, I'll need time to train, plain and simple."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I'm sure that you all have your various projects to work on as well."
<Silent_Sunset> "Every day brings more misguided souls behind Triumph. Very powerful ones, possibly."
<Silent_Sunset> "Dragon Kings may lack the sheer power of the Solar Exalted, but their memories are ancient and deep. We can't ignore this development."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, come on, Sidereals! There's no way I'm facing a Solar Exalt in combat unless I'm well on the road to Sidereal level martial arts."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Does anyone here have connections in the bureas of time passage of attainment of esoteric knowledge?
<Silent_Sunset> "It is the quintessential curse of being the ones in charge of the west."
<Silent_Sunset> "Fires pop up all the time and we need to stomp at least some of them, lest Creation be set aflame entirely."
Silent_Sunset muses
<Silent_Sunset> "Of course ... in our dealings with the Fair Ones, such a boon might be gained."
<Silent_Sunset> "Like everything else, time is fluid in the Wyld ... though what She asks, may be a high prize, of course."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Are you seriously saying that we should treat with the Raksha in order to get the time we need to train?"
Hidden_Crystal winces and waits for the inevitable explosion.
Silent_Sunset shrugs "It would align very well with my ... our current tactics."
Platinum_Sky_Lover snorts. "You've been snorting Bright Morning. I'd rather make use of Heaven's resources first."
<Silent_Sunset> "Use the enemies of Creation against the enemies of Creation."
Silent_Sunset winces
Platinum_Sky_Lover sighs. "Sunset, that damned Fae strumpet is playing you the same way I would play you if I were a whore introduced into an enemy court."
Silent_Sunset looks a bit hurt. "I'm not being played."
<Silent_Sunset> "Can you imagine, what kind of favor the Lord of Time would ask for such a thing? I'd rather not ..."
Platinum_Sky_Lover completes his sentence "...betray Creation? They're creatures of illusion and deceit, Sunset. Even now, she's creating dissent in our Circle! She needs to go back to the Wyld, or be destroyed! Look at what she's doing to you! Before you met her, you'd never even consider treating with an enemy of Creation!"
Hidden_Crystal decides to ATTEMPT to stay out of the argument and tries to make himself as unobtrusive as possible.
<Silent_Sunset> "Huh? That wasn't what I was going to say."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Silent, yes you are. Trust me, I've played many men and women in the course of my life, before and after Exaltation. She's epxloiting your very human vulnerabilities."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, Silent, I was hoping you'd say it."
Silent_Sunset stands up "I am a servant of Destiny. Whatever vulnerabilities I might have had, are of no consequence, when it comes to being faithful to my duties. I really hope you were not intimating otherwise." He looks quite angry at that.
Hidden_Crystal looks back and forth between Silent and Platinum, and scoots further back, trying to make himself as small and invisible as possible.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Sunset, because you are my brother, I am obliged to point out things as I see them. This faerie girl was given as a gift to you by a Fae Lord, a timeless being who is a peer to the Primordials. Use your head!"
<Jiang> "He is. One of them, at least."
<Silent_Sunset> "What I was going to say was, that I'm painfully familiar with the kind of favors powerful gods demand."
<ADamiani> SIDEREALS! The fabric of reality continues to deteriorate. Jiang is suddenly and retroactively present.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "And what makes you think that dealing with a Raksha lord is any less dangerous? I'd rather owe heaven than be a plaything for Rakshastan."
Silent_Sunset snorts
<Silent_Sunset> "A plaything to the Fair Ones?"
<Silent_Sunset> "If my plan is completed, it is they, who will bend to our cunning."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "But *you're* different. *You're* special. You think you can outwit them! That's our famed arrogance. Listen to me, Sunset! I love you! You're my brother! You're being played!"
Platinum_Sky_Lover looks to Jiang in desperation. "Jiang! Will you talk to him? We have to get rid of that Fae Girl who's playing him, NOW."
Silent_Sunset sits down again, looking at PSL a bit resignedly. "Platinum Sky Lover, thank you for your concern for myself and the Fate of Creation. However there is no need to intervene. She has sworn an *oath* to help me. She is *bound* not to act against me."
Jiang looks at Platinum coldly. "He's a grown boy. He can make his own decisions. He's making the wrong one, but we'll rectify his mistake once he's gotten in over his head. Hopefully we won't have to kill him. Now then, your mission went well, I assume?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Should I fall indeed under undue influences, I would thank you with all my heart for Ending the threat posed, but ..."
Platinum_Sky_Lover smiles. "Good to see you, Jiang. Yes, here's the report, concerning our meeting a Dragon King. We were arguing about training time. I need to work on my Essence, and we were talking about methods of getting the time we need to train."
Silent_Sunset shrugs sadly. "And getting nowhere, except stepping backwards in the process."
<Jiang> "I do have a device for such, but the power crystal is nearly dead." He examines the report closely
<Silent_Sunset> "The problem is, Triumph is working hard to find and deceive possibly allies under that noble race."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Seems like Sunset thinks it'd be safer to deal with some Raksha lord than to be indebted to a heavenly god. Jiang, I have a fairly amount of Ambrosia in my personal vault at home. Do you think we can pool the Ambrosia we all have to get another power crystal made, and fuel the device for all of us?"
<Silent_Sunset> "After that situation is under control, be it through benign intervention or force, there might be opportunity for all of us to improve ourselves."
<Jiang> "Possible. I know who can replace it. I expect you could charm them into parting with one."
Platinum_Sky_Lover brightens up. "Who, pray tell?"
Hidden_Crystal shifts slightly, gloved fingers sliding along the edge of the folder in his lap, just listening closely and hoping that this will not break into another argument.
<Jiang> "I'll make a list for you."
<Jiang> "So then. Have you decided how you want to approach the Solar?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Undulating Triumph? No idea, as of yet. Do you have any suggestions?"
<Silent_Sunset> [03:17] <Silent_Sunset> "I'd suggest an open and covert approach at the same time."
<Silent_Sunset> [03:18] <ADamiani> The party hangs on every silent word
<Silent_Sunset> [03:18] <Silent_Sunset> "Some of us would try to infiltrate his men and look for physical intelligence."
<Silent_Sunset> [03:18] <Silent_Sunset> "Papers, maps, sorcerous tools, dematerialiuzed demons ..." He trails off.
<Silent_Sunset> [03:19] <Silent_Sunset> "Uhh, right. Whatever gives us insight into his motivation, plans and connection to the SP."
<Silent_Sunset> [03:20] <Silent_Sunset> "Simultaneously we would approach him openly, ask about his situation ... and if he requires help."
<Silent_Sunset> [03:20] <Silent_Sunset> "He is not a willing servant of the Silver One - he will want to escape that service."
<Jiang> "Infiltration would be useful. I can, if I wish, disguise myself as one of the Dragon Kings and join with him. Or pretend to, at least. That would suffice for gathering further information from the 'inside', so to say."
<Silent_Sunset> "So, a two-pronged approach. Sister Sky has volunteered for the open one already."
Platinum_Sky_Lover smiles and shrugs.
Silent_Sunset grins
<Silent_Sunset> "Ahh, approach number three. And the usual subtlety from you. Very good! :)"
<Silent_Sunset> "The more cunning employed the better.
<Silent_Sunset> I would take it upon myself then to look through his possessions."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "So, do I approach him before or after you rifle through his stuff?
<Silent_Sunset> "How about 'while'? It would make sure of his distraction."
<Jiang> "If I can get close enough to him, I can encourage him to be more.. open, with Sky Lover."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Wow. That's sure a great way of winning his trust.
Silent_Sunset smiles "Brother Jiang, you could look over Mnemon's shoulder while she is writing admonishments of paranoia to her agents and she would not notice."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Can you at least wait until he says 'no' to me before you vandalize his belongings?
<Hidden_Crystal> "But would he not be more paranoid about someone possibly getting into his belongings after such a rejected offer?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Vandalize? Do you really have so little faith in my abilities?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover raises a finger, instructively. "Undulating Triumph is something much greater than Mnemon. He is a Solar Exalted. They haev Charms that can cleave through Arcane Fate and our stealth Charms like butter."
Jiang rubs his hands "With certain chemical enticements, I can almost ensure that he will spend a.. considerable amount of time with Sky Lover."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Yes, but if we want him on our side, we must *deal with him in good faith*.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "If it doesn't work out, I'll Duck Fate, and our meeting will never have happened. THEN you can rifle through his stuff.
<Jiang> "We're Sidereals. We always deal in good faith. This is, however, mostly because we can redefine 'good faith'. I've had it revised 8 times, myself."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> :sighs. "And people wonder why Heaven has become a shithole."
<Hidden_Crystal> "Sister, it is Avoidance Kata that has the 'never happened' benefit."
<Jiang> "Become?"
Silent_Sunset waves a hand "PSL, you forget everything I just said ... You can deal with him in perfectly good faith."
Silent_Sunset snickers
Platinum_Sky_Lover snorts.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Yes, I have that one too, thank you. It's so secret that even *I* forget it occasionally."
<Jiang> "So. Let us undertake our plan. I will pose as a Dragon King and join with Undulating Triumph, afflicting him with certain chemicals. I will then give a signal, and Sky Lover shall approach him. Sunset will, concurrently, engage in his mission."
Jiang looks around for Hidden Crystal. "Platinum, take Crystal with you. If you put a dress on him, he'd make a fetching girl. Add to Triumph's distraction."
Silent_Sunset looks a bit uncomfortable. "Once we reveal ourselves to him, there is no going back. He'll make sure, he secures his bnelongings, once he knows of us as an involved party."
Hidden_Crystal grits his teeth and tries to NOT lose his temper and kick Jiang in the balls for that suggestion.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "If he discovers that we have mislead and betrayed him, his wrath will no know bounds, and we will have lost him for the cause of Heaven.
Silent_Sunset wonders at the look on Crystal's face
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "YOU can explain that to the Unconquered Sun, Sunset. The Prime deity is taking more and more of a direct interest in his Exalts, as of late.
Jiang smiles grimly "You know, you could always betray Silent to Triumph, earning his trust. We'll need to ensure Silent has a secure escape route."
Silent_Sunset snorts
<Silent_Sunset> "Then why is a Solar serving Olivion? HE can explain that one to Saturn, then."
Platinum_Sky_Lover takes a seat. "Brother Jiang, your insensitivity is as stupendous as your bluntness."
Jiang shrugs "After awhile, you begin to appreciate cutting to the point. And it would work nicely. I've done it before."
Platinum_Sky_Lover hms to that. "A double double cross. I prefer the simpler method. However, tactically, it does have merit. But I like my brother Sunset, and would prefer an initially more trusting approach. I am *not* the Green Lady."
<Silent_Sunset> "Obviously."
<Silent_Sunset> Silent states that in a dry voice, leaving all interpretations open ...
<Jiang> "Don't worry. You'll get over that handicap in time."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "And be walking misery like you? I'll slit my own throat at that point.
Jiang simply shrugs. "It would work better this way. I, frankly, have no interest in being fair to Undulating Triumph. Such would not be in the best interests of Creation."
<Silent_Sunset> "Well, there is the concern, that intelligence from his belongings might help in finding the right arguments ..."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Jiang, that's short term thinking. He's a Lawgiver - he's a long term resource to be cultivated and rescued, not some peice of trash to be tossed aside."
Jiang smiles thinly "I lived through the First Age. I know them better than you do."
<Silent_Sunset> "'Long term resource'"
Silent_Sunset grimaces
<Silent_Sunset> "A short-sighted approach, that, as well:"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Also, Lawgivers are *superior* to us, individually. There's a very good chance that he will be able to see through it, especially if he has investigative, awareness or social charms.
<Jiang> "Above all, Platinum, the Solars are dangerous. To us, to Creation, to themselves. We can't take the risks that fairness" He spits the word "Would entail. We'll try it my way. If he refuses, then we kill him."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "The risk of betrayal may be the easier way, but it's on the longer term more foolish.
<Silent_Sunset> "Exactly. Which is, why a bit of honest sniffing around is a lot better an approach than trying to control him in the long term."
<Silent_Sunset> "I mean, that's expected."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well said, Chepok Kejak. And look what that kind of thinking now has done to Creation.
<Jiang> "It's ensured that there is a Creation, Platinum." He sighs "Frankly, if you want to keep him long term.. Thats your business. But for now, I want his information and I want to deprive the Prince of a servant. Murder or subversion, either works."
<Silent_Sunset> "And what will Gold Faction Propaganda do?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "A bit of sniffing around, perhaps. But if he discovers that we are decieving him, I expect you all to say, "Platinum Sky Lover, you were right", as we all run from him and I give my life to slow him down.
<Silent_Sunset> "Do you think, the Lawgivers will forever be deceived by that?"
<Silent_Sunset> "We are not deceiving him. That was never the plan."
<Silent_Sunset> "We approach, offer help with his situation. Going through his papers may not be the most *polite* thing to do, but it doesn't qualify as malign manipulations either."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "You mean that Cult of the Illuminated nonsense? I've been against that since day one. No, we bend the resources of Heaven to find the source of the Solar's madness - the Great Curse. It's not the Solar Nature that is intrinsically bad, it's the Malfean curse that has been placed on them. The way of the Bronze faction has been an unmitigated disaster. The Gold Faction isn't much better, but I don't have much in
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "but I don't have much in the way of choices."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Anyway, the training time issue. Jiang, do you have your list? We'll get you a new fuel cell for your device."
Jiang hands her a short list. "There." He turns to the others "Now, shall we initiate our scheme?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Very good. Who else needs that time? We need to pool our Ambrosia.
Jiang rises to his feet "Good. I want to finish this business with the Prince as soon as possible, as we have a much bigger fish to catch."
Silent_Sunset swallows hard. "You ... you are not serious!"
<Silent_Sunset> "Are you planning on personally kicking the Malfeans back to sleep, or what?"
<Hidden_Crystal> Narrowing his eyes briefly at Jiang (obviously still annoyed at the dress suggestion) as he stands, Crystal presses a file folder into Jiang's hands.
Jiang shakes his head "No. This is something thats needed to be done for some time. I've been putting it off for awhile now." He looks at the file "Whats this?"
Silent_Sunset looks surprised, then embarassed as Crystal is suddenly 'present' again
<Jiang> "We'll probably all die.. Well. You'll probably all die. But this is important."
<Hidden_Crystal> "You know most of what's in there." Crystal says coolly. "But part of it you don't."
Jiang nods "I see. Thank you, Hidden Crystal."
<Silent_Sunset> ... which in itself is astounding, Silent thinks to himself.
<Jiang> "Anyways. As I was saying, once we've finished with the Prince, we're going to take a trip."
Silent_Sunset shrugs lightly. "Oh well. Lose a life, gain a life. All evens out ..."
<Silent_Sunset> He isn't as happy as he tries to be, though.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "That Nexus thing we were talking about?"
<Silent_Sunset> "To Malfeas? To Stygia? Into the Mouth of the Void?"
Jiang shakes his head "No, no." He pauses "Probably not, but you never know." He shrugs to Silent. "Maybe. But what we're going to do is track down Autocthon in whatever hole he's been hiding himself in and drag him back, kicking and screaming if need be. We've got things to fix, and he's best for the job."
Silent_Sunset is petrified for a moment, then nods ironically. "Ah, I see. It all makes sense now. Only a bit of kicking and screaming, and then ..."
<Jiang> "Then, hopefully, things start getting fixed. The Mask, the essence flows of the West, the Great Curse..."
<Silent_Sunset> "In any case, that means we have even MORE points on our ToDo list. It's getting awefully crowded, that list ..."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Allright then. Who also needs training time?"
<Jiang> "And, if we're really lucky, he'll finally give me that twenty drechma."
Silent_Sunset looks at his star-watch. "Ok, one hour until he arrives. We should get going."
Jiang draws out a prayer strip. "I'll see you there." He bites his lip, spitting a globule of blood onto the back of the strip and wraps it around his head. With a flare of brilliant green fire, he's there.
Silent_Sunset gets himself ready quickly, making sure of Saturn's Mercy as well as the Shroud of the Starless Sky

Silent_Sunset is a shadow emerging from the radiance of the gate

  • Damiani has changed the topic on channel #Sidereal to <Jiang> "All Aquarium Visitors: Please do not tap glass, as it upsets the Elemental Dragon of Water."

<Silent_Sunset> hiding among the shadows thrown by blades of grass
<Silent_Sunset> He is nobody ... just a glitch in the Matrix of Creation, non-descript, without name
Platinum_Sky_Lover 's head splashes up. No one told her about quicksand!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Shit, there goes another peice of my wardrobe. Jiang, where the hell are we?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Well, look at how brilliant we are!"
Silent_Sunset looks around for safer ground, a bit, then starts moving in the most likely direction
<Damiani> Jiang isn't there
<Damiani> Jiang no longer exists.
<Damiani> Godzilla is wallowing in the swamp.
<Damiani> On top of an overgrown ruin.
<Damiani> There are flies.
<Damiani> And flunkies.
<Damiani> ANd a bigass headdress.
Godzilla looks around the steaming, stinking swamp and thinks, dourly *Acres and acres, and it's all mine.* He adjusts his titanic feathered Hat of Authority.
<Silent_Sunset> "Mmhh, according to weather forecast there should be an unusual amount of golden fire over there."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Excuse me. Can someone help me out of here? Floating here isn't particularly pleasant."
Godzilla steps up onto the broken rock serving as his throne and, beating his club against the stone, roars out over the jungle. No particular reason.
Silent_Sunset gives PSL a hand, helps her up
<Damiani> Godzilla is pack alpha, and thus gets the scaliest chicks, and the biggest peices of uncooked rotting meat.
Platinum_Sky_Lover smiles.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Thank you."
<Silent_Sunset> "Anything for my fellows."
<Silent_Sunset> "The ship should arrive - or have already arrived - over there" Silent vaguely points in one direction.
<Silent_Sunset> Trying hard not to sink in too much, Silent starts to make his way into that direction.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Actually, this works out. Now I look properly bedraggled."
<Damiani> (How did a castaway from his ship get to the island before he did?)
<Silent_Sunset> "Good thing a Resplendant Destiny will cover that up. We need to appear sufficiently presentable to make contact as allies."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Well, let me make my way towards the shore, then.
Silent_Sunset grins. "But here I'm speaking about fashionable clothing to YOU ..."
<Godzilla> (Excuse me! Of us all, Jiang is by far the most fashionable. After all, who's wearing the giant feathered Hat of Authority? Thats right. ;))
<Silent_Sunset> At medium distance from the point, where Triumph's ship will land, Silent finds himself a cozy little hiding place behind a big tree and waits. For lack of a table, paperwork will have to wait ... :p
Godzilla leans back and, still roaring like a thunderstorm, breaths out a vast torrent of fire. Satisfied, he sits back and looks around and rumbles, in broken Old Tounge "It's good to be Chief."
Platinum_Sky_Lover staggers out, making it look like she's been stranded here for weeks. Then, at a convenient location inview of the vessel, she passes out, lying on the beach, being the perpetual maiden in distress.
<Damiani> You're definitely being watched.
<Damiani> That log is no log!
<Damiani> Nor is it any mere aligator
<Damiani> There are at least three big scaly critters, either in the water, or in the overgrowth, keeping a careful eye on you.
<Damiani> Well, they're big. Maybe eight or nine feet.
<Damiani> They look predatory.
Silent_Sunset slowly moves away, finding another place to hide, from where he can see those critters as well
<Damiani> PSL, you sure you want to just lie there all vulnerable and tasty like on the beach?
<Silent_Sunset> In his left hand he keeps one of his curved knifes, just in case.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Not at all. While she's not at all scared of the local gators, she plans on using them in her plans. She starts, sees them, and starts to clamber away! This may attract the beast's attention, which makes her perfect for being rescued by a Solar hero!
<Damiani> If he were on the island.
<Damiani> Which he's not, yet.
Silent_Sunset wonders what PSL is doing. Just keeping in-character to avoid paradox, or ... ?
<Damiani> So, PSL is starting and bolting.
<Damiani> The three Mosok in the bushes take this as a cue and rush out!
<Silent_Sunset> Silent watchfulness comes easy to him, though, and he knows that PSL need not fear such beasts.
Platinum_Sky_Lover SHRIEKS! Riverspeak! <<"HELP! Someone HELP!">>
Platinum_Sky_Lover thinks, great. If Jiang doesn't handle these guys, I'll have to beat down some damned Dragon Kings.
<Silent_Sunset> Silent's eyes widen as he watches the spectacle. What ...? He bangs his head against a conveniently close-standing tree.
Silent_Sunset mutters to himself: "Personal interpretation, personal interpretation. It's all part of a cunning plan, it must be. Otherwise why do it? It's all personal interpretation, everything's fine ..."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> SCREAMS for deal life, but then spies the ship on the Horizon! She immediately dashes for the water, screaming, <<"Help, help, they're going to eat me! Somebody help!">> Out in the water to her waist, she screams and waves, like Gilligan spotting a ship on the horizon!
Silent_Sunset cuts a few symbols into the tree, wondering how long they will stay, until the Arcane Fate eradicates those traces
Platinum_Sky_Lover takes one for the team. Being attacked! If it gets too bad, she'll Avoidance Kata and eat the Dox, and then show these beasts that they've bitten off more than they can chew! FDamn, it, Jiang, where are you?
Platinum_Sky_Lover struggles as she is assauled by the beasts! The water runs red with her blood as she pulls away, her dress tearing! One of the monsters ends up with a mouthful of cloth!
<Damiani> The ship draws nearer, proudly flying the gallant flag of Skullstone island.
<Damiani> It will be close enough for him to act in one turn or so, should he choose to do so.
<Damiani> They're out in the water now, SS, you can reach them with a ranged action or a charge
Silent_Sunset 's eyes narrow and he puts away his dagger. His faith in PSL's abilities is unshakable and all that matters right now is, how to get on board as stealthily as possible
<Damiani> PSL?
<Damiani> But PSL was never there!
<Damiani> No, PSL decided to stay behind in heaven.
Platinum_Sky_Lover realizes that she's in over her head. She concentrates, and her forehead shines with teh authority of the Chosen of Maidens as she forces her Resplendant Destiny to recede. Suddenly, the scene rewinds, as she is simply *not there* to be eaten.
<Damiani> Oh, yes, she had some pressing business in heaven, indeed.
<Damiani> We'll get to that later.
Silent_Sunset blinks
Godzilla sits on his throne, making noise and wondering when the bloody Solar was going to show.
<Silent_Sunset> Right, he knows that trick. Has used it himself a few times. And now there's no-one here to negotiate. Mmhh.

<Damiani> MEANWHILE, in Yu Shan!
<Damiani> PSL. you find yourself in someone's manse.
<Damiani> Don't think you recognize it....
<Damiani> Whoever lives here could definitely do with a new interior decorator.
<Damiani> You're in some sort of a waiting room.
Platinum_Sky_Lover rubs her arm, the phantom pain of the bite still echoing. Does this Manse look like it is in Creation, or Yu Shan?
<Damiani> Eventually, a humble, translucent little god comes out..
<Damiani> The servile god is about three feet tall and grey, with an elaboate yellow robe and gold-black headdress.
<Damiani> "I am sorry, Mistress, but the Master gave strict instructions to allow no one in or out of the manse without his authorization."
<Damiani> SERVILE GOD: ! "You are wounded!"
Platinum_Sky_Lover staggers. "Yes, I am. If you can... please... get me something to wrap this in." She makes her Caste Mark glow. "I am an agent of the Bureau of Destiny on an investigation. You are not to speak with anyone concerning this, not even your Master. Who are you? And who is the Master of this house?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover uses the dirty strips of her garment to staunch her bleeding as best she can.
<Damiani> "I am sorry, mistress, even for official business, I cannot disobey my master's orders. Please remain where you are, I will get you linens, in which to wrap your wounds, Oh Lord of the Earth."
<Damiani> The small god floats away on a glowing ball.
<Damiani> It makes a noise like the Jetsons' car.
<Damiani> You are alone in a rather small, tacky lobby.
Platinum_Sky_Lover growls to herself. No doubt her handed Circlemates were doing just fine. She half-expects to hear a loud BOOM reveberate through Creation. They're competent, however, so they should be able to handle themselves. She takes a look around this Manse. She never studied Geomancy terribly in depth during her year and a day.
Platinum_Sky_Lover stands up, holding the cloth on her bleeding arm, and inspects the place, careful not to touch anything, yet.
<Damiani> You pass down some small corridors into a reasonably well apportioned library.
<Damiani> There seems to be a woman there-- a water goddess, from the look of her, beautiful beyond mortal reckoning (you feel an instant connection). She is surrounded by a pile of what must be at least a hundred, a hundred and fifty books stacked into a pile, and lounging on a divan.
Platinum_Sky_Lover is careful not to drip any blood onto anything, as she walks around, inspecting the titles. Upon seeing the water goddess, she bows. "Good evening."
<Damiani> The water goddesses eyes light up as she sees you and she tosses her book aside like a used newspaper.
<Damiani> She claps.
<Damiani> "Oh,
<Damiani> excellent!"
<Damiani> "He DID keep his part of the bargain! A visitor, for ME!"
<Damiani> Clap clap
<Damiani> "Hello! It's so good to see you!"
<Damiani> Her perfect eyelashes blink.
<Damiani> "Er.... is there a REASON you're bleeding?"
<Damiani> "
<Damiani> "Is that the fashion here?"
<Damiani> There were about three weeks in the eigth century where bleeding was in fashion in the pearl court.
Platinum_Sky_Lover raises an eyebrow. "Yes. It's called continuity of existence. I doubt you're familiar with it." She makes a hand gesture, as if in greeting. Instead, she activates Essence Discerning Glance, to get a measure of this beings strength.
Platinum_Sky_Lover finds a chair, and pulls it out, taking a seat. She wonders how much reality has changed with her use of Avoidance Kata. It still sucks being hurt. "I'd imagine to a being out of the Far West such as yourself, Madame, that being wounded occurs in an entirely different way. Pearl Court? Is that one of the Western Elemental courts? And who is the master of this house?"
<Damiani> "Elemental courts? Oh, goodness, no! I am merely a humble prisoner."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Prisoner? This is a Manse, not one of the Oubilettes." She pauses. "What is your name?"
<Damiani> "It may be a manse, but it seems terribly dreary to one not allowed beyond its walls. I am Dilari of the Sea Foam, and you are the very first new person I've had the pleasure of speaking with in the course of my incarceration. May I have the pleasure of your name?"

Silent_Sunset watches the ship intently, waiting patiently for the occupants to disembark ... it would be best, if the Solar was off-board when he went in ...
<Silent_Sunset> Drawing the Essence of Distraction around him, he waits.
<Damiani> Eventually, the ship weighs anchor, and unloads a dinghy, onto which perhaps half a dozen men and the Really Freaking Obvious Solar Type get on, and row to shore.
<Damiani> Undulating Triumph is the first off the boat.
<Damiani> His boots crunch down on the sand of the beach that rings the swamp.
<Damiani> He looks around, annoying and golden in the morning sun.
<Damiani> No real armor that you can see, puffy white shirt-- little like a pirate outfit.
<Damiani> He gestures to a couple of his men and they go out to scout, vewwwy vewwy carefully
<Silent_Sunset> Shadows flutter out from behind trees, colours swirl off the foliage, the ground, the stones. Within moments Silent is no more than a distortion of the air, a phantom in periphery sight.
Godzilla sees the ship in the distance and rolls his eyes. He hops up on his throne again, roaring another gout of fire towards the skies.
<Silent_Sunset> Keeping close to the ground, he walks/crawls with astonishing speed towards the waterline, quickly disappearing under the waves.
<Silent_Sunset> Staying under the waves Silent swims in a wide arc, approaching the ship from the backside. Only once he arrives in the blind angle, he comes up and controlledly breathes in, avoiding any loud noises.
Godzilla instructs his brightest warriors, in the tongue of Dragon Kings "There are visitors. Go forth and guide them here. Do not attack them."
Silent_Sunset comes up behind the ship coughing and sputtering
<Silent_Sunset> Salt water is burning in his eyes and lungs. He can't see, he can barely breath.
Godzilla leans back and sips on the milk of a coconut, nibbling the haunch of something warm blooded and recently dead, while basking in the fawning of his harem.
<Silent_Sunset> Holding on to the steering-thingy - he never learned his way around ships - for dear life, Silent tries to get his bearings.
<Damiani> "Man overboard on the port side!"
<Damiani> Four scurvy sailor types rush to the side!
<Damiani> THey toss you a ring made of cork
<Silent_Sunset> thankfully Silent accepts, his stealth charms having evarporated along with his concentration.
Godzilla eyes the ship on the horizon. *What is taking so long?* He thinks
<Silent_Sunset> As he is getting hauled upwards he already devises ways to disappear - after all that's the only thing needed to make these hapless mortals forget his existance
<Damiani> You float, grabbing the cork ring, then they pull you aboard with a rope
Godzilla spits out three spiders. One to find out what PSL is doing, one to find out what Silent is doing, and one to find out what Triumph is doing.
<Damiani> "Good Gods, Man, what are you doing out in the chop all the way out here?"
<Damiani> Triumph is with his men, scouting the island, looking for Dragon Kings.
<Damiani> SS: they haul you aboard, get you a warm blanket and a hot mug of cider.
<Silent_Sunset> As he finally is drawn on board, Silent is already into his role. "Thanks *coughcough* guys *cough*."
<Silent_Sunset> He takes blanket and cider, thanking again and rests for a bit.
<Damiani> "What were you doing out in the chop? How'd you get all the way out here?"
Silent_Sunset coughs. "Was just checking if everything was in order, then that freak wind tossed me right in. Praise the Gods of the Waves I didn't drown!"
<Damiani> "You were just checking if everything was in order? What ship are you from, stranger?"
<Damiani> "What is your name?"
<Silent_Sunset> "Yeah right, I'm from some other ship alright." Silent rolls his eyes. "And I'm not at all in charge of keeping this ship clean and free of disease." The irony is cutting like steel.
<Damiani> Silent: "... What other ship?"
<Damiani> ANd you voosh out of sight
<Silent_Sunset> His stealth charms back up, Silent breathes deeply. A hairy situation, but no problem for Heaven's emissary.
<Damiani> And the sailors forget the castaway and start to argue about who made that big puddle in the middle of the deck.
<Silent_Sunset> His form indiscernible under layers and layers of skill and magic, Silent makes his way through the narrow passages of the ship, quickly and silently making his way towards the captain's room.
<Damiani> Silent: you make your way down to the captain's rooms. You can find all sorts of logs (Abalone, the Island Of Jara-Ti, Scaeg)
<Silent_Sunset> ((looking for personal stuff foremost, letters and such things. anything that might be connected to skullstone, anything that might have Essence workings on it. Oh, find out his past routes and future routes, naturally. But focus lies on communication))
<Silent_Sunset> Carefully watching out for mechanical or essence-triggered measures of protection, Silent tiptoes around the room. Rifling through maps and papers, opening drawers and chests he systematically looks through the room. Everything he touches he makes sure he puts back into exactly the same place it has been before.
<Damiani> Silent, because I don't want you to come up empty handed, you'll find a series of correspondances.
<Damiani> Some of which are from the Deathlord, some of which are to the Prince's other lieutennants...
<Damiani> And one seems to be a love letter from someone named Balla-Shal.
<Silent_Sunset> ((Any kinds of threats, open or implied in the correspondings? what kinds of orders is he getting and giving?))
<Damiani> He's getting all these annoyingly virtuous orders. "Rescue this" "Save that" -- it looks like he's being used as a glowie PR-campaign on a stick.
<Damiani> As for threats, well, yes, the deathlord's correspondance is always threattening
Silent_Sunset sighs. This one will likely be a tough nut to crack. This irrefutable evidence of the Prince being a BAD man, will come in doubly handy ... and is now doubly required! And of course the hold over Triumph ... maybe its his lover, who's threatened?
<Damiani> Silent, you're guessing from the letters that Balla-Shal is in Skullstone. You're not 100% sure she's been held against her will-- she's certainly not complaining about mistreatment in the letter (censored?).
Silent_Sunset wouldn't complain loudly either, if held captive by a Deathlord.

<Damiani> GODZILLA: Eventually, your flunkies find the big glowing guy, and his flunkies (much inferior to yours, and probably smell worse), and bring him to your swampy throne!
Godzilla is a large, large Dragon King, old and scarred. He's set apart from other Dragon Kings, partially by his giant hat, but mostly by the sharp gleam of intelligence in his eyes. He growls, in broken Old Realm. "One of the Sun Children, here."
<Damiani> LIZARD: Triumph kneels, respectfully before you.
<Damiani> "Greetings, great one. I come in the name of the Bodhissatva Anointed By Dark Waters, bearing a priceless gift for your people, whom he wishes to see restored to their rightful place within creation."
Godzilla looks him over dourly, rumbling "I have swam to the far shores, and I have heard the two legged cow beasts speak of your Bodhissatva. And I have heard the spirits speak of you, Undulating Triumph." He looks somewhat interested. "What would the Bodhissatva have of Chief Godzilla and his people?"
<Damiani> "My master has entrusted me with certain arts, which could restore much of the power and wisdom your people have lost since the ancient days."
Godzilla leans forward, scales creaking "I see. And you would share these arts?"
<Damiani> "Yes, for this is the will of my master."
Godzilla considers this for a long moment, watching Undulating Triumph narrowly. "I am old, Solar and, unlike many of my people, I remember myself. And I have gone amongst the men and learned from them. Why would a Golden Hero serve the Bodhissatva?"
<Damiani> "My master preaches a gospel of peace and tolerance, between the living and the dead, he does not wish to see people suffering."
Godzilla asks again "And what would your master have of us, for this lost secret?"
<Damiani> "My master wishes nothing but friendship between our peoples."
Godzilla nobly restrains from a particularly cutting remark. "Then you would give this secret to me, and ask nothing in return?" The doubt is heavy in his voice.
<Damiani> "To you? No, to all of your people."
Godzilla nods decisvely "I have sought long for this secret. We will accept your aid and, after, I shall travel with you to meet your Master."
<Damiani> Godzilla: "Summon your people, and I will begin to teach the methods of enlightenment at once."
Godzilla nods slowly and goes about the business of gathering his followers.
<Damiani> the good news is, this will take several months for him to uplift all of them

Platinum_Sky_Lover stares at Dilari for a long moment. Goodness, she was lovely, even compared to the ruck and run of lovely goddesses in Yu Shan. But, she needs to get back down Creation side, once her wounds are tended to. "Why are you being held here? I am called the Platinum Sky Lover."
<Damiani> "I am being held not for any fault of my own, but because I am simply not trusted in this place. I consider myself a political prisoner."
Platinum_Sky_Lover stands. This doesn't make sense, although political prisoners in Yu Shan aren't that unusual. "And, what is the name of the Master of this house? I have my own duties I need to attend to, and I need to return to Creation at once."
<Damiani> Dilari blinks. "You don't know?"
<Damiani> "GO? But you just got here!"
<Damiani> She pouts.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "No, I don't. I haven't been here before, or at least inside of here. Please, tell me who he is."
<Damiani> "Please, it's EVER so dull in here, I am forbidden even to come to the windows for fear I may be seen. I want to know everything about what's out there!"
<Damiani> Her eyes narrow. "Wait... if you don't know Silent Sunset, how did you get here?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> SILENT SUNSET?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> click click click click! All the Dominoes in PSL's head fall into place!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> She's in Sunset's manse! That's it.
<Damiani> She regards you suspiciously-- wondering if she should prevent you from leaving,if that would improve her position vis a vis SS
Platinum_Sky_Lover towers over Dilari. "Unfortunately, I do not have the time to deal with you, Dilari of the Sea Foam. I think what will happen to Sunset at your hands will be a good lesson for him." As her Caste Mark flares, her hand erupts in Necrotic essence, as she activates Shrouded Claw attack! But she doesn't attack! She instead makes it clear as she towers over the Raksha, that she means business.
<Damiani> She blinks
<Damiani> "What is the meaning of this?"
<Damiani> "Are you an assassin?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "But, understand this. Make it known to your owner that we in Heaven are aware of the game that is being played. It is a game that your side will loose. You are on our board now, and subject to our rules. There will be no backing out of commitments or rules made to this game. If you are wise, you will retire now,and beg to return to Rakshastan."
<Damiani> She clamors, well, rotates with inhuman grace anyhow, to her feet, regarding you warily
<Damiani> She pouts.
<Damiani> "You're not a guest! You're not a guest at all!"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Only for his sake do I not destroy you, here - and trust me, I am more than capable of destroying you, permanently and utterly. This isn't some dream game out in the depths of the mad lands, Raksha. Here, we and you, are committed to the rules of destiny and life. You're a fly caught in Spider Venus' web.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "So, heed me, if I see that Sunset suffers because of you, I will remove *every* drop of change from your existence. You will freeze, in stasis, and never be able to change, *ever* again. Do you understand, Raksha? You will become part of Creation. You will have no freedom!" She swings her crackling-black hand down.
<Damiani> She recoils from your menacing form, and her features seem to shift and flow
<Damiani> Her beauty seems to seep its way into your very soul... even as you raise your menacing glowy claw, you become aware that... you're not sure you could bring yourself to harm her.
<Damiani> "... bind me into creation?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover had never intended to harm the Raksha, although she can feel it's charm worm within her. She brings one crackling fingertip within reach of her cheek - "Also, Raksha, any use of Charms upon myself or my comrades shall be construed as an attack. For now, you are Silent Sunset's problem. But flow carefully, little stream. You are now part of a much bigger ocean than you're used to."
<Damiani> "... you misunderstand!"
<Damiani> "I think we can come to some arraingement..."
Platinum_Sky_Lover spins on her heel, and leaves, after glaring at the Raksha one last time.
<Damiani> "No, wait! Don't leave me! It's so BOOOOORING!" she cries, as you stomp out
Platinum_Sky_Lover immediately makes her way back to her own manse. Once there, she taps the seven meridian points on her own body, flooding her own Chakras with watery power, using the Essence Dousing Wave attack on herself, undoing the Raksha's charm on the Essential level. Even as her hips move back and forth, and her mind screams to go back to her.

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