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Um...I really have no idea how to use this, sooo...taking a guess at it and hoping it works?

Currently running Apocalypse!Game, also known as Explodey!Game and The End of the World, a game about the end of end that a very ragtag, mismatched group of destined Solars must somehow stop, or die trying.

Currently playing in ADamiani's JustAddWater game as Hidden Crystal, and Haecceity's TaleOfTwoEmpresses as Cynis Falen Sarien.


Shadow_Lynne/HiddenCrystal- very quiet, fragile Chosen of Endings, a butterfly caught in the chrysalis
Cynis_Falen_Sarien- hedonistic, bipolar, insecure tactical genius of a Fire Aspect.


It's moderately annoying, I know, but you need a space between the = and the heading - something like == blah == as opposed to ==blah==. I fixed your Characters heading for you in regards to this. Aside from that, you seem to have got it. New faces are always good, so welcome to the wiki!
-- Darloth

Thank you.
-- Shadow_Lynne